January 15th, 2011 | 294 Entries

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294 Entries for “edition”

  1. i get so annoyed with textbooks nowadays. publishers change two things about the book and expect to sell a whole new edition the next year for about three times the price of what the old edition costs. and your professor always wants you to get the newest edition. sorry, but i don’t have all the money in the world to spend on new editions of books every semester. so i’ll just keep buying photocopies. : )

    By Bree URL on 01.15.2011

  2. The first edition of the Daily Illini hit the streets today with much controversy. “The stupid Chief issue? Again?”, most people thought. In a college town with no mascot, some people just couldn’t seem to let it go while others were overwhelming disinterested in the issue.

    By Jessica Campion on 01.15.2011

  3. this is when a book has multiple editions. Also, is it the homophone for the word addition, which means to add. Multiple editions are why I have to buy so many text books.

    By alexandra on 01.15.2011

  4. magazines have editions. they come out once a month. and then people have to go buy them. there are also such things called special editions, they are special because they are not the same as every other edition that is created. magazines have special editions. these editions can include things such a posters or interviews with different people. Magazines are interesting because they have many editions.

    By Paula on 01.15.2011

  5. I always knew the first edition was the best.

    By tye on 01.15.2011

  6. is the shape, given to you by someone else. The limits, chosen not by you. The compromise you have to agree with. Or do you?

    By Mariposa on 01.15.2011

  7. new edition
    to the family
    a little kitten
    bright green eyes
    with one white spot
    i’ll call you Niji
    and you’ll be my baby
    i’ll love you forever
    i’m the crazy cat lady.
    the newest edition

    By Danika on 01.15.2011

  8. A copy of an old newspaper sits at the top of his desk. Its edges have been trimmed off and tell-tale signs of coffee stains sit there, neglected. Perhaps it’s time to throw it out. It’s yesterday’s news after all.

    By Trisha URL on 01.15.2011

  9. There is a brand new edition of Time magazine on my coffee table right now about the recent shooting in Tucson, Arizona. The cover features the shooter; pixilated, red, with a maze atop his forehead… a sinister picture for a grim moment in history.

    By John on 01.15.2011

  10. There is the first and the second and all of the others. But then there is also the ONLY. The jewel, the gem, the magic aura-encrusted oneness of the last of a dying breed. in a world where editions are as easy to produce as a cup of coffee, the true only edition is the Edition.

    By Bobby on 01.15.2011

  11. a version of something ex: first edition; special edition; paperback edition

    By Siobhan on 01.15.2011

  12. The latest edition of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
    Let’s replace the word “nigger” with “slave”.
    I think Oscar Wilde said it best.
    “The books that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world its own shame.”

    By Lizzie URL on 01.15.2011

  13. why edition
    isnt there another word i could use
    isnt there something else i could write about?
    im sure you can do better
    so why edition?
    so many more interesting words in this world
    can you only think of one?

    By Katie on 01.15.2011

  14. i cant be sure of what you mean
    i cant be sure of what you want
    all i know is that i must write
    and so write i do
    there is not a lot to say
    editions of books
    of movies
    not an easy word

    By Katie Wilkins on 01.15.2011

  15. Edition. Like a first edition of a book, right? Kind of like how you change a million times in your life… a new edition every now and then to show to the world.

    By hope finch URL on 01.15.2011

  16. Edition. I need a new edition of the Bible? Idk its whats on my mind. My Bible is a little kids version, you know like pictures, easier words and crafts and games and stuff. I want an actual teenager like study Bible, not one with pictures talking about telling your “Mommy and Daddy you love them and Jesus”. Yeah. Hopefully i’ll get one tomorrow after Church.

    By Peri URL on 01.15.2011

  17. A newspaper edition of a weekly article. A magazine edition number 1. An edition to the family. Someone coming into my life. A new person. Editing something. Paint. Word. Microsoft. Life changing.

    By emily on 01.15.2011

  18. Limitied edition. It seems to be something special, that you need to get or save up for. Something that will be worth a lot in the future. Can a person be limited edition?

    By Ellie URL on 01.15.2011

  19. it’s a word which begins with aletter e and end’s with an n , this word means something in english i guess

    By sada on 01.15.2011

  20. The late night edition on my bed side table speaks of events already happening. The edition in my mind speaks of events about to come.

    By mindwhisperer URL on 01.15.2011

  21. There was the first, second, third, and even fourth. He thumbed the newest one in his hand while glancing up at the cashier. What utter nonsense! Had they really published him again?! His lack of enthusiasm for his own work was befuddling. How had success come to him? How had he become the writer he was?

    By Curtis LaCombe on 01.15.2011

  22. I was supposed to be the special edition. He looked to me as though I was a God among girls, with my awful habits and foolish tendencies. For a brief time, I lived up to what he expected; I wasn’t just a girl, I was THE girl, a girl with unique qualities, a girl who offered something different. But as time went on, the true me came into light; a coward, a true blue recluse. I was never meant to be the special edition, or even the first edition. I was merely another, unimportant version of something he was better off without.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 01.15.2011

  23. I would like a new edition of my life sometimes. I would like to see the font a bit more bolded, the vocabulary more exotic, the headlines blotched in red and grit. I would like to see my thoughts clearly mapped out in print. I would like to reread to understand and comprehend what is going on. I have stepped back into the old edition.

