October 17th, 2011 | 400 Entries

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400 Entries for “dull”

  1. It’s a gray day, very gay….I feel lazy and want to be at home, sleeping. I miss Laos, Tibet and all the places I have been. What my life will be in the next year? Is it better, at some other place? Or still here, like this, exactly like this??? I feel tired and scaring.

    By Tra on 10.18.2011

  2. ha phu de thuong mua nha biet thu cong ty bbdo chi van Yoga banh my yogurt

    By nga on 10.18.2011

  3. there is nothing fucking worse than a dull pencil. A dull pencil writes dull things just like the dull mind that decided not to sharpen the pencil. dont be dull.

    By Matthew A. Scala on 10.18.2011

  4. Dull like the pencil worn down to nothing from all the use it gets. Every thought that starts in my brain, is pushed through the filter, channels down my arm to smudge its graphite stain onto the clean page. The pencil is a conduit. And it knows everything about you, you know.

    By Megan Haves. on 10.18.2011

  5. When i hear dull, it reminds me of a boring school lesson, when we working like 2 hours without a brake. And boring school objects.
    Or it reminds me of when i doing homework, i takes to much time. But i think it is good to have homeworks.

    By Christoffer Arvidsson on 10.18.2011

  6. my hair is dull. i feel dull when it is sunny, which is strange, because people usually fell dull when the weather is dull. But sometimes feeling dull makes you appreciate happiness more.

    By vasu on 10.18.2011

  7. I have no idea what this word mean. And I can´t guess. Sorry, but take a word I know next time, please!

    By Rebecca B URL on 10.18.2011

  8. Dull. It’s when something has no life. Life without friends is dull. When life is dull, it’s not life at all. Sometimes, being with yourself is dull. But you can have fun as well.

    By Bai Iyah URL on 10.18.2011

  9. the weather, the lights in the lounge room because no one can find what is wrong with them, or my life, or worse, the thought that it may possibly get duller … drat . Don’t know which is worse

    By Christine Vellacott on 10.18.2011

  10. Life is dull without a computer

    By Herman Dreyer URL on 10.18.2011

  11. it was alone feeling bleak and unwanted. My jeans were torn and frayed at both knees. I felt alone,grey, and dull. it is raining outside,

    By bonnie on 10.18.2011

  12. Bull
    drawing kittens is kinda boring when you find your way out of a sentence.
    Sometimes you feel like the world is going to expleod but that is just the bad school food. When you dont whant to eat then you should eat a pizza.

    By Kevin URL on 10.18.2011

  13. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…
    Nonsensical little rhyme.
    Who is Jack anyway? Perhaps his line of work, by definition, would have made him interesting…

    By Beautyfor_ashes on 10.18.2011

  14. Bully, bull. If you like to bully people then you should get bullied to feel how it feels. Then you should eat a horse.

    By Kevin URL on 10.18.2011

  15. Dull. Homeworks is realy dull. School is dull and everything that is dull is dull. I think that when something doesn´t work it´s dull.

    By Kevin URL on 10.18.2011

  16. two words love you but not only you `im not sure just two words forgive me i can`t you must i should dont know

    By andreea chirita URL on 10.18.2011

  17. This day is not dull at all so far. I mean like I got Starbucks and stuff so that wuz like awesome and stuff. OK maybe this day is more dull than I realized. Gosh the dullness it making my eyes glaze over. Blah. :)

    By Ursula rox URL on 10.18.2011

  18. one word: Homework

    By Ursula rox URL on 10.18.2011

  19. it is dull, and this is what lead to this the end. Never will we be for we have al ready been and now we we end. Silence emptiness no more.

    By Trevor on 10.18.2011

  20. no one very understood why I watched her. she wasn’t anything special. to me or anyone really. probably ever. But that was the beauty of it. she was a no one. A dull piece of human that would cause nothing to happen in the world. she had no consequences.

    By Helen on 10.18.2011

  21. Dull. Dull like unpolished wood, like something raw, and imperfect. Practically everything starts out dull. Diamonds, metal, wood. Even people. But with a bit of polishing, almost anything can become shiny.

    By Bookwyrm URL on 10.18.2011

  22. This is the ridiculous part – he looks at me like I’ve lost my edge. But he’s the one sitting there, the spark in his eyes conspicuously absent, rubbed down to some dull metal edges that wouldn’t cut cotton.

    By Samantha Strain on 10.18.2011

  23. Puffy, cotton candy clouds mingled into the clear erulean sky, which stretched out far into the distance. Tall, emerald grass swayed gently in the breeze, bending over the quaint stream which caught the soft glow of the golden sun.

