April 30th, 2013 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “ensue”

  1. for something to happen based on cause and effect.

    By zep on 04.30.2013

  2. Ensue is a verb, meaning “to start” or “to begin”, usually in the context involving a journey or process instead of one task. For example, the heroes ensued on an adven

    By tom on 04.30.2013

  3. I came to the building and I saw two golden chalices inscribed in the top of the door. It was certainly peculiar but, I went in nonetheless. Then I was crushed by a huge golden chalice.

    By Brian Miclon on 04.30.2013

  4. Everything happens for a reason, you receive what you deserve to receive, you have the right to make things happen

    By renata on 04.30.2013

  5. This is something that will happen after you do something and it is a result of what you did. You will always get a result even if you dont like it.

    By Tamica McNally on 04.30.2013

  6. Bad things will ensue. A quote heard by many, and spoken by the wise. To know when bad things will occur is a vital skill in everyday life. To know when your actions have consequences and to be able to recognize the impact and severity of your actions. A fool acts without thought. As a child most don’t think their actions through, only seeking instant gratification, not worrying about a crack they cause, to shatter a window later on in their life.

    By Levi Smith on 04.30.2013

  7. “-And I will ensure that the proper amount of chaos will ensue from the organization’s private–” Ethan tuned out the presentation with a yawn. Surely there was more to government work than this? He had signed up for so much more. Where was all the political intrigue? The backdoor deals? The whispered secrets?

    By Salaa'ut URL on 04.30.2013

  8. The laughter that echoed down the marble footsteps of the corridor banged around in her flowerbrain. She inhaled the smell of violets and felt them bang her head against the wall again. Or was it all in her head? There was no separation between her world and that world anymore; no protective membrane; the egg had finally cracked and she was visible to everyone else and they were visible to her. She could not hurt them, but was so afraid of hurting them.

    By Emilygracevee@gmail.com URL on 04.30.2013

  9. A meteor dropped on the Statue of Liberty, and chaos ensued. Everyone either blamed Al Qaeda or Russia. You were required by law to blame at least SOMEbody who belonged to one of those boxes.

    By Anonymous on 04.30.2013

  10. The following fallout will cause a mass of destruction to ensue. Furthermore it is something I am less than prepared for. Nevertheless, I will follow the course laid out before me as a good citizen of the world with a good heart and well-meaning disposition.

    By Beesas on 04.30.2013

  11. what did ensue? Nothing you would write home to your mother about. It’s the sort of thing that embarrasses even the sternest, boldest among us. People who wear cowboy hats and slam beers would be ashamed.

    By Dan on 04.30.2013

  12. I prosute ensued after the robbers left the bank. The police car chased the bank robbers through the town. It cause much chaos through out the town People in town did not know what to do.

    By Jenifer on 04.30.2013

  13. that you always do the right thing in life and when reading your books that ask you to make decisions or youll find your character has died before you end up at the end.

    By kat on 04.30.2013

  14. To ensue. To ensure. TO enlighten. energry. enright? enlist

    By Michelle URL on 04.30.2013

  15. What ensues is what will haunt us. So many decisions that we can never know the result of unless we try. Will we fail? We never know. But the consequences will remain present, in your mind or in the physical. Ever- present.

    By Kristen URL on 04.30.2013

  16. The onslaught will ensue next week on Tuesday! I am not ready to see the results of my 16 weeks of labor. Some will make me proud, while others will make me want to tear my hair out! It is always the same every year. Feelings of guilt, relief, and general gassiness ensue with the close of each new year.

    By Fender2010 URL on 04.30.2013

  17. Chaos ensued.
    Hano was standing, holding his hands out in front of him and staring at them as if they’d controlled themselves; wrapped their own selves around Jake’s neck and cut off his air supply. He stared if he hadn’t wanted them to, hadn’t expected them to, but had been unable to stop them.

    By greekyoghurt URL on 04.30.2013

  18. I have absolutely no idea what “ensue” means. It sounds like a Chinese platter of some sort. Or just a really bad name. but if you separate half of it “en” & “sue” there is a WIDE varitety of things that could happen. first off, the obvious

    By Chelsea on 04.30.2013

  19. To ensue means to action is happening. Something ensued when it came to be and then was. I am going to start to ensue more often those things I want to get done.

