September 12th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “dysfunctional”

  1. Dysfunctional is a weird word, i mean I never knew what it meant. Its just….dysfunctional. Wow…such an amazing word…I wonder if my teacher uses this word…haha i think i know how to spell it now…maybe i dont know….

    By Rori Meiser on 09.12.2012

  2. My writing habits. My time management. My social relationships. My antisocial habits. My social management. My relational writings. My time.

    By Kevin URL on 09.12.2012

  3. Gawd, do I know the definition of this one. It is chaos distilled to insanity. It is hatred so deep there is a compression of manipulation atop pure contempt. It is where I came from. But no more. I am done with that.

    By bethy sue URL on 09.12.2012

  4. i live with a completely dysunctional family like honestly if you were put into my life as of right now, you would come back running to me begging to trade back our lifes. Why i have this dysunctional family you ask? Well, first off i have this annoying little monster for a sister who wakes me up on a saturday @ 6 am by jumping into my bed and kiking me awake. Then i have my older brother that just loves to punk me around. HEs the golden boy of the family always getting all the attention and of coarse since im the worst of the bunch i get the awesome privege of getting compared to him every 5 seconds. Everything from oh why cant you be like your brother hes a hard worker, look at you your so lazy all day. And your brother always does what hes told, and you all you do is cause trouble. Yeah, tell me about it. And now for the grand shabam i have some pretty phycho parents if you ask me. They always argue and fight and since im the first one to make a mistake when my mom is furious she takes her anger out on me and starts yelling and screaming at me. She gets mad for every little reason. Like today i was running a bit late and she decided to make me even later by screaming at me saying how im not responsible and cant even take my self to school. They cant even see all the good things i do like staying up till 3 am to finish all my hw since im taking AP classes during my freshmen year which is close to impossible to get those classes, how i got advanced on all my cst scores and how i wake myself up by myself every day at 5:30 – 6:00 to catch the hour long buss ride to my school. Yeah, it sucks being your average teen in a total dysfunctional family and having to rant about it to some anonymous freak over the internet… (no offence)

    By Anai Munoz URL on 09.12.2012

  5. something that just doesn’t work. Nothing can change it and what happens with it. Its weird, awkward.If someone is dysfunctional normal people wouldn’t want to be around them cause they aren’t normal

    By Ashlie on 09.12.2012

  6. boo

    By Karly Knudson on 09.12.2012

  7. So much is dysfunctional. Dysfunctional families, relationships, homes, workplaces. It’s sad, really, to think that there’s so much in the world that just doesn’t work.

    By Faith URL on 09.12.2012

  8. The entire lot of them were dysfunctional. They were erratic and insane and were at the bottom of my list on people who I wanted to see today. Today was supposed to be my day. It was supposed to be fun and carefree. My family was going to ruin that and there was nothing anyone could do about that.

    By Taylor URL on 09.12.2012

  9. As Alice stared at her from her place in the corridor, she grew more disgusted by the second. The poor, dysfunctional girl sat in the wheel chair; unmoving. It unnerved Alice to know that she wasn’t able to move her body. She sighed in sympathy.

    By Zandra URL on 09.12.2012

  10. most families, life, people. almost every one is in a way dysfunctional even me in my own way. ummmmmm see!

    By selene on 09.12.2012

  11. A little dysfunctionality never hurt an American dream family, eating pie and burping chunks of filtered conversation so that they fall onto china plates (or on the floor, for the dog and cat to eat). The television set has lots of friends, and the newspaper feels like it’s getting rough loving every morning and every night. The bedsheets are pulled up real tight to the chins of everyone in the household.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.12.2012

  12. Dysfunctional is my family. Dysfunctional is my friends. Dysfunctional is the way our government is running the country. Dysfunctional is the way I can’t get a guy.

