November 17th, 2010 | 194 Entries

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194 Entries for “duck”

  1. duck! look out! there are plasma ducks coming out of your tv and they are coming for you… eat all your veggies or they’ll eat you at night, those ducks from outer space are hungry for human flesh and they’ll make just one bite out of your brain.

    By inoxia URL on 11.17.2010

  2. duck an insult, a responsibility. duck and cover and run to the pond to pick at seaweed with my tail in the air. yellow, brown, daffy, mallard, canadian, duck duck duck.

    By Atosa on 11.17.2010

  3. once there was a duck named bob he liked to kyak bob was green

    By aidan on 11.17.2010

  4. There used to be two ducks in our backyard. I loved watching them play in puddles, but the neighbor’s cat killed the female. Days later the male was still calling for her.

    By Mary on 11.17.2010

  5. Multi-colored feathers. Water off a duck’s back. Travel down the river. Eat breadcrumbs and sit in the grass. Loyal couples.

    By Amy C on 11.17.2010

  6. I like ducks. They quack. Supposedly, their quacks don’t echo, but I believe that’s been proven to be untrue. I wonder if it is. I’ve never actually tested this theory. Wouldn’t that be cool though?! Woah. I wonder if I would echo if I quacked. Or does it have to be authentic? If so it wouldn’t work. I’m not a duck. …Obviously.

    By Em on 11.17.2010

  7. Duck. A bird that spends most of its time on water. Its species consists of the Mallard and wood duck, to name a few.

    By Caleb on 11.17.2010

  8. pato feet bill water ugly duckling white orange rubber ducky Ernie watch out! float bill honk quack duck alarange peking duck greasy dark

    By Maureen Bales on 11.17.2010

  9. ducks are cute there are tdifferent names for the male and female duck a male is a drake a female is a mallard ducks have babyducks called ducklings when ppl throw somethig and it looks like it will hit you they shout duck , ducks have a special gland that produces an oil which makes their feathers waterproof they press this and coat their feathers in it . ducks can also be eaten as be it the duck itsel or its eggs duck isactually quite tasty i like to order it from the cinese but its very expensive

    By emma doran on 11.17.2010

  10. everything is blurry. the sounds, the smells. i see some ducks in the water in the distance, looking peaceful, and i step towards them, wading slowly into the cool lake water, ignoring the smell or the silent wind blowing by. they look peaceful. i feel dizzy, remembering the harsh vodka i’d been drinking. i waded further. i wanted to touch them, i wanted to swim, i didnt want to be on land anymore.

    By somedays on 11.17.2010

  11. has feathers and make good egg laying pets, and you can stuff quilts and pillows with their feathers and then eat them when they die, if you have lots they can have babies so the line continues and starts all over again, but you will need a pond

    By Mircaedes Medhurst on 11.17.2010

  12. I hear the shout just seconds before I would have lost my head: “DUCK!” I do, and the flying knife has so nearly missed me that I feel it slice hair off the back of my neck. I don’t bother wondering at the sudden chaos that has erupted, however – I immediately scramble for shelter.

    By Julia A. URL on 11.17.2010

  13. The duck ducked behind the duck vent, held together with duct tape. After ducking into Dunkin’ Donuts, the duck danced inside the aquaduct. Dusk fell. The duck died. Duh.

    By Emily on 11.17.2010

  14. Duck and cover…that’s how I was taught to survive a nuclear attack. Honestly, can you believe it? Hide under your wood and steel school desk and the radioactive fallout won’t get you. It seems our government has always found ways to distract the people from the real problems and the real things to fear.

    By Andie on 11.17.2010

  15. Duck and cover! People screamed from all corners to do this, to crawl beneath desks, to hide your head. But what good would it do? Once it hit, we were all ashes. I sat down cross-legged in the middle of the street, where everyone and everything could see me, looked up at the skies, and watched the fire come.

    By CeeCeeElle on 11.17.2010

  16. once, when i was vey young, my grandparents took me to a park. there was a small lake at the par, and a duck bit me, ever since that day, i haven’t liked ducks. i even told my cousin that i wouldn’t watch the mighty ducks with her; i told her that im allergic.

    By chelsea URL on 11.17.2010

  17. my best friend calls me her little duckie. i secretly love it.
    when i was little i always wanted to feed the little ducks at the park. i remember riding around the lake on my bike and rollerblades all the time. over and over again. funny how things change… but that i’ll never forget what some things symbolize…

    By abra URL on 11.17.2010

  18. There once was a duck named Chuck, who liked to live in the muck. One day he got stuck and was out of his luck, and said, “Sigh, life just really does suck…”

    By Kathy on 11.17.2010

  19. he ducked under the balcony, the excitement surging through his veins like the ocean spray cranberry commercial. he could hear her pacing back and forth above him, her tread deer-soft and pensive. a taxi was hailed far below, the whistle cutting the air but not the tension. doors slamming, people shouting and the usual sounds of the city were drowned in everyone’s ears but his own by the self-inflicted ipod scream.

    By Erin on 11.17.2010

  20. “Quick!”

    The commander barked at me, but I couldn’t hear what he was yelling. It sounded like a command, take cover maybe, but I’ve been through so much hell I was too tired to do anything else but stare at the flashing of the gun muzzle before I had my last thought and lights went out.

