August 10th, 2011 | 524 Entries

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524 Entries for “elastic”

  1. Elastic pants have an important use for pregnant woman to fit their monstrous stomachs in.

    By Ariel URL on 08.10.2011

  2. isnt a rubberband elastic?

    By amb. URL on 08.10.2011

  3. The elastic hairband stung when Lillian snapped it on her wrist, trying to calm the thoughts to harm, the thoughts to die, she snapped it again when she wanted to feel the blood running. The elastic snapped against her wrist again when she envisioned the blade of a razor cutting her arms deep, cutting them wide open. Lillian snapped it again for the eighth time when she wanted to be pale, covered and blood, without a pulse, or a breath, she had snapped it again when she wanted to be dead.

    By Anne Harlow on 08.10.2011

  4. soft rubbery bands, usually red but sometimes blue if you get them off the broccoli from the super market. i am afraid of elastics because i am afraid i will get one in my eye so sometimes i cry when i see people playing around with elastics. i never even used to like putting them in my hair.

    By michelle leithead URL on 08.10.2011

  5. this is shit is elastic. back and forth. that’s how it goes. no one stays. everything changes. even at the worst its for the best.

    By lo URL on 08.10.2011

  6. Rubber bands are so strange. I just saw some guy make one go through the other one. It was from Ellen. I love her she’s so awesome hahah. So yeah Mr. Illusion guy was making all kinds of shit happen with cards, rubber bands, and some more shit…. So yeah it was pretty cool. Elastic pants suck. I hate them. They cut into my skin.

    By Mira Midnight URL on 08.10.2011

  7. A band… pulling at my heartstrings. Do you even want me, still. There is this light, miles away from my vision… there is a question, yanking, holding tight and quivers to the promise I once thought was made mutually between us. If you don’t want to know me anymore, then what is the wait on letting go and rearing back, right into my elastic slap?

    By Leslie URL on 08.10.2011

  8. elastic was the boundary between love and hate, thinning and thickening with fate.
    it bent and never broke, but is now begun to get tired and soaked with failing hope…

    By beachbumrach URL on 08.10.2011

  9. The little strands of hair obstructed my vision of him for a few moments. I angryily thought of the elastic that was obviously not doing its job. He smiled at my sour expression and turned back to he guitar in his hand. Nine months, god. Irony is such a strange thing. What were the odds of me finding him here on this bench, ever present guitar in lap. He just looked up, no judgement in his eyes and whispered, “welcome back.”

    By Brooklynn Grayce URL on 08.10.2011

  10. Synonym for this word is flexible. It mean that it can be stretched. Can be a super power. 7 letter word. People can be physically and mentally elastic.

    By Hungerjay on 08.10.2011

  11. the elastic band stretched across the wrist, arcing gracefully. the shadow fell over her fair skin, threatening a snap. in a split second, it came down. it red began to spread across the area, eliciting a sharp intake of breath.

    By Mere URL on 08.10.2011

  12. elastic elastic fantastic fantastic ring ding dong ring ding dong ring ding dong ring ding gong ringdigidingding ding~ SHINee o_o shawols unite!

    By Nina on 08.10.2011

  13. life is elastic.
    it can strech. it can shrink. beyond your dreams.
    it can break.
    but remember to strech it.

    By Visceral URL on 08.10.2011

  14. elastic bands are our strength. the more we stretch the bounds the looser we become. sometimes I wish elastic bands always snapped back to the original strength. So i could too.

    By Skye on 08.10.2011

  15. Elastic hair bands are constantly getting lost. It is like they go to a magical land that no one has discovered yet. It is right next to the land where bobby pins and socks go.

    By Lesayah on 08.10.2011

  16. “Elastic,” Kinley thought as Millie pulled the gum from her mouth, stretching it further and further until it snapped back and stuck to the ceiling of the car. “Good job,” she said.

    By K. Dorny on 08.10.2011

  17. stretchy can be made taut but will return to its original length once released. Can be useful as bands to securely keep items together.

    By Craig on 08.10.2011

  18. The heartbeats in my chest reverberate just as the strings bounce back and forth against the base of a guitar: elastic, yet firm in their resolve. Both beginning and ending in the same place.

    By Hannah Facey on 08.10.2011

  19. Elastic gum melting under the sun.

    By Lors URL on 08.10.2011

  20. plastic limit in the air from jeronomo and his pal lucky paulsen

    By ernst on 08.10.2011

  21. He slipped his fingers into her running shorts and gently pulled at the elastic waistband. “Nice” he said with a smile, “Did you wear these just for me?”

