January 13th, 2013 | 309 Entries

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309 Entries for “end”

  1. hmmm .. the end of one thing is a beginning of another thing. It should not be cause for sadness but cause for celebration and anticipation.

    By Benita on 01.13.2013

  2. comes after beginning, finishing a story, no turning back, no repeats just come on moving on and on to new beginnings and finish those ones too.

    By Anja on 01.13.2013

  3. In every end is also a beginning. In every end, comes change. We’re wired to resist it, wired to hate it and fight it limb from limb, and even though they all want to be free of that thing called “natural”, “human”, “fate”, even though they want that and he is a part of them, he is still a victim of it.
    He’s afraid of endings.
    His fear makes him cower in the darkness of night, wrap his arms tightly around himself as if that will keep him from falling apart.

    By LILYhibiku URL on 01.13.2013

  4. The End- quite literally …’o)

    By Jo Barry on 01.13.2013

  5. end. this word can mean many different things. The end of time the end of a game or the end of a life. to figure out what it really is you havew to open your horizon and view the surrounding elements of the so called end. Many people have contemplated what the end of something will be like but in all reality we will never really know until it is upon us and then it is too late to tell any one. So no one can or will truly know what the end holds. There is simply no way to, thats the loop that was meant for us to follow. If we knew what the end really was would we be able to continue? Would it shut us down? Or would we just give up? I dont feel we are truly supposed to know what the end is. The end is just that the end no more no less. Ending things for people can be hard or difficult. Some people never finish anything in there lives, does this mean they are afraid of the end? Or that they simply tire of something and dont WANT to finish it?

    By Brittany Masten on 01.13.2013

  6. ending are hard they really are ending signal the end of an era they have a melancholy aura about them however endings can also signal the start of something new the start of something better it all comes down to circumstances and perspective i guess

    By Mayank Kalia URL on 01.13.2013

  7. End is good. Bad things stop. Good things have a chance to begin. And perhaps even flourish?

    By Jo Barry on 01.13.2013

  8. It was the end. The end of all eternity. I didn’t know why I survived. I just knew I would be one of the only ones who has survived, I needed to find the others.

    By Julianna P. URL on 01.13.2013

  9. end of what, where are we going do we want it to end
    end is a very final word

    By Tom Rhodes URL on 01.13.2013

  10. The long stretch of road stood before her. She stared blankly at first, but then she knew what she had to do. She wasn’t going to travel to the end of the road, she turned around and went back the way she had come.

    By Sam on 01.13.2013

  11. It was the end, that was all she could think. Other people might have found silver linings, might have seen it as a new beginning instead, but all she could think as she watched him walk away was – that’s it. The end. It’s over for me. I don’t have another one in me.

    By Nikki on 01.13.2013

  12. this is the end of a beautiful story, she always wanted to be a writer but it dint work out. she was so young it shouldn’t of ended like this but she wasn’t happy i suppose. As for me, I’m off now happily married with some one else. We have 3 kids, Named Grace, Blake and Lincoln just like she wanted.

    By Katrina on 01.13.2013

  13. That was it. After everything she had ever gone through. After all those times she had said she wanted to die, but didn’t mean it. Now was it. She was at the end. The end of life. But she was ready this time. She had reached the end of life, the natural way. She was ready to begin the end.

    By Grace URL on 01.13.2013

  14. The end of any cycle is the beginning to a new journey, life splices into so many opportunities that, like water, there would seemingly be no actual end, even though in perspective to my own life ‘it’ may end, I will never cease to be needed, loved, or wanted. This conscientiousness may cease to my knowledge but life will always have more to offer, it always does.

    By Krystal on 01.13.2013

  15. This was the end. We had failed. There was nothing left to stand for, no more motivation, no more hope. The enemy had taken over our country and we were bound and gagged sitting in the prison. Waiting to die. Death would not come quickly, I was afraid. They wanted to see us tortured like we had tortured them.

