June 23rd, 2012 | 274 Entries

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274 Entries for “dwell”

  1. Sadness, laying in bed thinking about the mistakes you’ve made. Not doing anything about it. Thinking about why it’s bad. Dwell is what I’m doing right now with my situation. Dwelling is negative, doesn’t help you in the future. It doesn’t fix your mistakes or make you a better person. If anything, dwelling makes you more depressed.

    By Mary on 06.23.2012

  2. A dwelling, a place to linger, a place to know, ap lace to ponder, a place to be yourself, a place to live, a place to die a dwelling is place wherever you want to be. And to dwell on the dwelling where will you end up?

    By Jasmine Blenkins on 06.23.2012

  3. In the amount of time it took me to think on this word, time was already up. Given the directions to just write and not think is a challenge in itself but to have to write about a word is even harder. Writing what comes to mind and have it make sense takes a lot of time and practice. Time of which I do not have a lot of because I believe that other things are important. But to actually sit down and do this task is strange and yet very relaxing. When I’m out doing tasks, I think to myself a lot. I dwell on the life that I have lived thus far and what it means to me. Though sometimes when I’m burried under different trains of thought, I unknowingly sink into the darkest crevices of my mind. The scary place where the worries and fears are waiting when you least expect it.

    By Remy on 06.23.2012

  4. i hate to dwell on it but sometimes i think i feel too much. i hate to feel it but sometimes i cant help but dwell on the feeling. it consumes me and i cant let it go. i dont want it anymore. i dont want any feeling at all. but here i sit constantly in thought about. dwelling. i dwell. i dwell all day inside my cabin. i stay here and hope no one knocks on my door but then i am disappointed when no one does. i am a loner. a loner who dwells constanly on how much i wish i wouldnt. on how much i wish i could. how much i wish i could let go and stop sitting in this shit and stop creating shit and stop drinking and stop eating and stop being just for a little while. wouldnt that be nice? some silence? some time away from these thoughts and from this dwelling. how many people live their days like this? no one knows i do. so i maybe i dont know they do. i tried to tell someone once to get it out of me but they just didnt understand what i was saying. or maybe they did but i wasnt listening to what they were saying. i suppose this happens a lot when we dwell on our own it becomes more difficult to be receptive to others and to hear what they are dwelling on because we are all so wrapped up in our own minds. we all think we listen but we are blinded by our own thoughts and perceptions.

    By annie on 06.23.2012

  5. She had been doing it a lot lately. It stopped her from doing things, it stopped her from making friends, it stopped her from thinking. The more she would let her mind fuss the more she felt it slipping.

    By Alexis URL on 06.23.2012

  6. Thinking, contemplating, weighing options. Consider the consequences and what the potential outcome may be. A place of limbo, of indecisiveness. What is important, why this, and why now?

    By Emily on 06.23.2012

  7. to live somewhere for a long time..i think of a cave on a secluded place where ancient tribes dwelled in the past. mostly rocky in the present and not much interaction with the outside world. to dwell is to relax, to free your mind ..a sancturary where no one can find you…that’s what it means when you dwell.

    By Isabella on 06.23.2012

  8. don’t dwell on it
    dwell in the house of david
    dwell in the past
    don’t dwell on your problems

    By Kathy on 06.23.2012

  9. i dwell upon the fact that i am not perfect. why must we suffer with our personal difficulties. who came up with the idea to punish some and not others, we scream everyday about equality but the world isn’t equal and that’s that.

    By Sara on 06.23.2012

  10. I’d like to be able to say that I don’t dwell on things for too long. Sadly, I would be lying through my teeth. I tend to ponder. A lot.

    By Susy URL on 06.23.2012

  11. Don’t dwell on the small things. Because then they become big things. And sooner or later those big things become permanent things. And permanent things are hard to undo. So don’t dwell on the small things. Dwell on the happy things. Because then they become great things.

