October 17th, 2011 | 400 Entries

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400 Entries for “dull”

  1. i’m a very dull girl and i know it
    i try sometimes to be someone else
    but what can i do?
    i can’t escape myself
    can’t escape my dullness
    i should accept it and just grow:
    becoming something new

    By ren URL on 10.18.2011

  2. nothing beats how dull all my senses feel right now. Just watched a video of a little girl getting run over twice by cars and 18 people walking by not doing anything. after that, the 15 car crash where 77 died. so so dull

    By Ezekiel URL on 10.18.2011

  3. the night becomes a dull bruised red when the sun goes down behind the distant hills, that was where i saw your ghost waving goodbye. there is a dull ache in my bones and i know i’ll never go home again.

    By samantha colwell URL on 10.18.2011

  4. dull dull dull. the sound is like a thud. it is a drumming, a beating. when i say it out loud the word takes my chin to the ground. it is a long sound, just like the noise it makes. the lowercase d is rounded just like dull and the shape of my mouth.

    By H on 10.18.2011

  5. Dull … the entire time we were there, it was dull. There were no edges, everything just blended in. No high points, no low points … just dull! I certainly hope that we don’t have to make that little trip too many times!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 10.18.2011

  6. He was duller than a brick, in both senses of the word. He was not smart, in any way that could be construed. And you found his conversation so far from interesting, that you thought you had dozed off at one point on the car ride home. Maybe you had imagined it. Or maybe that was just your mind’s way of trying to pretend that none of this was real.
    Surely, somebody could not be this lacking in everything.
    But then the next sentence out of his mouth proved you wrong. Yet again.

    By Chelseyann URL on 10.18.2011

  7. You are dull like a pencil.

    By Jordyn on 10.18.2011

  8. You can’t become that minute of perfectiion when god takes a swim through our man-made creations. that’s not dull. Lol. I don’t want to LEt’s play a game,! he puts his cards up in the air, and points it at the wheel of forutune, tonght we got a special show for you folks, tonight we have the stewarts over here, montey, alyssa, erin, ythey are all going to show you how to play
    I already hate myself for editing myself. I need to be mindful. this isn’t a place for me to bleed, its to exercise.

    By SeanPatrickArmstrong URL on 10.18.2011

  9. between the keys there is some hairs and lint, that I am now obligated to pick at, go down the hall and click the elevator buttons, smells like the trash, and cigarette butts put out in the corner, actually helps the smelll

    By SeanPatrickArmstrong URL on 10.18.2011

  10. baumstumpf, der belistift ist so stumpf dass man es nciht ertragen kann, der baumstumpf sticht mir sofort ins auge denn er ist grün und ziemlich groß für einen baumstumpf eigentlich. bist du auch so stumpfsinnig wie dei

    By Elena Trauttmansdorff on 10.18.2011

  11. Dull… it feels like the color is fading from my life as the people who bring the brightness slowly leave my side. Explosion of yellow and green turn to gray as she walks away from my side. The calm and shyness of blue drips, washes away with the rain as he says his last goody bye. And now i’m scared of losing the red, teal, and indigo in my life. I’m scared of returning to monochrome again

    By Spark URL on 10.18.2011

  12. everyone thought she was dull and lifeless,
    but no one knew that inside under those furry petals was a beautiful red poppy waiting to explode into our worlds, taking our breath and our preconceived ideas away!

    By Jacqui on 10.18.2011

  13. School is dull, its dull when you have nothing to do, its dull when you have to work, its dull when the weather isn´t nice. Its dull when you

    By Simon jonsson URL on 10.18.2011

  14. I dont like people who are dull,its a waste of precious energy. But colours that are dull can be nice.so dull can be good or bad. It all depends where you look at.

    By Gaurav Kandpal on 10.18.2011

  15. dull the day dull the mood dull the students before me. Dull their hopes dull their dreams dull their behaviour and attitudes. Why so dull? Life is NOT dull!

    By Mr T URL on 10.18.2011

  16. An eternal ending. Dull, gray, the mist shrouds my sight makes it hard to see.
    Mayby i would stay inside?

    By Treasure hunter URL on 10.18.2011

  17. Love is dull. Its no longer full as it once was, of promise. It is now pregnant with the impossible expectations we sucked dry from the media’s portrayal of what love should be. According to the mainstream outlook, a good romance is one driven by consumerism and desperate codependency.

    By Ruben URL on 10.18.2011

  18. The room was poorly-lit and an odd shade of olive. A couch sat opposite the television, next to the sliding glass door. More olive constituted as curtains. It was dull to the last bolt on the door. All the woman could do was take off her mary-janes and hope the next day would be better.