    So peaceful. So tranquil.

    So dull.

    By Hana URL on 10.18.2011

  24. Strange that I would get this word when I actually feel this way. I am dull because I am bored. I do have a lot to do but procrastination is very convincing. I should stop trying to feel dull because that the view of the world gets dull as well.

    By EG on 10.18.2011

  25. The problem with alcohol is that it makes you dull. You can’t think clearly and life slips by. I don’t want to be dull. As pleasant as alcohol is, I want my mind sharp at all times.

    By elizabeth b URL on 10.18.2011

  26. If father is dull… Am I dull too?
    When he laughs, I laugh with him.
    Though his jokes are .1 dimensions deep.
    When he speaks sincerely,
    Punishing, praying, preaching,
    I digest his words like rich pâté
    Though his expressions are really
    The McDonalds of junk jargon

    By Noelle URL on 10.18.2011

  27. A flower grew shorter than the other flowers in the field, and it struggled. The other flowers blocked the sunlight, so the unlucky flower withered and found life very dull indeed.

    By Antonio URL on 10.18.2011

  28. There’s nothing so dreary as a day like this, with the sky empty of laughter – filled with clouds, in that same, sad, uniform grey. You see the students as they wander about campus, like little ants on a pretend green lawn, trying to keep dull eyes open, trying to focus, trying to do something other than wish spring and summer came back sooner. It’s not even winter yet, either. They’re just preoccupied with the nonsense of their lives.

    By Lancir URL on 10.18.2011

  29. It was a dull day. Lead sky, lead thoughts, the whole weight of the world on me. One of those days when you feel like you’re locked in a box. A box with heavy metal chains. And molten lead replacing your blood. Your whole soul feels heavy. And the clouds are so thick and occluded they look like dense brain matter. And the grey of nothingness fills you up until you sink beneath its weight.
    But today is not one of those days. Today it is sunny and blue skies and nothing is dull. Everthing is shiny and new and glistening topaz with possibility .

    By siobhan347 URL on 10.18.2011

  30. When I look out at the skyline on this cold, drizzly dull day, I can’t help but want to crawl back in bed. These days make me appreciate a hot cup of tea or coffee, a good book, and my blankets. Perhaps a beautiful guy who wouldn’t mind snuggling next to me. I love having these dull days turn into warm, cozy nights.

    By Cat on 10.18.2011

  31. My intellect has dulled since I graduated. I can almost feel it seeping out through my skin, becoming dumber and dumber as the days pass.

    The thing that worries me most, I think, is that I don’t care enough to stop drinking. Or to enroll in grad school or something. I don’t mind the loss.

    By Les URL on 10.18.2011

  32. People who claim to be bored are often the dullest individuals I know.

    By YourFriendDave URL on 10.18.2011

  33. He was a dull man. He had been a dull child and had never changed. He wore plain clothes and packed the same lunch every day. His excitement consisted of playing solitaire on his computer and weeding his mediocre lawn.

    By Corinne on 10.18.2011

  34. The day was bleak. Rain clouds hung heavily in the sky, threatening to burst at any moment. She couldn’t help but wish she was home, back in bed with the covers pulled up. The day was a dull one, lacking in color and anticipation.

    By Luna URL on 10.18.2011

  35. i can’t read the word, but I think it’s “dull”. Interesting word for my writing career, huh? Anyway, I don’t want to be dull. I want to be the opposite of dull. What is the opposite of dull you ask? hmmm let me think about it. How about ‘alive’ ‘awake’ ‘aware’ ‘exciting’ or ‘interesting’? I like those. Those work for me!

    By Cheryl URL on 10.18.2011

  36. The humdrumming sound of rain against the windowsill forced me to stop and stare at my surroundings – books in enormous piles against the wall, shadows in every corner, and not a single soul interested in my existence.

    By Kate URL on 10.18.2011

  37. when I see the word “dull” I think on the swidish word ull wtich is a soft material that comes from sheeps, and you can make clothes of it.

    By olivia URL on 10.18.2011

  38. dull is the color gray

    By Sota on 10.18.2011

  39. Dull can describe many things. Some people think doing homework is dull (boring), some people think reading is dull (it is NOT!), and some people think oneword is dull. I don’t agree, I think this site is quite nice. But dull means boring.

    By Damaris URL on 10.18.2011

  40. The day felt as dull as the noise inside my head – a sort of low pitched hum that only stopped when the voice in there said ‘you’re a failure.’ How long had this been there? As long as I can remember. Nothing unusual about it except maybe no one else experiences this.

    By infogypsy URL on 10.18.2011