March 14th, 2012 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “duration”

  1. The duration of the time in the atmospherical radiations that multiply from the perpendicular planet that is adjacent to Earth is 112.4 light years.

    By Steven URL on 03.15.2012

  2. Duration is

    By Daymon URL on 03.15.2012

  3. I’m not really sure what to write about this word so i’ll just wait until the time runs out…

    By Earthly URL on 03.15.2012

  4. In the duration of her therapy (I don’t know how to use this word!), the girl began to see her depression and anxiety symptoms show themselves much more prominently. She cried for almost everything, and her happiness was dimming, slowly, slowly dimming. But she didn’t ever, EVER, drop her fake smile.

    It was all she had.

    By Nichole URL on 03.15.2012

  5. The duration of pi continues forever.

    By umberto URL on 03.15.2012

  6. The duration of my soul has lengthened. I am but a body, with the soul of a man. The duration of my will and of my mind surpasses even me. I am but a girl, young and still in her prime, pure. But my soul goes on as if i was strong. As if i was a man, a strong man.

    By rachel URL on 03.15.2012

  7. the duration of an event is not always the length of time it takes to complete but is always the time theat you feel it is taking in your head and the impact it is having on your body and mind at the same time.

    By Brenda Bayliss on 03.15.2012

  8. duration is the amount of time spent doing something. right now i am typing this for the duration of sixty seconds, which feels a lot longer than it sounds. the duration of sixty seconds is almost up

    By marissa on 03.15.2012

  9. The duration people are on the earth for, some people say are too short. Others say it’s too long. But really, why do you care? Instead of trying to count up the minutes you spend living, live and then reflect on the minutes you spent laughing and enjoying life. For the duration you are on earth don’t try and measure your life with time, try to fill it memories and then look back and see how happy you made other people.

    By Chance Carter URL on 03.15.2012

  10. Duration is a during a certain lenght of time. I don’t even know how to spell lol. Em, its a quite boring word. Not very entertaining at all. Duration… hmm… For the duration of the minute… I’m going to talk about how boring it is…Fail.

    By Avril Watson on 03.15.2012

  11. Sherlock slid down to the matress with a soft shudder of exhaustion as John slid gently out, fighting the urge to immediately clench back to a normal state of tightness. John had warned him that would hurt, and at this point Sherlock was inclined to take the doctor’s word as law. Sherlock turned onto his side to instead focus on the face of his partner, who had rolled off to catch his breath. Sherlock studied the signs (pupils still dilated, cheeks and chest flushed, creases lessened) and smiled. It had been good.
    John was not so self-assured, considering Sherlock’s front was not as messy as his own, so he reached out and took a hold of the pale, graceful fingers with a gentle squeeze. “How are you feeling?” John nuzzled his head into Sherlock’s neck to catch the low vibrations of his reply.
    “Irrelevant,” Sherlock murmured with a squeeze in return at John’s fingers, “You’re satisfied now, that’s the important part.” He curled one long leg around John’s hips to draw him in closer.
    John gently shook his head, sandy hairs tickling against Sherlock’s chin. “I should have been able to last longer,” he lamented, either to Sherlock or himself, “It’s embarrassing, going straight off like some bloody teenager.”
    Sherlock closed his eyed, brow furrowed as he released John’s hand to stroke reassuringly up his back. “Why should the duration matter? The result is the same regardless, so why delay it?”
    John had to chuckle a bit, reminding himself that the object of his affections was unlike any woman he’d ever been with before. New set of rules.

    By floppybelly URL on 03.15.2012

  12. Duration. Sounds kinda like durians, don’t you think? But durations don’t stink, like durians do. I don’t like durians. They give you the funniest, funniest breath. I prefer durations. Like durations in a hotel room. Hotel rooms are nice, always so posh, innit? Not like durians. Heaty as hell. Why do people like durians anyway? Horrible fruits. Prickly little bastards. I don’t like durians at all.

    By Kimberly URL on 03.15.2012

  13. the duration of one’s life span is the most scary thought we all have, we wonder if we have a long duration or a short duration. Will the entire duration o

    By Nadia Amoaku on 03.15.2012

  14. Length of time taken to perform an action. Any action. ever. Brushing your teeth. Your hair. Making a boiled egg for a sandwich. Masturbating. Writing a letter. All take time. Duration is how much time you are willing to put into an action.

    By Louise Rigglesford on 03.15.2012

  15. Sex. Without the proper stamina, it can be horrible! You need to last! She needs that feeling of duration with sex. Sex can be beautiful, but it can also be ugly. Be one of those people that runs and exercises. Because you might need the duration!

    By Kalen Reed on 03.15.2012

  16. Oh, will this ever end! I know my work matters, I know it does, but I just don’t care any more. How much I endure seems like some kind of cruel mathematical formula. Duration over exhaustion equals pay. It’s just not worth it any more.