    By jenna URL on 01.15.2011

  24. Its the new edition of this book just out the other day and everyone is buying it. Thought about going and getting it today. Its the best edition so far. Think I will take my dog and go to the store

    By Rick on 01.15.2011

  25. Good guys come in limited editions only. It’s like what they told me, you might regret if it you let one go. And I did let one go. But he’ll come back, if he’s meant to be mine. It will take some patience to get used to the absence, but it’s just a long countdown till the return.

    By A Bananie URL on 01.15.2011

  26. The newest copy of the newspaper hadn’t gotten her anywhere. She looked down at the paper, down at the words, so uniform, almost stodgy, in their appearance, like houses cramped all on one side of the road. Her words didn’t look beautiful on paper. In fact, they looked just as their meaning did: nonsensical, perhaps, and a little dreary.

    By hersa URL on 01.15.2011

  27. The newest edition of the New York Times hit newsstands. Bob was on his way to work when he stopped and purchased a copy. He looked at the headline “Gorilla Runs On Court, Dunks Basketball”. His day was exponentially better as he thought about the humorous primate.

    By Devon Sherrell on 01.15.2011

  28. i like first editions of things in general. i don’t actually own anything that is a first edition but one day I hope to have a mountain of first edition things, not one thing in particular. just lots and lots of things.

    By s.c.t. on 01.15.2011

  29. early edition was my favorite tv show when I was little, the concept that someone could change things and save people from a fate was something I imagined and loved. I awoke in the hours when the light was just beginning to come through the trees, and satclose to the television as to not wake my parents. the rule was, as long as they were asleep I could watch tv on saturday mornings. I wasn’t allowed to watch a lot of television. I would sit quitely watching tv. It was my 5 year old equivalent to sneaking out and doing drugs. The same thrill of hearing the steps on the stairs, and I would turn the volume a little lower.

    By Limerent on 01.15.2011

  30. the new edition of the Bible came out yesterday and although many people had been protesting it for months, it had become the number one, best selling book of the week already.

    By Olesya on 01.15.2011

  31. She was the type that liked old books. The old, musty, stale kind you find in the back of bookstores with gold-embossed spines and intriguing smells. The kind where you run your finger over the pages just to glimpse its beginnings, feeling the dust that settles over the years; it made her feel ancient in only a way that a 28-year-old can.

    By Caroline on 01.15.2011

  32. My thoughts scatter. I think back to those old sunday editions my uncle used to read to me before he passed away. Propped up onto his lap I could barely make out the words he seemed to pursue through. I never would have imagined that ten years later I would reading his name in the obituary section of the same paper.

    By Graham URL on 01.15.2011

  33. Ken made sure to check the bottom right of the trading card. That was where the makers of the game would place their “First Edition” sticker, a black circle swallowing a one and crowed with the word “edition.” To anyone playing the game, it meant nothing. All editions of cards were valid, and there was no extra most or extra defense or anything for the first edition. A nice circle was all that was needed to quadruple the value. And the valuability was all that Ken could ask for.

    By felsparks URL on 01.15.2011

  34. The new edition of the Bible came out yesterday and although people had been protesting it for months, it was already a best seller. Everywhere I looked, Christians and non-Christians alike were reading this book. Christians to find more answers to their problems and the atheists to contradict them with their own words later.

    By Olesya URL on 01.15.2011

  35. My my. The words and lovely blogs. Such amazing encyclopedias and volumes of ethics and wonders of the world. The edits, the glam. The whole differentiation of what it seems like. What the ions are. Science? Positive or negative I trust within you.

    By Dem URL on 01.15.2011

  36. This is the third edition we have produced, if you feel it is still not up to par then, we shall go for a fourth I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this because i have no more ambition on this project.

    By jocie URL on 01.15.2011

  37. latest edition. everything is always about the latest, what’s best. no one wants anything old. we want to leave all those things behind. because those things aren’t good enough for us. we just all want the best. we’d do anything to get the best. i’m not the latest edition, and i’m not new, nor am i the best, but i hope someone will still want me.

    By Tina on 01.15.2011

  38. oh god. citing sources, that’s all i did in english last semester. i’ve thumbed through every fucking edition of the hemingway review searching for an article on A Very Short story.

    By Sarah URL on 01.15.2011

  39. I have to edit everything I do hence the pace I can’t keep in reminding me something new. Edition lacks everything a culture would pay or acclaim, it’s the interest of the mundane keeping us unafraid. Lacking fun, I’m not naive, edition goes against the flow of the spontaneous that lies beneath.

    By Cristina on 01.15.2011

  40. The third platinum edition of the record was Joey’s most prized possession. Carol knew that breaking it was the worst thing she could ever have done – and she cowered and shut her eyes when breaking the news. But Joey only stared at the broken record and replied, “what point is a record if I don’t have you?”

    By Nikki URL on 01.15.2011