    That is all

    By Trey on 04.30.2013

  20. the mayhem was about ready to ensue, Yes, the blue light special marked the official beginning to swimsuit season and Luba Lensk

    By Becca Briscoe on 04.30.2013

  21. i ensue everything that has become man. the trees are quiet and tell no one of a mans doing. we are allowed to get away with murder and no one will ever know. except the trees.

    By jack on 04.30.2013

  22. As the night ensued, Katarina grew more and more tired. All she desired was to finish what she had started, but the man could just not find an end. He had paid for the full time and wouldn’t be sent away and till he had fulfilled his needs. She stared at the ceiling ignoring him.

    By Katie Wright URL on 04.30.2013

  23. there is a moment
    in the early morning
    as birds begin to waken from their slumber
    and the drone of cars is just beginning
    it is a moment that lingers
    as the sun lightens the sky
    before chaos can ensue
    when all is right in the world

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 04.30.2013

  24. “I’m telling you, hilarity will ensue. I mean, think about it. We get the paint. We get the confetti. Then one big, fat roll of duct tape, and then…”

    “Hold it, hold it, hold it.” I held up both hands before Haley could go on. “Let me digest this. Hilarity will ensue for us, or for everyone involved?”

    Haley raised an eyebrow. “Since when were we caring about the prank victims?”

    “Since I had a soul. I dunno. C’mon.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.30.2013

  25. Follow, consequence, punishment, follow the leader, try to duplicate.

    By Mitchell Wise on 04.30.2013


    By Jason URL on 04.30.2013

  27. And so our journey began. We didn’t have time to think or pack or prepare. We just left. Our table was set for dinner, our home abandoned, preserved as if we were just there. Empty.

    By Haris Jones on 04.30.2013

  28. The car screeched around the corner almost throwing her out the open window. He quickly righted the car in the straightaway and her bitching did ensue.

    By Big on 04.30.2013

  29. heart breaks ensue pain

    By zara URL on 04.30.2013

  30. People ensue things. Just for the sake of it. Without even realizing the need, or the lack of. It shouldn’t be that way, should it? It is meaningless. Like life?

    By Bhuvi on 04.30.2013

  31. xvxcv

    By alice on 04.30.2013

  32. when will panic ensue
    when we draw breath
    before the dawn

    By Aley URL on 04.30.2013

  33. I knew what would happen, knew exactly what sort of trouble would ensue the moment we finished what we’d started. Hell, the moment after we started, I knew. And I was right, of course. I always was.
    Not that anybody listened.
    More than 2000 years after the fall of Rome and STILL, no one bothers listening to Cassandra.
    Sometimes, it really sucks being an oracle.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 04.30.2013

  34. In the days that ensue, the earth will turn dark. The waves will be thin and the lights will be grim. The land will dry up. The air will slither in and out of lungs of those without purpose to begin and sing of hope for none is all there is tomorrow.

    By Breezeway URL on 04.30.2013

  35. sue met joy for brunch, enjoy had quiche, ensue opted for the frittata.

    By putz on 04.30.2013

  36. it hit them in the side of the head, like a Wendy’s cup someone threw out of their car window. they never saw it coming and even if they had they wouldn’t of known what it was. the skid marks were clearly on display. of course that driver was drinking. only when they saw the scars and salty trails did they really know what happened.

    By rosemary on 04.30.2013

  37. I want to go on a journey and aim for the sky. I will travel to the stars and bring one back into my life. This journey will change me from the mere ant I am.

    By rema on 04.30.2013

  38. Just after the fight had ensued between the two best friends there was shocked looks on their other friends faces. How could they let something like a boy rip their friendship into pieces?

    By Laugh4miles URL on 04.30.2013

  39. It is my over thinking that ensues my pain. It is entirely my fault, and the fact that I can’t help but be this way is torture. I need you to save me, but you’ve already done all you can. It is up to me now do untie myself from this tight knot that I’ve been stuck in. And if I can’t win, the fight is over and I will be finished.

    By Kayla URL on 04.30.2013

  40. “…and that was what led to the Battle of Glave Point.”

    “Battle..?” Cassandra muttered from the back of the room, “I’d call that a massacre.”

    Everyone forgot that Cassandra had been there. She’d seen the horrors with her own eyes. She didn’t need someone to tell her what happened – she lived it.

    “Regardless, the ensuing deaths were what prompted Obsidian Dawn to draw up a new charter, to prevent such a battle from happening in the future…”

    Cassandra tuned them out.

    By Solo Rae URL on 04.30.2013