April 30th, 2013 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “ensue”

  1. I don’t want to write about ‘ensue’ or ‘ensuing’ or anything having to do with ensue.

    By asdfghjkl on 04.30.2013

  2. what does ensure mean? I dont really know , i cant ensure i wont hurt you or help you i just what to feel safe dont you? well then leave because i can, ensure you im not safe…

    By Anya on 04.30.2013

  3. en

    By gabriella URL on 04.30.2013

  4. life without life, you wander the universe in search of a galaxy, there you can be a star amongst stars.

    By homerbob90 on 04.30.2013

  5. I’m not really sure what this word means, that frustrates me. It makes me feel like my life has been filled with an education that hasn’t really educated me. Stupid.

    By Alicia on 04.30.2013

  6. ensue,
    ensue is a verb or ensuing-verb
    Meaning to come next,result.

    By Daphne on 04.30.2013

  7. Who knew what would ensue,
    When the shoe flew up the flue?
    Too true, the Who, the glorious Who,
    Who’s music stewed while they wrote through goo,
    Would write the ballad of the glorious shoe,
    And shoo the blues away with their flu.
    It’s true, this news would ensue.

    By Siege URL on 04.30.2013

  8. Will the fireworks ensue or a great love to last throughout the ages? This word intimates big things, action, coming of age or heartbreak.

    A war will ensue when the queen is poisoned at the wedding. A victory will ensue when he rushes headlong onto the battlefield, kilt snapping in the wind and the brave cries of warriors at his back. Someday peace will ensue when all the humans are dead and waves of lakes lap at shores unheard by men. These are the days we will rush for; the times we sing of with rough voices as the end nears and destiny fades.

    Today is simpler and dinner will ensue when my family sits together and gathers around the oak table, eyes forward and looking ever brightly into the day’s end.

    By krazyk on 04.30.2013

  9. “I’m warning you now,” the gruff voice penetrated through the thick glass that surrounded me. “No one can guarantee what will ensue from this… this mess.”
    My eyes were closed and I could already feel myself wandering through nothing and everything. The cushion under my body was already slick with sweat, though a serene calm swept across me. The tangles of electrical cords around my body seemed to disappear, leaving me with a sense of freedom I have never felt before.
    “There is no going back.” The words seemed foreign in my mind, invaders that threatened to strip me away from this newfound serenity.
    “Do it,” I whispered, with the last bit of reason in my head. Before everything went black, I heard the heavy pull of a lever and a million stars colliding with each other.

    I’m home.

    By Tee URL on 04.30.2013

  10. really? thats my word? ensue? couldnt be ensure or anything else, any other word in the world?

    By nowayjose on 04.30.2013

  11. The party that would ensue this dance was sure to be a blast. I would finally go to my first party! I would finally get to drink until I threw up. I would sleep with hot girls. I’d even get to smoke from a bong with friends. That’s life. At least that’s what I thought. I’m beginning to question it since I woke up crying.

    By Rachel URL on 04.30.2013

  12. I could feel myself on the brink of collapse as chaos ensued. My world falling like dominoes around me. What had I just done? I fucked someone else for fun. I knew that it was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying that forbidden piece of fruit.

    By Gilltyascharged on 04.30.2013

  13. To ensue.
    What to do about Sue.
    Nothing to say, nothing to do.
    The whole world is at her fingertips.
    But she doesn’t ensue.

    By G on 04.30.2013

  14. All she could think about was another dimension. A different reality than the one she had been thrust into. Somewhere she could escape to. Where she could find daunting heroes, brave princesses, castles and rivers and valleys. Temples of Time and Caverns galore. So she ensued this reality as hard as she could, only to have to wake up to crowded hallways, tall buildings with monotone colors, boring people, with boring lives and boring aspirations.

    By SMejorado URL on 04.30.2013

  15. i already wrote about this
    so i guess here is where i figure out what the fuck is going on with this site
    i assume we only ensue once per day
    which is the best way
    i have all i need in my other document
    i don’t care about your time or your blue
    everything is moot
    i’ll let it run out
    and dry

    By TheOnlyLibrarian URL on 04.30.2013

  16. ensue is where i seem to begin
    it is the unsuing of me
    i am en
    then i have begun
    ensue sounds like a cowboy talking to a fence
    beckoning his cowgirl wife to jump it
    likely to take out the garbage
    what ensues?
    hystery ensues
    hysterics ensue
    i ensue each day
    sometimes i am a lamb
    just born and unsure
    legs like earthquakes
    downy and without purpose

    sometimes i am a lion
    full grown and maned
    i prowl my serengetti
    i eat those who threaten my pride

    By TheOnlyLibrarian URL on 04.30.2013

  17. If ensue success, then why do I keep experiencing failure?

    By monique URL on 04.30.2013

  18. Courage ensues. Thoughts ensue. Consequences ensue, things follow and follow and follow each other because there is no end. there is no time. But why then do we think there is time? What are we measuring if it doesn’t exist? We are responsible for the consequences and ensuing results in every moment of our lives.

