September 12th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “dysfunctional”

  1. Our whole relationship is dysfunctional. We can’t go a whole day without arguing over something. It seems like I’m always mad at you for one thing or another even if it doesn’t make sense, even the little things. You make fun of me constantly, in a joking way, but still, sometimes it hurts. We’re so dysfunctional together. But you know what, I love it just like I love you<3

    By Sammy on 09.12.2012

  2. the families around the united states are nothing but dysfunctional. the dysfunction seems to come out of the society and popular culture. this is not, by any means a bad thing, it adds excitment to the usual

    By Eric Mellor on 09.12.2012

  3. The opposite of functionality. It is disorganized and crazy. Not something you want to be if you are trying to get a job. Dysfunctional is also when things don’t flow smootly; when their are issues and obstcles in the way.

    By Sam URL on 09.12.2012

  4. My family never quite worked the way we were supposed to. There were clashes every day; someone wanted something the other couldn’t give; my parents were short on money; my brother came home late. We were dysfunctional in every sense of the word – right down to the dysfunctional, crazy skeletons in our closet that came out to dance when no-one else was around.

    By Megan on 09.12.2012

  5. Everything. On a personal level, your best friend might be your worst enemy. Your family is one divorce after another. Your school is famous for drug dealers. Your town is run by a mayor who is famous for sex scandals. Your state hasnt figured out how to fix its roads or poverty levels. Your country is at war with most of the world; And your boyfriend defended that. And now you have to deal with him, and his own dysfunctionality in his own little head. And you love the crazy, twisted, honest, struggle it is to make him see outside himself.

    By Erickaaa on 09.12.2012

  6. The boat didn’t float. It was as simple as that. It was simply a dysfunctional boat, right splat in the middle of a very large lake. OK, so maybe it wasn’t simple. Maybe the dysfunctional boat was a PROBLEM.

    By Iam Me on 09.12.2012

  7. This is when someone has no idea what to do in a normal situation where action would be expected. As in, there function is compromised.

    By Michael Owen URL on 09.12.2012

  8. I always thought my family was dysfunctional … which it is … and that that was unusual … which it isn’t. Sure, I come from a low socioeconomic background, but when I rose up that ladder and met new families, it turned out that the only real difference was money. Dysfunction? Abounds everywhere.

    By ariel4thou on 09.12.2012

  9. I don’t know what I’m doing here. Every thing is broken and smashed into little pieces, but those pieces are not mine to put back together again. If I touch them, they turn to ash. I do not belong here. The screams, the slaps, the spit. It all rains down on me until I become another broken piece to them. Now I belong.

    By Gemyni on 09.12.2012

  10. Being Dysfunctional is not know how to act right. Not knowing how to function right.

    By Anna on 09.12.2012

  11. I hate this bloody word. Obviously, the definition of dysfunctional depends on an agreed upon definition of functional. I’m fairly certain many people’s idea of what serves a function and what doesn’t would leave me seething.

    By David Warkentin URL on 09.12.2012

  12. And as his face contorts, seemingly in slow motion, Anna feels her lungs inflate and deflate. This will end the same way as it has before, she is sure. She makes a decision. There will be no more of this, she says in her mind. And before his breath can come bellowing out in a string of curses and accusations, she slips out the door, quietly locking it behind her. As she imagines his look of disbelief, she smiles.

    By With Feeling on 09.12.2012

  13. Marie: My daughter is anti-social and she dresses like a slut.

    Geneva: Oh my word! My son is bi-sexual and has a tattoo!

    Marie: My nerves!

    Geneva: **grumble**

    By penny dreadful on 09.12.2012

  14. A million little pieces of nothing swirled around in her ever expanding head. It was like war. Shrapnel flying everywhere. Exactly like war…you can’t make sense of it

    By esky1118 on 09.12.2012

  15. Dysfunctional… Yeah, I suppose that’s one word to describe me. Compulsive, and a little bit crazy; but there we are, and that’s the best way to be. Who would want to be boring and functional?

    By BekahCat on 09.12.2012

  16. She was dysfunctional, different, not normal. They thought of her as anything but human and did their best to avoid her, But maybe, in another universe, she was normal and they were the messed up ones.

    By emlex on 09.12.2012

  17. its what i am. in a sense i guess. my family is very dysfunctional, people call me weird because im not the most normal thing in the world…. but i think normal is vastly over-rated.

    By Austin B on 09.12.2012

  18. Her whole world was dysfunctional. She couldn’t remember a time when it wasn’t. Her mind was all over the place as she thought about her past and what it meant, what it had done to her present and what it was going to do to her future.

    By Wendy on 09.12.2012

  19. It was like there was a bridge between us that was rotting and cracked and broken in the middle, as if we’d been built on a tide of Victorian idealism and slowly crumbled in a lonely borough. The paintwork of what we’d had was peeled, and trying to cross it left crow shit on my shoes.

    By Clarissa on 09.12.2012

  20. left behind, out of the blue and into the black
    it crashes and burns as it tries to attain its perfection
    dying like a bird with scales
    under a sea of oil it dries
    and we eat fried chicken

    By Robert Brown URL on 09.12.2012

  21. It wasn’t funny to me, it was hard for me. Living on a dysfunctional planet filled with dysfunctional stupid obnoxious people! i don;t even really know what i can’t use the term dysfunctional for! everything is screwed up and dumb! I don;t even get it! I give up!

