October 17th, 2011 | 400 Entries

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400 Entries for “dull”

  1. Dull is the meaning of every class i have attended at school. Dull is the feeling that perforates through the voices of old ladies and old men everywhere. Dullness can suck the fun out of any day, grinding the roller coaster of life to an abhorrent stop. To be dull is to be still, to be still is to be dead. Tis life I would chose over the incessant boredom of death.

    By Mike Thompson on 10.17.2011

  2. Her arthritic fingers trembled as they grazed the dusty keys.
    She applied pressure. Discordant noise.
    Notes had become numbers,
    Song, a statistic.

    Sanity had made her insane;
    She lost what had made her beautiful.

    By 陸光儀 URL on 10.17.2011

  3. not happy or interesting. low on color and shine. dim witted. boring not exciting. something that doesn not require much brain power.

    By kathy on 10.17.2011

  4. Hair, people,life,weather
    can be made better, conditioner, talking, more interest, visiting another state

    By Janet on 10.17.2011

  5. Things haven’t been dull for awhile… Everything’s new and exciting. The colors of the world around me seem… renewed, somehow. More vibrant.

    By Ashleigh on 10.17.2011

  6. Lifeless dull, hair, it sounds like a shampoo ad. Oh dear, this is dull itself now. It also rhymes with gull, but I guess they’re not dull, not with a life at sea anyways. Watching storms and pirates can’t be dull for a gull. Grey is dull, rain is dull, things aren’t shiny, they’re just matte and grey. Lifeless. Seems like dull isn’t a very positive word. Kind of mediocre really.

    By Laura on 10.17.2011

  7. i’m honestly terrified of it. slipping through the cracks without anyone seeing. dull, colorless, lifeless. i have an endless desire to live, and breathe, and see the world. i want to live with passion and intensity, i want to spend forever being extreme opposit of dull.

    By rachel URL on 10.17.2011

  8. this day is dull, not in the sense meaning not sharp, dull as in blah. it’s been yucky weather all day and it’s bringing me down. the weather is making me tired. dull.

    By victoria URL on 10.17.2011

  9. before he weighed down my hopes like weights on balloons
    the lies he told were masked as truths
    and he poured heavy fog all across my sky
    and an endless ache became my heartbeat each day and each night
    and dull hues replaced the colors, the meaning, the laughter of life.

    till i said goodbye
    till i said goodbye

    By Dulcie URL on 10.17.2011

  10. the like of youswlf is in the coener of your being. let the light shine anthe shadows be free

    By chantedx on 10.17.2011

  11. Dull things are dull. Sometimes dull things can be very dull. When things are dull, they tend to be duller than most non-dull things. Non-dull things are not dull. The duller a thing is, the more dull and dull-like it tends to be.

    By Sam on 10.17.2011

  12. Life in hell
    job you hate
    look at them wallow and wither
    wither like summer grass
    along pointless roads in an unknown country
    Bereft or reprieve

    By Ian URL on 10.17.2011

  13. Dull. I was and I knew. Drab. Never stood out in a crowd, never had anyone look twice. Average. Most of the time it didn’t matter, but sometimes, especially on Saturday nights it did.

    By jasmith URL on 10.17.2011

  14. The dull side of boredom, is that there’s nothing to do. In your mind at least, but if you simply look around, you may find it hard to stay bored. Don’t give in to the dull routine of doing what people expect you to do. Do yourself a big favor and be you…

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 10.17.2011

  15. the feeling my equilibrium brings me when I am underwater.
    I feel the immersion dulls half of my senses.

    By ARBlue URL on 10.17.2011

  16. She was walking through the park to find herself. Every day was just becoming dull. Her mind was numb with the sameness of this life. When would she find that one BIG adventure that everyone seemed to have. She needed to live, really live. She liked to think that not always would it be this way. But as usual, the way she liked to think had proven her wrong.

    By Ashley on 10.17.2011

  17. One color barely is different then the next, faintly different shades of gray and brown blend in together, barely making a difference in the treeless plain, the grass brown and dead. The entire place is so dull that nothing can even capture the boredom of the desperate place.

    By Jocelyn URL on 10.17.2011

  18. The shade of gray made the grandeur of the mansion diminish.
    Over grown plants and vegetation made the house seem ever older and creepy.
    Every kid in the neighborhood never set foot 100 yards of that building…

    By Tiffany P URL on 10.17.2011

  19. It’s my greatest fear and maybe it will always be.
    I could be ugly; I could be bad-tempered.
    I could be rude; I could be mean.
    I could be lazy and I could be dumb.
    But at least I’m not boring; at least you don’t find me dull.

    By Johanna URL on 10.17.2011

  20. The dull sky, was contrasted by the all glass shed, that sat in the middle of the dark, green, and mossy forest. It’s glass seemed to sparkle with life, fighting the darkness that tried to blanket it.

    By Chloe K. URL on 10.17.2011

  21. a dull day is a day without laughter

    By Jennifer Meyer on 10.17.2011

  22. history homework. i don’t know what my problem is. i have had this assignment due for a few days now, and i just have no interest in completing it. i open the textbook, read the chapter, then have to start over because i have absolutely no recollection of what i’ve just read. it’s driving me nuts.

    By phoetus URL on 10.17.2011

  23. The dull metal gleamed sickeningly, hardly taking in any color. Hardly a gleam. More like a grimace. The knife lay where only he could reach it – my arms were tied to the chair i was sitting in. The rope was thick and there was no escape.
    “Please. Have mercy?”
    I pled with my captor. But Derek did not listen to my plaintive cries.
    “Sorry, Angelica. But your deception has gone on too long. It’s time to die.”

