October 17th, 2011 | 400 Entries

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400 Entries for “dull”

  1. Dull people, dull conversation.

    I cannot escape the generic.

    Please someone, bring me some detail or focus.

    By Sarahkathryn URL on 10.17.2011

  2. You. are so dull. It’s incredible how I didn’t realize what a waste of time you were. Dull days, dull pain, dull emotions, dull talk. You and your new girlfriend are the dullest couple of all time. You walk like stiff mannequins, barely moving a muscle. No facial emotions, no laughter. Is it even possible that I looked like that girl when I was with you a year ago?

    By Allures URL on 10.17.2011

  3. when i think about you, i think about how dull your eyes were, and how i was constantly searching for depth within their murkiness, and then one day, i thought to myself, “maybe that’s it, maybe that’s all” and i hated you.

    By devin URL on 10.17.2011

  4. the lights are dull, the lampshade is a dull yellow color, yellowing to a dull brown. the dull man sits quietly–dully–in his chair, alone in the dull, dimming lights. it is early november and he is late.

    By kendra on 10.17.2011

  5. its a dull day. laundry to do and rain outside. a typical sunday. lounging around the house reading and watching the hours tick by hoping for a few more moments before work on monday.

    By Chris URL on 10.17.2011

  6. I faced the window and noticed how foggy and dull it was outside. My heart pounded, that meant it was a boring day and I didn’t have anything to look forward to. No one wanted to hang out when it was that dull. I was a dull person anyway. Dull… what a strange word. I was always wondering about words and today’s word was… well, dull and without shine.


    By Lexi on 10.17.2011

  7. My life at the moment seems pretty dull. I think, though, that things are only dull because we make them that way. Meaning, the term “dull” isn’t something real, its just a figment of our imaginations. If that makes any sense.

    By laura on 10.17.2011

  8. natalie is dull.

    By Heren URL on 10.17.2011

  9. The dull edge of grief is what has happened to me. After years of lose I am now able to say the pain is not so sharp. Dull but not diluted. Pain of lose is in the past but it has not been forgotten.

    By Alice Trott on 10.17.2011

  10. a man rests in the corner while early november graying skies turn dark in the early evening and the lampshade is yellowing, casting light upon his left cheek. he is lonely, though not alone.

    By kendra URL on 10.17.2011

  11. dull face cracking jokes on dullface avenue listening to some crack whores mumble incesantly about junk and shit and costumers and condoms, unable to see the futility of their own existence, as we all are.

    By drigo on 10.17.2011

  12. Dull to me is the opposite of sharp. Dull sometimes to me means boring. It has no climax because it has no edge. Very much like a not sharp idem. Dull looks a like a dull word. http://thedude510.tumblr.com/

    By Imagine URL on 10.17.2011

  13. Dull is my life.
    I never know what to do or when to do it or how to do it. I can never find the motivation. All I do is sit around.
    And thus, it my life is dull.
    Yes, it is my fault. But not always. Sometimes I just wonder if our lives are meant to be dull. While the life of one person may seem exciting to someone, that same life can be dull to the person living it.
    So who really knows? Maybe my life is actually exciting and amazing and I just think its dull because of “the grass is always greener on the other side” phenomenon.
    Or perhaps I really am a lazy arse…

    By Michelle Jardine on 10.17.2011

  14. the way glass reflects once it’s broken and scattered on the floor boards of an old car. it isn’t even yours, nothing ever was. it shines with the ghost of a light you used to know, and the glimmer of a blind future, and you’re hoping that it will keep on shining, but you start to recognize the faded, broken glass on the floor boards. you open your eyes, in hopes that it was a dream. “sorry to disappoint, but the world isn’t as bright as it used to be.”

    By stephanie on 10.17.2011

  15. She had the eyes of a manaquin. Dead. Dull. They were no longer full of life like they once were. I didn’t understand what had happened. One minute, we were laughing and joking. The next, her eyes glazed over and she pursed her lips.

    By Erin on 10.17.2011

  16. my life my day my vision….
    images–multicolored flashes–shouts and beep and buzz and beat
    and yet the busyness is still so dull.
    where it sweet stillness?
    Delightful dull?

    By Morgan on 10.17.2011

  17. the way glass reflects once it’s broken and scattered on the floor boards of an old car. it isn’t even yours, nothing ever was. it shines with the ghost of a light you used to know, and the glimmer of a blind future, and you’re hoping that it will keep on shining, but you start to recognize the faded, broken glass under your feet. you open your eyes, in hopes that it was just a dream. “sorry to disappoint, but the world isn’t as bright as it used to be.”

    By stephanie URL on 10.17.2011

  18. My life. Every second of my existence, everything I do, everywhere I go. Unable to escape all that it is. Wish it wasn’t so. My life that is dull.

    By Bri on 10.17.2011

  19. Dreary sad awful days.
    Shoulder aches
    Drab eyes, sad goodbyes
    Go away, rain
    Fly away
    Leave today

    By Meredith on 10.17.2011

  20. When I try to color the elephant shape in my book, the lines become blurry and the color bleeds. The negative space around the elephant is also becoming a dark gray because my crayon is dull.

    By Shineapple URL on 10.17.2011

  21. she felt dull in this world
    where her love was nothing but dark.
    and she would say, as she listened to some hip music,
    she would say dull doesn’t even match the painted walls.
    she’d keep walking around the home.
    she waits for bright moments
    and true tv love
    she says the movie love is fake.

