March 9th, 2012 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “dismissed”

  1. I was cast out on my own. My mind reeling. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. have you ever stood in a moment and wondered how quickly things had gone awry? It was only moments ago that life hadn’t seemed shattered. So little space between then and now. Like you could reach out and touch it still.

    I have to keep moving.

    By Roo F on 03.09.2012

  2. “What are you talking about?,”she asked. “Dismissed? Seriously? I’ve been a part of this company for a lifetime. What happens now? What will I do? No! Not dismissed.”

    By Sheila Good URL on 03.09.2012

  3. when you are dismissed it can mean a multitute of things. you can be fired, asked to leave the room, broken up with, even let leave before scheduled times. children especially like the last one, as it means less time to spend in school.

    By kelsey on 03.09.2012

  4. Our teacher dismissed us at the end of the day. I love it when we get dismissed because then I know it is time to go home. I wonder what our teacher does after we are dismissed?

    By Candi Miller on 03.09.2012

  5. I walked back in as coolly as I could, backpack shouldered, and approached her as she sat, surely grading her 7th period AP French tests.
    “Ms. Gambol,” I uttered, halfway under my breath as if it was still hiding beneath the sheets, afraid of the cold.
    “Ah, yes…you again,” she said, and she stood up in her skirt and heels, still only barley as tall as my chin, and she clutched me by my long locks of hair, pulled me down, and touched her lips to mine. She pulled back, and I was speechless, utterly grounded, my sneakers like tree roots. “Now, run along and be a good boy,” she said.
    I did. I tried to tell myself to be a good boy, but I think I knew I’d be getting dismissed from class again.

    By MFIII URL on 03.09.2012

  6. A positive meaning for dismissed is to be done with class. Class will be dismissed at 3:30 today. By Friday afternoon, most students and teachers are ready for a change of pace and opportunity to relax with friends and family. I look forward to going out to eat with my husband tonight and catching a movie afterwards. Lots to do this weekend with responsibilities at home and with work.

    Dismissed can have a negative connotation if one is dismissed from a job, in other words FIRED. I can’t imagine how I would deal with that type of news. Fortunately, I’ve not had to.

    Dismissed can also refer to one how one ignores a comment or remark from another person. For example, when gentlly teased about my height, sometimes I dismissed the comment.

    By Sue on 03.09.2012

  7. It’s been raining in my head for weeks and this ennui will not be dismissed.

    By nichole URL on 03.09.2012

  8. “But-” I protest. It’s not my fualt. How does he not see that?

    “Go!” the commander waves his arm wildly above his head and I flinch.

    “But sir, this is everything to me and I honeslt didn’t-”

    “Get OUT!” he screams wildly, spitlle flying out of his mouth.

    I turn and trudge out. I have been dismissed.

    By Jocelyn URL on 03.09.2012

  9. the passion for weekend adventure and fun pulsating throughout my veins, strengthening me to run out the double doors of my school. victorious!

    By Moriah Callion on 03.09.2012

  10. I run up the to instructor and wave my paper.
    “I have a great idea for this quarter!” I say, very enthusiastic about my wonderful idea.
    “Mhm, that’s great, Alyssa”, the teacher mutters distractedly. He waves me along and returns to his grading. I wander out of the room dejectedly and slam the door. Dismissed, just like that.

    By glorygirl97 URL on 03.09.2012

  11. Sue dismissed her favorite methods class ever from class early today. She decided they worked hard and deserved the break.

    By Hope on 03.09.2012

  12. I imagine a teacher dismissing class. But not in a normal, regular, every day kind of way. In a negative way. I feel like this word ties negative connotations for me, for whatever subconscious memory I have. I feel like a stern, upset look follows this word.

    By christy on 03.09.2012

  13. In 6th grade I remember one time I dismissed myself from class because I was bored. It was a spring day and the sun was starting to come out full time and the last thing I wanted to do was be in class. Instead I went outside with a few friends and we played tennis for the rest of the day. Oops! :)

    By Emily Seller on 03.09.2012

  14. I am looking forward to getting dismissed from class today because then I am going home to watch my brother play basketball. Illinois head basketball coach Bruce Weber got dismissed from his duties as coach yesterday (He got the axe).

