April 30th, 2013 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “ensue”

  1. When you knock on the door of a vacant home, silence will ensue.

    By Sassafrass on 04.30.2013

  2. The man started running away, and a chasing ensued, with the detective and his friend in pursuit. The criminal thought that he was invincible, and he would never be caught, but he’d underestimated the detective. The detective tricked him, and he accidentally ran right into a trap. They caught the thief.

    By Maddy on 04.30.2013

  3. The fight that ensued was terrifying. They were yelling and screaming and throwing things at each other. My brother and I cowered underneath the dining room table, and I covered his mouth to keep him from whimpering. We didn’t want mom or dad to see us, especially when they were both drunk.

    By Kristina on 04.30.2013

  4. I hope that this doesn’t ensue our break up. I’ve always been the jealous type, and I hate seeing you with her. I know that we’re together, but still. She’s known you so much longer. Even if I wasn’t jealous, why do you even like me? Is it because I’m smart and pretty? Those aren’t reasons, those are just characteristics of myself. I feel like you don’t know me and that really sucks. I just don’t know what to do, to be honest. I really like you. Hell, I love you. And that, it means a lot to me. Love. So please, please stop saying it like you don’t know what it means.

    By Victoria URL on 04.30.2013

  5. what ensued, still rang crisp
    in her memory halls.
    the train crumpled like a bad love poem
    that missed a wastebasket in hopeless

    By Kairn on 04.30.2013

  6. And they talk about a perfect world
    where leaves fall like sprinkles
    and snow melts like frosting

    And those are the only things that will fall
    not soldiers
    And those are the only things you will feel
    Not heartache

    And they project on the signs
    swirly letters of vulgar rhymes
    They say this is necessary
    They say that war cannot ensue

    By Andrea on 04.30.2013

  7. I really don’t even like this word and I don’t know. What the hell ensues? Hilarity ensues. Trouble ensues. I feel like this is a really, really ugly word. I don’t even like hearing the sound of it in my own head. Ensue. There are so many other better words that mean the same thing. This one just seems like a puss.

    By Karen on 04.30.2013

  8. “All kinds of trouble will ensue if you pursue this ‘plan,’ if that’s what you want to call it. How can you expect me to support this kind of decision?”
    “But after the trouble burns itself out, happiness, peace, and security will follow. That’s what we’ve always wanted isn’t it? That’s what we’ve spent our lives trying to achieve? Help me, Miriam. Take this risk. Yes, life is going to be awful for a while. Maybe a long while. But this story will have a happy ending. I promise.”

    By khakicat URL on 04.30.2013

  9. There once was a man, for the purposes of this story, his name was Adam. Adam loved to go on adventures, and never shied away from one. That would explain why in 2004, he chose to go the mountains. The trip that ensued was one he will never forget.

    By Adam on 04.30.2013

  10. The ensuing onslaught of unkind words was more than she could bear. She had no other choice, truly. The only recourse left to her by this utter nincompoop, was to curtly nod her head in his direction and wish him better luck in finding her replacement.

    By Ama Marie URL on 04.30.2013

  11. A sudden burst of anger ignited my body, standing against the chilly air. Catching my breath, tranquility ensued, and my felt myself lean against the stone wall.

    By OneJen on 04.30.2013

  12. Standing here in the dark. Lonely and waiting for something good to happen. Like the breaking dawn after a burst of starlight. If only the clouds would blow away in the wind.

    By Strategos on 04.30.2013

  13. I don’t know the meaning of this words because i’m spanish. but this word for me evocs mystery and not enough calm.

    By Elena Rodríguez Galán on 04.30.2013

  14. to sue to ensure selah sue

    By miru on 04.30.2013

  15. ensue
    what does this word mean
    “happen or occur afterward or as a result”

    well things ensue from every single action
    everything has a consequence or a success
    or a lesson afterwards.

    en sue
    in sue

    By Katherine on 04.30.2013

  16. The embarrassment that ensued was unavoidable. First kisses were always awkward but it was made worse when said kiss resulted in one of the two parties falling over a trashcan as a direct result of the first knocking him over.

    By Foshizzlebeth on 04.30.2013

  17. And so it ensues.

    “Ensue” sounds like such a great beginning. I would love the story of my life to start like this. It sounds adventurous, courageous, epic.

    It sounds like a starting point that leads to wonderful things, hard times, or both, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    By NightOwl on 04.30.2013

  18. It was just one simple action. Who knows, maybe she didn’t have the intent of crushing my heart. But my emotions were now scarred, and today was the sad depressing day, when I couldn’t call her my best friend anymore. I felt the gaping whole inside of me, as my now biased thoughts turned everything she said into something I hated. The delicious taste of our friendship was now spoiled.

    By Schwab on 04.30.2013

  19. After the death of her father, she couldn’t take it anymore. Storming into his building, clomping up his stairs, slamming open his door, and cocking his gun, she held the barrel up against his head.
    “You have already raped me, hurt my family, and killed my father. What more do you want?”
    “Nothing,” he replied, calmly removing the gun from her shaking hands and pressing her up against the desk. “Nothing but what I have already claimed as mine.”
    With that, his bittersweet lips were pressed against hers.