    By Natalie on 10.17.2011

  22. Sad,
    lost hope
    dreary days
    dull eyes
    -all lost in the abyss-
    rain-go away
    leave me alone
    let me be okay,
    but it’s all okay

    By merebrown URL on 10.17.2011

  23. it is very dull to be stuck with a job u don’t enjoy. Monday is quite a dull day. That is if u r stuch with the wrong job. Grey can be quite a dull colour.

    By Ruby on 10.17.2011

  24. I tap on my desk in some random pattern as the cadence comes into my thoughts. write a new song tonight? maybe, maybe not. I’m feel so dry, so empty, so…

    By Danielle Cook on 10.17.2011

  25. The pencil grew ever duller as he wrote his heart out. It wasn’t that the paper ate up pencils quickly, but that he wrote with such fierceness and ferocity that the graphite tool could only last so long. Under the pressure of the writer’s thoughts, the pencil could not give in. It could not stop.

    By Hunter Field URL on 10.17.2011

  26. i am bored. looking out the classroom window I see the same old dusty asphalt, the half broken, leaning elm tree and the moldy playground set.

    By Danielle URL on 10.17.2011

  27. bland colorless blank lame no fun slow ugly drowning noise boring

    By clarissa on 10.17.2011

  28. how do I get another word?!!??!?!?

    By Danielle URL on 10.17.2011

  29. It was a dull morning. The sky was grey, and the only noise that could be heard was the silence roaring in ears. The cement was wet from rain the night before, and a cool quiet swept over the neighborhood. The trees had already lost their leaves, looking stark and naked against the expanse of whitewashed air. Birds chirped in a seemingly somber way, but I think it was just my mood. I wasn’t sure where I was headed, and at that point, it didn’t matter. I just wanted to be engulfed in the day, as dull and endless as it appeared to me. I wanted to become part of it and forget everything that had happened in the last month, the last year. The best thing to blend into is something that is not very unique or noticeable, because you don’t have to try as hard. All I had to focus on was my walking. I didn’t want to stop.

    By Silvana URL on 10.17.2011

  30. Dull echoes are in my mind. After bringing up, vomiting, children. The echoes are dulled by the repetition of them. They are all the same, grasping, selfish and self serving. I wish I could dull them out completely and forever.

    By superalicat URL on 10.17.2011

  31. class is dull. the guy in my stupid sociology class with the glasses looks like the world’s dullest person. i hate dull pastel colors and professors who think you care about philosophy. life without adventure or travel is dull. dull is monday morning on the bus. dull is the absence of excitement.

    By michelle on 10.17.2011

  32. dull…not sharp…not bright….not

    By therese URL on 10.17.2011

  33. When I see the word dull I think of those two kids from cat in the hat looking out the window when it’s raining and they don’t have anything to do because they’re bored with all their toys so they sit and wait for the cat in the hat to come and save them from their dullness

    By Melanie on 10.17.2011

  34. The dull clank of the staff against the rusted metal grated on her nerves in a way she couldn’t explain. It wasn’t like it was an especially loud or screeching sound like nails on a chalkboard. Maybe it was the fact that she couldn’t stand the sight of the rust. She never liked the color of rust, being blood-like and all.

    By Dawn Eastpoint URL on 10.17.2011

  35. Other people must think his life is dull, he realized suddenly, evidence culminated from all the looks he gathered in a day. The pity on his son’s face, the just-humour-him on the cleaning lady’s face, the way his pharmacist seemed extra enthusiastic in making sure he was comfortable; it all added up to ‘I’m glad I’m not him. I’m glad my life is better than his.” He didn’t know what they were talking about; even just sitting in the cozy armchairs in the living room with his wife, in total silence, sipping hot coffee and reading newspapers or novels was exciting to him, more important than anything else. Even after all these years being married to her, she still made him smile, still made his heart do a little leap when she came home from the store or popped in to tell him dinner was ready. His life was perfect, it was heaven; dull is just a matter of opinion, after all.

    By Doctor noun, M.D. URL on 10.17.2011

  36. there was a dull slash, followed by a sharp pain. he felt it travel all across his midsection, watching as words fell out of his stomach, ink marked “guts”.

    By owen URL on 10.17.2011

  37. There was once a dull knife. It sat on a shelf with no one to look at it. One day, it fell off the shelf with a loud thud but never a slide. It landed on the floor and left a large dent without a slide. People passed it and knew that something had happened there before.

    By Jefferson Carson URL on 10.17.2011

  38. That girl over there hasnt got any friends cause she hasnt got anything interesting to say and she hasnt got anything interesting to do and she doesnt like interesting things or colors. I feel quite bad for her.

    By Jessica Frick on 10.17.2011

  39. People are surprisingly dull when you get down to it. You meet them, they seem witty and full of pizzazz, and shortly thereafter, dull dull dull. I’d like to light a fire under their asses.

    By the ikkiest URL on 10.17.2011

  40. Boring. Ugh. I wanna die. Or maybe sleep? It’s really up to you. Or me. Or them. Who are they, anyway? Why am I sitting here, alone? I should be asleep. I have work to do. This is a dull situation. Dull. Dull, like a dusty chalkboard. A creaky chair. A fog. Ugh. What to do, what to do, what to do….An infinity of what?

    By Stella on 10.17.2011