    By Andrew on 03.09.2012

  15. The first thing that comes to mind when i see this word is at the end of a church service sometimes the pastor will say “you are dismissed.” Otherwise it is typically used at the end of a session or program when it is over to let the people know that they can leave now.

    By Danielle on 03.09.2012

  16. Class is dismissed. This is the simple phrase that students wait for from the moment that they return from lunch. The moment that lets them know they are free, until the next morning when classes resume.

    By Molly on 03.09.2012

  17. You are dismissed from my presence. It means to dismiss. To shoo away from my DOGGIE. :'(

    By Shyanna on 03.09.2012

  18. “You are dismissed.” says the teacher.
    I rush out in a hurry because I don’t want to stay after class to talk about my “F”.
    “Good bye!” I yell as I sprint towards my locker for the next class period.
    I dodged that bullet!
    It’s great being in middle school.

    By Donna on 03.09.2012

  19. Today, especially, I am very excited to be dismissed. It means I get to go visit my advisor, Dr. Wohlfeil! Nothing is more exciting than that! I am pumped to figure out my schedule for the last two semesters of college. I can’t believe that it’s almost over!

    By lisa on 03.09.2012

  20. Yesterday I woke up with a really bad stomach ache. My stomach had never felt so terrible in my whole life! I think that I got sick from the pizza that I had last night from the fridge. Whatever the reason, what made me even more sick was that I had a huge exam today in my science class. I knew that my science teacher would not be happy at all if I missed the test, but I did not know what else to do. I could hardly even get out of bed! Finally, I decided to crawl out of bed to email my teacher and tell her that I would not be able to make it to school. After emailing her, I waited in anticipation by my desk for her reply. Ding! An email from my teacher popped up on the screen. She said that I could be dismissed from taking the test! I was so grateful!

    By Holly Hanson on 03.09.2012

  21. Haughty, unkind and unfeeling – thats what you are. I wish you would stay – I wish you would go! You think that you’re better then me! I might be small and obscure but I matter. You don’t care what we were. You don’t care what we might have been. With the flick of your wrist – thats it……I’ve been dismissed.

    By Dani URL on 03.09.2012

  22. Fuck, I have absolutely no idea where we stand and it’s driving my insane. You’re half in and half out. Fuck that. Make up your mind or I’m going to have to force myself to make it up for you, you either care or you don’t but playing both hands is nothing but unfair.

    By Megan. URL on 03.09.2012

  23. i HAVE A STRANGE FEELING THAT EVERY GREAT ADVENTURE IN my life will be quickly dismissed. By me, by my family and the opinions of friends. SHould I want to brush off the thoughts of others, or pursue the happiness of the group always? I never know…

    By Krisi URL on 03.09.2012

  24. It seemed he had dismissed me with a simple wave of his hand: He didn’t care at all. I cried into my pillow at night, cried in the bathroom, cried before the play, cried all the time. He didn’t care about me. Didn’t care what I felt. He didn’t care whether I lived or died. I was so close to dying, and he didn’t even care. I wonder if he even knew. My friends, it seemed, didn’t care much either. I called out to them, cried out that I needed them. They looked at me, gave me the once-over, and walked away. I couldn’t talk to them. I felt shunned. No place to turn. I needed them, and they weren’t there.

    By Jamie on 03.09.2012

  25. taken out, fired, rejected, left for someone else; missed out on greatness, stolen opportunities; being dismissed hurts, but sometimes it’s good…helps set different priorities

    By Donna on 03.09.2012

  26. You are dismissed!

    The teacher’s voice rang out over the classroom, directed at the child in the back. He began to raise his hand, but stopped when he saw the expression on her face. Defeated, he picked up his backpack and trudged slowly out the door.

    For the fourth time this week he’d have to explain to his mother that he got kicked out of the classroom for correcting his teacher on the spelling of his name.

