July 13th, 2012 | 305 Entries

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305 Entries for “doorknob”

  1. it turns
    because the other side is something I am not too eager to reach
    I wouldn’t mind a little rust
    a lock
    something to keep me in my place
    but there isn’t one now
    and I’ve made up my mind

    By slantedstories URL on 07.13.2012

  2. The doorknob was stuck. I needed to know what was behind it. But I couldn’t open it. Then it bursted open and slammed me in the face. The one eyed monster.

    By McKenna on 07.13.2012

  3. Jamie looked at it. The doorknob was engraved with some weird writing. He turned it, and the door swung open. Monsters flew out of the door smothering him, screaming. Some had wings, some had horns, or scales, or slippery skin. They stopped, surrounding him.
    “How dare you turn the dooorknob of monsters” a croaky old fish man said, “We will be hunted down, we are no match for the humans, they will kill us, we cannot go back to our dimension. Curse you!” Jamie got a burning sensation and he screamed. the same engraving was brned onto his arm.
    “You are cursed for life. You shall become… ONE OF US!” the old fish person said, laughing evilly.
    Jamie ran. The monsters hid, but soon jamie saw the black helicopters heading for them. Jamie grew, his arms growing hair, protuding spikes in his spine, screaming, but surviving the horrible experience. He was a monster. And the Monster Attack Squad were going to kill him. Jamie roared, and ran towards the other foul creatures, seeking revenge. And oh, will he receive revenge. He summoned fire and launched it at the group of peoplle. They spiralled out the way, and Jamie sprinted to the old fish man. The old creature laughed, and raised his hand. Jamie stopped, held in the air, unsure how he was there. The man was encasing him. But the bubble had no air. Jamie clutched at his throat. Yeah, he REALLY should have left that doorknob alone.a freaking doorknob turned him into this, and now he was dying. then Jamie could breath again as he hit the ground. The old man lay on the floor, dead, shot. The Monster Attack Squad man held up the ray gun, and shot him. And then there was nothing.

    30 minutes earlier:
    Jamie wondered why The Door was never opened, so he decided to go and find out why. Then The Doorknob happened

    By ZomKitty URL on 07.13.2012

  4. Oh what a wonderful thing, a doorknob. It can be crystal, bronze, wood, steel, or even cloth. It dedicates its existance to keeping you private, no matter what. So It is what keeps your doors closed, opens them, and are play toys for your animals because animals are dumb. I believe they are particularly fun to play with, because doorknobs can be the key to a fort or a wild adventure.

    By Michelle on 07.13.2012

  5. a new beginnin . Everytime you turn a doorknob your opening to the door to new oppertunities.

    By Holly on 07.13.2012

  6. We have baby lock thingies on our doorknobs because of my baby sister. They worked for sometime before she finally discovered how to open them, and now having them is completely pointless. Most of them have already fallen off of the doorknobs, but the one on my doorknob is still intact. Although I don’t really need it anymore.

    By Emilia URL on 07.13.2012

  7. used to open doors! pulled teeth with it! hahaha! used to swing and hold on to the knob! felt amazing! dirty hands touch it… but its usefull

    By karla on 07.13.2012

  8. You screamed and bawled like a baby when the doorknob came off. You said we were going to die for sure, before fainting into blissful unawareness. Whatever happened to for better or worse?, I asked myself. To till death do us part? To all those mushy stuffs you’ve been telling me all these years? I looked at the timer counting down the seconds to the death you have so passively embraced. If I only knew what you meant when you said, “I will die for you,” I never would have said, “I do.”

    By madpocky URL on 07.13.2012

  9. She placed her hand on the doorknob, but she couldn’t actually turn it. She could hear the sounds from the other side–her husband’s voice. A woman’s laugh. She didn’t want to face the other side of that door–her own bedroom was now the one place she didn’t want to go.

    By Rena URL on 07.13.2012

  10. the doorknob is that you turn to go into another room. Some are very extravagant and some are very simple. Some get very hot on sunny days. Some lead you inside some lead you out.

    By Liz on 07.13.2012

  11. The doorknob sits in my hand with uncertainty. I know who it is, but I don’t know what he wants to say. What is there to say after seven years of not seeing your brother? Too much or nothing at all? It’s hard to say. I don’t know if I want to know.

    By Keri on 07.13.2012

  12. what i already wrote about the word doorknob. and i kinda failed. wow i am writing really bad. dude, some people wrote like a whole entire freakin book. and i wrote like 2 sentences. fail. haha okay this one is better! i bet they cheated

    By Liz on 07.13.2012

  13. A doorknob is something used to open the door. It can be made of numerous types of metal, and even wood sometimes. I prefer antique doorknobs myself.

    By Brandy on 07.13.2012

  14. Crusted in something-she flinched away from touching it and glanced around for another option. The light from the kitchen behind her barely made it this far, and there were no other doors.

    By Lucy URL on 07.13.2012

  15. I can’t wait to not only reach those doors of future opportunity. I’m not only going to break the doorknob, but rip the door down– everything I want, I will get this year.

    By J URL on 07.13.2012

  16. I entered the deserted home and flicked on the entry lights as I shut the door behind me. Laying my briefcase and keys on the kitchen counter, I walked through the house turning on lights. My client would arrive soon and I wanted to make sure things looked inviting and smelled pleasant after the house had been shut up for so long.

