January 13th, 2013 | 309 Entries

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309 Entries for “end”

  1. There is no end, really. Yeah there will come a time to where the world would end but your soul just doesnt go away.

    By Gina on 01.13.2013

  2. The end of the tunnel.. coming to a new beginning. Whenever there is an end of something, something new always starts after it. Pretty refreshing. Knowing that no matter what there’s always going to be a door that needs to be opened.

    By Mariah on 01.13.2013

  3. He stops at the edge. His toes slightly over, he holds his breath. He can do this, he doesn’t deserve to live anymore. He has sinned so much in his life. Taken so much from others. He closes his eyes and wills his heart to stop beating so fast.

    By Kensington URL on 01.13.2013

  4. I think all good things have to end sometime. If you think about it, we all die. Everything ends. Summer ends. Car rides end. Friend ends in end. My sixty seconds to write this will end soon. I hate ending things. Unless they’re bad things. I ended a relationship recently that sucked the life outta me.

    By Krys on 01.13.2013

  5. So much anxiety when things begin, that I am much more happy when things end. When things end, and I can go back to bed, and wake up, and eat peanut butter and jam. Depression, and an eating disorder.

    By PerfectPatient on 01.13.2013

  6. the end of everything; life, relationships, family, friends. When is the end? Better yet, What is the end? Is the end measure by death? Or can we measure the end by when we stop living. Our heartbeat shouldn’t be counted as ‘living’. Living wouldn’t be special if it was. The end is when people lose faith in themselves, their dreams, and everybody else. How is life tolerable without smiles and moments that take your breath away? Can the end be near? Are you happy? Do you enjoy the little things? Too often people obsess over materialistic things instead of feelings, moments, and memories. To get lost in a song and let it move you; to dance with your eyes closed and let your emotions take over, Thats Living. Don’t let it be the end for you. Live your life before you can’t anymore.

    By Maria Haugen on 01.13.2013

  7. it hurts but it just happens… just let him go everyone says, but i just cant. I just dont like to say goodbye.

    By Val on 01.13.2013

  8. Her life came to an end. When she opened her eyes, God standing before her. He asked, “Why should I let you in?” She answered, “You should know. You’re omniscient.”

    By Jeongsil Lee URL on 01.13.2013

  9. why are we scared of the end? we waste countless hours worrying about something out of our control. the end doesn’t matter.

    By kapanga URL on 01.13.2013

  10. There once was a giraffe who lived in a shoe. It was really more like a platform boot due to the giraffes long neck. And then he died.
    The End.

    By Emily Malloy URL on 01.13.2013

  11. an end to something beautiful can be a tragic beginning for something else that’s worth your time.
    just because we’ve come to an end, it doesn’t reflect the rest of the world darling. even though you can’t stop spinning at the moment, the rest of the planet will catch up to you soon enough, there’s no need to worry.
    we’re over but that doesn’t mean it’s the end.

    By Courtney on 01.13.2013

  12. I remember burning bright back then. But the brightest stars fell the fastest, and my end came, too. Now they were the bright ones, lighting up my unwilling planet. The sparks killed my eyes, and I went numb. I felt numb most of that time. But the end is over.

    And I feel everything now.

    By Marissa URL on 01.13.2013

  13. We weep at the end for our friend.

    By Marianne URL on 01.13.2013

  14. the end. maybe the end to a releationship or maybe the world. either way nobody likes the word end. haha. its true. end means bad things for me. always has maybe always will.

    By danielle on 01.13.2013

  15. Is this the end
    Of late nights together
    Of silly faces and held hands
    Of noses buried in shoulders
    Of zombie flicks and first kisses
    Of hair petting and hand rubbing
    Of thumb stroking and footsie playing
    Of you
    And of me
    And of us

    By Kathryn URL on 01.13.2013

  16. Finality. The close of something. A sad, yet hopeful word. The end of something, the beginning of another.

    By Madi URL on 01.13.2013

  17. The end of the job was just plain weird. I didn’t feel as though I really knew what they wanted out of the transition, and I know I didn’t leave things off as well as I could have. I just was feeling out of it, and I didn’t know if it really mattered anymore. It doesn’t really matter anymore to me- I have a lot of trouble caring about these programs that I know won’t continue past another year or two that don’t effect my community at all.

    By RachelG URL on 01.13.2013

  18. it was the end of days and the end of times. luckily not the end of my life. The ending if the beginning is a great but horrible thing. The ending id=s truly a new beginning that not many people see. The ending is a ending of the old and a start of the new.

    By abby on 01.13.2013

  19. End. Fin. Sfarsit. In any language the end is the end. `But seriously what happens after?` The little girl couldn`t understand that the end is actually the point of no return as her mother was telling her. She knew in her fresh mind that things can`t possible just `end`. That day she set up a goal in her mind: to prove to everybody that the end doesn`t exist.

    By Hagumpi URL on 01.13.2013

  20. its over the world is over no more exsistence. no more people no more humanity no ore animals.all ove with. break up end of a elationship end of a friendship end of a movie end of time end of a list or a galaxy. the end of your face. the end of the time

    By Elizabeth on 01.13.2013

  21. everything has an end. but that’s how things grow. Maybe it’s the idea that things will eventually end is what allows people to grow and change. Knowing there’s an end will only push you harder to ensure, in that moment, you’re doing anything and everything you can to take it in. and just live.

    By Clarissa on 01.13.2013

  22. the end is near. why are endings happy or sad? can they be both? the end is not always the end. endings are sometimes the best part of a journey. they mean there is a new journey awaiting. when will be the end of me and eric? i like him and i don’t want it to end. maybe it will be bittersweet.

