December 30th, 2013 | 86 Entries

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86 Entries for “elevator”

  1. He stepped into the elevator just as a local bluegrass musician stepped out. The outside pocket of her violin case was partially unzipped, exposing an original score of Kentucky fusion.

    By Alis Oxylus URL on 12.30.2013

  2. I stood there, waiting for the doors to close so that I could start my day as usual. In the last possible moment, he came and stopped the door and got in.
    We looked at each other once, a fleeting touch.
    My whole world fell apart.

    By Maheen on 12.30.2013

  3. It’s cramped and suffocating, this small dark space. I try very hard to keep calm, to remember to breath. Panicking will get me nowhere. Unfortunately I’ve always had a problem with enclosed spaces – elevators, windowless rooms, you name it,

    By Dale URL on 12.30.2013

  4. She ran into the elevator before it had a chance to close. In the elevator were four other people, one man and three women. She glanced at the other people, trying to look at them without being obvious about it. She had seen one of the women before, but she wasn’t sure where.

    By Collette on 12.30.2013

  5. She stepped into the elevator and saw 4 people , they were all her. Or at least some version of her. They didn’t seem to notice her or should I say themselves . as of nothin

    By -A URL on 12.30.2013

  6. The elevator advanced slowly. Why did it only go up and down? Life has its shortcomings, life goes up and down, but there comes a point where it can’t go down any further so it just starts coming up again. Life is like an elevator. Don’t push all the buttons, you might take longer to get to your destination.

    By IsaPinaud URL on 12.30.2013

  7. I’m always the mood people push me to become
    I sap in the energy of the room
    and become
    I am the carpet with stains
    and the stainless steal wrenching

    but also the carrier of memories
    the holder of stolen smiles and kisses
    and the words that have been said
    and should of been said
    in my small box
    I have seen enough of life within my walls

    and now I see you
    flick your eyes to the man next to you
    who is forcing his focus to the floor
    so he doesn’t stare at you too much

    you say hello
    he replies with a soft hi

    and a new story has began

    By Katelin Woods URL on 12.30.2013

  8. how can you drown if you’re bobbing back up
    I am shaking and rising and falling asleep
    happens all the time
    just to get home after the bar at night

    there is no silence
    and the bell tolls and you’re free
    isn’t that sort of how other things could go too?

    By elliott URL on 12.30.2013

  9. The elevator was on floor and a lot of people would want to enter, but it hasn’t place. So they hate this idea

    By Guilherme on 12.30.2013

  10. The walls of the hotel were stripped by time, revealing the old brick beneath the once concealing plaster. I walked through the old forgotten halls, flashing my beam of failing light of my flashlight until it fell upon the old elevator doors that greeted me with an old groan as they slid open.

    By Rosheen URL on 12.30.2013

  11. Much to my irritation, the elevator continued going up instead of down to the first floor like I wanted it to. I let out as sigh and stare at the rose in my hands. It seems liked everything in the universe is keeping me from Hannah. First the family, then the car, then then traffic and now this. The longer it takes, the more anxious it’s making me. Is this a sign?

    By Rachel URL on 12.30.2013

  12. As soon as he stepped inside the crowded, gray, room, it was as if the dullness of the elevator lit up, erased with his smile. My knees felt weak and I could barely hear the polite acknowledgements he nodded to every visitor over my pulsing heart. His brown eyes twinkled with an almost childish sparkle as he pressed the button for the 10th floor, where I was headed. I could barely stifle my girlish smile as one by one, people drifted out the door, leaving me alone with him.

    By lynn on 12.30.2013

  13. He shook his head when she held out her hand. No. He would not hold hands. Holding hands was for losers.

    “Hurry up! It’ll go to another floor!” She said.

    Sighing, he laced her fingers with his and let her drag him away.

    By Pepper URL on 12.30.2013

  14. I always dance on elevators
    Right away after the doors close
    Until they spit me out again
    Something about the risk of someone seeing me
    Doing such an innocent, goofy thing
    Makes me feel old
    And tired

    By Beth on 12.30.2013

  15. Ever wonder what would happen if you took an elevator up and never stopped? Man you would have a lot to think about. Your heart would ache every second you moved from life as you knew it.

    By katie white on 12.30.2013

  16. I like to sing along to the song as it drifts gently through my mind as the persistent *ding* of the levels bring me only slightly back to reality. Oh, here I am. Hello, Maker.

    By Katie White URL on 12.30.2013

  17. Going up (or down.) You can only do those two actions, over and over. Left and right aren’t options. Trapped in a loop. Rinse and repeat. You are control of your own destiny, to a point. You press the buttons and decide where to go, but with limited options. You have to wait for people to get off, and stop at their floors. Consideration.

    By Chantastique URL on 12.30.2013

  18. The doors slid closed and my smile spread. Score one for me this time.

    By Catori URL on 12.30.2013

  19. Sometimes the world goes up, sometimes down. We don’t get a choice to push the buttons. Things go up or down as they please. We’re at their mercy. We have a thing called freewill, but it only applies to what we do while things make us go up or down. We’re still going up or down, it’s just the perspective we have at the time.