    By Emma Coffin on 08.10.2011

  22. I just wrote about this word, honestly. I did it before I set up this account though. So, here I am, writing about this word again. Dear elastic hair ties, please stop getting lost!

    By Saya URL on 08.10.2011

  23. elasctic. whoops. elastic. It used to remind me of my fat-pants from elementary school. Now it reminds me of a particular Supply and Demand trend. For some reason diabetes was always involved. College sucks.

    By Faith on 08.10.2011

  24. elastic, fantastic
    crazy, insane,
    fun, or not so.
    you, me.
    get those thoughts straight,
    time to go,
    time to shine,
    so go to the world,
    and say,
    is all,

    By Kati URL on 08.10.2011

  25. The way we had been, back and forth, back and forth, constantly. I couldn’t do it much longer, I knew.
    We expanded our world of love to include each other, but then it would snap back into place, as if it were that easy to undo my memories of you.
    They stayed with me.
    We did this over and over, again and again. Back and forth.
    I can’t do it any longer. No.

    By Chelseyann URL on 08.10.2011

  26. Waist band, i couldn’t live without it , my ass would just hang out everywhere. So very important.

    By shae on 08.10.2011

  27. I wear elastic pants or no I really dont know what to write about,onlu that elastic could be a synonym for flexible, something that stretches , like a rubber or also a gum, holy cra… i ran out of words what else can i say about elastic

    By Manto URL on 08.10.2011

  28. Test the ties that bind, ask too much of your lover, see how far the elastic will stretch before she moves out. Ping. Goodbye!

    By Jacques Thelad on 08.10.2011

  29. a girl just picked up a simple broken elastic her mom said put it down thats dirty but then 20 yrs later she changed the world with it. She taught the world how to save it.

    By mspowerpuff URL on 08.10.2011

  30. the elastic nature of people’s affection has always surprised me. They say they love you and then, when you’re gone, they bend back out of sight. So you’re back again, and they act affectionate, but soon enough something else will distract them and they will be brought around to love that shiny new thing more than you.
    And you’re alone and they don’t care, because a puppy is so much cuter than a big friendly dog.

    By Bookhobbit URL on 08.10.2011

  31. I am elastic. Everything end of my being is pulled and tugged in every which direction to the point of break, and right when I don’t think I can take it any longer, I am snapped back into myself.

    By Sarah Nevins on 08.10.2011

  32. Elastic. elastic like a band, vibrating forward and back. back and forward in a cadence. Vibrations move sound through the air and vibrate like an elastic. Yay!

    By sep7 URL on 08.10.2011

  33. I hate wearing my hair down. Many of the girls at my school wear these long curtains of hair, in layers, curled, straightened, or not, that cover their faces and hide them to the waist. I never go anywhere without my headband or elastics.

    By littleskate URL on 08.10.2011

  34. There is an elastic tie that has kept me trapped to my circumstances. I am not able to run forward or move backward. I am tied here for possibly, eternity. I don’t know how long I am able to last

    By mattie on 08.10.2011

  35. My mind is elastic and I swear to God it isn’t that fantanstic. My brain bounces back and forth all day from wall to wall but my thoughts aren’t real they’re just plastic.

    Boo yah you literary over doers.

    By joshuaromine on 08.10.2011

  36. I wonder if your organs are elastic. Like can you stretch them reaaaaaaaal far like? And when they’re are all stretched out and stuff It would be kewl to jump rope with it right? No? Well duh, you’d die from lack of organs ^-^

    By Terra URL on 08.10.2011

  37. rubber band, holding hair, important to nearly every girl. Not everything snaps back the same way. If only emotions and feelings worked the way a hair tie did. Pulls hair if wrapped to tightly. Cheerleading competitions. Rubber, bendy, stretchy, breakable. Round, multi colored.

    By Dianna on 08.10.2011

  38. She could bounce back from anything awful or dreadful by societal standards. What she went through, others endured with a passion of agony. And she knew not why. She could walk away from a person and never see them again, with no remorse. She could break a heart and not even notice a snap. She was elastic, and that was her only pitfall.

    By Joanne~ URL on 08.10.2011

  39. Je suis une chose qui peut être indéfiniment tordue, tirée a l’extrême, taillardée, violencée et qui pourtant reprendra toujours sa force initiale. J’ai voulu écrire “forme” mais ce lapsus très révélateur m’apprend que les deux vont.

    By Selma on 08.10.2011

  40. The rubber band flew out of my fingers and snapped right into my eyeball, the right one to be exact. It is the single most painful thing that I have ever done to myself. And how you ask? Because I was high the other night and while trying to flick it at my friend. Karma decided to intervene from the future and put my in my place.

    By Dustin Moritz URL on 08.10.2011