May 19th, 2011 | 817 Entries

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817 Entries for “domestic”

  1. Domestic. Home. What is home to me?
    Home can be many things.
    It certainly isn’t location.
    I’ve lived in too many states to be able to solidly consider anything home.
    Home is wherever my family is.
    My family are my friends, my friends are my family.
    Family are where my heart is. Home is my heart. Domestic.

    By Sydney on 05.19.2011

  2. i am a domestic animal waiting to pounce on you.
    keep me tame and keep me away
    your eyes remind me of the stars when they twinkle… thats what he said to me…
    i’ve caught you sucked in like a black hole.
    no turning back.
    so domestic.

    By abra URL on 05.19.2011

  3. everyone in the world has eventually experienced domestic violence. yet there afraid of strangers and the unknown whom they believe causes this domestic disturbance. on the contrary its actually the known, the people close to you who have the greatest opportunities to do this.

    By abron on 05.19.2011

  4. She stood in the kitchen as the pot’s contents simmered. She thought about how boring life can get. She then remembered how if she didn’t keep her place, he would beat her. Simple as that. I need a plan, she thought.

    By Meredith R on 05.19.2011

  5. I have never been much of a domestic. I’ve always wanted a home and a family, but never the responsibilities that come with it. However, recently I’ve found myself gardening and cooking more often. Call it boredom from being away from the town that I’ve come to love, but it is what it is. I love cooking now; I’m still not too big a fan of cleaning. Whatever the reason, I’m becoming more of a domestic every day.

    By Paige URL on 05.19.2011

  6. It’s like the word dometastic (being made of awesome dome-like structures), but less dramatic.

    By morgan URL on 05.19.2011

  7. domestic bliss, domestic appliances, chores, family , domesticated husbands, pets
    the humdrum domescticity of everyday life.

    By marie on 05.19.2011

  8. violence is rampant
    dogs are loyal
    what is it?
    what can i say about it
    hard not to think
    when a word is so hard to pinpoint

    By Bri on 05.19.2011

  9. This is the subservience that women have been pushed into, the long aprons that hide all of our shame. Feminism is the radical idea that women are people too, not merely houseservants to cook and clean and care for the children. We have feelings and a soul and maybe we want to leave the house every now and then, think of that?

    But of course, everything has changed, right?

    By Talia on 05.19.2011

  10. How boring to be domestic. You just want me to clean all day and do chores? I am not a creature of domesticity.

    By k.lo URL on 05.19.2011

  11. I am a prisoner of this domestic society. everything is tamed everything is set to rules yet i follow my own path. i stick out like a weed on the concrete. yet i shine brighter than the darkest things on this earth. I am my own person whether someone likes it or not. i have nothing that can influence me, nothing that can change my mentality or personality. i refuse to blend in to a society so out of whack and corrupted. There is not one person to trust in this filthy prison. I am locked up and held in solitary confinement with my creativity. In my eyes i do what i do whether the world acknowledges it or not. i express myself just for my own person. i am a prisoner locked away from this domesticated environment.

    By anthony URL on 05.19.2011

  12. domestic, really? isn’t everything nowadys domesticated wether it be dogs, cats any animal. but something that is becoming domesticated is our brains, thinking differently is looked down upon but honestly my brain, its wild. No domestication there.

    By amelia on 05.19.2011

  13. When I first married him I only thought of superficial type of love. The kind that turns your stomach into a whirlwind of summer salts. I had clue about the hidden creature hiding under the film of his eyes.

    By Rebecca Tacke on 05.19.2011

  14. domestic. women. the mother. the home. the laundry. the soap. the money. the domenatrix. the home life. the family. the children. babies. diapers. childhood. spring grass love news

    By AllisonOleary on 05.19.2011

  15. those creatures seemed so domestic
    stand with poise sit with grace gently lick
    their master was chubby and mild
    but in truth they were wild
    and roasted his plump peachy flesh on a stick.

    By Javier Shopek URL on 05.19.2011

  16. Violence. Doctor Who. Rape. Self-harm. Bleach. I actually have no idea why I’m writing stuff like this. What even is my life? Jackie Tyler. Mickey. Captain Cheesecake. Erm. Help. Too many full stops? I’m so depressing. My life is strange. Hi, I’m Zoe. This is an insight to my life.

    By Zoe.C URL on 05.19.2011

  17. That’s a rather creamy word to pronounce. Domestic. Starting off simple and open, then sharp in the second syllable, only to come out harsh with the final one topping it off for a full taste.

    I like it.

    By Cyhwuhx URL on 05.19.2011

  18. Today’s world defines people into two different groups. The domestic, and the not. Domestic is labeled as good, as refined, as something moving ahead of animals and the wild, while the opposite is something rough, unkempt, unpolished.

    By Ninja on 05.19.2011

  19. My whole life growing up, I had the expectations upon me that I would be a domestic goddess, a housewife in her full glory, raising children and loving it. I did enjoy it at first, and thought I was content. But as I’ve finished with my child-birthing years, I’ve discovered that I want more in life. I’m not happy being a domestic servant only.

    By Tina on 05.19.2011

  20. is it sad that when i see this i think of violence? the one thing that puts kids in homes the most. im sick i admit it. but then i think of appliances so its ok then, right?

