August 10th, 2011 | 524 Entries

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524 Entries for “elastic”

  1. Like the gum in your mouth on a hot summer day. Like a rubber band gone. Like her reflexes. It’s not something that simply resumes its shape–it snaps back at you like a smartass child. It’s the ability to be quick–elasticity of the mind too.
    When I look at that word, even though it’s purple, I think of green summer days and trying to stay on top of laziness. Trying to bounce back after a storm or a breakup.
    Rubber. Bands.

    By Jay URL on 08.10.2011

  2. I like elastics, they are stretchy. They can tie hair, tie chip bags so they won’t go soggy due to the atmosphere. You can also use elastics as a weapon and make an elastic gun and shoot it at people.

    By Monica on 08.10.2011

  3. It is part of what makes the skin look youthful. Is what rubber bands and hair ties are made to be. It is in pants, shorts, and other types of clothing. Is is when a person can be flexible.

    By april on 08.10.2011

  4. Elastic is everywhere, especially for women. Elastic is in hairties, byv far my favorite invention. They’re simple, yet can do so much. They can tie up a shirt, if it’s too long, keep your hair off your neck if it’s too hot, and best of all you can create so many different hairstyles with them.

    By emily URL on 08.10.2011

  5. condoms can be elastic cant they? i have rubber bands for my braces that are elastic. this is really hard to write about quickly without thinking. elastic snaps back and hurts when it hits you, like rubber bands. they snap in my mouth and do not feel very pleasent at all, i spelled that wrong didnt i? wow i fail at life :) i knowww im cool right? :)

    By Anna on 08.10.2011

  6. The thoughts in my mind stretch throughout the space of my head. I can not contain the deafening blow that the force of the rubber bands whiplash. The stinging sensation pushes me over the edge causing self annihilation.

    By Justin Morano on 08.10.2011

  7. elastic shorts are never good to where when your shopping for porn. don’t even think about it, plus your mother would never approve. Who knows what people would think…

    By jake williamson on 08.10.2011

  8. The human mind can easily be stretched into a greater more distorted image. All people must find it in themselves to stretch their inner knowledge to be the best that they can be in life and leave their footprint.

    By Justin URL on 08.10.2011

  9. Elastic bounces back. But not me. I wish I would though. I wish I could forgive easily and go back to normal in a relationship. I wish I was elastic with my emotions.

    By Jo URL on 08.10.2011

  10. Streachy stuff that is awesome and amazing for shoes, diapers, and anything else that needs to be strechy! Stretchy awesomeness. I can write a lot about elastic… it has elasticity which rates the ammount that something can stretch or be manipulated. It’s so amazing that I can write about elastic today.

    By nothing@nothing.com URL on 08.10.2011

  11. pulling, tugging, and stretching. i’m being torn into different directions. worn out, tired, and sleepy. but i never break. i can’t break. i’m elastic, able to bounce back into shape to fight the world once more. i can’t break on you. i just can’t..

    By cam URL on 08.10.2011

  12. After being stretched and deformed, elastic can just spring back to it’s original shape and size. I’m glad I’m not elastic because then I’d be stuck as I am. If I were to be stuck exactly how I am, I’d rather it be in a glass coffin like snow white, not the waist band of someone’s sweatpants.

    By Nymeria URL on 08.10.2011

  13. She grabbed the elastic band lying on the table and tried utilizing its flexibility to create her first slingshot. She succeeded, unfortunately, it snapped back into her eyes.

    By FaridaEzzat on 08.10.2011

  14. I want to be elastic. To be stretched too far beyond my boundaries but to bounce right back into place. I believe that is a very ideal way of thinking.

    By Stephanie URL on 08.10.2011

  15. an elastic band around my wrist. they last for so long, like a companion on a part of my journey. each period of my life has a particular elastic hair band which accompanied it. as much a part of me and my times as anything else. but at the end of the month or so period of time it lasts, it is no more but the memories it was a part of remain

    By Misha on 08.10.2011

  16. stop stretching me like elastic
    molding me into a shadow of what i used to be
    stop using me until i’m wasted, dead and gone
    all smoke and last nights mystery and nothing
    stop thinking i’ll changing
    let me pretend i am what i used to be

    By Annie URL on 08.10.2011

  17. Elastic is a rubbery, sort of thing that stretches, bends and conforms to whatever shape you want. It’s one of the most flexible substances on this blue earth, and my boxers and swim shorts have an elastic waistband. You can find elastic everywhere, from boxers to hairbrushes to elastic bands.

    By Sherif El Masry on 08.10.2011

  18. Elastic. Itstarches it and streches until it snaps. What’s elastic in this world? Rubber bands.. Spandex.. Hey. Even underwear. But whatelse? People tend to believe my heart. They all think since I’m hard as stone the can just stretch and stretch my heart… But how long until it snaps in half? And I am left to bleed internally as they go to find Anoter elastic heart they can play with. Will they rember me? That girl who always seemed so stable. Until one day… She snapped. And no one heard of her again.

    By KennedyVeree URL on 08.10.2011

  19. I’m not elastic, and you’ve just got to remember I won’t bounce back this time. I know i’m strong, but you’ve got to know i’m still flesh and blood.

    By leah URL on 08.10.2011

  20. it is a property of matter to be stretched… example is a rubber band. Some people have elastic personality…well more like flexibility… which in some sense is synonymous to elasticity and it is a good character.

