September 10th, 2011 | 165 Entries

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165 Entries for “distinguished”

  1. “Haw haw haw haw haw haw haw,” he said, or, at least that’s what I heard him say. He was a posh, inbred, upperclass twit of the highest order, and I wanted to smack his sallow face.

    By emeyel URL on 09.10.2011

  2. A fire can be distinguished, as can a gentleman. But in quite different ways. Interesting, no? I think of a blazing fire and a sharp pinstripe suit with salt and pepper hair and a pipe.

    By Lydia URL on 09.10.2011

  3. I distinguished myself in the field of science, by discovering the soul, that is in an empirically verifiable manner. The

    By fantasist URL on 09.10.2011

  4. i am a distinguished person. but not really. not yet anyway. what have i done to achieve any sort of status in my life? nothing but party, drink and sleep it all away. sometimes i think i’ll get somewhere in life. i’m still getting my shit together, but i feel like i’m on the path. on the path to being somewhere. on the path to being “distinguished” as someone would say. using that word makes me feel like a pompous douche.

    By sofiya URL on 09.10.2011

  5. the man seemed very stately, very distinguished. but his eyes something about his eyes made joan uneasy. he strode towards her figure huddled in the corner, his cane made a thud, thud with every step. with a great laugh, he slapped her across the face

    By Arica on 09.10.2011

  6. i’d always thought he was a distinguished figure in society. with his fancy suits. expensive cars. pretty wive. until we saw him fall out of the bar that night. hair drenched in sweat. two prostitutes slinking down to the alley way with him. and my thoughts of “distinguished” changed. forever.

    By G. on 09.10.2011

  7. I don’t know how told she was, but her salt-and-pepper curls suggested she was at least twenty years my senior. I couldn’t care less. I wanted her.

    By suddenly BANSHEES on 09.10.2011

  8. The man in the dark brown leather coat looked distinguished as he sipped his coffee in the middle of the room.

    By Anna on 09.10.2011

  9. Distinguished in my own mind, absolutely.

    But reality sings quite another tune.

    One of

    Messy “ness”


    An oh so commonly ordinary existence

    Reality shouts out, “you are FAR from distinguished”

    ” you shall always be commonly ordinary”.

    Nothing special nothing refined.

    Simply you.

    Is that okay?

    By Megan URL on 09.10.2011

  10. i saw a distinguished man today. he tipped his hat as he called me a beautiful lady. i wanted to reply to his kindness but that sort of acknowledgment was considered forward and mamma would never forgive me.

    By Kate URL on 09.10.2011

  11. You strive to be better than the rest, to make a name for yourself.

    Or at least that’s what she tells you. She wants you to think big and do great things. And of course you would want that–who doesn’t?

    But it’s all you’ve ever known, and you’ve never been told differently.

    Something about all this has started to sound familiar.

    By Theresa URL on 09.10.2011

  12. Our distinguished guest is…not going to be here tonight. Unfortunately there has been a recent outbreak of extreme weather and the guest of honor is missing in action. No one knows when he will be able to make it but just sit back and enjoy the refreshments and hopefully he can get here soon. Thank you for your cooperation.

    By Teeps on 09.10.2011

  13. Distinguished? Really? No one is fucking distinguished anymore. We’re all just animals, living to die. Find me one distinguished person, and I’ll show you a million distinguished souls, lost to eternity.

    By Kaylyn URL on 09.10.2011

  14. he was a distinguished gentleman, this i was sure. he wore a blue tie and polished shoes and his hair was always a bit out-of place, but still sophisticated. he had half the girls in school crushing on him, despite the fact that he was fifteen years older than they were.
    he leaned over the desk and said, “I suppose we should talk about your punishment.”
    I cringed. that’s what made me hate him so much.

    By EJ URL on 09.10.2011

  15. Walking through the financial district with hip-bags and briefcases, theses young men strive for success. I can see through their white shirts and the thinly pressed undershirts. I can only hope the characters they have become means something more to themselves than they mean to me. Success varies.

    By Joe on 09.10.2011

  16. “I said, that’s quite enough, Jensen. Now cease and desist or I’ll…”

    “Or you’ll do what?”

    A deep, sonorous, distinguished voice resonated throughout the ether, “You don’t want to know ‘what’, son. So how’s about you just settle down a bit.”

    This new twist caused Jensen a moment of pause.

    By chole URL on 09.10.2011

  17. I was once was a distinguished guest
    at an afternoon late tea
    where saucers where not of china best
    but from another galaxy

    By SprawlingInk URL on 09.10.2011

  18. one emotion can hardly be distinguished from the other.
    my heart is a cluttered mess. and god knows where my mind is.

    when did i fall back into this?

    By sarah marie URL on 09.10.2011

  19. HIs heart puffed with pride as he jogged up the stage. I glared at the grinning man as he took his place at the podium. Huffing a sigh, i slid farther down into my seat. The fabric was scratchy but no one else at the conference seemed to care. They were ALL so happy to see him.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 09.10.2011

  20. The man in the suit walked up to the tank. He slid his fingers over the rusted chasis, and tapped twice on the hull.

    “Which year did you salvage this from?”