    By laurapacker URL on 03.15.2012

  17. its hard to deal with things. school social life relationships. but you’ve got to deal with it all. and during the whole duration you come to learn things about yourself about what you want in life about who you want to be about everything. you come to figure yourself out. you find who you are. but it takes a while. it can take a really long time acutally. but you’ve got to go through the whole duration with everything. you’ve got to stick with it. because thats where you find truth about yourself and about life. i guess thats why duration is so difficult but its worth it.

    By elizabeth on 03.15.2012

  18. In it for the long haul he ask? You mean for the duration I ask? I guess, who the hell knows. I have no idea. Tomorrow is another day, I’ll think about it then. Life is short and life is long my head is filled with too much to think about duration.

    By jeanelaine URL on 03.15.2012

  19. Not really ure what duration means. Maybe it has something to do with Duracell batteries? Probably not but you have to admit they do sound similar. Speaking of batteries.. Why is the Duracell bunny pink?

    By LaCie turner on 03.15.2012

  20. Duration is a matter of time. I love this word because it gets me to think about how to spend my time wisely. I only have a certain *duration* of time to live, so I live it to the fullest. :)

    By Alyssa Sindelar on 03.15.2012

  21. Being tired and used. But still struggling to go on. Like a battle you feel you have to do, but don’t want to. Also batteries. Wanting pity. Pitying batteries?

    By Josephine Hansen on 03.15.2012

  22. reminds me of when i got my paper air planes to stay in the air for a duration of 10 seconds.

    By Mrman2000 URL on 03.15.2012

  23. durations means how long something lasts it reminds me of track when we run duration laps.

    By Mr.Chadd URL on 03.15.2012

  24. Jacob mills eats pine cones.

    By lustgraaf112 URL on 03.15.2012

  25. what was the duration of this project? i can’t remember. oh there it is, down the bottom.
    well i suppose duration makes me think of how much time one has left; lifespan. it is a word that suggests an end; impending doom, loss of control.

    By Lara on 03.15.2012

  26. Duration is how long something takes, time.

    By sbindley URL on 03.15.2012

  27. Duration is a hard word so i don’t know what that means. But i think duration is something squishy and fun to play with!!!! Like playdough!!!!!!!

    By vb4life URL on 03.15.2012

  28. a long time that you can hold you’re speed.

    By diamondsss URL on 03.15.2012

  29. when apple uses the word duration for continueing on something she gets very confused and asks her friends… so all im going to say my friends is that apple assists jacob mills in eating pinecones eveery single day

    By ddawg7 URL on 03.15.2012

  30. its the length of a action like playing video games that involves guns and you have to aim for the person so its a length of action.

    By Ewa147 URL on 03.15.2012

  31. The smoke filled the room. My eyes watered and snot rolled out my nose. The duration or the location was still unknown but I knew I would need to get out or die trying.

    By Ginger Speranza on 03.15.2012

  32. It’s the time it takes to finish something or for something to pass; like how long a flight will last, or how long it took to choose a movie to watch, or how long you had to wait to be asked out by that guy you like. Sometimes if feels especially long….

    By jenna on 03.15.2012

  33. Duration is a thing a lot of people make a big deal out of. Myself, I find it a silly concept. Thirty seconds is plenty of time and if they’re not done by then…well, it’ ain’t my fault is it? Stupid women just gonna harp on anything they can get their hands on and it certainly makes no difference to me. They’ll get over it eventually when they realize that no one gives on little bit of care. What can you do? They’re women!

    By Mairead URL on 03.15.2012

  34. One word, it’s as simple as saying two words. There isn’t an exact definition of it but it’s said. Just like at the top of this page it just says “duration” in bold purple letters… It’s just a word with a definition but no specific value with out any other words that follow it.

    By Shanell on 03.15.2012

  35. the amount of time something last. duration of life, duration of relationships, duration of friendships. it’s all about time. time is money and money is time. it’s a vicious cycle, yes. all this for duration.

    By mm on 03.15.2012

  36. i don’t know, pendant, en face de, à coté de, je ne sais pas, je veux aller chez moi pour la duration de mes vacances s’il vous plaît

    By emmeline on 03.15.2012

  37. For the duration of the concert I was rather uncomfortable. The warm, humid air rising on the mass of humanity surrounding me. The random toe crunching misstep of the dancing people. I swore I’d never go to another show again.

    By Scott on 03.15.2012

  38. The long trial that met the sun with some trepidation extending breaks in the plains like waves save the scientific discoveries uncovered in the universe all for the sake of love exacting measured expressions.

    By Nathan Stanton URL on 03.15.2012

  39. i never knew duration until i left my home
    now it stalks me wherever i go
    keeping me from the place a live
    eternally lost between A and B
    I just want to go home
    but duration has trapped my mind and soul

    By Jon Lundberg on 03.15.2012

  40. durable, duration of time, waiting for something to happen. work, i hate work, duration of my time as a free women, happenstance, i don’t know. the duration of time here at this apartment. want to go or do i duration of comfort

    By Susan on 03.15.2012