    By Char Adams URL on 06.23.2012

  12. i need to dwell on the problem of getting my wife s nook working well enough to download library books from our local library. i can t seem to get it right. i have followed the directions too.

    By joe URL on 06.23.2012

  13. They tell you that what you’re doing is overanalying when you shouldn’t be, you should be taking life as it comes, forgetting the past and enjoying the present. They tell you it’s a different world when you don’t think and you just do. But they don’t tell you what to do on those afternoons in the sun, when you’re lying there in silence and the only sound is the wind brushing through the leaves on a branch somewhere. They don’t tell you what to do when you see the vibrant colors of a setting sun…maybe because that is something you can never really know, something you must just do.

    By CS on 06.23.2012

  14. i dwell on my worries a lot stupid things that i shouldnt worry about i do all the time and people lay more on me and sometimes i cant handle it i also dwell on my own problems way too much and they make me extremely depressed and sometimes i feel it is all too much and i dont know what to do

    By Kate on 06.23.2012

  15. She continued to dwell on the day that changed her life. It should have been an ordinary day, but it’s pain hung over her shoulders still, bending her forward like a woman twice her own age. On the days that she allowed herself, she got lost in the memory.

    By Danielle on 06.23.2012

  16. The past,
    I’ve dwelled there numerous times.
    But never have I found as much comfort
    Anywhere other then the present.

    By Daijharenee on 06.23.2012

  17. people told me not to think about it as if telling myself over and over not to dwell would actually miraculously help the subject disappear from my head. yet i continued to glance downwards because the more i willed myself the more i was unable to stop looking and to stop my mind accelerating into overdrive at a speed i was overwhelmed by. there was nothing which could stop me and nobody. it was on fire.

    By Katia URL on 06.23.2012

  18. This was the monsters’ dwelling.
    My heartbeat quickened, making my breath come in short, shallow bursts. Pure terror ran through my veins. The smell of blood and sweat made me want to vomit. I couldn’t turn back now, it was too late.
    Waaaayyyy too late.
    “I’ve been expecting you.”
    I had a mini heart attack right then, and there. I slowly turned around, and gasped. My knees went weak and I nearly fainted.

    By Gaia Serene URL on 06.23.2012

  19. i dwell in the state of my
    family, the state that is
    the poster child of

    but it is also the state of
    late summer nights spent looking at the stars,
    thoughts dwelling on
    love and life and what comes

    i dwell in my home.

    By rachel. URL on 06.23.2012

  20. I think it best not to dwell upon these things, but better to draw them out… and cast them away…

    By kimberly on 06.23.2012

  21. to think for long periods of time about something wholly unimportant
    to live deep within the recesses of blackness
    to sit and be consumed forever never thinking about anything but what can kill you to love but not be loved crying at night sitting alone beneath the powerlines thinking if what we had will ever be. You see that’s all there ever really is, you and your thoughts, sitting idly by, thinking of nothing as the world floats by.

    By Joshua Martin on 06.23.2012

  22. I sat there dwelling on my thoughts. How could I have eaten that? Ana was begging to creep up again she told me how I could get rid of it, how I could still have a chance at being skinny!

    By Sarah URL on 06.23.2012

  23. To dwell. What does it take to move on from something? A minute, a day, a year, a lifetime. Dwelling on the past will do nothing but hinder you , keep you from reaching your potential. Why linger on something that you cannot change? Can I let go? Can I stop? Can. Gt past the things in my life that I dwell on? Is it too much to want peace of mind?

    By Deanna Krauss on 06.23.2012

  24. I try not to dwell on that night anymore. The way he grasped at every inch of my body, the way he forced my lips open and prodded every inch of my mouth. When he took away my clothing I had no choice but to go along with him. I was his prisoner and he was my master.

    By Lydia URL on 06.23.2012

  25. dwelling in rivendell would be amazing… i wouldnt even worry or care or fear or be ashamed i would just live happily ever after…I dream of that when i am awake and asleep…but i know it can never happen.

