January 20th, 2011 | 634 Entries

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634 Entries for “endless”

  1. it is, isn’t it
    that’s the problem
    people like horizons
    a place to go
    a place to end
    to stop
    a pillow at the end of a long day
    but its not
    that’s the trick
    the endless cruel trick.

    By the other one on 01.20.2011

  2. On and on and on it went, and her mouth fell open and closed again, soundlessly as a landed fish. The tingles centered within her abdomen and below, with shoots of graver intensity threaded down the center. Shifting, straining – separating, glimmering green-scaled tail finally split into legs.

    By Bliss URL on 01.20.2011

  3. The road seemed endless, stretching up, out, to the horizon and presumably beyond even that. An infinity of asphalt.

    By Lynn on 01.20.2011

  4. freewheeling past breakfast and abandon high tail the best of us. this is how we dismiss caution. letting breezes dictate, instruct until effortlessly we twist through memories. forget me not i say. there is much to learn from lawlessness. there is much to learn indeed from notions of grandeur and privilege. i am what beckons from the deep. from the death of caution to the vivid procurement of an empty road, an endless strip of land leading and leading and leading like a run-on.

    By Desmond URL on 01.20.2011

  5. my work seems to wander on without hope of an end. things pile up and up and there is no relief in sight. when will I have rest? when will I see the sun again?

    By cworkman URL on 01.20.2011

  6. endless possibilies endless dreams endless growing up endless dreaming endless thoughts endless life endless

    By stephany on 01.20.2011

  7. Time is endless or at least that what we think.

    By PD coach URL on 01.20.2011

  8. endless days of summer
    endless love throughout eternity
    endless speaker
    endless winds
    endless sands of the desert
    always on going

    By she53lly URL on 01.20.2011

  9. It seemed endless, the way they looked at one another. The sideways glances, the sleeping lids, the awkward sidestep around the corner to just get one more peek at the other. There was the occasional shared smile, the nervous laugh or the downcast eyes and bitten lip. It was a romance they’d never seek, but remember forever.

    By teachthegirl URL on 01.20.2011

  10. Endless means never stopping. Like the sky in Oklahoma. Like school paperwork. Like a highway. Like love. Like blades of grass.

    By Laura on 01.20.2011

  11. The endless abyss spread out before me, leaving no light, no sound, nothing for me to hope for. I could almost swear I could hear myself think. That would only be, of course, if I wasn’t completely freaking out.

    By Faith URL on 01.20.2011

  12. is something that goes on forever. like when Mr oehlertz talks its endless talk. the word endless is a great word.

    By haley URL on 01.20.2011

  13. In a world endless you can discover things that you never imagine!

    By Luis Guilherme Larizzatti Zacharias URL on 01.20.2011

  14. Endless is none stop, like learning. Learning never stops, because we always learn something new each day. English is an endless learning process.

    By bradyE URL on 01.20.2011

  15. Endless: Something that never stops, continuous. Like this class It seems like it goes on forever.

    By cara URL on 01.20.2011

  16. having no end to something. My American Lit class seems to be endless, but it is fun sometimes.On second thought. The Puritans had a endless trip to the new land.

    By riley URL on 01.20.2011

  17. Never ending. The Puritains thought they had to live their lives in duty to God. Their faith was endless and proof of this lies in the fact that they remained dutiful even though they also believed in predestination which professes that only the chosen receive saltation regardless of faith and duty.

    By TDO URL on 01.20.2011

  18. Endless is a word that means something that goes on forever without stopping. If I had to tie it to what we’ve been learning I would say that the process of making it a better economy was a endless project

    By crankthatpikachu URL on 01.20.2011

  19. they say time is endless, I say it ends when it ends.

    By Tab Samuels URL on 01.20.2011

  20. The snow went on for ever and ever, as long as I could see.

    My heart ached, and I didn’t know why.

    I wanted to run and run until I reached the point where the snow and the white sky met. Endless. Oblivion.

    By Annemarie URL on 01.20.2011

  21. The endless amounts of worthless information in this class. The amount of people moving to the “New World” is endless. The references to god are also endless.

    By George URL on 01.20.2011

  22. endless means never ending, or forever. writing seems like it is endless.