    By thebananapost URL on 10.18.2011

  19. It’s a gloomy and dull day. There was a beehives attached to our family tree. It looks like a soursop fruit from far but taking a closer look makes you have goose bump. I wonder how it ended up in our tree. It must be the music I played that attracted them last night.

    By prrudy on 10.18.2011

  20. dull like the dust on the ground?
    the dust in the air?
    it sparkles and floats like a million points of light
    like a million trillion stars
    floating in the dark dark night
    of the universe and the dust isn’t dull
    so what is?

    By Jessy L on 10.18.2011

  21. Am I dull? Am I not to others what I percieve myself to be? Maybe…But at least I see myself in color. Black and white dreams are not my dreams. Those are the dreams of dead people. But I, I am alive and I want to live. I want to be free. Free to live and express and be and dream. Dream my own dreams. The dreams of of the dreamless. Hopes of the hopeless. Love of the Loveless. And I’ve got more love than any photograph, smeared gray around the edges. No definite image. no definite lines to where one person ends and another begins. And I’ve got more hope than any photograph, smeared gray around the edges. No definite image. No definite emotion behind that fuzzy unfixed face. And I’ve got more dreams than any phtograph, smeared gray around the edges. No definite image. No definite image…what was that dream?

    By Stacyrenee93 on 10.18.2011

  22. l like flowers, l like red, yellow, pink all colors on a flower and l really like the sun. L like to be on the beach and be with my friends

    By Linnea Kristiansson on 10.18.2011

  23. of bleached rainbows. starless skies. a dreamless sleep. a dreamless life. a lifeless dream. monotony. under the waves. of routines. of no more surprises. of already knowing everything. of god.

    By sayla URL on 10.18.2011

  24. school is dull ! homework is dull and the weather is dull. the schools food is dull because it is the same all day long. when somthing doesent work its dull

    By Linnea Kristiansson on 10.18.2011

  25. A dull boy was sitting on a table, eating ice-cream but he just can’t eat nicely and he make his clothes dirty. He caught everybody attention but he just doesn’t bother.

    By Jimmy URL on 10.18.2011

  26. It’s not about how interesting something is, it’s about how dull it isn’t. When we say we like something, what we really mean is that we find it less dulling than other such things. So, being dull is not really about the absence of something interesting or remarkable, it’s merely having less of it.

    By Ashika on 10.18.2011

  27. the dullness surrounds me and it drowns my hope with the grey unending song

    By emily howarth on 10.18.2011

  28. Dull….The weather is so dull today the rain has been poring since morning..My dogs in my bed just looking out the window with me..

    By Julia:) URL on 10.18.2011

  29. It was a dull moment indeed, everything was going wrong in my life, I just needed to get my life in order, but the results of the tests were not inspiring.

    By victor walkes URL on 10.18.2011

  30. not seeing things outside of your walls, not excepting it because they are different in your seeing

    By valentina on 10.18.2011

  31. light is dull. people get when either they are sad or they are unhappy about their friends, or their marks (incase of school- goin kids). bright is the oppisite of dull.

    By gurpreet on 10.18.2011

  32. It was a dull, rainy day. But that didn’t stop Lucy from discovering Narnia. In fact, it was probably the reason she found it.

    By s160814 URL on 10.18.2011

  33. I don’t know what it is. But i think on ”ull” when i see dull.

    By Jessica Pettersson on 10.18.2011

  34. when i see the word “dull” i thining that is it doll. but it is´t. I know what the word mening is.

    By jennifer URL on 10.18.2011

  35. VIVEN is extreeeeeeeemelty DULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today’s day was a really dull 1….

    By viven rakesh on 10.18.2011

  36. Dull? What does it mean to go unnoticed, to be happy with your lot, to want for nothing, to not have to push against things. to know your own mind? Is this contentment or does it lack lustre?
    I would reflect on it,but my surface is dull!

    By Geejay URL on 10.18.2011

  37. very boring and doesnt look good. no fun. nobody likes it.example : grey is a dull colour.
    opposite of dull is bright. bright is amazing.

    By ashika dileep on 10.18.2011

  38. school is boring. i think school is boring cuse it not apenibg so mutch.

    By pierre westerholm URL on 10.18.2011

  39. kjjj

    By holly on 10.18.2011

  40. I think school is dull sometimes.
    I think it´s dull if the computer dosent work.
    It´s dull to to homework.
    It´s very dull to have a bad knee.
    It´s dull to have long lessons.

    By André Lövdinger on 10.18.2011