    By Jasmeen Alih on 08.10.2011

  21. The rubber band snaps back, always dependable, and I am left to my own amusement. I snap it endlessly; it pounds against my wrist, leaves its mark. This useless elastic band is making more of a mark than I am, though it will fade away in moments. I sit in a crowded room completely alone and wonder who would notice if I slipped away? Who would notice if I did not even return? Who would notice if I were absent? It’s a tough question, I try not to think of it. I listen to the snapping again, but now that my mind has reached this though, nothing else can be reached.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 08.10.2011

  22. My feelings are elastic. They stretch and stretch and never tear or worn down. I’m stringer now. I don’t love you anymore. I don’t love you anymore. I don’t love you anymore. In fact, I’m done with love for quite a while. Thank you. I’m not sad anymore.

    By Ellie URL on 08.10.2011

  23. rubber band, waist bands, yellow, rubber, to keep things together, tie your hair, its elasticcccccc, strapsss, stretches and goes back into place

    By elmo on 08.10.2011

  24. Every day I use elastic hair bands to put my hair up into a ponytail. Does my hair agree with me often? NOPE!!!!!!!!! That’s too bad though HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Love ya!

    By Amanda on 08.10.2011

  25. She was flexible and resilient, regularly snapping back from lethargic lows and depressive downs, springing into productivity with renewed zest and vigor, yet, as tough as she was, like elastic, sometimes the pressure grew too taut and she would simply snap.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.10.2011

  26. rubber hair i don’t know. futuristic. love i can’t think i want it on my wrist can I have it on my wrist? I really want to put my hair in one of these right now. i could easily wrap my pencils in this too. I really could use this all the time. I don’t know why but this word is stumping me. I just think I want it now.

    By cait on 08.10.2011

  27. I’m supposed to feel empathy for you? I’m supposed to rebound just like that. One minute there’s a gun in my face, the next you tell me you had my back. I’m surprised, to say the least, and I’m outraged. Absolutely outraged, in fact. I’m not elastic, I don’t spring back when you let go. The hell does that mean?

    By Ben Ellenberg on 08.10.2011

  28. Rubberbands in my underpants snap on me. I cannot understand the weight of it, these pants around my ankles. It is embarassing to say the lease but there you go, that’s what happens when you buy underpants on the cheap. The elastic wears quickly and you are done.

    By melyn on 08.10.2011

  29. Is the quality I most admire in many of my friends. The ability to stretch thoughts without losing intellectual integrity is inspiring. Elasticity is less admirable in morality.

    By ddtl on 08.10.2011

  30. makes me think of rubber bands.
    OH rubber bands. those things that you can stretch any which way, and they will always bounce back and retain their original shape. Kind of how i wish i was. I wish i could be stretched, changed, and still bounce back to my original shape. But i guess people aren’t really like that, are they?

    By Emily Cashour URL on 08.10.2011

  31. If only we were elastic.We could stretch and bend time. Make the happy moments last longer and decrease the sad moments. If iere elastic I’d stretch my heart to where ever you are just so you could look inside of it and see yourself. Elastic.

    By Char Adams URL on 08.10.2011

  32. There is a strong tendancy when looking at nails to think of hammers. Rubber bands and elastic hold that space in the mind also, symbolically and physically they model eternal truths about the world and how we respond to it. In the envelope of reality, the tendency is to stretch out, pull it out of shape, to try and fit nature to our own imagined shape, and the universe reacts. Where we set firm boundaries and mark eternal in concrete the universe turns it into water. Truths animate and changes, and we struggle to keep up with them as they fly into the future.

    By Meredyth URL on 08.10.2011

  33. elastic things are the best ones because you can have a lot of fun stretching them. They are perfect toys for kids or some immature grown ups.

    By paola on 08.10.2011

  34. Arms stretched far and wide. A costumed hero is stretched to his limits. His captors want to see how long he can stretch, for that is his greatest strength. The hero did not feel empowered and felt only distress. His skin and bones are starting to rip and his body now shattered, broken and stretched beyond its limits.

    By henshinger URL on 08.10.2011

  35. one word can change you life. one word can change your world. one word will make you cry. one word will make you laugh. one word will determine or destroy your life depending on how you let it. What will you do with your one word? What will you do with your future? What will your word be? Hope? Change? Me.

    By Julianna MacFarland on 08.10.2011

  36. I’m really not too familiar with this word. I think it’s like a type of fabric, but it’s rubberyish. Man I can’t think of anything else. If i was a super hero I’m pretty sure my costume would be made out of elastic. It’d probably chafe a little but thought

    By Brian on 08.10.2011

  37. Okay, point your finger like this, and slip it around, like this. Then pull on this part, and be sure to take careful aim.
    He taught her how to shoot a rubber band that day. Next would be a gun.

    By Giuliana on 08.10.2011

  38. They thought that this was just another argument. They thought things would snap back into place, and we would keep being best friends after our short hiatus. But things weren’t as simple as that. I had been hurt badly. And there was no bouncing back from that kind of pain.

    By Marissa URL on 08.10.2011

  39. is spastic. It comes back when you snap it. Stop being torn and just morph like elastic. Not plastic, not hard, not made from a mold. Not tactic not drastic just a rubber band

    By Ian on 08.10.2011

  40. i had a rubber band tying up my locks. the elastic stretched to fit my brown hair, a shade darker now because of the sweat. tryout week. i was equipped with the same materials every day: knee pads, spandex, and a rubber band.

    By sarah on 08.10.2011