March 9th, 2012 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “dismissed”

  1. Now that’s a word that evokes a lot of emotion dismissed because of your behaviour or a peccadillo that not very many people find acceptable or simply dismissed from employment

    By Jules URL on 03.09.2012

  2. Private Johnson stood at attention listening to his sergeant’s rant. His mind was a million miles away, so he didn’t hear it when the sarge dismissed him. Just another day as a grunt. Semper fi.

    By Rick Colby URL on 03.09.2012

  3. All the love in the word couldn’t hold it in place,
    it bounced to and fro like a bubble caught in a web.
    I tried to smile and make them listen, but they turn their heads and laughed.
    singing songs that dismissed my glance.

    By Alta Solomon on 03.09.2012

  4. Your dismissed said the mind, relieving the body of its duty.
    It was night and it was time to dream. There was no need to concentrate on posture or gesture. It was time to dream. Time to go into another world, another world into the subconscience. A world with no worries, just fantasies. Dismissed into a dream.

    By Emily on 03.09.2012

  5. As Peeta stepped out into the bright sunlight from the Capitol building, his olive, radiant, and so perfect almost unnatural, skin glistened. He had a look in his eye, a nervous one, but was quickly dismissed the moment our eyes meet.

    By Jasmine Griffin on 03.09.2012

  6. “Dismissed,” she muttered, waving her hand to shoo us away. I looked at my best friend, and he looked right back at me, that hidden gleam in both of our eyes. We were getting off easy again. Just one little sad look and sobstory, and they were putty in our hands. We stood up, thanking her before running off.

    By Mika URL on 03.09.2012

  7. “THAT’S IT! You’ve been dismissed Kieth, get out of my sight now before I punish you further for your rude and innapropriate behavior” The large boss man in the chair ordered.
    “Whatever” Kieth shrugged and left.

    By Solanaceae URL on 03.09.2012

  8. As Peeta stepped out into the bright sunlight from the Capitol building, his olive, radiant, and so perfect almost unnatural skin glistened. Almost had a glow to it. I could tell he was trying hard to cover it up. The look in his eye that meant everything was not fine, and that he’s hurt, but the look was dismissed the moment my grey met his emerald green eyes.

    By Jasmine URL on 03.09.2012

  9. well i think i dont know what that word means so meaningless meanings hahaha bleul. i feel dismissed bout my butt. jk if i don’t know what it means how could i write a bout it. i gotta poop. i hope im the only one who will c this. dfggt there is a bay fly on the compute screen ew. sharpies are like bum obojmm this is so random. i think ppl will c this. HI PEOPLE!

    By marie on 03.09.2012

  10. dismissed is when you rejection something or someone. Or ending something, for example, ‘class dismissed’

    By rosa on 03.09.2012

  11. This is a final term. Something that reminds me of the end. Dismissed is a way that we send other people away. We’re giving them permission to leave us and its a very final word. there are so many other words that mean the same thing that I would rather use.

    By Katie on 03.09.2012

  12. class, school, group, people, words, actions, thoughts.

    By ryan on 03.09.2012

  13. the end of class on the last day of school…the only word that the whole class wants to hear…that we are dismissed. we can go home. we can start the summer that we have such high hopes for.

    By julie on 03.09.2012

  14. i was dismissed from class today cuz i was told i was wrong by the teacher and i knew i was right i argued with her and she dismissed me from the class and sent me to the principals office

    By boo on 03.09.2012

  15. As you leave me behind, I have nothing left. Even the clothes on my back feel like they weigh me down. Without you, I have no choice but to leave. If you ever turn back, you won’t see me.

    By Lauren A. on 03.09.2012

  16. “Come back here with me.” she half whispered, motioning to the back of the auditorium. It was less than a week until opening night of my first play. I moved away from my cast mates to sit in the back with her. “Your grades are…well…” she began, as the first tear rolled down my cheek. And just like that, I was dismissed.

    By Paige URL on 03.09.2012

  17. you, madam, have been dismissed.
    but you sir, have not! I refuse to let you ignore me. I have everything it takes and more I am 30 times more honest than all of your other ministers. what? just becuase my mentally unstable and abusive husband divorced me, you’re going to ignore my anointing, my calling to this ministry, and personally throw 30 years of ministering together out the window?!?! no, you are not dismissed.

    By gloria URL on 03.09.2012

  18. after the bell rings in school, teachers let us leave our classroom. after we finish work, our bosses let us leave the workplace. our whole lives are all about being dismissed from what ever it is that we do. we are constantly forced to go places based on everyone else’s schedule.

    By Sarah Carner on 03.09.2012

  19. He touches her shoulder, but she steps across the room.

    “I was just trying to help, okay? Really.” She stares outside for a while, watching the snow silently coat the ground.

    “I don’t understand you. Not at all.”

    By Emily on 03.09.2012

  20. Never have I been so happy to be dismissed from practice. All those drills and sprints and stairs and repeats are hard enough without a fever and lack of voice.

