November 11th, 2012 | 361 Entries

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361 Entries for “draw”

  1. pen

    By Gabi M URL on 11.11.2012

  2. I wish I could draw you a picture of my insides
    I wish you could see
    I wish it wasn’t about this
    But how could it not be?

    By PetitePommes on 11.11.2012

  3. I like to draw sometimes. Not like those artsy freaks who obsess over their art and long to show their work to the world. I mainly like to doodle, like during a long lecture. When your professor starts to drone on about Hitler’s pre-Holocaust appearance, you draw him.

    By Jana on 11.11.2012

  4. It is where I go to get away from anything. Boredom. Sadness. Happiness. Weirdness. It lets me and everyone express themselves in such a beautiful way. Even if you don’t consider yourself the best artist, creativity is gorgeous.

    By Gabi M URL on 11.11.2012

  5. Turning on his side he silently drew her closer as the moon slipped in through the moon throwing a pale but gorgeous light over the scene. Everything was perfect, from the fit of their bodies against each other to the innocence of their gentle embrace…

    By T Marlow URL on 11.11.2012

  6. paint imagine bliss fun color childhood

    By nnn URL on 11.11.2012

  7. Drawing is one of the most basic forms of human expression.Although, many different meanings have been affiliated to the word with time, the root for all of them remains this meaning of an instinctive and primitive human expression.

    By Neeraj on 11.11.2012

  8. she wanted to draw, that’s it. she started with a horse. the face was so deformed, it looked like a penis with a mohawk. she gave up and decided to stick with writing.

    By nina URL on 11.11.2012

  9. forever we draw to create things we see but then we can draw to create what we do not see or what we cannot hold. We draw to make laughes we draw to draw emotion. draw blood draw oil draw fluid from a wound. we can draw with a pencil a pen a needle.

    By Amanda Maitland on 11.11.2012

  10. i like drawing. i wish i would have been good at it. i never really draw something that came from my own imagination. it usually helps me express myself.

    By bea ags on 11.11.2012

  11. I like to draw. I used to draw a lot when I was in middle school. I now mostly doodle. It isn’t the same. I don’t think anyone would try to equate the two but doodling makes me miss drawing. It wasn’t something I was ever really good at but I tried. Thats all you can do I guess

    By Conor on 11.11.2012

  12. the day i found i was just a thought a fucking stroke in gods idea he brought a stroke in something he decided he would poke a toke to get on his own i am a srtoke on his painting somethin he looks at occasionally in his gallery yes a piece of art,… a priceless art he decided to draw. and he only decided who was fit to see and not be spoken on what he saw.

    By Raul Salas on 11.11.2012

  13. I like drawing. I wanted to be a painter. Now I’m not. My niece likes to draw a lot. I thought I will have to draw something. I like to draw women and nature. Dot and smile.

    By adeea on 11.11.2012

  14. I wish I could draw better.
    But the masterpiece in my head.
    Comes out as scribbles and smudges.
    Not quite perfect.

    By Elosie on 11.11.2012

  15. I paint a picture in my ind. But first, I draw it. Alice. I can see her coming out of her her house very tentativly to get the morning mail, like a little mouse that does not often leave her hole, house.

    By littleredowl URL on 11.11.2012

  16. They are three. The first pulls, the second measures, and the third with her irreversable power, cuts.

    They are one. They blow the strands and care less where it lands. Or how it taints. Or what entanglement it soon takes land in.

    Your life begins.

    By Roschen on 11.12.2012

  17. i drew his face, lingering over the eyes. My hands flicked across the page and a scene took form.

    By MayaPapaya URL on 11.12.2012

  18. We draw strength from each other, if only because of the expectations others have of us. Were we all alone, we would give up on challenges more easily.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.12.2012

  19. I remember once
    my therapist told me I should keep a journal that I draw in
    rather than write, since I told her
    I didn’t like writing
    while I love to draw, I loathe the idea
    of keeping any sort of journal just so that she can
    peer into my thoughts
    without my consent

    By burymealive on 11.12.2012

  20. Drawing conclusions, drawing pictures, drawing thoughts from my brain about this, about us, about where we were
    Extricating myself from you, from us, from this, from where we were
    I will draw a new picture

    By K. M. on 11.12.2012

  21. I used to draw all of the time. When I was a kid, I always thought that i would be an artist. I remember drawing this amazing tree, when i was four years old, a crazy, elaborate tree. my mom couldn’t believe it. I was four, and I this knack for drawing and no one knew where it came from, or who I guess i should say. I miss drawing, I havnt done it in months, the stress from school keeps me from doing the things i love and keeping up with my hobbies its heart breaking.

    By keltyn on 11.12.2012

  22. “Is this drawing of me?”
    “Well, yea. I was asked to draw the thing that I love.”
    “Your sweet, but your full of shit. You just want to get into my pants.”
    “Well so does everyone else. I just wanna show you I care as well.”

