June 26th, 2012 | 307 Entries

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307 Entries for “distributor”

  1. I make sure people have things they need. I give things out. I try to make it even, but that doesn’t always matter. I’m the one who decides who has what and who doesn’t. So you better be nice to me! I think I’d rather be a contributor.

    By Jon Stolpe URL on 06.27.2012

  2. what should I say about a distributor? That’s seriously such a random word, I thought it would be like something deep. The only thing I can think about is distributors in my field. I’m training to be a pastry chef and we have distributors, uh distributing all the food items we need. What else can I say?

    By Kelly D on 06.27.2012

  3. Hi baby do you want to be a distributor of love to me. I miss you Raks. Shall we go to Tiruchendur? I am very eager to come there with you only to get relax in the beech with you.

    By laxmi on 06.27.2012

  4. I tapped my knuckles nervously on the wooden table. It was coated with a sheen of green and the man who sat across me glared murderously around him. There were two more other people beside me, all hoping to hit the jackpot.
    The man distributed the cards evenly, painfully suspenseful. My heart thumped like a drum, each second making it beat all the harder.
    As he finished passing the cards, he leaned back on his chair and nodded. I put my skeletal fingers on the random pieces of paper lying down innocently on the table.
    I flipped them over and smiled at myself.
    I would own this game.

    By Tee URL on 06.27.2012

  5. The distributor distributes stuff to the people who omg what im not even sure what this word means no really I sort of do but what am I supposed to write about? Distributor, really?

    By Rachel on 06.27.2012

  6. dirstributor does distribute things to people who don’t want his stuff
    I don’t know I am have nothing to say about distribution and why I am competing with the line below
    still goes, damn, what does it

    By dolores on 06.27.2012

  7. ((not much Sherlock inspiration here)) So, a bit about the author of this barely used account.
    Dad was a distributor of Nestle products. You know, stuff like KitKat and Milo. Anyway, he works from home because the warehouse that had the products he distributed IS (or was; we moved out) the house.
    Oh god, this doesn’t make any sense. I’m out.

    By smoothmovebro on 06.27.2012

  8. the confectionary distributor did not have enough stock to deliver to all the shops in the town.

    By Jan on 06.27.2012

  9. saying

    By t44 URL on 06.27.2012

  10. “The distributor is on the line. And she’s here. She’s refusing to wear the dress.”

    The man behind the desk radiated power every moment of the day. In that moment, he chuckled and his assistant looked up, fear in her eyes. It was as if she was to blame.

    “No, my darling girl wouldn’t like that dress. I knew that. Tell the distributor I’ll call them back.”

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 06.27.2012

  11. My friend is a hug distributor. “Free hugs for all,” he shouts. I always feel awkward when he is around because he wants to hug me. He doesn’t realize that not all people like hugs distributed to them.

    By Abbs on 06.27.2012

  12. I always had the idea that I could be a Distributor for a company that supply carper tools. I had a good clientèle in my area and I was sure that it could be productive.

    By victor URL on 06.27.2012

  13. Beer. Drugs. Big business. Flowers instead? Candy? Love and hate? I am a distributor. What do I distribute? What do I offer the world? What of myself do I sell? I need coffee.

    By Emily on 06.27.2012

  14. law of attraction, manager,spreading,king,abundance,share

    By ibhade on 06.27.2012

  15. oh dear my dear distributor. you’ve done so much for me. so many late night seshes, so many nights in your car, mornings on your balcony. you always let me come over. you always kept me safe, so i’m sorry to say the drug deal is over. i’m leaving and deleting your number.

    By Abra URL on 06.27.2012

  16. I am a distributor–that’ my title for SendOutCards. Seems too simple a title for what needs to be done but they didn’t ask me before they decided. a! it sounds more industrial to me than sales.

    By Jean URL on 06.27.2012

  17. A distributor is someone who gives. This person takes something and gives it to those in need in an equal and hopefully fair manner. People in third world countries often rely on distributors from the UN or other forces for food, water, and other basic necessities. People in any service industry could be considered disributors.

    By Neha on 06.27.2012

  18. gives stuff to other people. provides commodities. gets something from one place to another place for consumption.

    By sherline on 06.27.2012

  19. someone that gives, spreads their goods to others. a distributor spreads the wealth. manufacturing companies must always have a distributor. crowds flock to someone who is spreading their goods the way a distributor must.