    By J. Ward URL on 11.17.2010

  21. Quack! Quack! The duck goes wild, running through the yard chasing the dog. Quack! Quack! It attacks the dog. Silly duck.

    By Becky URL on 11.17.2010

  22. Get low, drop to a crouch, and get your knees on the floor; cover your face and cast down your eyes, some things are better left going over your head.

    By Rob URL on 11.17.2010

  23. The duck sat on a huge dick. And it roe him in half. Suddenly, the sky opened up and poured millions of ducks down from the heavens. A red, black, horrible rumble erupted and lightning and clouds overcame the scene, ducks careening through the air.
    I said to her “Stay still. It will all be over soon.” And we ducked beneath the ducks flying all about through the air.

    By eric on 11.17.2010

  24. My first word was duck. My brothers’ both went for dad, but I liked ducks. A love that has sense been replaced by elephants. I once dated a man who loved ducks like I love elephants. He thought it was sign for us. He was wrong.

    By Elizabeth Moon URL on 11.17.2010

  25. The duck sat on a huge dick. And it tore him in half. Suddenly, the sky opened up and poured millions of ducks down from the heavens. A red, black, horrible rumble erupted and lightning and clouds overcame the scene, ducks careening through the air.
    I said to her “Stay still. It will all be over soon.” And we ducked beneath the ducks flying all about through the air, tears streaming from our eyes.

    By eric on 11.17.2010

  26. Ducks are mammals from the Animalia Kingdom of Classfication. They have webbed feet and a bill mouth and nose. They are cute and go “quack!” and can swim in the water or walk on land.

    By Ayla on 11.17.2010

  27. Look at that! It’s a flying butter knife!

    Huh? What do you mean, it’s a duck? Shut up and get out of here with that. Are you some kind of idiot? Look at it, man, it’s cutting up butter in the sky! Aieeeeeeee so cool!!!!

    LOOK I DON’T CARE THAT IT’S QUACKING! SHUT UP. If a butter knife can FLY why the heck can’t it QUACK too?!? You’re so DUMB!!!!

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 11.17.2010

  28. A duck sat down on the small stool. “This stool is made for midgets!” The duck sarcastly said. All of the sudden a flying hot dog on a string flew in the building through the wall and proceeded to whack the duck in the head…”I’M A VEGETARIAN!” the duck then replied to the weiner dog as he turned to look at it. He then got up and walked away :(

    By Ayla on 11.17.2010

  29. Duck, sadly, the first thing that comes to mind is a different, rhyming four letter word. It’s a word I dislike, not on moral grounds, simply because it is overused. People use it at every conceivable spot in a sentence, and even many where it doesn’t even make sense. I hate being insulted with the word, it shows no creativity.

    By Lauren on 11.17.2010

  30. “QUACK, QUACK, QUACK, QUACK! GOOOOOOO DUCKS!” Who could possibly pass up this opportunity to pay homage to Coach Bombay and the ducks. MD Forever.

    By TJ Bokovoy on 11.17.2010

  31. “Duck?”
    “Duck like get down for your life or small waterfowl?”

    I used to have- I do have, a lovely stuffed mallard, with a golden watch round it’s neck. Mallards have always been my favorite, with their splashes of color. That mallard was my constant companion as a child in Texas.

    By R. Lf. M. URL on 11.17.2010

  32. “duck, lower, watch it, you’ll hit your–”

    head again
    that’s what you said again
    and i didn’t listen
    ’cause i never listen
    and my forehead bleeds
    and my tears stream
    but my smile still stays
    something ’bout my way
    and spiting you in the process
    always makes my day.

    By thispieceofwork URL on 11.17.2010

  33. The following day proved to be cold, and windy, but when the sun hit my eyes, I felt the remaining warmth from summer. Like leftovers from a meal earlier in the week, it wasn’t as fresh, but still reminded me of what it originally tasted of.

    By circuit URL on 11.17.2010

  34. “Duck!” he yelled, but it was too late. I got hit, smacked in the head with the baseball bat. I was only four, but it made me the center of attention everywhere I went because of the goose egg I sported on my forehead for days.

    By Jade URL on 11.17.2010

  35. I just stumbled upon a website with a bunch of ducks trying to figure out how to use a computer. Brought me a sense of satisfaction knowing just a bit more then your average pond swimming, poop shooting duck.

    By LJGullo URL on 11.17.2010

  36. When I was little me and my dad use to go to the park while my mom went on walks. We would feed bread to the ducks together. There was one duck with half its bill missing. They use to eat bread out of our mouths.

    By Brianna on 11.17.2010

  37. The duck is an animal with a bill on his face. He is a nice guy and swims or flies above everybody, thinking he is powerful and above everyone else. I wish I had a pet duck.

    By ChaseMitchels URL on 11.17.2010

  38. “Duck!” Louisa shouted, pointing feverishly at the feathers that lined the dirt path. She never saw the duck, but years of obsession made it easy for her to identify duck feathers when she saw them. She and Ron kicked down the path and around the bend. She hoped she could see the duck, or a family of ducks.

    By nick URL on 11.17.2010

  39. Duck. That’s pretty duck. Silly. At camp, duck became the word for silly “No! You’re a penguin!” “That’s pretty duck, Lia…” “You’re duck!” “You don’t even know what that means…..”

    By Mackenzie on 11.17.2010

  40. Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, GOOSE!

    By Apollo URL on 11.17.2010