    By redpinkandwhite on 04.30.2013

  20. I ensued on a journey to vast lands of cold grasses wet with dew. I evolved into a flower form, peaceful at the time of my embarkment. My head felt like it was swelling, as though I were in a dream. My body felt lean and tall, like a stem.

    By Emily URL on 04.30.2013

  21. No one knew what chaos would ensue. Particularly John, who thought it was his mother at the door.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.30.2013

  22. Where Joan went, trouble was sure to ensue. Just the other day, what started as a harmless handshake escalated into a big catastrophe involving a watermelon, two baseballs, and a stray dog.

    By Kate on 04.30.2013

  23. we are (selfishly) blinded
    previous to any action
    no thoughts cross our galaxy minds
    in our entire universe
    seldom do we see
    what arrives
    when we set ourselves free

    By Lily on 04.30.2013

  24. And so it ensued. We had never expected it to happen. Not as fast as it did, anyways. Our parents had promised us at least a good 5 or ten years before the overthrow would begin. Enough time for many of us to create a family or even make it away from the dreaded place we have been forced to call home.

    By Ali banks URL on 04.30.2013

  25. I push my eyes in with the palms of my hands. The result is pleasing enough, my head feels more solid; I’m less squishy and fragile. I want to fix all problems like that, with a little force, a little push and shove.

    By genahtastic on 04.30.2013

  26. to ensue

    i follow you with my eyes
    smile when you grab my hand
    and rush me down the hallway

    i text you after school
    (only because you’ve previously initiated conversations)
    and hold onto every exclamation point
    cross-examine your periods
    with your spaces
    hope that i’m overthinking disappointment
    and truly reading excitement
    with each push of a phone letter key
    i wait
    wanting something more to ensue

    By sevenwords on 04.30.2013

  27. In the ensuing fracas she gave no thought to where she was going. She just wanted to get out of there. After believing for a long time that nothing would happen to her she was shocked to find herself in the middle of such a drama. As

    By Helen on 04.30.2013

  28. I was ensued by the fact that I had to go to school today. I had to deal with thinking and work and teachers and crap; I was then put in an awful mood.

    By Carolina N. on 04.30.2013

  29. mayhem. chaos. who knows what will ensue, but you turn the page, the corner, and whoops! Here goes. Brace yourself and go with the flow. stay safe if you can and keep your eyes and ears open. T

    By Kathlyn Starbuck URL on 04.30.2013

  30. En.
    You go to.
    I go to.
    The process.
    Me. You. What.
    I am you. You are not me.
    En. Sue.
    The only we you can.
    The only

    By Badger Moore on 04.30.2013

  31. The chase ensued, winding through alleyways and streets. The nimble child dodged and evaded the grabbing hands of adults as he ran with his snatched fruit. Tonight, they would eat.

    By Brittany on 04.30.2013

  32. Like tumbling blocks, the world falls one moment after another.
    A snowball downhill
    A hurricane lost to the winds
    A child in the throws of a tantrum
    everything has a consequence.

    By James B on 04.30.2013

  33. or gaurantee it doesn’t really matter just as long as you make it happen. Call it what you will but it is still your responsibility, don’t even doubt that at this moment there is any leeway to me not putting you completely and utterly in charge of this situation

    By penny on 04.30.2013

  34. what will ensue, enter the bakery with dusty shoes, run your fingers along the glass that hangs above the rainbow cookies, the black and whites, the snow powder icebergs that drizzle when you prod them.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 04.30.2013

  35. Let it enfold you. So it will ensue. Guitar laying over there under my tv. I don’t like this game. Doesn’t have anything to do with anything. I’m not thinking about it. My fingers hurt. I can’t feel my keys anymore. This sucks. Shake it out, shake it out. God I need another and another and another and another I could feel it now, I felt alone in my fathers house.

    By Ashley on 04.30.2013

  36. What will ensue…

    when the world feels like its over?

    when I can’t move on?

    when the flowers don’t grow?

    when the sun doesn’t shine?

    Hopefully this is a day I won’t know,

    a day when beauty refuses to show.

    By maggie on 04.30.2013

  37. Whenever I go out, awesomeness ensues. Yep. Action-Dave, Cool-Guy Bachelor, that’s my handle. That guy in How I Met Your Mother? The suit dude? Based on me. Yep.

    By Dave Rogers on 04.30.2013

  38. Gahhh, it is so hard to write as someone else sometimes. I’m not a robot, and trying to think like one is going to drive me insane.

    As I traveled across the lawn of the park, my lenses could not help but spot the newest technology for search-processors. Though, as essential as this processor is, the need for the advertisement to contain an android woman with curves no natural biological being could recreate is something I find unnecessary.

    By A.C. Rooks on 04.30.2013

  39. What would ensue, I wondered? Would things go the way I wanted them to? No way to know. But I had to try. Something. I had to try something. There was no way I could sit still.

    I walked to the front of the room, took a deep breath, and looked around at the people behind the dais, people who were really no different than me.

    By KenS on 04.30.2013

  40. each thing you do ensues another. you don’t always know what it will ensue, but you know it will certainly ensue something. this doesn’t mean you must live you’re life carefully or safe, it encourages us to take risks, not be so worrisome. we must live or lives carefuly, but not too careful. we must remember to have fun sometimes, not always worrying what it will ensue. learn to live in the moment and you will be happy, although I cannot ensue that

    By kelly on 04.30.2013