    By Sheena Vira on 06.27.2012

  20. A distributor of truth is how she thought of hee job. She walked the halls of the office, prepared to listen to the hearts and hurts of the people. It was only her second day on the job but she had fallen in love with the people. She wanted to love well through listening to their stories.

    By Crisnole URL on 06.27.2012

  21. Distributors can help a business but place extra costs on the sellers. The sellers can sell the products themselves but it’s easier with distributors. Then again, they have to pay them too.

    By Lych URL on 06.27.2012

  22. gives stuff to everybody who asks for it. should be a nice fellow. usually isn’t. that’s because it’s too much trouble to be nice when you’re tired.

    By mitzuko on 06.27.2012

  23. distrubuition of love most wanted in life is love, so lets distribute love for all, completely full. So if you like others, distribute positive thoughts and energy will flow.

    By lisie nolasco on 06.27.2012

  24. I don’t know where it came from, but it made me really sick. We went to a different distributor today, and now I’m paying for it. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick in my life, and if this is how it makes me feel, I’m never doing it again. It’s important to know where everything comes from.

    By blessingmoon6 URL on 06.27.2012

  25. what is this?

    By koshka on 06.27.2012

  26. mail man
    3rd world country
    to give

    By Lauren on 06.27.2012

  27. What an awful word to have to write about: distributor. It’s an undignified word to describe what Santa does with Christmas presents: he distributes them.

    By barefootink URL on 06.27.2012

  28. A person who gives. Someone who does what is told. A messenger, if you will. Could also be someone who distributes wisdom, as well as love.

    By savedfromthewave URL on 06.27.2012

  29. My man, the main distributor, had died. Simply in an explosion. The rural District we seemed to live in seemed to be the main target for the bombs.

    By Marie URL on 06.27.2012

  30. You see that distributor there?
    The one with ripped dirty wear.
    He’s the one who gives out his soul.
    He gives the very best of him,
    Leaving him with a light so dim.
    But that’s just who he is,
    He gives everything and more.
    Now tell me, how is it he can be
    a distributor if he’s poor?

    By aileen on 06.27.2012

  31. the distributor gave away the weeks portions of food. the meat was not available this time, another week of just bread and butter. the people gather together their portions of food and head to their bleak homes

    By Kate on 06.27.2012

  32. A person who gives. Someone who gives to others what they believe needs to be delivered. Whether or not they are required to deliver and distribute this thing, is the question. They could be distributing anything from a piece of mail, to their own love.

    By savedfromthewave URL on 06.27.2012

  33. There is distributor in our school. He is so handsome, but he is also socially awkward. He doesn’t really suit the title of a distributor, but everyone likes despite his awkwardness.

    By Basyirah on 06.27.2012

  34. Distributor is the one who distributes the good.
    Distributor is the one who provides the soul food.

    He distributes with all of his soul and heart,
    He gives all of who he is, never just part.

    Distributor is the example we need to be.
    Distributor is what will set the heart free.

    By aileen URL on 06.27.2012

  35. I was working as a distributor at a mobile phone company when we met. He was tall, lanky, a little geeky, but it didn’t matter; he had a million dollar smile. I wonder where he is now.

    By Maureen on 06.27.2012

  36. It’s funny how ones pronunciation of “distributor” seems to change its meaning. I wonder how many words do that…?

    By Katie fly URL on 06.27.2012

  37. When I think of distributor I think of an online business that my husband and I want to start. We will become distributors for a company that is amazing…with awesome products and awesome people to be around. We are very excited and looking forward to getting this new chapter in our lives off of the ground.

    By Chelsey URL on 06.27.2012

  38. Riley had sewed for himself a fine reputation as the city’s premier distributor of righteous pain. Although his methods were probably outside the law, and the police certainly had problems with him, Riley was always able to get things done. He wanted to protect his city, and he wasn’t going to wait around to get a search warrant approved in order to do it.

    By RE_Sullivan URL on 06.27.2012

  39. the one who gives to those who need it, supplying what is necessary to be
    the desires of the people drive it’s distribution, including the necessity to live
    of course it’s passion is to provide, as is its relentless attempt to survive
    it lives on through what we allow it to through our wants and needs.

    By jjoo URL on 06.27.2012

  40. distrib

    has dis in the begging

    By chloe on 06.27.2012