January 20th, 2011 | 634 Entries

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634 Entries for “endless”

  1. The sky seemed endless. It stretched on and on and into forever. As did the flowers; flowers of every variety. Daisies, roses, hydragenas, of every color imaginable. It was simply magical.

    By Aeromusique on 01.20.2011

  2. I love my boyfriend because he is the only one who is really there for me in so many different ways. I am so thankful for you Justin, I really hope you know that. I love you so much. I want to be there for you when you are sad, happy, lonely, excited, anxious, sick or anything else because I just need to be with you. I want to be next to you for every moment, I want to be the person you want to have next to you when your dreams come true, if you’ll have me?

    By torey on 01.20.2011

  3. endless love. endless passion. thats what I thought I always felt for you. I regret it now. time seems endless. but really everything ends at some point. the word endless is so pointless. nothing is endless. except maybe infinity. what is infinity? x approaches zero. I love calculus. I need to be able to type faster. I want endless time to keep writing.

    By Alyssa on 01.20.2011

  4. Endless eternities. Love deep. Love love. Love is my endless escape.
    i am happier.
    and eternity isn’t as long as it seems.

    say what you mean.
    fall into eternity.

    By shuugahshuugah URL on 01.20.2011

  5. The time that this class went at least 15 minutes over. When I was little I thought an hour was this. When I think about when I am going to finally be done with school I feel like it will be endless. In case you didn’t notice that’s how I feel about the other things too. Its a long time, never ending in fact hence the name.

    By Alexandra on 01.20.2011

  6. This moment right here feels endless, everlasting, and overall enthralling. it is too bad that it is impossible to stop time. it is impossible to see the future and it is impossible to tell if i will ever be this happy again. but for now I know that i am happy and endlessly enveloped in your love filled arms.

    By Crazijay27 URL on 01.20.2011

  7. Endlessly, the lagoons of the inner world fill with the ultimate ecstasy of one thousand blind suns ready to burst in the hot powder keg of the galactic core. Are you ready to get sexual, to pass the time?

    By joh on 01.20.2011

  8. Neverending, fun, happy, hard, wierd, bewildering, immortality, lots of sex, more life

    By jorge on 01.20.2011

  9. endless night. time
    ticking away the moments that make up a dull day.
    emptiness- Nagarjuna; it’s because we’re empty that we can change. there are no fundamental essential objects to the universe
    The universe is endless. It’s a 5th dimensional Mobius strip of time, where the beginning and the end are cycles and each time around is another expression of what’s possible.

    By Alex Rosengarten URL on 01.20.2011

  10. What could be considered endless? The darkness, the light, the emptiness in the heart. When you walk on a road, can you see the edge? It seems as if I cannot even fathom what the horizon looks like. It feels like I am going to disappear as soon as I continue on this journey. Maybe I will fall into darkness. Or light.

    By Emilee on 01.20.2011

  11. I think of how many times I have masturbated in a single day. Endless. The thoughts and thoughts of what I feel to be endless in the day: school, love, life. All ideas that although end by night, return by morning.

    By BallsCockMacMadFase on 01.20.2011

  12. Endless. What is the meaning of endless? Is it the dull life that we go through each day? Is it the amount of homework that a college student is forced to do? Is it the 9-5 job that most people have? Or is it this stupid word that I have to write about in 60 seconds?

    By Lloyd on 01.20.2011

  13. I don’t think it’s very fair. I’ve seen this word the previous time I visited this page. Recollecting the lost thoughts from my last session only make my thoughts of the last paragraph I wrote even worse. Was it even a paragraph? Or just a conjunction of sentences? I feel worse now, thank you.

    By MadMan on 01.20.2011

  14. forever and always, everlasting, loop, cirlce of life. always be there, never ending, always have you there, never gone, lasting a life time, life, no limit,no time frame, just there , never last, there,a

    By Sofia Carballar on 01.20.2011

  15. It seems like things keep going on and on and on and on..once one problem ends, another will begin…life seems to be just one big wave of problems and painful emotions, stretching out forever…however, the thing about life is that it’s not endless; there is no way to avoid death completely. I’d take that stream of work and play and hardship and experience over an abrupt wall any day, anyway.

    By Isabel URL on 01.20.2011

  16. ggggggggggggggggggggggg

    By g on 01.20.2011

  17. endless instants streak through a watercolor portrait of love, hate, lost in tortured discrepancy. it is no wonder how i found myself lost in the thought of you. you, who for the longest time kept this endless instant in the palm of your hand. you, whose fingers held that breath of hope, caressed it with delicate ardency, never let it reach the end of the parachute cords.

    By aldila on 01.20.2011

  18. endless love. endless grace. how can it be? and yet, it is. the Alpha, the Omega: the beginning and the end. before i was born, before the world was made, You were. and You knew who i was who i would be who i will become and what i will do with the gifts You’ve given me and You loved me first and You’ll love me for eternity to come.

    By Cristina URL on 01.20.2011

  19. The endless void of the drow underground was a striking sight. Most humans never had the chance to see such darkness, or such depth. But Amerus certainly wasn’t most humans.