    “Funny, I assumed they didn’t have tanks back then.”

    “The machine messes with the flow. You know that.”

    By Carson on 09.10.2011

  21. is making yourself a successful known individual

    By Carla on 09.10.2011

  22. Gray hair, neatly combed, lined knowing smile that reached to his eyes and beyond… My grandfather hated your granddad’s distinguished guts.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 09.10.2011

  23. I know there were others before me. All I wanted was to be distinguished from them. I wanted you to love me for who I am. I did not want to be compared to the ones you had before.

    By Marina URL on 09.10.2011

  24. “Oh hi. I haven’t met you before. What’s your name?”
    “Hi Brandon, I’m Haley. We’ve met twice before and you didn’t remember me the last time either.”
    “Oh my I am so sorry.”
    “Whatever. This happens all the time. I’m not rememberable, or distinguished. I’m invisible.”

    By Haley URL on 09.10.2011

  25. Can you distinguish between us? Am I Tom or am I Tim? Can’t tell? I didn’t think so. That’s the problem of being twins. You don’t get your own identity. People always confuse you with someone else.

    By Candace S. URL on 09.10.2011

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    By 180 URL on 09.10.2011

  27. The look on their faces as you walk through the crowd – it’s appealing. They hadn’t realized how freaking amazing you are. How brilliant, until just now. They always saw you as some backwoods trash. Some little boy. And now? Now you’re parading and they’re expected to bow to you. Their faces are twisted in shock. Most of them are horrified at what they do before you.
    And you’re laughing to yourself, because no matter how wonderful, how distinguished, how exalted you appear on the outside, inside you’re still the rule-breaking child-hearted you’ve always been.

    By Lancir URL on 09.10.2011

  28. The distinguished gentleman stepped off the el platform and onto the train just before it began to move away from the station. He removed his hat, sank down into the hard chair, and began to relax for the first time that day.

    By Laura URL on 09.10.2011

  29. He looked fine in his dress clothes, a real gentleman. But you could tell he didn’t belong. Malcom Reynolds could pull of near any role but distinguished was not one of them. He had a reputation to uphold after all. Inara stared at his outstretched hand and thought, “Well, a dance would be just fine, as long as he’s just playing.”

    By Shnlynne URL on 09.10.2011

  30. Distinguished is such a funny word. It makes me think of people in ridiculous ruffled neck things and tights and beards that are curled at the end. I’d rather be absolutely ridiculous than be a distinguished gentleman anyday

    By AvaJ URL on 09.10.2011

  31. distinguished is a high class word. People use it to describe people of status. The president, the pope, great orators and the likes. “He’s a distinguished figure in society.” who cares?

    By lindsey on 09.10.2011

  32. god. Man. those are who think they are can be who they want to be. Those who stand out are who people see. Those who want to do something great. What we all strive for. Originality.

    By BillyGoat URL on 09.10.2011

  33. She was a distinguished author but no one noticed when she came into the room. She hoped the evening would be better than the last event of this sort she had attended. Why had she let her publisher push her into these things? Judith smiled at the attendant at the door.

    By Claudia on 09.10.2011

  34. She had strong features, defined, distinguished. She was a butterfly, floating from task to task, beautifully, and everywhere she went a bit of her pure joy rubbed off on those that surrounded her. I miss those days. Now she drags her feet, under the solid arm of the man she thought would be her Prince Charming.

    By china URL on 09.10.2011

  35. He wears a suit, his dark hair clipped short. She eyes him from her spot at the juice bar, wondering if he’d ever look at her. Look at her ratty old jeans and the mascara that’s probably smudged under her eyes if she knows herself well enough. She rests her chin on her palm and sighs.
    Because he’s beautiful, and distinguished and- And he turns his head and smiles at her, dark eyes crinkling at the corners.

    By perfectlydiseased URL on 09.10.2011

  36. t was something little that goes a long way. it was something that her parents had taught her, told her about. And after all these years when she didnt see it, she knew something was missing. It is what distinguished the ordinary guy from the one that you knew was special. He seemed to know what to do in the little ways, how to take care of a woman.

    By Seansj URL on 09.10.2011

  37. With his cropped grey hair and Armani suit he played the role of distinguished gentleman well. He charmed her. Wined and dined her. The almost twenty year age gap never phased her. He was her world, she was his princess.

    By Kirsty URL on 09.10.2011

  38. The distinguished gentleman walked down the street with an air of grace, all admired, although inside he was tired, all he wanted was to have someone understand as he cried.

    By Bridiejo URL on 09.10.2011

  39. That’s such a long word to type. If you don’t have typing training, it could very well take you your whole minute to type “distinguished” and spell check it. Talk about exclusion.

    By Hyperbole URL on 09.10.2011

  40. my fiancee wants to be a distinguished old gentleman with a handlebar mustache.

    By sararamsey URL on 09.10.2011