June 23rd, 2012 | 274 Entries

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274 Entries for “dwell”

  1. dont dwell on it for too long; decades will pass and you’ll meet new people and fall in and out of love. Each time it will feel new and fresh and better than the last. Each day will feel more vibrant. Life is in technicolour as you live it. <3

    By Kim on 06.23.2012

  2. I try not to dwell on the thought, though. There’s an ache looming on the edge of thoughts like those. It’s a twist in my memories and I know it’s there, but it’s something stronger than my will. I can’t fight it. Sometimes I think I don’t want to. Sometimes I’m certain.

    By Sheila URL on 06.23.2012

  3. i sat in the room looking out the window. i saw all the ghosts of my past staring. they looked sad. but then i looked closer, i saw each ghost as if it were a glimpse of yesterday. even though they dwell in the darkness of the past, i see that they are each a light. they help me look beyond my past, and see what is right now.

    By ashton on 06.23.2012

  4. Oh the dwelling, how can it end, how can it begin. The same way most things do I suppose. In the pits of lonliness and heartache. I am those things and on those things I do dwell. Hit in the gut with pain in flashing waves, I dwell.

    By Austin on 06.23.2012

  5. Don’t go back there. We have toured that part of the museum already. We know what is the exhibit. You have toiled over it time, after time. You over analysis every picture, ever display, all the music and film. You doubt your initial actions that cannot be undone. It is history. Past. Time to live now not then.

    By River Ranter URL on 06.23.2012

  6. I need to learn not to dwell on my past, or so they say, even though I do not remember much of it. It seems all of the pain snuck back up on me and the worst part is I don’t know where it came from. “The past is the past they say, gotta leave it behind.” so why does it seem harder to do that when you don’t remember? I have the opportunity to become someone new and completely different but, for some reason everything I finding out about this old girl that I was, I like. I want to create a better her, lets see if I can do that. So that means, rehashing all the pain I hid behind, that means dealing with things with a different attitude than before because I am not the same person. So dwelling. I am going to dwell even though your not suppose to, I am going to run towards my pain rather than away from it because, I want to. Scratch that I need to. Call me crazy but, I am going to dwell.

    By kt on 06.23.2012

  7. Dont let yourself dwell on the past it takes away from the present you have to live your life in the now to be completely happy if youre always worried about what has been youll never find out what will be

    By Amanda Howard on 06.23.2012

  8. Christ told us that if we dwell in Him and He dwells in us we can ask for anything and we will receive it. He also told us that dwelling in Him is vital, necessary, for us to have fruitful lives that bring the Father joy. Oh, how I want to bring Him joy. I want to dwell in HIm.

    By Kay URL on 06.23.2012

  9. There’s a cave by a big stone in the woods near my house. And every day when I walk by it, I want to take a look inside. But I never do. Maybe it’s fear. Or maybe it’s just a lack of confidence. I have a hard time believing in myself. And the bear who lives underneath the tips of my fingers and between my toes always drags me away.

    By Julia B on 06.23.2012

  10. Sometimes I dwell on things that make no sense and it eventually just hurts me in the end. It seems like I can never get rid of them.

    By Taylor on 06.23.2012

  11. I live in a hellish landscape from which there is no escape. My neighbors are nice however. And I am beginning to get used to the smell. This is where i dwell. Stop by.

    By Mel Rook on 06.23.2012

  12. I live here, in my cave. It’s a good spot to hide, to keep away from it all. No one has ever found me here. In fact, only one person has ever even been, and they understood the need to knock, and the need to back off if I didn’t respond. You might say that I loved them. I might say that I did.

    By Sarah on 06.23.2012

  13. It reminds me of the past. the future. the lingering pain from the history. the creases in book. the dogeared pages that were never read, only reminding us to go back. to yearn for the past. to crave everything that has been lost and torn from the present. to return to the inescapable moments that make up our lives. it’s unforgettable. and painful. it’s reality. nothing can stop it from dragging us backwards through our own consciousness.

    By Sydney on 06.23.2012

  14. Sometimes it’s difficult for me not to dwell on the negative things in life. That’s unfortunate, because I’m surrounded by so much positive on a daily basis. I just need to sit back and take time to recognize those positives and focus on that instead.

    By Mr. Loving on 06.23.2012

  15. The house is not me, i just dwell in it. Portions of me are visible in it, but they are only reflections.

    By Pat in Texas on 06.23.2012

  16. Don’t dwell on the past. Don’t dwell on what cannot or should not be changed. Do not dwell on something that truly will not affect you 5 years from now. Think of it? Yes. Measure it. Feel it. Whatever you must. But then, move on. Do not dwell for you will miss out on your present.

    By Brittany H on 06.23.2012

  17. sitting by the window with drizzles of moisture panning down the glass i cannot look myself in the reflection because the pity of it kills me a little more. there is an itchy sort of burning that lives in my chest and sometimes escapes down towards my kidneys and it keeps me sitting here stoned of the accusations I throw at myself.

    By remuher on 06.23.2012

  18. dwell inside that deep deep reservoir where butterflies escape, wine overflows, jazz pours through souls. dwell back inside your mother’s womb. What do you see now that you know the label of everything. darkness, blood, your navel things wose names are now familiar, they surround you. Dwell in the deep well of your creativity. it is infinite.

    By proust on 06.23.2012

  19. reside tunnel live dwarf green grass earth trolls organic oregon lush reside mushrooms river stones earthen mugs frothy hot peaceful nature lovely

    By samira on 06.23.2012

  20. i really don’t know what to write about this word. I don’t want to sit here too long and think about it or else I will lose all my time. Things should not be thought about but simply just done. Sometimes the best things happen when you don’t really think, but simply just do. Time flies so make the best of it.