    By Devin on 09.12.2012

  13. family, mine, growing up with no place to be me, just looking good, being smart, funny, supposed to dress nicely, I escaped to tv and food and the nanny who loved me and played cards with me and brought me food. And now I surf the net all day and get stooped shoulders cause I don’t get out of bed, sort of like watching tv and eating only it takes too long to go get food. I am hungry now, though. Maybe it’s time to get up and watch a movie. Same coping mechanisms, 50 years later. Function would be going to the bathroom, and stretching and writing creatively like this and maybe taking a crack at my song about Andy, about how a good guy died, and it’s not fair, I wonder how many millions of those songs exist. It was a good marriage. He’d just started doing what he loved, teaching again. He and his family took beautiful vacations, knowing it was their last time. Suzan was nice to let me know.It must have torn her apart to watch him wither away. They gave him so little hope so early. It’s not right. I suggested Antonio Silva. Glad they never called that nut. My latest cure is cannabis oil. I’ve never tried it. I don’t know what’s giving me irritable bowel these days, but I suspect it’s to much diatomaceous earth. Isn’t a minute up? This is enough typing. I am dysfunctional if I think I can live alone on my keyboard forever. I need to contact handicapped people and see how they get along. I can imagine half the people on care2 are disabled. Who else would make time for all that stuff. It’s nice that others have similar causes, and it was a bright idea for Randy to put us wackos together. I like having new friends. Already, I’ve forgotten who’s who. I made at least 5 new friends today, just asking people who’d sent me green stars to be my friend. I like this idea and have fantasies of visiting people all over the world. Exchanged stars with a woman from Mozambique today. Wow. Wonder if I’ll ever get to Africa again. Never went there. Today’s massage revealed a tight quadratus lumborum. I wonder if Ariel does one thing and then Denise puts it back in place. Am I wasting money? Can my body handle the changes? Yoga hurts it. I don’t know how the stretches will ever loosen it up. It just hurts. Maybe it’s a kidney problem underneath. Denise says to drink a ton of water and cranberry juice. Wonder if it’s time for parsley water and another kidney cleanse. God I can get so obsessed about my body. It’s better to try to write a song and come from joy. It was nice on the beach except Oliver and I are so dysfunctional. It doesn’t take a thing to set him off. I don’t even feel like bitching about it. Am I done yet?

    By Abbe Anderson URL on 09.12.2012

  14. They were always a dysfunctional family, probably because none of them were actually related. It wasn’t a family at all — it was a game show. The rules had it that the first person to eat waffles would be the first eliminated, the problem was that the show’s crew forgot the waffles. So nothing happened and eventually the crew decided to leave the place, where the family killed each other soon afterwards.

    By Estevan URL on 09.12.2012

  15. sometimes myself .. or better my brain i guess. makes up weird stuff . .i than can try to figure out and understand. society, also. totally dysfunctional. so sad. lets change.

    By judy on 09.12.2012

  16. John Steinberg’s Travel’s With Charlie. The last book I finished and the last thing to imprint an impression on me. I need to find relatibility to live.

    The section of the novel where he rummages through a strangers remnants in the hotel room made me ponder the way I rummage through someone’s sporadic words or lack their of. I think too much. Dysfunctional.

    By Kim URL on 09.12.2012

  17. idk, im sort of dysfunctional in the way that im not very good in school, i guess that made no sense, but like, i’m not very good because i spend all this time trying to convince myself that im no good at it, so i never even used to try. i just figures i cant so why even shoulf i i guess it makes no sense but i guess thats why in a wy im very dysfunctional at school. i try now and im better but im diffidently not as bad as i used to be, at least now im passing everything.

    By kacey URL on 09.12.2012

  18. My job was such a dysfunction workplace. For the most part, everyone was assigned two duties: their basic tasks (i.e. ringing people up) and asking guests if they needed help. My job? Everything nobody else wanted to do. Got a toilet clogged? Go get me. Overabundance of trash? Go get me. Customer needs help with lifting something? Go get me. And yet when I got low on my main task, getting the carts into the store, I’d always get cussed out.

    By John B. on 09.12.2012

  19. Dysfunctional Daughters Unite

    Sorry Mom

    Sorry Dad
    But I didn’t get like this alone.

    By Alias on 09.12.2012

  20. families are often super dysfunctional – I’ve always said mine was but sometimes I think that we’re just normal and everyone else is dysfunctional. I mean, honestly, they are all I’ve ever known, so how can I think that they don’t function normally? There are plenty of other weird families out there that operate a whole more dsyfunctionally than we do and they can still survive one another.

    By Samantha URL on 09.12.2012

  21. Dysfunctional family is the first thing that pops into my head. Who in this world has a perfect family? No body. Every family is broken, without a doubt, but you know what…through all the cracks there’s still substance left. That substance is what we call love. This love, through all the breakage, will always be unconditional. So, who’s to say dysfunctional is so bad? It gives character.

    By foost URL on 09.12.2012

  22. dysfunction is when there is something so messed up that it cant properly work or function. there are alot of disfuntional things in the world. you would mainly use it to describe a family or relationship,

    By allie on 09.12.2012

  23. the inability to fit into the norm of something, usually societies moral values or standards, related to humans, and things alike.

    By jazmin on 09.12.2012

  24. We’re a pair. There’s a little imbalance, sure, but what relationship isn’t at least a little uneven. It’s a matter of keeping up rotational inertia and centers of gravity. So what if I move three times as fast? You’re much more massive.