    By Lor-n URL on 03.09.2012

  21. “Order, ORDER!” The double tap of the hammer rang in my ears. A slight groan, mostly from the accusation. The defence smirked. Just smirked. I found something off about it, but nobody else seemed to note.

    “Case dismissed. Not guilty.”

    I mumbled under my breath. “You old sod.” And looked at the rest of the jury with contempt. Sure.

    By Val URL on 03.09.2012

  22. I was dismissed. That’s all I was. I realized that’s all I could ever possibly be. While she was there, while she was present and breathing, while she was taking over the room with her presence, I was dismissed. And that’s what hurt the most. Being dismissed.

    By Haddie on 03.09.2012

  23. being dismissed, funny. in life all the small people are dismissed. our say in our rights have been dismissed at least thats the way it feels to a large percent of americans . Only 40% percent of my fellow americans vote, pity!

    By Racqu Shack on 03.09.2012

  24. Dismissed. It means no one wants to see you anymore. They don’t want to deal with you and your issues, or troubles. If you’re dismissed you are unwanted. It is a feeling of sadness, relief, and all in between.

    By bella. URL on 03.09.2012

  25. insulted and left behind like like there other better things in the world to deal with and no one wanted to waste thier time. Its lonely and sad and the prey side of things. there is some one else with more power than you and they use it,

    By Rhea Roland on 03.09.2012

  26. i have dismissed almost every negative aspect of my life. It is time to start fresh.

    By Sara URL on 03.09.2012

  27. dismissed

    By brian on 03.09.2012

  28. The bell rang and we were dismissed from class. I quickly gathered my books and ran to catch up with Jonathon. If only I could make him understand the way I felt about him. He never noticed the way I looked at him, they way I always laughed at his jokes. I needed him, he was my best friend and so much more.

    By Becca URL on 03.09.2012

  29. you have dismissed my heart and put it into the bottom of a trench. You have dismissed me all together, made me invisible to love ever again. So now I dismiss the world…

    By Briana on 03.09.2012

  30. im done with you. we had a chance and now u are dismissed. find a life and make someone else ur new victim. Happier now that its over.

    By Phylicia on 03.09.2012

  31. I had been dismissed. The job I had for twenty years all gone, vanished, to a point of no return. How did this happen? But more importantly, why? Why did I sleep with him? He was only 16.

    By Alana on 03.09.2012

  32. The bell rings
    First period: Mathematics
    If Karen has 3 shoes and Eric has 2, how many can Sara have?
    Second period: History
    Sara lost the battle against Karen this year.
    She was forced to remain silent and do all the work.
    Final class: Home Economics.
    Watch as Sara teaches you how to cook, clean, do the laundry, have a job.
    Just watch.
    Don’t help.
    The bell rings
    Class dismissed.

    By Sara URL on 03.09.2012

  33. dismissed is abandoned, sent away. Dismissed is no longer caring, gone, left or leaving. My fingers are moving slow. Sadly slow. this feels like poetry. misspelling. Dismissed. Missed and dissed. Gone, left. How much time do i have left? Don’t think, don’t think. Um…well…yeah, I’m done.

    By Ashley URL on 03.09.2012

  34. ‘dismissed. what a rude word.’ thought Sally, as she was walking down the hallway. She couldn’t believe that Ray can say that to her, after all, she was his closest friend since childhood. But what she couldn’t believe is why her heart hurts.

    By Agnes Hwangpo on 03.09.2012

  35. I dismissed her. I just did. I daydream about shutting her down, because in all honesty I think she deserves it. I didn’t look straight in her eyes for more than a second. I just dismissed her. In a way, I wish I had said something clever. Maybe she would have cried for one of her stupid reasons. I should have thought about it that way, and made her realize what exactly she says to people doesn’t always stay with them.

    By Olivia M URL on 03.09.2012

  36. There was no class today. Well, there may or may not have been, but I was dismissed from my job today, so I wouldn’t know. I thought I was such a good cosmic surgeon…

    Anyway, There was an indication of something. A girl told me that her Venus was broken, so I fixed it. Silly me.

    By dovi URL on 03.09.2012

  37. The bell rings at exactly 1:24 and without a seconds hesitation, the children jump out of their seats and dart out the door. The teacher is left alone, marker in hand, mouth mid-word, with no one to teach. The bell has taken control and dismissed the day.

    By Allie URL on 03.09.2012

  38. He dismissed the girl as he had dismissed his life, quietly and without and fuss. Whether this was the right thing to do did not matter, it had to be done…

    By Ben on 03.09.2012

  39. They dismissed me like they couldn’t bare to look at my scars anymore. The people, the faces, the eyes, none could gaze upon my beaten, bloody, body anymore than what most of them could stomach. Maybe they’ll understand one day. Maybe they’ll understand what it’s like to live in the games…

    By Brock Buchanan URL on 03.09.2012

  40. I love to dismissed the fact that I am not a narcissus at some points in my life because it wouldn’t be fun thinking that you are perfect.

    By Tara on 03.09.2012