    By alex on 06.23.2012

  21. Dwell. Something that I didn’t intend to always make myself do. I didn’t mean to always hold on and remember all the things and mistakes that I always did wrong because for some reason I always managed to mess up. I held on to the hurt and dwelling made it become who I am. Anxiety. It was mine. And in the end, it was me.

    By Shyrna URL on 06.23.2012

  22. To dwell and reside in the past? Never ever ever. Dwell where you are, for a life is to be, not where you have been or will go. Dwell in now, in the moment, in the present for it is just that. A present. Wrapped in the reality of where you are, where you should dwell and will dwell and always shall be dwelling. Because you can’t go back or forward, so take what you can get.

    By Kat URL on 06.23.2012

  23. I always seem to dwell on the things that I’ve done wrong. Be it the thing I’ve said, of the choices I’ve made.

    I especially dwell on the things I’ve said to you, and more so on the things I haven’t said.

    One day, I’ll find the courage, and I’ll no long have to dwell on anything.

    By Doyle on 06.23.2012

  24. I can’t help but dwell on it sometimes. I tried to let it go, and I did, for a while. Honestly, I don’t even remember what brought back these memories and the pain that comes back with it, but I find myself dwelling in these old thoughts that I’d finally dismissed. I dwell on the past far too much, in these old memories. Perhaps there’s just too much to dwell on and too much dwelling I’ve done before to stop all together. I’ll dwell until the day I die.

    By Linoosh on 06.23.2012

  25. Dwell. Something that I didn’t intend to always make myself do. I didn’t mean to always hold on and remember all the things and mistakes that I always did wrong because for some reason I always managed to mess up. I held on to the hurt and dwelling made it become who I am. Anxiety. It was mine. And in the end, it was me.

    By Shyrna on 06.23.2012

  26. Dwelling in the past, always. There’s no sense in it. Then again, there’s no sense in anything. It’s a sad thing, you see. Living in the past. Don’t dwell, live, my friends. Things will get better that way. Don’t dwell, learn. I swear it will get better.

    By Kate URL on 06.23.2012

  27. Knuckles to chin, elbow to arm of the seat. Eyes half lidded, expression sour with distaste. What was being king without the one you truly wished to dominate, to rule over? An empty victory.

    By Lauzly URL on 06.23.2012

  28. Don’t dwell on the past. Often people have this problem. They think back and they simply can’t let go. You have to learn to do otherwise. Life goes on and so should you

    By NS on 06.23.2012

  29. To dwell on dreams and forget to live is a terrible thing. That is a quote from Harry Potter. One can think of the word “dwell” as so many things. It could mean a place of living, where people dwell, or even an object that too many people think about too much. To dwell isn’t very much fun, whether it be dwelling in a home or on a place. To dwell means that you haven’t lived much of a life, and in that of itself is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. To dwell means to settle, and don’t ever let yourself do that, because once you start to dwell, you’ll never stop.

    By Ashlay on 06.23.2012

  30. I dwell in the earth. I am a seed. I grow more every day. I am a big peach tree now. My life was never appreciated. small children and dogs always urinated on me.

    By Sara on 06.23.2012

  31. home. comfy. welcome. modern. family. happy. swell. clean. modern and homely but comfortable with everything just in place. home sweet home.

    By dani on 06.23.2012

  32. I’m not going to dwell on the prompt of this writing assignment… Assignment? What is this, school? Anyway, I am going to write about Doctor Who and One Direction. One day, in a wibbily wobbly time, One Direction were five boys in five different time zones. The doctor, sensing that they were meant for something more, took these five boys and saved the world yet again.

    By Eleanor URL on 06.23.2012

  33. I dwell on the thoughts of my loved one who is married and can’t be with me but maybe maybe maybe she will get a divorce and be with me anyway? I dwell on it and hope that she will choose me over her husband and decide to leave him. I hope. I love her so and she is so gorgeous. And intelligent and humorous and kind. She is all I want… she’s perfect for me.

    By Inga on 06.23.2012

  34. I want to slap her in the face, but I can’t reach through the mirror. I sat in that dark theater and missed him–for a short second. Something in me snapped back into place and told my heart not to long for someone that never really cared. To dwelling on the past–I’m done. To moving onto the future and all its possibilities–here I come. To wait for a boy that no longer exists is horribly impractical, and that is something I absolutely do not do.

    By Marissa URL on 06.23.2012

  35. i dwell on every thing that i do, every thought i make. i dwell on things so unimportant that ill never be able to live a happy life. never be able to move on. i wish i knew how to let go, to be free of my dwelling problems. someone help me move on.

    By Amanda on 06.23.2012

  36. Dwelling on the dwindling of the dwarf, he dawdled in his tears.

    By Marianne URL on 06.23.2012

  37. I don’t like to dwell on the past, but it’s something that I always do. Too much time, too many mistakes. Too many good memories. Thinking thinking thinking, always. But without dwelling, where would I live? Be present.

    By Annica on 06.23.2012

  38. I stayed in that house for twenty years, looking out at the ivy growing up the sides, the iron bars on my window cool to the touch. He kept me here-though I could not see him-and I knew that if I left, I would die, or deteriorate into something more than madness.

    By Lyric on 06.23.2012

  39. She would dwell in this place for a night. It seemed safe enough, hidden away in a cave where no one could find her. As long as he didn’t find her, she would be alright. She’d been running for days, and perhaps this dwelling place would give her rest for at least a night or two.

    By Erin on 06.23.2012

  40. I try not to dwell on things of the past. You know, like the things that suck. Like my boyfriend dumping me for my best friend, then my dog running away to join the circus… Thankfully though, I don’t have to dwell on those things yet. Cause they never happened!!!

    By Charlie on 06.23.2012