March 14th, 2012 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “duration”

  1. Duration is time spent or left over, I think. I don’t ever want you to wonder what the duration of our time together “would have” been, but find joy in the thought that out time together may never end.

    By Erin Allen URL on 03.15.2012

  2. waiting, waiting, waiting. The transition is taking forever. I can’t seem to get my life together at the moment, and I know something great is going to happen soon. I just can’t seem to be happy in the meantime. I am picturing a future, or rather many futures, but there is no way of knowing what will happen next. Where I will live, who I will love, what I will be doing . . . it’s all a mystery at the moment . . . and I have to learn to delight in that mystery rather than fear it. Otherwise I will never be happy. I will always be waiting for my life to begin.

    By Keely on 03.15.2012

  3. i wonder how long this will take…
    half way.
    so close…
    see boring right?

    By sasha on 03.15.2012

  4. Who knows what duration means? Confidence? Determination? Hard working? Even if you don’t know what it means, it sounds motivational. Like all of a sudden, if you have duration then you wanna go run a marathon.

    By Mina on 03.15.2012

  5. this is going to go happen for a really long time ation rhymes with bation im tired and this class has been going on for the longest duration of time it lasts for ever for the rest of the duration of my senior year i am going to not do anything productive in class the end this is long.

    By Beatrice on 03.15.2012

  6. The duration of a period is concerned to circumstances. For example, 60 seconds are really quick if you need to write a story in that period of time.

    By Alessandro URL on 03.15.2012

  7. Duration. figure out what the time limits are. Limits hold us and bind us to a regulation of lifes inconsistant plans. During the duration of these times we define ourselves based on what we have and what we can do. Do what we are told do what we can but never do what we want to do. Why place durations on life when we only have one to live.

    By Nathan Andrew on 03.15.2012

  8. the duration of my life will be filled with love. i will feel joy for the duration of my life i will fight hate for the duration of my life i will live for the duration to see the end

    By Daphne on 03.15.2012

  9. The time it takes for me to do something. It goes on and on, longer and longer until I can no longer take it. This horrid time, I wish to escape you forever. But that to is a duration.

    By samuel on 03.15.2012

  10. i will be on fire for the duration of class. the duration of class will i be on fire. tree is copying me oa everything i do so i will set him on fire….. because he is a tree

    By S-man URL on 03.15.2012

  11. I will be covered in candy for the duration of class. The duration of class will i be buried in candy. S-man is copying me on everything i do so i will bury him in dirt Because he is a man. I couldn’t post it before him though due to malfuntion.

    By Tree URL on 03.15.2012

  12. Duration is the time periods.

    By Izzy URL on 03.15.2012

  13. duration is the rest of the time or is the ending of something.

    By kittens URL on 03.15.2012

  14. The length of time….

    By Cody URL on 03.15.2012

  15. the time it takes to do something, could be less than a second, could be an entire lifetime. you might think that you are taking too long to do something but maybe you are setting that precedent, and nobody else. duration is how long something lasts or how short it exists.

    By Alice on 03.15.2012

  16. Sit in the sun that leaks from my window. How long will you be there? I am expecting you to be in the same spot when I return. Sometimes you are still there, eyes closed and sun-soaked. Other times you have disappeared and are downstairs, begging for food or grass. But I’m glad I can still always find you.

    By Emily URL on 03.15.2012

  17. I actually don’t know what it is. And I honestly don’t care. I’ll just be creative and write this little text. Now I have nothing to write about anymore and my minute is almost gone. Bye..

    By Doornrosa on 03.15.2012

  18. limited time or a time allowed in one particular event

    By Vinze Doroy on 03.15.2012

  19. There had been a fight again. The tension was practically tangible between the two men in the front seat. Finally, one of them spoke up. “Dean. Come on! It was just a piece of pie!” Dean looked and Sam and stuck his tongue before saying “It was the last piece of pie.” Before cranking up the volume and starting to sing along loudly. The duration of the trip was spent with Sam shaking his head in amused disbelief.