    By Courtney on 03.09.2012

  27. oh hell no did you just dis me? you saw me standing there in front of my locker trying to talk to you and you dissed me you little disser.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 03.09.2012

  28. She dismissed me casually and it pissed me off. How dare she?! I raged. I did so much for her. I killed thousands, spilled blood in the holy temples, and gave up my freedom. Quietly, I let my grudge start to simmer.

    By Natasha URL on 03.09.2012

  29. I have been dismissed from this class of yours. I am so happy. You are the worst and the best teacher I have ever had. You have shown me who I really am. I thank you for that.

    By teeda URL on 03.09.2012

  30. why is it so easy for you, to not care …you dismiss me as you would dismiss a child that is being naughty for not following the rules, what rules must I follow so I wont feel this way….do you not care? I know that you do, you walk away but your quick to run back to me ….why do you dismiss my claim to your love when with every other gesture your offering it to me…are you afraid that one day it will be me that dismissed your claim to my heart, and walk away once and for all….are your afraid my love.

    By Beni URL on 03.09.2012

  31. there was a time I wanted to be dismissed from my current job. I wonder if I still want to dismiss myself. Get a new job. New people. New energy. NO driving to work. YAHOO. Who knows. I think it’s sad when I dismiss people because they annoy me, we all have off days. At least I dimiss in my head

    By jay tay on 03.09.2012

  32. Yesterday when covering a sick teacher for supply, I asked one of the children in the class what their greatest ambition was. The child dismissed my question with the simple answer that it didn’t matter what their ambition was, they would not fulfill it because they would never have the opportunity and I told him that it was only he that could create the opportunity himself and nobody would stop him if he tried hard enough.

    By Jessie on 03.09.2012

  33. Dismissed. Hiss. Unfair dismissal. You refuse to accept or recognise, that we are all team players in this game we call life. I have a voice and the right to be acknowledged and recognised.

    By -_- on 03.09.2012

  34. “And class is dismissed.”
    She stood up instantly, her things collected in her arms, and hurried out the door. But she, of course, ran into him AGAIN. Why? She could have sworn, being nearest to the door, no one in the room could get out the door before her, or get past without her knowledge. But there he stood, smirking down at her like she was a clueless, innocent child. She scowled, then slapped him in the face so hard, it made the movie slap sound.

    By Nichole URL on 03.09.2012

  35. Dismissal from class is one of the few sweet joys a high school senior like myself gets to indulge in. Running with my books, my bag, and my water bottle, I seem to defy gravity, not realizing that going fast from one class is just another way of saying getting to the next class quickly.

    By livberg URL on 03.09.2012

  36. Once i went to classes and screamd at my teacher, she dismissed me and sent me to detentiion. Since then I totally hate her, she is the most selfish person I’ve ever met. She thinks she can sing and she has a good body, but none is true. She is as deaf tune as my sister and as fat as a cow! I think she might have never seen her reflection on a mirror, because if she had she would definetely know she’s ugly, because even when your brain makes you believe you’re 3 times prettier, 3 times prettier than she is, is almost nothing.

    By belen on 03.09.2012

  37. Once i went to classes and screamd at my teacher, she dismissed me and sent me to detentiion. Since then I totally hate her, she is the most selfish person I’ve ever met. She thinks she can sing and she has a good body, but none is true. She is as deaf tune as my sister and as fat as a cow! I think she might have never seen her reflection on a mirror, because if she had she would definetely know she’s ugly, because even when your brain makes you believe you’re 3 times prettier, 3 times prettier than she is, results in negatives.

    By belen on 03.09.2012

  38. I was dismissed from my job today. Nothing could have been more disappointing than hearing the words, “Louis, we do not need you any more…”. First my wife and now my job. Was thi

    By Brooke URL on 03.09.2012

  39. I dismissed myself from the room. It was time I was gone. I couldn’t last in this world of hatred. I was ready to go. I didn’t matter. They didn’t matter. It was all going to go away. Tonight. Goodbye forever

    By Shelaleh Rostami URL on 03.09.2012

  40. The teacher dismissed the student when he shot a booger that flew across the classroom, bounced off of the fish tank, and hit her.

    By Lauren on 03.09.2012