May 19th, 2011 | 817 Entries

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817 Entries for “domestic”

  1. Violence.
    “where’s Daddy”
    where is he
    or he will be
    for the pain
    the sadness
    the suffering.
    that’s life.

    By Alix URL on 05.19.2011

  2. I have to be domestic soon. I have to cook and clean things and take care of myself.
    Oh, my.

    By Addy Baird URL on 05.19.2011

  3. a home environment, with familiarities. A family. A Dog. Children.
    Cooking in the kitchen. Warmth. Happiness.
    Darker side.
    Domestic Violence, helplessness.

    By Kathryn on 05.19.2011

  4. tradition, it smells good and old, like home. i want my cat. i want my old dog. i miss those days, back then when the sun shined and everything was alright. treat me right. i can’t wait to be domestic, a family. something to love and live for.

    By Natalie URL on 05.19.2011

  5. pets, marriage, home, trained, comfortable, safe, violence, couples,

    By Katrina Elfrank URL on 05.19.2011

  6. violence. is an unspoken tragedy. women and families are torn apart from an epidemic of sin. Rooted in Eve and the submissiveness of Adam. Sin breaks us.

    By Georgia on 05.19.2011

  7. Makes me think of a woman in a flower apron circa 1954.

    By leslie on 05.19.2011

  8. “Will you quiet yourself? Why are you always so noisy and fidgety?” She glared at me after she had spoken the last words. I looked down at my dress once more and shifted in my seat. “This dress is itchy. And I need to pee.” Jude looked over at me and covered his laugh with his hand. “You are so not coughing! You’re laughing at me!” I pointed at him and faked an angry frown, then burst out laughing. She tore my hand out of the air, which had still been pointing at Jude. We stared at her with straight faces then laughed in unison.

    By Marissa URL on 05.19.2011

  9. Domestic. Like a dog, domestic. We have one. Once we had two. The sad part is that nobody really cares. Sure we were all sad for a scsecond but just a second. Only a second. We had her since she was a puppy, since she was born… and now nobody cares.

    By youcantknow URL on 05.19.2011

  10. Violence is something that we can explain, but it happens all of the time. It is a problem, but how do we fix it?

    By Katie on 05.19.2011

  11. It’s funny how some animals can be more domesticated than some people. My dog cleans herself every day and finishes every single meal to the last bite. Meanwhile, I know some people who will go days without anything resembling a shower and who waste food like it’s going out of style. Also, my dog never gossips.

    By Aaron M. URL on 05.19.2011

  12. Domestic abuse. In the trees of a wood not to far from here I seek refuge. It is peaceful and silent. Yet the silence is what drowns the screams still ringing in my ears. It is always the same temperature and always the same time of day. In fact, these woods have no concept of time because there is no sun. It is of these woods that the Romans found a tree to hang Jesus on. And in these woods a tree fell and made no noise. I am always alone in the woods- but never by myself. I know other people have been there because I read about it. (Everyone who’s been there has written about it.) Natalie Babbitt, Robert Frost, Edith Wharton. We go there when the world screams.

    By ABG on 05.19.2011

  13. When I see this word, i think of either domestic partnership, or domestic animals. Domestic animals are animals like that trained and not wild. So is domestic partnership a good (not crazy) relationship? I’m not really sure…

    By Virginia Eastwood on 05.19.2011

  14. Haustiere leben beim Menschen. Man könnte sie auch Gartentiere nennen. Aber meistens sind sie schon im Haus. Hunde und Katzen, Pferde und Staubmilben. Fledermäuse, Flöhe, Flaschenalgen. Vielleicht auch mal ein Goldfisch. Oder ein Hamster. Im Winter sind sie drinnen, im Sommer machen sie sich auf den Weg.

    By Eli URL on 05.19.2011

  15. She’s cooking again. She always does that right before disaster. Calm before the storm. I watch her, wok in hand, as she stirs shrimp fricassee. The pungent steam fills the small kitchen, a convenient moist mask for her cheeks. Nobody but I would know she’s crying.

    By Allison Walker-Elders URL on 05.19.2011

  16. Domestic bliss is much wanted but rarely attained. In the most domestic scenes I’ve been in there has rarely been bliss of any kind. Rather resentment and bitterness pumping through the veins just beneath the airbrushed surface of conubial life. Domestic unrest. But now there is bliss. true bliss in comfortable silence in the most domestic times. Me cutting up garlic for dinner. He sitting at the table, guitar in hand, feeling out melodies. We are both content in our picture of perfect domestic bliss.

    By Miss Sorrow URL on 05.19.2011

  17. With thoughts of being a mole coursing through his thoughts, Jensen left the Falls, but not after ripping the pulsing device from the ground and pocketing it. He perceived it as a bit of domestic housecleaning for the falls, and, well, it also gave him a sheepish hope that maybe the thing would go off and take him and it into the afterlife.

    By chole URL on 05.19.2011

  18. Domestic. What’s the first thing you think of? For me it’s the kitchen, a fight between a couple, and just women in general. But I’m not sexist, honest.

    By Joe on 05.19.2011

  19. Domestic is not something that I feel everything needs to be. Domestic animals, wives…what does it mean to be domestic anyway? And who decides what it entails? Who said we shouldn’t be wild and free?