    By Sami on 03.15.2012

  20. Papers will be of 30 minutes duration followed by question.

    By Bryton URL on 03.15.2012

  21. Duration is one of the most important things in life. You can use it or lose it. It defines what you do and how long you can do it, even how long you have been doing it. While sometimes we just fall into it, other times we structure and use it. So everyone has their own durations.

    By Feddegg on 03.15.2012

  22. time speed clock watch i think duration is a time that comes and goes endlessly as it passes fasdt when we enjoy and dimes in comparaison when we suffer

    By jad on 03.15.2012

  23. My teacher will bother me for the duration of the semester. Which sucks, because shes teaches one of the only classes I enjoy. Not the subject, just the people in it. But whatever.

    By Jackie URL on 03.15.2012

  24. The amount of time you have to take something… It’s such a weird word. I don’t want to talk about the ACT BUT I kinda feel like that’s when time is the most precious thing!!!!

    By Caroline Dixon on 03.15.2012

  25. The duration of this day is endless. Is it too much to ask for it to be over so I can go get frozen yogurt. Hahaha I always complain on oneword I’m sorry for the duration of my wind word experiences i will do nothing but write happy things or things other than complaints.

    By Graxx URL on 03.15.2012

  26. I wonder if the prefix of this word has something to do with dur as a toughness, like perdurable. Because whenever the word duration is used, it usually means you have to experience suck for a considerable amount of time.

    By BRC on 03.15.2012

  27. The time it willtakeme to write this”one word” thingy is 60 seconds. The end

    By Sarah on 03.15.2012

  28. It’s a long period of time. We must wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait an wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait for school to be over.

    By AJ URL on 03.15.2012

  29. For the duration of class we will most likely read dialogues then discuss said dialogues.

    By Chris URL on 03.15.2012

  30. When I think of duration, I think of long road trips. The duration is how long the road trips each take. Personally I prefer pretty short durations…get to when you need to be quicker and more efficiently.

    By MFeldman URL on 03.15.2012

  31. The span of time that you spend doing something. How long and action takes place. For the duration of my time on this planet, I want to inspire others, fill them with love and help them reach their full potential. I want to see others succeed. That is how I measure success.

    By Vanessa on 03.15.2012

  32. The duration of the flight will be 4 hours 23 minutes and 5 seconds. In the meantime please enjoy free refreshments and $5 chips. The baby behind you will be crying for the whole flight and the women in front of you will move around so that your sprite with ice will fall into your lap and you will have a headache from the shaking movie that is playing on your laptop.

    By naghs URL on 03.15.2012

  33. H

    By AJ URL on 03.15.2012

  34. Duration:

    Duration is that period of time where you’re making love to a woman, and you think, “I hope I make her orgasm during this duration before I do.”

    When it happens, it’s all worth it. Unless she’s a faker. Then fuck her.

    By Beezy on 03.15.2012

  35. For about 4 hours I was stuck in the elevator. It was annoying to say the least. Can’t say I enjoyed pissing out the cracks in the door. No wait…I totally did.

    By David URL on 03.15.2012

  36. shadows stretch,
    my boot heels kick up dust
    but the pistols remain holstered

    flies fuck on a dust flecked window
    hot for birth, death —
    the ephemeral
    brilliantly eclipsed by the unsaid,


    the heavy pistol
    cannot know when death will come
    only that it rides

    but we know

    when sunlight creeps
    under the mission blanket of latent gunfire
    we will hold our blood
    draw fragile breaths
    and count them out
    like rubies

    By david URL on 03.15.2012

  37. The duration of the school day is way too long. I’m exhausted. Being in one place for over 6 hours is tiring. There should be a break in the middle of the day. Like nap time.

    By ape224 URL on 03.15.2012

  38. When I see the word duration, I think of time. How long it takes for somebody to do something. The duration is the entire time of something, it’s entirety. I

    By tranereck on 03.15.2012

  39. The duration of the flight was impossible to wait. Who knew what was going on down below. People were sleep and living and having fun and I was just sitting here. I could be doing anything, yet still I will sit and watch this stupid in-flight mov

    By Paisley on 03.15.2012

  40. duration is something that is durable and u can count on it not to get torn or any holes or leaks or watever it may be. it just depends on what brand u buy the item from. there are car batteries that have duration.

    By jdog on 03.15.2012