    By Brady URL on 01.20.2011

  23. As time…
    It goes on and on
    If you remember
    Just for one second
    Your connection to all things
    The reality that are you part of it
    You will never be lonely
    And the love and passion that creates will spring forth from within you

    By Amber Rene URL on 01.20.2011

  24. It’s not madness, is it? This endless pleasure that is ebay. Looking through everything people don’t want anymore. Looking through the rows and rows of online merchandise that people keep in their basements, in their apartments, on their floors. I wonder what exactly prompted the originally ownership of these pieces. Sometimes I wonder if it’s something that’s just been unearthed, or rebequeathed so that people are wondering what to do with it, exactly. And then, lo! An answer – ebay to the rescue.

    By Lancir URL on 01.20.2011

  25. sons of the world were staring up at the new billboard. the stars were aligning in languages and nobody even knew why that all happened. endless, continuous, instantaneous. this isn’t for us. they fall off buildings and down the alleys and get caught by twin snakes. it’s overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    By 4 on 01.20.2011

  26. I miss the endless summer days of my childhood. When every day is golden and warm, and the grass is green and soft under bare feet. I miss splashing in a crystal clear pool, taking rambling walks through golden fields and long naps on hot afternoons under a cool fan. I miss the feeling that my entire future is stretching out long and endless before me, and every day is full of adventures.

    By aleshia URL on 01.20.2011

  27. There are endless opportunities in the world. However, someone has to be able to see them. Having an open mind and reflecting on the input you get will significantly increase the chances of making the most of those.

    By aaa on 01.20.2011

  28. The xx seconds for my Lotus Notes to start a new email on a busy day! Infinity, the time the email takes to open when I know its from you.

    By incompetantcrew URL on 01.20.2011

  29. This makes me think of waiting at an airport and the plane is delayed and delayed and you feel you will never return to the normally functioning world ever again.

    By Octavia URL on 01.20.2011

  30. Love is endless. It has no beginning and no end, like infinity. Love is infinity and no one, no man, woman, or force can change that. Love is endless, like the ocean. It all comes back, like its waters. The ocean is endless.

    By Alejandra Gonzalez on 01.20.2011

  31. Love is endless. It has no beginning and no end, like infinity. Love is infinity and no one, no man, woman, or force can change that. Love is endless, like the ocean. It all comes back, like its waters. The ocean is endless–its waters go all around the world and come back, like love. Both love and the ocean are endless.

    By Ale on 01.20.2011

  32. And endless cycle swirling into infinity. Is endlessness possible? Or is the idea of infinity spawned from our inability to comprehend our own end?

    By the girl at the end of the hall on 01.20.2011

  33. never-ending.
    Our friendship is endlesss.
    Love and trust is endless
    You can find the word endless in the dictionary :)

    By :] Garcia ..<3 URL on 01.20.2011

  34. “So is this it, then? Is THIS the afterlife? Just an endless walkabout with you as my only companion?”

    He glared at me. “This isn’t exactly MY idea of fun, either. But no, THIS is not your final destination. This is merely a way station. Until you are ready to move on.”

    “How do I do that?”

    “You must remember how you died.”

    By mimimanderly URL on 01.20.2011

  35. white pale streets ocean line waves horizon love

    By Ander on 01.20.2011

  36. I already wrote about endless. It was my first prompt. Perhaps “endless” is endless. Is this irony? When you are happy it feels endless, like you will never again know pain. And sadly the inverse is true as well

    By Alison URL on 01.20.2011

  37. I don’t know how to get rid of this endless pain of loneliness. Will he write me again? Time and fate will only tell. It is up to him now.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.20.2011

  38. Your hands are shaking to the sound of the bass, the hums in the air, the drugs make all my thoughts hang without a doubt and your lips are endless ideas of infinity minus one, your eyes are shining as you turn, turn your head and your body against me, your eyes are- (que sera, sera) and you say,
    lets look for things that are this moment (your breath is so close)
    away from endless.

    By Catfish URL on 01.20.2011

  39. the sky is endless, my soul is endless, and that is it, you should expect me to say that my love is endless but it is not true, so I’m not going to say it

    By Marina URL on 01.20.2011

  40. Most days it’s absolutely endless. Java this, classes that, polymorphism, and encapsulation. I try to listen but then there’s Facebook, there’s E-Mail, there’s Stumbleupon, there’s everything better than Java. And then the clock strikes five thirty, the hand pauses, and we all grab our things, log off, and carry on through the cold night.

    By Dan URL on 01.20.2011