    By Talia on 10.17.2011

  24. The scenery was as dull as could be. It could be placed pretty much anywhere. The cows were grazing on the sides, and Mattie was so bored she began actually counting their spots! She wondered, briefly, if they were nearly at their destination but didn’t dare ask her uncle. He would just smile that stupid smile and tell her to ‘Have patience, my lovely dove!”

    By Almost Genius on 10.17.2011

  25. i’ve been doing much too much science. well, it’s not that i’m doing too much, it’s just that it’s taking up so much of my time. i take too many notes. but then i need to stop and wait to be picked up and taken home before i can continue. because the point of my pencil is dull. and i simply can’t have that. i don’t know why. i just can’t. i guess i could probably bring more pencils. but they’ll all just get dull again too.

    By phoetus URL on 10.17.2011

  26. The dull grey background of the painting set light for the brightly colored buildings. The vibrant trees, and the faces of the ever so small people. You could see the town was smiling even though the rest of the world may not have been.

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 10.17.2011

  27. Dull is my life right now. Probally the reason that I am actually doing this :( I would have had something to do if i had not been sick… Dull is the fact that I gotmy bf sick too and now he cant come over. Dull is my math teacher and the fact that she was angry that i left.

    By sasha URL on 10.17.2011

  28. boring not interesting, sometimes I think I am dull. When I am dull I get very restless.

    By zenta URL on 10.17.2011

  29. Dull seems to be a pretty clearly defined word. Boring, lame, nothing interesting. There are many things in my life that i could describe as dull, first being my boyfriend. Things with him and i have been completely dull. It is a lack of spice, it is nothing new. It’s like having a knife that can’t cut anything. it’s confusing and i don

    By taryn on 10.17.2011

  30. Like a dull knife I can’t get into the morning and want to cover it up and put it at the bottom of the garbage pail until someone comes along and retrieves it.

    By nannan URL on 10.17.2011

  31. Dull, oh dear, how dull, she thought, gazing off into space. Here she was, once again in class- forced to listen as her teacher droned on and on about something or the other She is not even sure what it is this time. But then she knew- it was dull

    By Emi on 10.17.2011

  32. you’re face is dull. no, it’s really not, it just hangs that way. Sometimes when you smile you look somewhat amusing and it doesn’t feel so awkward to be around you. I’m sure you’re not thinking dull thoughts, maybe you are. Have you done any skinny dipping lately? That’s not dull.

    By Simone Cottrell on 10.17.2011

  33. Dull dull dull. This is so dull. I don’t know what to say. This is dull.

    By Simon Alford on 10.17.2011

  34. Dull, not again- I did think it would change. How odd. To be dull. Without shine, without vigor. I wonder, am I dull? Do I think it? But then perhaps its a feeling, underwater, all your senses blocked, do you feel dull? Is it bad? I don’t know, to be honest. I’m rather confused.

    By Ella on 10.17.2011

  35. thats what he was. Dull. He was tall, short haired, no freckles, no smiles, no laughter. Dull. How could my family ever set me up with this boy, this creature. This boring male in my species. Throughout the dinner he told me no jokes, didn’t crack a laugh once and barely brought up any topics other than acedamics and the rowing team.

    By Emmy URL on 10.17.2011

  36. It was so dull, sitting in that stupid classroom listening to the stupid 80 year old teacher drone on and on about her stupid life and all of the stupid things in English. Ugh, I couldn’t stand that subject. I rolled my eyes and wished fervently I was somewhere else. Anywhere else. I swear to God, I would be an angel for my mother if I didn’t have to go to this horrid school.

    By Sarah URL on 10.17.2011

  37. dull.
    My life.
    My life is dull.
    Same thing,
    Get up,
    Go to school,
    Go home,
    go to sleep,
    then start all over again the next day.
    That’s what my life is like.
    Until you showed up.

    By Rosetta Quinn URL on 10.17.2011

  38. it was dull
    the entire thing
    down to the end
    from the begging
    i don’t lack passion
    but it sure did
    maybe because i’m not happy
    maybe because of him
    i’m not sure where it was missing
    what makes something good
    but i surely feel neglected
    and i don’t think i ever should
    even when we were together
    it was as if i didn’t matter
    i was only there for warmth
    or to use him as my blanket
    i never felt adored
    or even not ignored
    and i never really cared
    that i would be better off bored
    i waited for magic
    or something good to happen
    but instead i went and played with myself
    until i got the courage to unravel it
    now i’m sitting here wondering
    if we he even felt was love
    because since i expressed myself
    my phones been awful quiet
    if a girl says she feels unpretty
    or wonders if you’d love her more
    if she was really really skinny
    then you remind her that shes beautiful
    just the way she is
    and maybe someday
    someone will want to have your kids

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 10.17.2011

  39. This is how my life feels right now, nothing ever changes, and if it does it is shortlived happiness. I either need to change myself or something around me. Gee I wonder what that could be. i just feel stuck like a mouse with his leg caught in a trap with the cheese already hanging in his mouth. sometimes everything feels so perfect, and yet chaotic and flustered. I feel like my life is a broken mirror and i’m trying to glue the pieces back together, hopefully it will turn into something artistic and beautiful…. or it could just look like a shitty pile of glue and glass…

    By gina on 10.17.2011

  40. dull is when your professor takes 10 times longer than needed to explain something to you. it’s when you have expectations and they are let down. dull is boring. dull is when you would rather be asleep. dull is when you’d rather be somewhere else. dull is weak sauce. dull is affected by your attitude.

    By Gillian on 10.17.2011