    By shelby on 01.13.2013

  23. the end the end, oh the end
    a slaughter-house of possibility
    the end, it is
    of this
    of this and you
    of this and you and me
    of this and you and me and the rest of the world
    but it shattered and so ended

    By Anna Leah on 01.13.2013

  24. the ends of things scare me. I don’t know whether it has always been this way – probably not. actually, that’s not fully true. that the ends are always negative. no one dislikes the ends of bad things – but I guess that’s a fairly obvious point. the end, I guess, to me signifies the end of life. The end of THIS, whatever it is. the end of youth, on a smaller scale. the end of opportunity. ends are pressing on me currently. I don’t want my time to run out.

    By Julia on 01.13.2013

  25. Where do I begin talking about the end? That’s half the problem. You can’t start at the end. You always end with the end. All this middle part, that’s not the end. And how do you know where exactly the end IS? Exactly. You don’t. It could pop up at anytime, without you realising. And that’s what I don’t like about the end. It’s not very predictable.

    By Scott on 01.13.2013

  26. End. One word, a simple meaning. It’s not hard to define but it is so hard to do. When do you know when it is the right time for something to be over, for it to end? When do you tell your heart that it’s time to stop beating for the one it

    By Sydney URL on 01.13.2013

  27. “The end,” she writes, her pen carefully drafting each letter onto the paper.
    She smiles calmly as the world around her slowly blurs into a blank white and disappears.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 01.13.2013

  28. The end was near for her. She could feel it in her soul, she wasn’t going to make it. No one was. That was the day of ending, where nobody was better than anyone. The day where everyone died the same, slow, painless death as equals.

    By Kitty on 01.13.2013

  29. The boy entered the room, searching for an end to all he’s been feeling for two days. The girl he loved has never showed any kind of respect or love for him, for that matters. He’s been expecting to pass through his feelings for her, but every time he tries, she comes back teasing him. The only thing he hopes is to forget everything he is, to forget everything she is.

    By TAEL URL on 01.13.2013

  30. It’s the end of it all. I can’t do this anymore. Letting you take me into your arms and me knowing it is all wrong. This is not where I’m supposed to be. I know this isn’t how it should end, but I also know that this shouldn’t have happened like this at all in the first place.

    By Outsider URL on 01.13.2013

  31. The end. The end. The end.
    It was the only phrase that went through Shepard’s mind.
    All of this – the guns, the fighting, the war. Her comrades, her friendships, her feelings, everything –
    Just a colossal buildup of more things to lose if she did not win this war against the Reapers.
    The end.
    She couldn’t lose Kaidan. She’d already lost Thane.
    She couldn’t lose her new family and friends – she’d lost enough on Mindoir.
    She had to win.
    The end…

    By Katie URL on 01.13.2013

  32. The truth is, there is no end. It all goes on and on and on. Everything. Racism, homophobia, sexism, oppression..and worst of all? People don’t necessarily “end” either. Yes, we may go but the memory of the path we once led will remain forever. It is up to you whether this becomes a good thing or a bad thing.

    By Drue URL on 01.13.2013

  33. What he did last weekend filled his weekdays
    Knowing the 8 hour days would be filled with keystrokes
    Awkward greetings, fluorescent lights
    He wished the end would never start, never stop
    Like the humming of the airconditioner.

    By Ali URL on 01.13.2013

  34. Finding the time to say goodbye shouldn’t be so hard. There is never a moment that feels right. I don’t want to say goodbye to her too soon, then we’ll have more weeks where we are just waiting for the end. Goodbye is final, not a penultimate act.

    By Brad Grusnick URL on 01.13.2013

  35. This is not the end of knowledge but the beginning of wisdom.

    By April Mae Berza URL on 01.13.2013

  36. something so refreshing—so tried—so true—so terrifying, so welcomed, so comforting, so contorting, so necesarry about ends. beauty of the end—-the new beginning—-downside of new beginning—-inevitable end…only to begin again.

    By Safon URL on 01.13.2013

  37. The ending was probably his favorite part of the movie. But that is only because the movie was not very good at all. Ah, so like Bill, to not enjoy himself while all others do. Its just like when they all went bowling and Bill kept being fixated on the nacho cheese, while all others enjoyed themselves. Sure the cheese wasn’t organic, but nobody else cared that much.

    By Jeff Bob on 01.13.2013

  38. The inevitable. The fear of it. The joy of it. The realization and understanding. The combination of emotions once it has arrived. The denial when it reaches the point of ending when you don’t want it to end

    By Trisia Lashon URL on 01.13.2013

  39. this, the end, the forever on going darness, or the light at the end of the tunnep, have i allready reached my end but not in knowing of this fact. How will i meet my end will it be the way i expect or twist of fate changing my end to be more sinister. What is after the end for all of us, is heaven and/or hell, is it some sort of paradise, or is it nothingness and emptynews to forever dwell in until the end of time. The End. No one can answer these questions with sure evidence of there belief, but mabye it is more important to have a beleif to keep you going through th jouney, mabye instead of worrying about whats next and whats to come, we should take time to a appreciate the here and now, to live for the moment, after all it is called the present, so we should treat it as a gift. The End

    By Ross Millar on 01.13.2013

  40. if you spent every second of your life
    thinking about your end,
    you’d never get much done.

    you’ve been told not to live in the past
    yet we keep our heads buried in the future.

    to live – truly live – we must exist now.
    do not fret over past mistakes,
    simply learn and become wiser from them.

    do not stress over what ifs and possibilities,
    just be.

    the only time you’re guaranteed is this moment;
    don’t let it escape.

    By Jennifer Marie URL on 01.13.2013