    By Kristina URL on 01.13.2013

  16. Waiting for the end to come… Wishing I had strength to stand.. This is not what I have planned… It’s out of my control….
    I hope our friendship never ends (or even changes? that’s debatable), so here’s to never deleting that facebook post! =]
    On the other hand, I do want something else to end.

    By Jason URL on 01.13.2013

  17. As she walked through the door, she realized it was the end. Of her, of her relationship, of her credibility. She had to tell everyone. She had to come out of the closet. No, she wasn’t gay. She was locked into that closet by her school counselor. She had to confess. She couldn’t go on living like this, like a thief. A big, fat, cookie thief.

    By PJL on 01.13.2013

  18. As she walked into her bedroom, she knew what was waiting for her. She couldn’t go on like this, but she had to. It was time to enter the wasteland she had caused. Sure, she probably shouldn’t have joined that gang and started drinking underage, but the minute she tried to break free, did they really have to set fire to her stuff?? No! Not necessary!

    By PJL on 01.13.2013

  19. I sat on a toilet with my hands clutching my abdomen in agony whilst pangs of knives stabbed my insides with every drop of urine that dribbled out. Please let this be the end. UTIs aren’t fun.

    By Pip URL on 01.13.2013

  20. The world was going to end they said. Though no one actually knew what that really meant. It was exactly three and a half hours in counting that the big clock read, till the end was supposed to happen. Juliet leaned closed to me and whispered in my ear, “what does that mean mommy?” And yet I had no idea how to answer because even I didnt know.

    By Alishea URL on 01.13.2013

  21. the final word
    the last sight
    the wave goodbye
    our last fight
    the end comes quick
    and its not our to pick

    By Zoe on 01.13.2013

  22. This is the end of the beginning. A new life is going to start for me and I have no choice to look ahead and enjoy whatever comes my way. Stop being scared,kid. You were born for this.

    By H URL on 01.13.2013

  23. He always tried to ignore it. He jumped ahead, to a time that would end. He would think back to the beginning, about everything that started, and how it started with her. He couldn’t let go. He was too afraid of what came after. Or maybe he was too naive, and there was nothing after. So then he skipped back, to a time that would begin, and he made the most of what he had. And he had her.

    By numbus URL on 01.13.2013

  24. This isn’t the end of the world,Mom. I promise to be smart and not do drugs and always look both ways before I cross the street. I’m old enough to be without you,so please trust me. I’ll miss you.

    By H URL on 01.13.2013

  25. Endings are often the best part of my favorite books and movies. The ending to the movie Closer, for example, is quite emotionally powerful. The same can be said for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

    By Rufus on 01.13.2013

  26. The end was near. As the boy ran, wheezing and struggling as he went, he could feel his pursuers getting closer and closer. Their damned dogs, starved from birth to create feral beasts, howled after him, their noses filled with his scent; his old master’s hired cronies crowing in victory as they caught sight of his ebony back, sprinting as fast as possible in the opposite direction. He knew that he would not last for much longer. It was inevitable that they would catch to him. He had fought so hard for this though, as did Clarence and Nonna and Momma.

    By Nicole Zoo on 01.13.2013

  27. End. When a friendship ends. It’s one of the worst experiences you can go through, but it’s also one of the most frequent experiences you’ll go through. Hopefully more frequent than relationships. When a friendship ends, you’re going to feel many emotions. Pain, regret, disappointment, maybe even a hint of fear. You’re afraid that no one will ever stick around. You’re afraid that no one will ever want to be your friend ever again, that they won’t want to listen to you, that they won’t want to hang out with you, ever spend any time with you…. Honestly, it’s an angry process as well. You’ll go through a phase where you’ll do nothing but talk bad about everything they’ve ever done or said wrong. You’ll angrily ask why they never did this, or never said this. Why they started spending more time with other people instead of you. You’ll be confused, and sometimes, maybe even HAPPY. Maybe they were a toxic person in your life. Either way, it’s the end of something. And if it was a deep friendship, it’s the end of a cycle in your life. It’s the end of more than just the friendship. You’ll change into a different person. You’ll be more jaded. You’ll be more cautious. You’ll be a new you. Maybe it’s a bad change, maybe it’ll even be a good change. But the best thing to do is embrace it. Change the color of your hair, try a new color of eyeshadow, try a new style of clothes. Embrace the new you. Embrace new horizons.