    By layne Harris URL on 05.19.2011

  21. She had wanted so much more than this. Babies, dishes, vacuums. It was all she had ever wanted. but she was stuck in a high-end job, working 40 hours a week plus overtime, and she hadn’t the time for a family of her own.

    By Katie on 05.19.2011

  22. domesticate my brain
    domesticate my life
    domesticate my house
    domesticate my hair
    domesticate my face
    domesticate me
    but your still yourself
    who is really domesticated then?

    By amelia on 05.19.2011

  23. in the house the white dress sat on a shelf. it would never get worn, because it would so quickly become grimy that it didn’t even seem worth it. day after day it sat sadly in the closet. the pitter patter of little shoes sweeping the freshly mopped floor became its soundtrack, the rhythm of the poor dress’s day.

    By choirqueer URL on 05.19.2011

  24. I get really frustrated with the way this word is used to be pejorative today. It is incredibly frustrating to me how we domesticate ourselves, let ourselves avoid living out of our true spirit for adventure. this especially shows up in the way women are taught to live, to be, and to exist. we are on a crazy, wild adventure which God has invited us on. Please, let us not short change ourselves for that opportunity.

    By jessica robinson on 05.19.2011

  25. folk music is the first thing on my mind. and in turbo-folk way, usually the worst one.

    By musicmln URL on 05.19.2011

  26. Violence was always a part of my life, the people I loved were violent towered me, of course I learned from example and I was violent towards others. I didn’t know any better, I just thought it was normal and that everyone else was strange, not me.

    By Zoe.C URL on 05.19.2011

  27. living in a home with your family is always easier than finding your own place to live, but there are also a lot of reasons why you should be on your own and make a way of life that you can call your own. My domestic life is quite confusing and often irritating, but i make it through my days by finding productive ways of distracting myself from this.We all must build our values from childhood and on. To me, the way a parent raises their child has a lot to do with how they grow. They should teach their kids values and give them a good domestic life and take care of them. When you spoil your children, give them whatever they want and dont teach them to do things on their own, then they will always depend on you for a way of living.

    By EmLy URL on 05.19.2011

  28. affairs, relationships? of or pertaining to the home, the household, household affairs, or the family: domestic pleasures.devoted to home life or household affairs. tame; domesticated.

    By boredem on 05.19.2011

  29. woman making a pot of rice or something maybe soup who knows what it is but its steaming and the top of the pot clanks if you leave it on too long because the steam sort of lifts it up because steam does that you know if you leave it and there are probably green beans too because there are always green beans and the man is probably sitting somewhere and not vaccuming like he could be doing but he doesn’t want to because he doesn’t want to be domestic.

    By Mike URL on 05.19.2011

  30. Domestic violence. Hurts every family. Even the ones that don’t talk about it. That’s what hurts — when they don’t talk about it. When it goes unnoticed. It seems as though people don’t care. I’m not really sure what I saw, but I know it wasn’t legal. I’m terrified it’ll happen to me. What next?

    By Katie on 05.19.2011

  31. Boring drudgery all day long. Scrubbing.

    By Locsalot URL on 05.19.2011

  32. Drudgery, boring scrubbing all day long.

    By Locsalot URL on 05.19.2011

  33. I always thought that when I grew up I was going to redefine the word domestic. I wasn’t going to be the only one in my family who would do the cooking and cleaning. Everything was going to be 50/50….boy was I wrong!

    By mermer64 URL on 05.19.2011

  34. Cows and other animals have been domesticated to help mankind. Men become domesticated to help womankind. This process ends up helping all of mankind as well. The process by which something is domesticated takes time. It involves breaking the will of the thing to be domesticated and inserting a new will; the will of the overseer.

    By JR on 05.19.2011

  35. unfair. violence. family. hurt. pain. hit. tears. drown. sadness. depression. together. always.

    By Haley on 05.19.2011

  36. domestic makes me think of domesticated animals and of domestic things like cooking and cleaning, two things i actually love doing. It also reminds me of Marisa Miller the vs model because she said in an interview that she likes doing domestic things. domestic is such a

    By Maria on 05.19.2011

  37. tic tic tic tic domesTIC!
    dome and stic :DD
    wheres my stick?….O.o
    ome.-. whatever that is domesticccc
    what’s a Dome Stick?

    By Yuki URL on 05.19.2011

  38. domestic housewives are really just a joke to the underworld man who cannot claim his own well being he must domesticate “his woman” this is the type of fucked up society we grow up. ha domestic i laugh. well i do feel like droppin’ out of school and maybe i’m thinkin’ too much as i write this stuff but maybe not.

    By Happy Cat on 05.19.2011

  39. abuse. pain violence. the wives of theses bastards keep staying with them when they could just walk out. kitchen

    dogs. cats. animals. pets. creatures of all kinds, domesticated for human use

    crimes. here, practically in our yards. shit happens

    By Alix on 05.19.2011

  40. When I worked as a domestic I was able to get a lot of writing done. It also gave me time to practice my music. The people I worked for were great and allowed me to drink all the wine and whisky I wanted.

    By Will Wilson URL on 05.19.2011