    By abbtolchester URL on 01.20.2011

  20. my mind created thru your meaningles only if im feeling this creating this passion that has the power to control this.. endless circle of my heart

    By daniel on 01.20.2011

  21. She was falling, she realized. She hadn’t taken the time to really think about what was happening. She saw the bookshelf fall with her. An endless tunnel of dark was in front of her. She couldn’t see where the books landed, or where she even began her fall.

    By Caitlyn on 01.20.2011

  22. Endless time. Endless Space. Expanding universe, where do we fit. The enourmity of the endless is the hope we have for living an endless existance.

    By Gelareh Mizrahi on 01.20.2011

  23. Endless. Endless is the corridor my mind wanders through at all times of any day. Endless is my potential and that of others. Endless is the imagination that i have expressed in my dreams.

    By William Miller on 01.20.2011

  24. my life is endless..aswell yours with all the creatures of the universe

    By clau on 01.20.2011

  25. what is endless, is it the life we were promised as children of God. is it what our to do list seem to be, is it what a bad date after another seem to be to us. endless is unthinkable

    By Lauren Shumaker URL on 01.20.2011

  26. endless by:dana rhijnsburger

    endless is the word your mom tells you her love is. endless is the sound of your parents fucking in the next room. But what if endless was your name? thats the problem with me. my name is endless. and thats it. i’m sixteen year-old girl and have to write my life story for english class. But really, Thats it. No magical world. No superpowers. No sexy-ass vampire sweeping me off my feet. I’m seriously just, Here. this story is probably gonna get an f——-. and because I have no wonderfully drastic life. Hell, I don’t even know what I wanna do when I get older. Seriously, the bordem of life is just endless.

    By Dana URL on 01.20.2011

  27. The night seemed endless. I watched as people finally started to file out of the party, weary and a tad annoyed I closed the door, trying my best to look polite and happy they’d come, behind them. But once the door was closed, I let out a loud sigh and met my boyfriend, Travis’, blue-green eyes and smiled. We finally, finally, could be alone. It was the first night in our new apartment and I couldn’t wait to have a few moments with just he and I. Little did I know…

    By Sloane on 01.20.2011

  28. Endless, I’m drawing a blank. What is endless? Well, eternity is endless. What does endless mean? Without end. Whatever is endless will keep going forever. I can’t think of anything else that is endless and I am still drawing a blank as to what to write.

    By Rebeckah on 01.20.2011

  29. I want my learning to be endless. The things I see every day are intriguing to me. Everything is special and until the day I die, I want to learn what makes everything individual and collective in this world. I find that simplicity is endless. The love for simplicity is always present in my life. God’s love is endless.

    By Stacey Weidner on 01.20.2011

  30. Love is endless. Although there can be beginnings to love, such as in a new friendship or relationship or life for that matter, there is no ending to love.

    By Stacey on 01.20.2011

  31. sin rumbo ni final, escribo asi, porque asi naci, no me importa el que diran, mas veran, que “endless” es y sera, en español o ingles la palabra que define todo, 60 segundo me sobram y te sobraran, para entender que esto es verdad..

    By Sinn on 01.20.2011

  32. Endless love. Time does not exist because everything is endless. Life is endless. You create your own ends and beginnings.
    Endless is in your head. Endless is forever. Endless is yours.

    By SamanthaAllie on 01.20.2011

  33. endless searching. endless seeking. endless loving. endless weeping. endless ups so many downs all in the name of happiness.

    By Daisy URL on 01.20.2011

  34. time. space. eternity. bullshit. the problem. never ends. keeps rambling on and on. like a brakeless car. i hate you said oil to man. i will end. the greed never will. endless possibility. of the

    By rishit neogi URL on 01.20.2011

  35. Days with you are absolutely endless. Even in my sleep i think about you, and you’re mine. You make me see colors that don’t even exist. you make the stars sing and trees dance. We are endless. Our time, our memories, us. Nothing can stop us, because we are untimely.

    By amberlyn on 01.20.2011

  36. The sea stretched out before him. Days had passed since he last saw land. The hunger was gnawing at him. Thirst cracked his throat. There was no rescue coming. There was no hope.

    By Stoferin on 01.20.2011

  37. Endless time with you. All our conversations are endless. Even our thoughts, our memories are endless. They happen throughout my whole day, even as I sleep! Anything you can do is endless. You make the stars sing and the trees dance. You make me think of you in colors that don’t even exist. We are endless.

    By ambuuhlyn URL on 01.20.2011

  38. My erection was endless.

    From the ceiling to the floor, one could not distinguish where it begin and where it ended. It was a penis of infinite magnitude.

    By Penis on 01.20.2011

  39. time life everything

    endless is scary

    water is endless
    poetry words

    mark you leave

    60 seconds … endless.
    a lifetime … not even close to being endless

    By s on 01.20.2011

  40. As I walk endlessly through the hallway. I could not find the class I was suppose to be in. Why are there so many class’s in this hall. The lockers and people seem to go one and one, but nobody seems to know how to speak.

    By Luke URL on 01.20.2011