    By Sara Schaub on 01.13.2013

  28. The end of the street was covered it what appeared to be blood. Charlie did not know where it had come from. Was it human blood? Or a different animal? He hoped with all his might that they had not just found what remained of poor Samantha Miller.

    By Laurel B URL on 01.13.2013

  29. I didn’t want to believe it. Her usually soft face was hard and angry. I couldn’t deny it. She saw me with her own eyes. I was found out. I sighed and her face started to fall into a frown and her brown eyes teared up. “I knew it! Your a jerk” She slapped me and I knew I deserved it. “We’re over. This is the end”

    By AlanaScharth URL on 01.13.2013

  30. everything has an end, movies, books, friends, And when it comes to the end, the only person you can trust is yourself. Even though most times I cant even trust myself.

    By emily cronk URL on 01.13.2013

  31. The end is all that I have to look forwards to. The end of darkness, and the end of light. It’s sad and happy at the same time, but I suppose you never can have it both ways.

    By Ebony Bird URL on 01.13.2013

  32. Is near, Sometimes we don’t know it, but it is. Maybe one day we’ll get to the point that everything we do will turn out well before the end does come, because it seems that people don’t live as they should anymore, and die before they actually had a chance to do the things they’ve always wanted to do.


    By Gabrielle on 01.13.2013

  33. The snake swiftly wriggled into the hole, the tip of its tail disappearing with a satisfying plop, and then Jim realised the bag was empty~ no more sugar coated beasties for him to devour

    By King Wrong on 01.13.2013

  34. The world has an end. Have you ever thought about it? Do you know what will happen? Who will risk their life to stop it? Who will let it happen? What about who will cause it? I do but soon you will too.

    By Kat on 01.13.2013

  35. Ends are never fun. They come far to quickly and suddenly for Darwin’s taste. Just when he was getting used to something it would end. He wanted to scream. Why can’t everything just keep beginning forever?

    By Damian on 01.13.2013

  36. the end.
    that’s how it all starts.
    an end.
    an end to a life, a love, an event, a journey.
    ends are a beginning of sorts.

    By Nicole K. on 01.13.2013

  37. Though the clock ticks and seconds pass, time as we know it is but a whisper on the wind… due to the scale of the universe, we may as well flitter like mayflies for a day, whilst steady and surely, the greater magnitude of all around us plods endlessly into the unknown, from whence we came.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 01.13.2013

  38. the end of the season for the packers came at the hands of the niners, something that i really wish wouldn’t have happened. was really looking forward to going to NOLA again and enjoying all that there is to offer there, seeing him again and doing it the way it is meant to be done.

    By Lj URL on 01.13.2013

  39. End. There is no end without a beginning, yet the end is what we are all inevitably going for. The journey to the end is what is memorable. What we laugh about, cry about, and spend our lives trying to make better. Don’t waste the trip to the end.

    By Micah Petersen on 01.13.2013

  40. When the verdict sealed his fate, all grew silent. Simultaneously, we then drew our weapons. The sound of steel upon steel echoed across the forest as swords were extracted from their scabbards and arrows from their quivers. We waited. We watched. We prayed.
    Shackles bound his wrists and ankles, anchoring him to the ground. Instead of cowering when the first fist flew, he seemed to open his arms wide for its coming approach.

    His end came too quickly.
    Too soon.

    By KenzieB19 URL on 01.13.2013