May 1st, 2013 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “dissolve”

  1. It disappears but it’s still there, in the air, in the water, what you breathe. It’s gone but it’s not. It melts away and turns into nothing but is everything. missing. but there. always.

    By Paige on 05.01.2013

  2. i want to dissolve
    dissolve into my sea of tears
    dissolve into my everlasting fears
    i want to fade from existence
    slowly carefully
    i want to be able to say goodbye
    but i want to leave
    i want to dissolve
    into a sea of tears
    into a sea of me

    By celeste cervantes URL on 05.01.2013

  3. When the key fell into the acid, it was dissolved in minutes, locking the secrets in the safe for eternity.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.01.2013

  4. The bread slowly dissolved, as did the kitchen appliances, the tables, the countertops, the walls. Lava poured around the house, gushing down the mountainside. The house rocked on its’ moorings, and began to slide with the earth. The residents had fled hours before, and the only being left was their cat, who had escaped earlier.

    By Ridge on 05.01.2013

  5. tablets in water
    dark in the light
    water in heat
    snow in spring
    scents in air
    fear in hope

    By Eric on 05.01.2013

  6. The words fade from my brain, the perfect story slipping away from my finger tips. Its as if someone had taken those unwritten pages full of yet to be created stories and threw them in a tank of water. And now I’m left to watch them d i s s o l v e

    By Becca on 05.01.2013

  7. dissolve, bubbles pounds from below, hot palm, palm trees throwing brown, broken fronds, dissolve, lose yourself, a stream of fizz as the pill implodes, collapsed in on itself, and little men inside screaming, praying for escape.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.01.2013

  8. The feeling dissolves as if it was never there to begin with.

    By hjmnf URL on 05.01.2013

  9. i look to the bottom of my glass
    at the small jelly capsule
    sinking lower and lower into the liquid
    that helped me keep my sanity

    i know what you’re thinking
    isn’t there a bottom to the glass?
    why, yes, there is;
    i’ve just sunk lower than that lately.

    By elizabeth URL on 05.01.2013

  10. All animosity was dissolved with the nod of her head.

    “You may go,” I said to the servant crouched at the foot of our bed, holding her ill gotten goods with trembling hands.

    By dramarie URL on 05.01.2013

  11. Dissolve the things that come to my mind, because they are not that inspiring for a writer who spent his day wondering around what to write, and what the hell is dissolve ?? i don’t get it :(

    By Hashim URL on 05.01.2013

  12. separation, falling apart, falling into place. moving about, spreading. solutions. find out how to lose yourself. let go to grow <3

    By fiorela on 05.01.2013

  13. His body became one with the world at that moment. The red blood pouring from his veins upwards fueled the sun, gave life to something new and wonderful. He was… fading. He was dissolving into something that I cannot put into words, something just for us who were watching. He was becoming everything he had ever wanted to be, everything he had feared he would become. In the end, he was our leader… and as any great leaders, he gave everything to bring us success.

    By Crowette URL on 05.01.2013

  14. The End. The image dissolves to black. The last character to appear in the movie exits the set. On the back, everyone else is resting. The princess was drinking shots of tequila with the monster. The prince was playing beer pong with one of the minions. The director congratulates them in a job well done and they tell them to piss off.

    By Onix URL on 05.01.2013

  15. He watched as the powder dissolved into the water, and waited for the bubbles to dissapate so he could finally get rid of this headache. Sally had been on him all week, and he was reaching his end point.

    By Anya on 05.01.2013

  16. The words scatter in the air like a fistful of dust. The wind lashes them away, making them dissolve before I get the chance to properly hear them.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.01.2013

  17. and i take your hand and it is dissolved all i stood for and believed in myself is wiped away wiped clean as it shall stay as i step away from your burden and your hurt and into my own dissolved of the life I once had

    By C. Ritchie URL on 05.01.2013

  18. I dissolve into spaces where I don’t even know. I dissolve into little bitty pieces of nipple. NIpples are juicy and moist when provideng breastmilk and they dissolve on babies tongues, i bet it tasted delicious. Nom nom nom. I dissol

    By Carlz on 05.01.2013

  19. acid dissolves things and can be dangerous in great amounts like when brad pitt burned edward norton’s hand in Fight Club. It’s pH is lower than 7. It is the contrary to the base.

    By Nicolas on 05.01.2013

  20. A solute dissolves in a solvent. Screw chem!

    By Jason URL on 05.01.2013

  21. I watched
    of the g

    di s s o l v e


    the liquid.

    By dramarie URL on 05.01.2013

  22. “This is the end,” Melodi whispered. Watching as the last man fell in the field below, she knew it was over. And any hope of peace dissolved with that final death.

    “What did you expect?” Alec stood beside her, watching the scene unfolding before him with concern. “We never should have been here. This assignment wasn’t ours.”

    “So it should have been someone else’s instead, is that it?”

    “No, that’s not what I-”

    “This battle should never have happened. It was unnecessary. What were they thinking..?”

