October 16th, 2011 | 325 Entries

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325 Entries for “warfare”

  1. something that need a lot of responsibility. leading a war is something that you need to be sure about because when you started there is no way back. the world would be so much better without war.

    By Frede on 10.17.2011

  2. The battle between my eyelids and sleep rages on and sleep is winning.

    By Les URL on 10.17.2011

  3. Warfare: the act of war while the fair is in town.

    By just582 URL on 10.17.2011

  4. Why is it called warFARE anyway? It’s not fair! ‘Nothing’s fair in love and war’! Warfare is a long and arduous battle in which neither side can truly ever win and both will have lost so much when it’s all over.

    By Lucy on 10.17.2011

  5. What the hell is warfare? I don’t know, so let me write about something else. Like this guy that I just meet. Now THAT is something to write about. Man, he is great!!! I really like him, he’s perfect! Unlike warfare?! Yeah, warfare is a dumb word.

    By AndyGirl on 10.17.2011