    By Zil Deit on 09.12.2012

  22. He was completely dysfunctional. Why would, anyone, ever, whant to experience such a thing? Go to such extremes just for the thrill of it? Not care about the world and his own future? Not listen to anyone? Not care? Not do anything at all?… He was as useless as a broken phone, and yet, someone, somewhere, could still find a use for that phone. Someone, somewhere, would eventually find a use for him. And she hated him for it.

    By Andrea on 09.12.2012

  23. That’s just dysfunctional, Katie thought as she sat down heavily in her desk. It surely–SURELY–can’t be normal not to love someone else . . . right? I mean–

    “Now, class,” said Mrs. Karson, “today we’re going to be studying the human thought process. Well, at least some of it. You see, psychology is such a broad field of study that it would be next to impossible for us to give it any kind of good to rush through it in one day, or even a week.”

    By Brandi on 09.12.2012

  24. The family was a dysfunctional one; they always fought and bickered. But it was okay, because in contemporary society, they were not dyfunctional. Rather, they were functioning the same as everyone else was. It was a society filled with dysfunctionality, which really made it functional, and the new norm.

    By Aru Singh on 09.12.2012

  25. A bottle hits the bedroom wall, as her skin welcomes tiny cracks and blood pours from her pores. The children listen, tears silently falling from their eyes. They wouldn’t want to know what Daddy would do to them if he knew they were aware of what he was doing.

    By liz on 09.12.2012

  26. I am dysfunctional. It wasn’t my fault. Everyone says its a miracle that we are all alive and well. Now that I think about it, it is. Nothings wrong most of us are whole healthy human beings. However I am dysfunctional.

    By Rose Silver on 09.12.2012

  27. There was always an element of the dysfunctional family about them. As they moved into the city and forged promising careers things seemed to change…for a while.

    By sharon london on 09.12.2012

  28. Most people’s relationship with their siblings is dysfunctional. I think of my brother as my closest friend, confidant who is bound to me by blood ties until death. Many people can’t stand their brother. This makes me sad.

    By dan URL on 09.12.2012

  29. A thing that if acted out could never be done well. Dysfunction. Disharmony. I know it is a halfway point of realization of truth, a hodge podge of mashed up harmony. I will get this right someday. Balance can be regained when there is dysfunction-it is the trueness of our higher selves that bring it about. There is nothing to be scared of, and only the majesty of our (dis)harmony to embrace, because we could not have one without the other.

    By Amelia on 09.12.2012

  30. the definition of my family. we are do dysfunctional, everyone is messed up and no one can ever get along. this word is often put together with a bad connotation. just like my dysfunctional family its still great chaos and dysfucation make the world better.

    By Lindsey N URL on 09.12.2012

  31. How can it be so stupid. So messed up. Our love is dysfunctional, so blind and full of hate. I swear we don’t love each other at all.

    By Mute on 09.12.2012

  32. it seems dysfunctional would be spelled with a ‘i’ but i guess not. i know a lot of dysfunctional people… they should work on that…

    By Olivia on 09.12.2012

  33. You always see in the books, movies, and TV shows two totally opposite characters paired in a common setting. The neat freak with the slob. The stiff with the wanderlustful. They say that opposites attract and work together well, but when are differences too much to overcome for compromise?

    By Ashi URL on 09.12.2012

  34. Disfunctional not being useful, not fitting into society. Having no need to exist

    By Emily on 09.12.2012

  35. the dysfunctional bastards
    of modern america
    will grow their pots
    lack of potential in polluted sunshine.

    Hind legs will maladapt,
    a trapped mental medium
    will magnify within the next
    millenium of manhood
    for the miserable and worse

    By Phil on 09.12.2012

  36. It’s funny how many things are considered “dysfunctional.” It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot. I find the things that someone else may call dysfunctional are some of the best things in my life. They are the things that make my life functional.

    By Katie on 09.12.2012

  37. Sometimes my family is dysfunctional. At one point I’m having fun with my sisters, then next they are stabbing me in the back. They like to pick on me, but they’re the first to defend me if someone else does. We’re fiercely protective, yet we can’t stand each other sometimes. The same goes for my brothers. They may not like the way someone behaves to me, but they are too scared of rocking the boat to say so. They might tell me years after something happened that they weren’t happy, but only after I was miserable for those years.

    By Sarah Joy on 09.12.2012

  38. Was I part of a dysfunctional family growing up? Isn’t everyone’s family dysfunctional? If so aren’t we all normal?

    By leelee on 09.12.2012

  39. “Dysfunctional!” The woman screeched, her voice ringing through the whole house. “Dysfunctional, thats what you are you…you BRAT!” Mara co

    By Nichole on 09.12.2012

  40. Dysfunctional.

    They fought all of the time, there was only ever just enough money for the bills and they were living in his mate’s garage.
    They sang Broadway tunes as they got ready in the morning, picked strawberries and apples from the backyard for picnics, and decorated the garage with their favourite quotes.
    Their love was dysfunctional, but it was real.

    By Chrissie on 09.12.2012