    By Kayla on 05.19.2011

  20. Today I made gooey bars for my Writing Lab class for our Going Away Party for our favorite teacher, Miss Culleton. Miss Culleton called me a “domestic goddess” after trying one of my famous bars; that gave me mixed feelings. I don’t want to be a plain domestic cooking wife. I want to see the world.

    By Cates URL on 05.19.2011

  21. A house on a cliff, overlooking the sea. The air always smells of salt and water and the crisp scent of the pine forest in the north. The horizon stretches out for forever and the sun crisps the landscape with honeydew light. Winds carress the shore and as she stands with her wooden bucket looking out over the ocean, it spreads her chesnut hair back behind her like eagle wings. She closes her eyes to the beauty and listens to the crash of waves far below, the gulls calling softly her name, and the farm animals coo’ing for her in the background. A voice, harsher than the sharp rocks below, calls her back towards the cabin and she sighs.
    “Domestic Maid forever more…”

    By Max URL on 05.19.2011

  22. violence. pets. women. weveall been domestiated and it sucks. weve all been abused at one point in our lives and it sucks but dont repeat the cycle and beat ur wives, children or pets.

    By sayen on 05.19.2011

  23. and I’m never feeling very domestic
    as my natural instincts kick in
    and all I want to do is
    and sleep
    and eat
    and meet
    and sleep
    and sleep
    and have more sex

    By m.A.c URL on 05.19.2011

  24. this is a throwdown. Domestic goddess that I am – how warm and cozy a home can I create for my family of two? Will making more, warmer, healthier dinners allow us to have a baby? do I really think that these things are in any way related? anyone who gets lucky or unlucky, depending on their inclination, can get pregnant. Domesticity is really about creating a space where I feel warm, present and welcome – creating my own place of belonging.

    By Victor Victoria on 05.19.2011

  25. cats, dogs, and horses people idiots why am I doing this, I want a new word because this word sucks X(.

    By Dana on 05.19.2011

  26. being a housewife. glorified as “domestic goddess”. yeah, you can call it that if you consider cleaning up messes a job fit for a goddess. maybe i’m cynical, i don’t know, but i just don’t see the point in fooling ourselves about it. more like “domestic slave”.

    By Carleen on 05.19.2011

  27. disturbance. her heart immediately locks itself away at the sound of the word alone… to not have a choice? it won’t be the end of her. she won’t let it. she can’t.

    By Park URL on 05.19.2011

  28. Home.

    By Callan on 05.19.2011

  29. home life, hoop skirts and pearls, fear and longing, broken desires and lost hope, forgotten life, is this really a new one? does this really matter? The American Dream.

    By kathryn on 05.19.2011

  30. You know it could have been considered domestic abuse if we were married. You abused me so much mentally and emotionally. You lied and deceived me. I hate you.

    By Kara on 05.19.2011

  31. to take a animal from the wild and train them.also to hit and to abuse for no certain reason.that is what domestic

    By princess URL on 05.19.2011

  32. to hurt a person and also to take in an animal from the wild and train them.that is what domestic means to me.

    By princess URL on 05.19.2011

  33. One-two punch. Slipslide down a white wall. Her friends will say “abuse” but she won’t listen. She can’t. He’ll leave her if she listens. One-two punch again. Slipslide into a bright darkness. Her friends will shake their heads and weep. She won’t weep. He’ll leave her if she weeps.

    By Sally URL on 05.19.2011

  34. I would never be in extemporaneous speaking. It’s the worst speech category ever. Ever! Don’t ask me if I would want to be in foreign or domestic! Domestic sucks. So does foreign. I’d be much happier doing extemp reading. Like a good girl.

    By Teri URL on 05.19.2011

  35. I really don’t even know what to say. I’m highly irregular. It’s kinda like the recipe called for raisins, and God happened to be reading the ol’ English-Frech.

    I’m a genius. I’m neither dumb, nor aesthetically displeasing. Wait, what was the question?

    By Doviklestheking on 05.19.2011

  36. a woman sits at the kitchen table. the edge of the white table cloth brushes against her knees. she is alone. her head is bowed and her shoulders are hunched as if the weight of her world is upon her. it is.

    By Sarah Epstein on 05.19.2011

  37. i have add severly so this is probably not going to make any sence. when i see this word it makes me think of my dog patch
    i wouldnt exactly call him demestic cuz hes quiet wild sometimes but societyillnghim domesticated so thts cool to

    By carly on 05.19.2011

  38. Domestic violence is one of those things that people just try to avoid talking about. Or if they talk about it, it’s always hush hush and quiet. I think we’ve moved past that. I think victims- no, survivors- I think survivors should have a voice now. It’s time, don’t you think?

    By Destiny on 05.19.2011

  39. The domestic dogs annoy the fuck out of me. Animals should not be held captive.

    By =] URL on 05.19.2011

  40. domestic violence is a serious matter. if you’re being domestically abused please seek help.
    domestic animals are a comfort. i have a brittany spaniel (a domestic dog). she keeps me from being too lonely.
    domestic products are good for the economy. it earns us money instead of having to buy things from China, but domestic products have kind of died out.

    By heather (: URL on 05.19.2011