October 9th, 2012 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “dominant”

  1. The proud man stood over his now crushed opponent. His strength, his rage, his exhaustion. They all combined into an intoxicating elixir.

    By Stinkemrpink on 10.09.2012

  2. agressive male violence war crime greed tears heartache nasty caveman dogs fucking hard

    By Gabe on 10.09.2012

  3. overwhelming personality, above all others, intelligent, confident, giant ego, yin and no yang, mean, persuasive, consuming, psychic vampire

    By mariah on 10.09.2012

  4. Dominant is an adjective and the opposite of submissive. A person who is considered dominant behaves in a way that influences other people rather than themselves being influenced by others. Dominance is associated with leadership. Men are expected to act more dominantly than women.

    By Daniel on 10.09.2012

  5. champion tall overcome way better not fair destroy talent higher skilled knock down

    By Emily on 10.09.2012

  6. Dominant is a word I despise lately, because it seems that ever since I became a mother each person I encounter either tries to dominate or is dominated by me, which means I view the world through the eyes of a dog, which scares the hell out of me, that a human can experience life similarly to a base animal. This may be related to depression and feeling no joy or serotonin coursing through my veins. I look forward to a time when I enjoy life again and the colored buffering light separates me from other humans with a smile.

    By seance URL on 10.09.2012

  7. A person who exerts a power above people that creates tension between a group of peoples. Someone who is forceful and over bearing. the stronger more powerful person in a relationship. Male.

    By Snoelle on 10.09.2012

  8. I want her to be the dominant one. I have always been the one to wear the pants, mutter all the dumb sweet things and swoon you with flowers. I’m not saying I want to be swooned, but I just want you to grow some balls when we’re in bed. Get on top, take control, establish some dominance. How many times to you think you can just lay on your back and make me do all the work when you don’t even clean up around the house, go to college, or cook, like I do, in addition to fucking the crap out of you every other day? I’m tired.

    By Chiquito Panda URL on 10.09.2012

  9. President Obama learned about this word during the past four years when he was forced to relinquish his naive intellectual paradigm in defense of the greedy opposition.

    By seance URL on 10.09.2012

  10. It was common knowledge that in the year of the sun, democrats were dominant on the countryside. Their generally liberal points of views were the only thing that mattered; what the republicans had to say did not. It was, in many ways, a horrific time, as well as a beautiful time. Beautiful, because it was amazing–and quite sickening–to watch humans be humans, to watch another man strike down one of his own, simply because he has different beliefs.

    “What has she come to?”

    By Brandi URL on 10.09.2012

  11. i thought that i was the dominant person in my previous relationship. that i made the decisions when in fact, i was the one constantly adjusting to his demands. i was the one always giving in… and it sucked. i wish i didn’t always give in.

    By niki URL on 10.09.2012

  12. The only difference between you and I
    Is that we have different dominant sides
    You care more than I ever could
    And all I’ll ever do is wish I could

    By fluxandflow URL on 10.09.2012

  13. There is a dominant being going on in ourselves. A fight, a struggle to perfect the perfected. To fight and be on top. I bring my soul to a stop only to restart and re beat my hard. Like a new life that is sparked. A new beginning.

    By Austin Lechner on 10.09.2012

  14. Having a dominant friend puts a bit of a “dent” in your level of happiness. When I say dominant, I mean they are so overpowering that anything they say or do is something that you can’t disagree with otherwise there are dire consequences. Imagine what that could do to a person over time.

    By PetitePommes on 10.09.2012

  15. Dont be dominant, be a part of reality. If you try to dominate the world, the world will dominate you. We don’t weave the web of life, we are merely a strand within it… peace and love

    By Sean on 10.09.2012

  16. All I can think of are genes; and that’s no fun.

    I don’t really know much about’em anyway.

    By savannah on 10.09.2012

  17. My mom is very dominant, I feel like teachers are also dominant over their students because they know they will always win. Abusive relationships when a partner is dominant over another one. God is dominant.

    By Dianelys on 10.09.2012

  18. For some reason my mind automatically jumps to the idea of patriarchal dominance continually perpetuated organically by society. Perhaps this is a result of my liberal arts education focusing on social constructs ad nausea. This is likely the case. Heteronormativity is a concept that is frequently misunderstood and taken as fact. Society must change. Let’s be progressive.