    By Vat URL on 09.12.2012

  25. things aren’t what they seem
    sometimes we wish for a new
    but life’s not fair babe

    haiku :D

    By Samantha URL on 09.12.2012

  26. My life seems so dysfunctional. My head is always spinning, always going, and I can’t seem to coordinate anything with what I observe right in front of me. There is a dysfunctional connection between me and the universe. I am here, it is everywhere, we are nowhere.

    By Audrey Guerra URL on 09.12.2012

  27. my family. completely. my life! everything! ridiculously fucked up beyond belief. not working properly. poor white trash, stuck in a rut, cant get out of our everyday shitty habit lives

    By Anonymous on 09.12.2012

  28. Every day, I go home and convince myself that I never met that man.

    I still see him sometimes, lurking for a split second in shadows, still hear him whispering in pre-dawn light after sleepless nights. He has even wormed his way into my head; the voice I use to think certainly still sounds like him, bitter and persuasive and belittling.
    In the end, he was the one that broke me, left me battered and bruised and so magnificently dysfunctional that it takes my breath away when I least expect it.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.12.2012

  29. every relationship I have ever been in. Brett the 30 year old that i lost my v card too. jon who i really loved but broke his heart. Kyle was lost the minute I found him

    By Sarah on 09.12.2012

  30. I just don’t know what to say. This is quite a challenge. I can uasually do pretty good but this has me beet.

    By Cassey Ann and yes Casey Ann is my 1st name!!! on 09.12.2012

  31. sometimes life can be tough but through dysfunction comes function and we can do and create amazing things it’s beauty through truth but yet pain almost like a diamond forged through the toughest of circumstances and who is to say what is functional and what is dysfunctional who defines this and who creates the lines and the shades of gray, the world is not black and white

    By Melissa on 09.12.2012

  32. You’re a dysfunctional fool who kills babies because you think it’s funny. You shot your mother because you’re dysfunctional and you have bad hair because of it.

    By Clay on 09.12.2012

  33. I come from a dysfunctional home. My sisters are estranged and my mother doesn’t really know who I am. My stepfather abused me, and sometimes I feel alone in this world.

    By Bree URL on 09.12.2012

  34. Online relationships between a desperate teenage boy with a webcam and another man who watches aren’t usually very simple. The boy pretends the other man is a girl, and the other man plays along but knows the boy knows otherwise. The boy knows of the knowing, but they both get what they want, even if it is a little… dysfunctional.

    By Zach S URL on 09.12.2012

  35. He left me in daze, no lefts, rights, ups or downs. Just diagonals. I hated diagonals. Geometry taught me close to nothing. His enormous blue eyes sparkled in a way that both amazed me and annoyed me. How could he be so devious?

    By Mollie URL on 09.12.2012

  36. un-orderly type of human, a mind that cannot pace forward like a normal functional type. living without organisatio or direction. But how pleasant a life can be, having no correct or proper form of fitting into the constraints and/or pressures of society. Moving only by emotion and feelings. Free to be without routine. free to be whatever that day holds for that dysfunctional soul.

    By Jade on 09.12.2012

  37. It wasn’t working. Again, it wasn’t working. She kicked it, several times, as hard as she could, but it simply creaked, groaned, and sputtered again. She screamed in frustration and pounded her fists on the thing. “Work!” she screamed, her voice shrill. “You piece of crap! Ugh!”

    By Katie on 09.12.2012

  38. OH DEAR. this is so me most of the time, lately. dysfunctionality can be an outward manifestation of demotivation or disinterestedness. you simply don’t function well when you’re not driven anymore. :c

    By greengabberglob URL on 09.12.2012

  39. I died. It wasn’t a conventional death either – it was born out of the dysfunction of society. Whether we choose to accept it or not, and whether we can see it about us every day, its there. Society RUNS on the sweat and toil of it’s victims, and it was one of these who accidentally killed me that fateful day. For me to say it was just an accident is rather a stretch, however. What really caused my death was a result of the warped mind that our society creates.

    By Nathan Cobb on 09.12.2012

  40. The first word that comes to mind is family. so often you hear the words dysfunctional family used together that way. it means that it doesn’t function but most families in america are dysfunctional or atleast considered dysfunctional and i beleive most of them are working out fine. I cant really say my family is that way growing up i had set boundaries to stay in them and i was disciplined well it wasnt until the past few years that i started to question others authority over me. while i do question it i think learning that kind of discipline and respect was important to me to know how to handle certain situations. but im getting off topic dysfunctional dysfunctional. i dont know how much more i can actually say about the word. a broken machine can be dysfunctional but dysfunctional things can be fixed. maybe sometimes it just means different but in a sense that it doesnt quite work as well

    By Brock on 09.12.2012