    Entering the master bedroom, I noticed the doorknob was loose. Bending to take a look at the issue, I heard a creak behind me and turned quickly. Seeing nothing and no one in the room with me, I turned back to the doorknob. There it was again. Closer this time. I stood up slowly and looked over my shoulder. As I turned, a cold wind blew past and through me, taking my breath away.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 07.13.2012

  17. broomsticks – that’s what first came to mind. but that’s bedknobs – not the same thing as doorknobs at all. never seen the film, although would like to – maybe tomorrow.

    By E.P. Hantera on 07.13.2012

  18. The stupid thing came off in her hand and she dropped it in disgust. So much for that one.

    By Lucy URL on 07.13.2012

  19. a doorknob is a handle used to open the doors
    its usually wooden and opens with a click
    its located in mid of the door
    it opens with a clicking sound and is usually sliding or rotating

    By antra on 07.13.2012

  20. I turned around, time stood still. All I could see was that doorknob that led me to god knows where. As I inched closer, a noise came from behind me. I slowed.

    By Alethea on 07.13.2012

  21. entering into the world of pure fascination. Exemplary love for a new found world. Can we understand what we’ll see, what the passageway will withhold?

    By B Rogers on 07.13.2012

  22. I watched the door open from the comfort of my bed as he slowly turned the doorknob. The anticipation of his arrival was driving me crazy as I heard him call my name.

    By leelee on 07.13.2012

  23. She wanted wood. Good wood. She wanted it big. She wanted one that would last a long time; that she would be satisfied with for as long as they lived in that house for richer and poorer and for better and even better until death or a last big breath did them part.

    What she wanted wasn’t a doorknob.

    By innards URL on 07.13.2012

  24. It creaks. The twisting of the brass invades me. I flinch.


    It opens.

    She enters.


    But she won’t.

    By Ari on 07.13.2012

  25. The doorknob was obviously dead. It wilted against the door, its brassy head dull. The poor thing looked terrible. She sighed and nudged it slightly, but it refused to resuscitate. What was she supposed to do now? No doorknob, no door opening. Perhaps that had been the plan all a along? She reluctantly grabbed the flaccid thing and tried to turn it, but with no success.

    By Mairead URL on 07.13.2012

  26. door knobs are very interesting. faries live in door knobs for all the time you are losing your baby teeth. have you ever thought about how they easily got under your pilow? every time I ssee a door knob I think of faries which mkaes me think of when I lost my teeth which makes me think about when I ate a hot dog and lost a tooth. which also makes me remember that I need to make an appointment to get my wisdom teeth removed.

    By kel on 07.13.2012

  27. openclose let me in and out I can’t turn but I may pull or push. If I do turn something usually clicks and turn I open close in and out to let out or in to seperate or join, Ikeep turning left or right countering my clockwise with more turns until I lock in place.

    By skountz on 07.13.2012

  28. I think a doorknob is a very interesting thing. I don’t know if that’s just me, but they go through alot. Think of all the germs that go on those things DAILY. That’s just SCARY to think about. I mean Anyways, I should learn where and when they originated. I’m going to do that one day.. Hmm..yes. Well. BYE.!

    By Faith URL on 07.13.2012

  29. door open a new place room shiny lock twist

    By Gwen Smith on 07.13.2012

  30. A new place. A room. You can twist it. It can open doors. It can close doors. They close off rooms. They can open up a new path for you.

    By Chloe on 07.13.2012

  31. round it helps people open things they come in all sizes fist-like and like a bubble it can be silver or gold or brass or metal you turn them to the right for them to work, on the front door they are usually a little larger and rounder. they dont have to be round they

    By Brianne Carroll on 07.13.2012

  32. I slowly turned the doorknob and pushed on the old door. The smell of chicken and cigarettes instantly overwhelmed me as my small feet scuttled inside, Warm as it was, the smell was very inviting, even for the searing heat outside that threatened to melt everyone into the earth.

    By Silent Medion URL on 07.13.2012

  33. I turned the door knob into the library. It left a smear of grime on my palm. I cringed. Welcome to the library, my mind snickered. Please wipe your hands before touching the books. We were too lazy to clean and we don’t want dust on the pages.

    By Lola URL on 07.13.2012

  34. for over a year, i do not have a doorknob at my room. i am thinking. is this tht hard to get to the hardware’s, and buy a fucking doorknob. how much would it cost? nothing, apparently. is my privacy that cheap? without questioning i gave up from my privacy.

    By deniz on 07.13.2012

  35. round shiny brass turning turning round and round open and shut open and shut

    By Oliver on 07.13.2012

  36. The doorknob was wooden, with intricate detailed carvings of strange things all around. I wondered why anyone would go to such effort with something that was likely to be ignored. But perhaps that isn’t so far off reality. The beautiful things are ignored, because they are merely a tool to get you to where you are trying to go.

    By Faith Roberts on 07.13.2012

  37. the doorknob is the choice to change, to go into a new area, make a new decision, move on. from the past. from pain. from anger. the doorknob opens the door.

    By Rachel on 07.13.2012


    By nINA on 07.13.2012

  39. The doorknob slowly turned and the door swung open with an omnimous wave. She stilled, barely breathing as shadows shifted and someone emerged from the hallway.
    Military boots stepped inside the room and the person also stilled as he sensed someone not wanted inside the room.
    There was a moment of silence before both sprang into action.

    By Yuki on 07.13.2012

  40. the doorknob turned and unleashed the fury of a thousand angry mothers wielding waffle irons… ANdy knew his fate for he had approached narnia before. The cake had been burned.

    By grace on 07.13.2012