    By Nathan on 10.09.2012

  19. “dominant recessive.”
    the genes she spoke of
    were always slightly off
    as was her hair
    and glasses
    somewhat askew
    always askew
    just like her brain.

    By Randageo on 10.09.2012

  20. The dominant dooms-doers dodged the docents.

    By Marianne URL on 10.09.2012

  21. to feel like a winner or a champ. to overcome. to be above something. To kick someones butt at something.

    By Savanna on 10.09.2012

  22. This word definitely reminds me of Fifty Shades of Grey, unfortunately. How petty it is to refer to this text that seems to be so rejected. Christian Grey was someone who was dominant to Ana and this was clear. She was submissive. Christian controlled everything. He was dominant. In every way.

    By rachel on 10.09.2012

  23. i love being the dominant one

    By Jim URL on 10.09.2012

  24. She sat, pensive and motionless, looking at the keyboard in front of her. All of a sudden she grabbed the dominant chord, then resolved, not to the tonic, but to he mediant.

    By ariel4thou on 10.09.2012

  25. Dominance is all about the confidence found in sexual activity, especially of the monkey descent.

    By Taylor Craig on 10.09.2012

  26. Being dominant is what every man strives to be. In relationships with women and family we want to dominate them because we believe that is our place. We fight for dominance through sports and its seen in animals as well. Always fighting to be number one and be dominant over the other. Animals and humans alike always want to be better than their rival. Brands, food, athletes, and cars. Life is about being on top. Nobody wants to be on bottom every one wants dominance over at least one thing in their life

    By Jonathan Elder on 10.09.2012

  27. Jay wasn’t quite half Jon’s size, but she was pretty close to. Not that that fact had ever factored into any aspect of their relationship according to her. Ever. No, she would always see herself as physically dominant in every way, facts be damned.

    By Julia A. URL on 10.09.2012

  28. He wins. Who else could? Taking over and yelling and screaming and silent and hushed but harsh. All at once, all in a moment. He is good at what he does. He’ll take what he can get and when he has that, he takes more.

    By Karoline on 10.09.2012

  29. Why can’t happiness be passed on? Why can’t it be a dominant allele? Why can’t it be contagious?

    By abigail rae on 10.09.2012

  30. the dominant defender is the one that always comes on top of the opposition and gets the ball right out of the dangerous area.

    By Arete on 10.09.2012

  31. I suppose when you discuss what is dominant you have to think of what is submissive, and not necessarily in a sexual sense but in the sense of power dynamics. Foucault talks about power relations as not top-down or bottom-up but passing through all beings (not held by any of them). However, there are individuals that are more dominant than others, by virtue of historical (and other?) factors. For example, white men are much more dominant than most other members of society.

    By Max URL on 10.09.2012

  32. You are so mine. I’ll do never quit.

    By Jack Myller URL on 10.09.2012

  33. soooo I think my mom has a problem with this because she thinks she owns everything and she HAS too have control of everything and if she doesn’t she has breakdowns and takes her anger out on everyone and its so frustrating not just for her but my whole family. k bye

    By Haydee on 10.09.2012

  34. I am dominant. Everything I do in life will be considered greatness. Every morning I wake up and aspire to be dominant in everything I do. Not only do I want to be great but i want to DOMINANT!

    By Mike Nusbaum on 10.09.2012

  35. Dominant in her eyes
    Was a certain emotion called surprise
    although you thought you were anounced
    your very presence felt like
    you were a panther about to pounce

    By R on 10.09.2012

  36. Dominant left hand, right brain, second foot, first heart leap. Dominant your eyes glued to the pavement dominant your lonely dark shuffle through the city’s alleyways

    By Neelvar on 10.09.2012

  37. The dominant feeling I have right now is: tired. I’m tired of working so hard and feeling unaccomplished at the end. I just want to sleep and wake up happy. Yano what I mean? There’s no off button. I just need some time to stop and breathe and enjoy life and be a human being. That’s all that I want.

    By Christie on 10.09.2012

  38. strong. like a gorilla. a big silverback, proud and in control. won’t take no shit from no-one. large and in charge. unfuckwithable

    By jose URL on 10.09.2012

  39. like you, yuo in my life, without me. Go of mi life, let of win here.

    By Vivi on 10.09.2012

  40. Someone having power over you. Forceful, in charge. Bossy.

    By Noelle on 10.09.2012