    By Tonya on 06.23.2012

  26. I try not to dwell on things, but then what always seems to happen is because I try not to, I do even more. Reverse psychology at its finest, wouldn’t you agree? It’s why we fall when we cling to our individuality and why that stupid smile always manages to spread across my face despite my clenched lips when I see how brightly the stars shine in your eyes.

    By Julia M URL on 06.23.2012

  27. don,t dwell on it. to dwell is an emotional exsercise in futility.

    By Duh mama on 06.23.2012

  28. she put herself in her past, replaying past memories like an old film. the reel was scratched in places, and some scenes were entirely made up to reflect her regrets and dreams.

    By courtney URL on 06.23.2012

  29. I dwell on the past and cry every night. I can’t escape this horrible fright. I’ve been told things will turn out right, but never-the-less I cry every night.

    By Mallory Claire URL on 06.23.2012

  30. think
    happy well tell sell dwell fell shell mell tell dell
    baby idk dragons water eat linger lounge scary ponder wonder think boyfriend relationship thinking too much headache brain wondering imagination idk

    By arryana on 06.23.2012

  31. i often dwell on past events on my life. Sometimes for a minute or two, sometimes for hours when I lay in bed at night. I go over every single detail of a specific event, some call this overthinking. Sometimes it makes me hurt, other times it makes me smile. I guess this means that it’s important to only dwell on the good things in your life, not the bad, or you can never truly be happy.

    By felicia on 06.23.2012

  32. It’s just the way I live. I don’t stay in one place for long because I guess I can’t really make that choice for myself. I always knew that after I got out of college I wouldn’t be able to make the decision to remain–I’m meant to disappear after a while.

    By Emily on 06.23.2012

  33. Breath in. Breath out. The summer was streaming in through the dirty windows, warming her toes. The dishwasher in the background was sloshing; it became to her like the ocean. She sat. Content.

    By esky1118 URL on 06.23.2012

  34. I try not to care. I really do. It’s not my fault your eyes cut through me like I was air. It’s not my fault.
    I try not to dwell on it. I really do.

    By Akea URL on 06.23.2012

  35. Dwell.
    Me hace acordar a la palabra well en inglés y el d a do. Es como una afirmación de estar haciendo bien las cosas.

    No es lo que todos queremos? Triunfar? Recibir el reconocimiento de las personas que nos rodean? No seriamos felices de ese modo?

    O por lo menos saber que intentamos hacer las cosas bien, do well.

    By Tania on 06.23.2012

  36. that’s my life, you know. thinking about the same things over and over. wondering if there was a moment, a quarter of a second, a blink, where i said or did something at some moment that someone might remember as even slightly uncomfortable. it keeps me up at night. eyes ablazed, thoughts pounding, mind cracking. this is my life as a dweller of improper thoughts.

    By Matty M. on 06.23.2012

  37. I didn’t think I’d ever stop obsessing. My attention was constantly called to one thing over and over, an inescapable trap.
    Then I found the book.
    The book helps to distract, to draw you away from every obsession, but I ask myself this, does it help me to stop, or do I now only dwell on the book?

    By Maggie on 06.23.2012

  38. Dwell here with me love
    Take not self from me
    Be my life

    By Firecreek on 06.23.2012

  39. I like to dwell on things, and take my time. It’s a nice feeling to take a moment to take in something and enjoy it. I feel this word has a lovely, smooth motion to it, as if you could dwell by a slow flowing river, or in a meadow. Sometimes, it’s what we need in this busy life, to dwell. Taking a step back, smelling the flower, hearing a child laugh, or talking to your parents, can all become so futile in this world of ours that we forget to prioritise the important and wonderful things in life.

    By Rhiannon on 06.23.2012

  40. So here we are . In this moment it all makes sense.

    By Chad on 06.23.2012