    Alec watched Melodi walk away in silence, shaking his head. He knew she was right — the battle should never have happened. But that knowledge did them little good now. He had hoped to keep Melodi out of it, but that hadn’t gone over well with the colonel.

    He knew she was the best female soldier they had, but still. He wanted to protect her, and she didn’t need this. Not right now…

    By Solo Rae URL on 05.01.2013

  23. I poured the salt into the glass of water and watched it dissolve far too quickly. I hated gargling that stuff, but I hated the painful sore throat more. I think that’s the way it is with relationships and friendships. Sometimes you have to put salt in the wound in order to heal.

    By khakicat URL on 05.01.2013

  24. cotton candy is the best because you don’t really chew it or anything it just sort of disappears as it dissolves in your mouth. One moment there the next, gone. but it’s beautiful all the same. It truly is a fleeting beauty

    By Kristen on 05.01.2013

  25. disintigrate quickly,may not last long,something that melts slowly or fast,either or.Also may become invisible slowly or fast as well.

    By Lynette Walker on 05.01.2013

  26. to break down
    to fall apart
    in water
    breaking down

    By Emily on 05.01.2013

  27. she slipped away into the darkness, as if she was one with the shadows, dissolving into the night. they didn’t think about it at first, didn’t realize how quickly she’d done it, and therefore how easily she could’ve done it before. “she wanted us to catch her” he mused quietly to his partner. he nodded in reply. “strange.”

    By Melissa on 05.01.2013

  28. In the filth of the city, early morning dust, I can feel my sense of reality begin to dissolve into the musty air. I can see the lines around true things and those things not true blur into one big cluster of fear and disgust; though I can not tell you which of the two you would call real in the beginning.

    By R.J. on 05.01.2013

  29. water dissolves when heated and turns into a gas. things also tend to dissolve in water, such as sugar, or kool aid packets. and yea, that’s, that’s all I really think about when it comes to dissolve

    By breeziana on 05.01.2013

  30. I dissolved like the snow. I was not sure where I was going, but I needed to believe that I would dissolve and solidify into something better. And I did. The snow melted away and then evaporated into the big sky and became part of the fabric of a cloud and before I knew it I was snowing. And dissolving again.

    By Amanda on 05.01.2013

  31. Watching with mild disappointment as yet another wave of snow dissolved the moment it met the already wet asphalt, I couldn’t help but sigh. It wasn’t like me to be so bored, so out of touch, during the winter months but lately everything seemed a little…off kilter. Or maybe that was just me. Which, admittedly, was possible, considering everything that had happened in the past few weeks.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 05.01.2013

  32. I dissolved my popsicle in the yard and it fell to pieces on the cement. Quite disturbing a sight it was, yellow melting in the fresh, lush green grass that I nearly cried. My dog then padded over and licked it all up.

    By Eleanor on 05.01.2013

  33. dissolve means to vanish, to fall apart, to be destroyed, doesn’t it? but it also means to be come one with something else, to be completely and otatlyl like something else. To be nothing, and yet to become something more. When you dissolve something in something else, it doesn’t disappear, it becames something else. wHat happens to things that are something else like that? i mean… maybe we can say that decomposing is a type of dissolving. Is that meaning mean that we, too, will dissolve?

    By Alaina on 05.01.2013

  34. there once was a girl who dissolved everything she ever touched. she was very pretty but couldn’t touch anything because it would dissolve. she was very lonely. one day she met a boy who could fix anything with a single touch. they fell in love. they could not touch, but they made world a better place

    By Megan URL on 05.01.2013

  35. To place a sugar cube into a glass of water, you have to intend to make it dissolve. To tear it apart, but in no way to destroy it. Imagine spreading everything in your room all over the world, would that be destruction, or dissolving? Imagine how those sugar particles feel. Do they miss their friends or are they glad that they are exploring?

    By Vish on 05.01.2013

  36. I could have dissolved into nothing right there. But I didn’t. I wasn’t going to make them watch it. Watch myself turning down every little chemical reaction of my body. I knew that I wouldn’t feel a thing, but something inside my head whispered “they will”.

    By Juliana on 05.01.2013

  37. it is nice word. i think it means to absorb something with liquid and make it disappear. For me i am usually dissolved into good books. any books with good content and good language. So that is a figurative meaning in this too. i will dissolve into the thin air, but my soul will not.

    By purevtsagaan on 05.01.2013

  38. Sometimes I feel like dissolving into tears. The world can be hard, and the future can be scary. Who said it is wrong to cry? Who said it is wrong to feel like folding up into the tiniest bit of you imaginable, and just dissolving away from the world for a while? It’s ok to feel like this sometimes. No one should make you feel bad for feeling this way.

    By Penguin on 05.01.2013

  39. Cotton candy on my tongue dissolves. The same way salt does and like your love. It can never stay. I can still remember how it tastes though. I’ll never forget.

    By Beck on 05.01.2013

  40. friendships. They end as quickly as they start.

    By nicole on 05.01.2013