    By Theo on 04.30.2013

  19. the idea of growing older kills me. i cant be bothered to think ahead, to plan ahead. i have no master goal…

    By Kae URL on 04.30.2013

  20. The nurse had a brusque, no-nonsense manner of accomplishing her tasks.
    “No matter,” she said, pulling off the bedgown that I had just spilled my lunch all over in a movement so fast I couldn’t have avoided it. “We’ll just have to walk down and get you a clean one.”

    Extreme awkwardness and discomfort ensued.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.30.2013

  21. The sweaty, nervous feeling that settled in his stomach ensued the disconnection of their lips. Her neon blonde hair was so glittery in the sunlight. Her bright metallic blue eyes were piercing and deadly. Everything about her slim, perfectly youthful body captured him. Yet this was the wrong girl. The wrong age.

    By Juliet URL on 04.30.2013

  22. ensue. follow.
    why do we follow
    why don’t we just do
    and do
    and why do things always ensue
    so that never can we act or say or think anything
    without a consequence
    and an ensuing result

    By theob URL on 04.30.2013

  23. ensnare and ensure to capture the stardust that sprinkles on the eyes and eyelids of planets circling the radial button of beautiful bargain books. actually for such a common word, i’m sure i don’t know its true meaning

    By nytrist URL on 04.30.2013

  24. It’s not a word you hear everyday, and I bet you’d be surprised at how many don’t even know its meaning. It means to occur after an event. I’ve been pretty down lately, at that point in my life where things could either go one way or another. A crossroads, I believe. But the only thing is, I have no clue which way is north or which is south. I’m surrounded by the endings of my former beginnings with no clue what my first step should be. What will happen tomorrow? The next day? The future is really only a collection of tomorrows, each one day at a time. Its much easier to live life with that in mind, I suppose.

    By emily p URL on 04.30.2013

  25. It ensued. Like fire and chaos and fear and all of those things that we associated with big, with bright, with violence. And it was always the violence that was illuminating the flowers and rooftops. There was a light there.

    By Reem on 04.30.2013

  26. The game is to ensue once the mailman has left the field, but there is a problem… The mailman is dead and the only people there are children who can’t lift him. The game never finishes.

    By Chris O'Brien on 04.30.2013

  27. What’s gonna be the cause of the dreams i choose to pursue since a little boy? Will they ensue the way i picture them? Will they backfire? I only hope to find the most positive outcome of answers to these tricky questions i think of.

    By Juan Pre URL on 04.30.2013

  28. The soccer game will ensue once the mailman has left the field. But alas he is dead and the only people here are children who cannot lift or drag the mailman. It seems that this game will never end. How sad.

    By Chris O'Brien URL on 04.30.2013

  29. Ensue? What is ensue?? I have no idea what ensue is. Is it tangible? What is Ensue? Sue, I’ve never met a girl named Sue. The only Sue I know about is the one Mia told me about. She lives in Forestville and her house was flooded, thus, Sue On The River.

    By Ivonne Palencia on 04.30.2013

  30. ensue. sue you! you blue Sue. Blue int he face after I sue you. What will ensue? A lengthy litigation case. Nek minute! who cares. sixty seconds ain’t much. ba ba ba ba ba – pressure

    By Mike on 04.30.2013

  31. Craziness. All kinds of interesting things can happen when you let life unfold. Life has a way of showing us exactly where we need to go and even how to get there. Good things…can ensue if we let go. There’s a delicate balance between setting the goals and crushing them under the weight of desperation. Allow brilliance and goodness to ensue.

    By Lisa URL on 04.30.2013

  32. Ensue? That is a weird word to write about. Its pissing me off that I can’t write anything about it. -_-
    Well, I can only think of “The silence ensued.”

    By Aamen Talukdar URL on 04.30.2013

  33. As things begin to ensue, I feel happy again.

    By Dante URL on 04.30.2013

  34. Riot ensued. Not in real life, of course. Just in my brain.
    All the interviewer had asked was just a simple question. One that I knew I could answer without any problem or hesitated. But here’s the problem: I hesitated.
    Maybe it’s the panic that had been plaguing me these past few days. Maybe it’s how formal the situation is.
    I started to speak anyway.

    By Celine Wu URL on 04.30.2013

  35. At a loss. All I can think is let the games ensue.

    By Caitlin URL on 04.30.2013

  36. Morgan looked out the window, thinking about the first time she had seen those haunting blue eyes. It was simple enough, a happenstance touch at the coffee shop, but something terrible and wonderful ensued.
    Deep blue eyes with yellow specks like lightning scattered through. Lightning that ended up piercing her heart.

    By Samantha URL on 04.30.2013

  37. as the problem ensued i broke into a millions peices. my heart shattered my soul dead. She walked away failing the looking back bit you see in movies. Silently leaving behind an entire relationship.

    By hannah on 04.30.2013

  38. I don’t know what ensue means. I really really don’t, but if I did I’m sure I could write a lot about it. Time is running out I still don’t know what it means but that’s okay because I’ll google it later. :)

    By Kirsty on 04.30.2013

  39. If you put the world on my shoulders,
    Bad deeds will ensue.
    I’ll make their hearts a little colder,
    and transfer their troubles onto you.

    By Keara on 05.01.2013

  40. He tips his beige cap and glowers as the mannequin’s battlefield entrails scrawl about his polished shoes.
    “Sir, it’s him-”
    “I know… I know.”

    By Helianthus URL on 05.01.2013