    By Sami URL on 11.12.2012

  23. I like to draw, but I’m not very good at it. I draw well whenever I don’t intend to. For example, if you look back in most of my math journals, there’s definitely some pretty quality sketches next to an Algebra equation that I forgot existed about 2 weeks after I finished learning it. Funny how things work.

    By Madison Hite URL on 11.12.2012

  24. Drawing is one of the most beautiful things on the planet. It is a direct reflection of the images that you see in your head. It is your dreams in a physical way. It is how others can see how you really think, how you feel. When people draw, they feel lighter. Their emotions have come out onto the page and they can finally feel free.

    By Niki B. URL on 11.12.2012

  25. drawing is an expression of one’s imagery in head, and soul. You can draw ur heart out or copy some real image. but u want that to leave an impression. do what u love not what others would like . Draw an emotion and you’ll see someone appreciate its true beauty.

    By GvSparx- Inspiring lives URL on 11.12.2012

  26. I love to draw. Well, I love to do it when I do it well that is. It gives me a sense of power, a sense of accomplishment. Knowing that I can create in physical reality exactly what is in my brain is one of the most satisfying feelings in the entire world. If I could do that all the time, I would be a “successful” artist.

    By sabra on 11.12.2012

  27. today my mother read me my horoscope,
    (as a libra)
    Something that boiled down to:
    Polite exchanges will promise greater futures
    And all I could draw
    Was the conclusion that maybe
    in our little cartoon bodies,
    You would want more than
    just simple pleasures

    By Ivory on 11.12.2012

  28. The pencil and the page, mating as one. They create a new child, a birthing of intelligence and creativity that has the power to touch anyone who looks. It is a sensual dance, of wit and pleasure, one i which I enjoy to partake for I am human.

    By Rebecca on 11.12.2012

  29. Lines given to the artist
    to find the direction into one
    leaving the picture intact
    feelings stretched into a whole
    draw another into something real
    emotions in a stroke
    taking one away from the soul
    driving to the place of peace
    look underneath now
    convergence of layers
    seeping in and out
    do you see them all now?

    By Olcsealgaire URL on 11.12.2012

  30. No! This is for writing.

    By Jarrod URL on 11.12.2012

  31. this is it. she was drawn closer to it day after day. she didn’t expect it to be this fast but she was happy with the outcome anyway. her dream had finally presented itself to her and she is not complaining. it’s time for her to shine.

    By qie URL on 11.12.2012

  32. Drawing is her favorite hobby. Actually, it’s her only hobby. The art consumes her nights when she is idle with sketching paper and lead pencil at hand. It is her outlet for creative expression when she has too many pent-up fantasies and emotions inside her. Naturally she is an outgoing individual, but people often see her outgoingness and overlook what’s deeper inside. Some may find it weird that the most popular girl at school loves drawing, but that’s just her way of finding where she belongs. Because no one will hear her in real life—she might as well show them.

    By veryterry URL on 11.12.2012

  33. I always love to draw, but I squandered my chances of learning the basics of drawing while I was at school. We were fortunate to have an excellent art teacher who went all out to instil the art of drawing into our head, however my mind was focus on the sciences.

    By victor URL on 11.12.2012

  34. I sat down and stared at the empty white canvas as my wife cooked dinner. She screamed at me about how I shouldn’t sit and stare at the canvas, but I wanted to create something, I just didn’t know what. A bird? A dog? My wife? That’s it, I need to draw her. I’m married to her, she’s cooking for me, she’s the one I need to put on this canvas!

    By Amin Nash URL on 11.12.2012

  35. imagination.


    Canvas in your mind.

    Desert. Sand. Clear orange. Mirrage. 40 degree heat.

    Walking through the Sahara, trying to find refuge, only to find the only escape is in the mind. If you become aware of your surroundings, you may not survive. You draw on your imagination. Painting pictures, memories of the past. You latch on to memory for life.

    By Martha on 11.12.2012

  36. I used to draw sketches all the time in high school. On my floor, on my belly with a pen and a pad. I would carefully select the markers to outline the best possible color combination. The next day I would turn that sketch into a graffiti.

    By omarzahir URL on 11.12.2012

  37. flowers, house, free, stick people, artists, Anita, house, paintings, wish I could be an art teacher,

    By Amy on 11.12.2012

  38. Alex drew on the piece of paper until all the lines conformed to a series of lines, patterns, a sketch that laid out the innards of the city streets. Like an architect, only the lines showed where the electricity was. The pulse, the heartbeat of the city. Alex handed it over and the boss took the paper and examined it. A cigar was smoldering between his lips as he contemplated the map. “Good,” He finally grunted.

    By Laura Riddle on 11.12.2012

  39. Paint. Pencils. Lines, colours and forms, shaping something wild and intangible, impossible to hold, into geometry. Something all can understand, often something beautiful. Some sort of universal language of figures and shades.

    By Tessa Low on 11.12.2012

  40. paint, art, pictures, coloring, dislike, doodle, cartoons, pencil, crayons, markers, school, waste of time, boring.

    By Sukanya URL on 11.12.2012