    By Mike McLaren on 12.30.2013

  20. One of my fondest memories of family vacation — to Delaware, every year, without fail — is one that annoyed me when it actually happened. But looking back, it’s cute. Every time we got in the elevator to go to the beach or back up to the room, my two littlest sisters fought over who could press the button to go up. I wish I could find something so simple that could make me as happy as pressing the elevator button made them.

    By Erin Michael URL on 12.30.2013

  21. I held the elevator door for the man who ultimately would murder my supervisor with a hidden revolver, then sprint toward my cubicle, lobbing stray shots as a warning to get me to duck down. I would watch, as I dropped to my knees, the assailant trip over his own feet, smash into the large window behind us, and plummet screaming down twenty stories into the nearest street curb.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.30.2013

  22. The elevator shuddered to a stop. Ramon and I looked at each other, and then at the nicely dressed Mexican fellow who was our fellow passenger. “I’m an architect,” he said. “Sometimes these things happen. But this is a fine building. I’m sure we are safe.” I felt glad someone was.

    By Mexichick URL on 12.30.2013

  23. Go deeper.
    I told you. I have no idea where you’re planning to take me, and I don’t like you at all. Just. SHUT UP. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care if they don’t look at me. I honestly don’t. Don’t look at me like that.

    By Zoe Keidong on 12.30.2013

  24. Quickly ascending, a great equalizer. A battleground of inequals, where the great is on equal footing with the small. The birthplace of modern equality.

    By Lucas on 12.30.2013

  25. High and low. Wherever you are going. Up and down, until to what floor to your destination. It is simple and yet useful. Elevator. Whoever you are, don’t care. The elevator don’t pick whoever will go in it.

    Up and down, just like life. Up and always not down. There is a chance you will succeed whatever you do, if you are determined. Determination is a good thing.

    By roze_princess URL on 12.30.2013

  26. I press the 10th floor button and up and up we go. We give each other knowing glances from across the cramped room, like we both are expecting what will happen next. He puts his hand next to mine, and the doors open to happiness.

    By Elinora Mulkan on 12.30.2013

  27. She stepped away from the rusty elevator doors, sweat pouring down her face. She was so close. So goddamned close.

    By Gaia Serene URL on 12.30.2013

  28. up and down. Where do you get off and when? The man in the corner looks upset. And the woman beside me, she’s too excited to be in the office building full of lawyers and dusty old companies about to go out of business. Oh but this is me, I guess I’ll forget about them for now and worry about the next batch of strangers this evening as I eagerly go home to meet my precious daughter come home from school, with her red pigtails and smile brighter than the sun. Anyway, like I said, this is me, have a good day.

    By Madison on 12.30.2013

  29. I was in the hotel and the elevator was broken. So I had to take the stairs and I didn’t like it because I have an infection on my toes caused by a parasite found in our pond. I really wanted to take the elevator but I didnt’

    By joshua on 12.30.2013

  30. As soon as the elevator began to move, she slumped back into the corner of the wall, hands clasping the wall as she sighed in relief. Her troubles were falling 2, 3, 4 floors beneath her and she wished fro them to stay there.

    By Leslie on 12.30.2013

  31. It goes up and down all day long and even into the night. It can usually hold many people but sometimes goes on its journey with only one person or even no one on board.

    By Kristine URL on 12.30.2013

  32. What a ride. Up or down. It’s life. And you never know what’s on the other side of the door. Just hope it opens up and it’s in the right place. It can be dangerous. But again, that’s life. Wow

    By Karen URL on 12.30.2013

  33. Jak was stuck in a elevator when the doors opened and he ran ou

    By Laura on 12.30.2013

  34. elevators lift my body higher
    but they cannot release
    my heavy soul
    weighed down with the
    burdens of life

    By laura on 12.30.2013

  35. The elevator moves up and Down.sometimes it Breaks and stays .You press’s a button and it gets there . You press all of the buttons It take Forever

    By cristina on 12.30.2013

  36. I take the elevator down, makes me feel too dizzy. I wish I had taken the stairs. why didn’t I tell her I wanted to take the stairs? I stagger a little when I get off and hope no one notices, and if they do, maybe they won’t think too much about it. I hate escalators too, the daunting, ever moving stairs.

    By Julia on 12.30.2013

  37. She stepped In The elevator.A Man Grabed The elevator door before it could close.They stood There in silence.

    By cristina on 12.30.2013

  38. I had the option to take the stairs but it’s too early for that. The doors opened and in I walked but its empty. Empty, just like I’m feeling this morning after such a horrible night. The emptiness has spilled over into my morning. Actually happy that I’m alone to clear my head. Two, three, four, five, six- the doors open. At least five people step in. Now Im up against the back wall. Empty and now my back against the wall. What a way to start my day.

    By TJ URL on 12.30.2013

  39. I stood there waiting, contemplating life. I listenied to the catchy music that for some reason fit my mood perfectly. Not too cold. Not too upbeat. Just mediocre, yet familiar. I guess this is a metaphor for my life, I thought, as we finally reached my floor and I stepped out.

    By Sierra Noelle URL on 12.30.2013

  40. It’s like life. It’s full of its own ups and downs. Sometimes you feel claustrophobic. Closed in. Like you don’t really have any choices. You want to go up, but you must go down. In order to get to your goals you have to get off where the door opens.

    By Lisa on 12.30.2013