May 3rd, 2011 | 439 Entries

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439 Entries for “dinosaur”

  1. he met her on a rock jutting out over the sea – she looked hard and thin – what ,s up ye wee loon – och just walking – why here, not many do — well I heard there were holes in the rock – to lose yerself – no to find –things — what for — to see how I felt about what I dont know – well you’ve found it

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 05.04.2011

  2. Big and uniquely beautiful archaic things that lived hundreds of years ago, probably the first inhabitants of planet Earth.

    By Fresh on 05.04.2011

  3. theyre huge but destructable, like everything that powerful they can still be wiped out. i was the girl in the cinema who used to cry when the dinosaurs got hurt in jurassic park. they were just doing what nature intended.

    By lydia on 05.04.2011

  4. An old, old man. More like a dignified lion than the dinosaur they called him, walking a with a cane and thoroughly enjoying the civility it gave him. Tweed suit and fedora. He stood outside the cafe with his black coffee and cigarette. Best combination of food and drink in the world. Smoking bans be damned.

    By Colm Sewell URL on 05.04.2011

  5. I saw you prehistoric things once
    In a dream, In a day
    I was there with you walking
    Things impossible made to touch
    I could have held you
    But you burst
    Like a bubble in a thunderstorm
    There was no chance
    Only life
    and the dream of a life you had

    By Jessica on 05.04.2011

  6. There was a dinasaur that wanted to be like all the rest of the dinasaurs but just couldn’t fit in no matter what she did. She was always louder and more obtrusive then all of the other dinasaurs around her. She was so different and the more she tried to fit in the less she actually did. All the other dinasaurs thought she was fake and eventually left and poor dinasaur girl was alone. Then she realized that if she was just herself she could be helpful to all the dianasaurs that she originally wanted to be like.

    By melissa on 05.04.2011

  7. As pi sat contemplating what i was looking at i slowly came to the realization that it was, in fact, a dinosaur. I sat down hard in disbelief, i didn’t know what to think. it was so close and so real, but this was only a dream wasn’t it?

    By Augustus Chavez on 05.04.2011

  8. kesha sings about dinosaurs. it’s kind of irritating sometimes to hear that song simply because i think about my coworker who is thirty who has a baby with his twenty year old girlfriend. i hate to be mean about it, simply because the word dinosaur shouldn’t be related to human beings, but the awesome creatures from helluh long ago. but alas, i just think about ryan.

    By Kelsey URL on 05.04.2011

  9. the roar pierced the heavens above, sending eagles gliding away in terror. the foliage rustled, the trees shook, and all the once, nature parted to the claws of the t-rex.

    By GOSHYOUSMELLBAD URL on 05.04.2011

  10. Huge and hulking, lurching beasts, rampaging through the forests. Fighting, playing, play-fighting. Thick, calloused skin, bends around bony fingers and muscular legs. Rawr!

    By Gillian on 05.04.2011

  11. “Rawr!” Tommy smashed Godzilla into the cardboard box miniature of New York City, demolishing the Captain Crunch Brooklyn Bridge, but there was still hope as a dog-chewed dinosaur of questionable breed rose from the sandbox harbor and lunged at the mechanized monster.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 05.04.2011

  12. Dinasaurs don’t exist now but they used .I think it’s better that we don’t have dinosaurs now because we would be very afraid of them.

    By Gohn Tortsilani on 05.04.2011

  13. dinosaurs are huge animals that existed before billions of years .

    By iras on 05.04.2011

  14. Dinosaurs dont exist we no that. Some are big and some are small. !!!!!!!!!!!We all love them and we are somw

    By Gohn Tortsilani on 05.04.2011

  15. dinosaurs were big animals that existed in earth billions of years ago .

    By iras on 05.04.2011

  16. He trudged through the sludge-like ash, all the time worrying about his exposure levels. this had to be causing some kind of damage. Jensen felt like a dinosaur after the asteroid hit, the clock ticking as the oxygen was sucked from the atmosphere, while all the animals ran around bleeding out their assholes.

    By chole URL on 05.04.2011

  17. Dinosaurs are oooooold! i wonder what they really looked like back then. Were they purple? Did they smell bad? You know, geololigists should really figure this stuff out. C’mon, work a little harder!!!!

    By Jane on 05.04.2011

  18. The dinosaur at the end of my bed peeked it’s eye up above the sheet whispering to me his story. He told me that i didnt need to look under there anymore becuase he would protect me and then he vanished into extinction. The monster laughed. I am afraid again.

    By Alyssa URL on 05.04.2011

  19. dinosaurs died. a long time ago. one day we will be dead too. we should think about that more often. live harder, our days are not promised. that’s all I have to say about that.

    By B URL on 05.04.2011

  20. the dinosaur lived a long time ago, I think they are the most cool creatures ever and I’m so sorry they aren’t here anymore. I just wish that I could meet them one day. They aren’t all that bad really, that’s just stories made up by people who are jealous of the dinosaur. They wish they could have armour like them.

    By Miriam on 05.04.2011

  21. Walking slowly through the rain, Adrial thought to herself “What a dinosaur!” How could Electra have done what she did! How could she have turned back time, when the whole essence of the process was to move time forward! What a dinosaur!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 05.04.2011

  22. The dinosaur’s jaws opened wide, teeth glaring in the dawn glow, and froze. It was a mirthful morning at the Bentley Museum. People bustled about, chatting and recollecting fond memories from days past.

    By Andrew URL on 05.04.2011

  23. Din

    By (INSERT NAME HERE) on 05.04.2011

  24. He ran his hand over the dinosaur bones, and tilted his head. A lot of people thought he was just another paleontologist: thoughtful, intelligent, and alone. He touched the bones and breathed in. Didn’t quite compare to the feel of the human skeletons in his closet.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 05.04.2011

  25. dino fucker is a big fucker
    he is so huge that he can house an entire city of people
    he starred in a couple of movies
    one was self titled
    other was toy story in which he was green
    sending the message of being green to humanity
    living through fossils in museums
    he is signally what will fucking happen to us when we become extinct

    By Balasanjeevi URL on 05.04.2011

  26. Dinosaurs are awesome.
    You always see those cute cartoon dinosaurs, usually in their own habitat many years ago, or sometimes in our time, wrecking large skyscrapers.
    We’ve done a lot of research on Dinosaurs. How they lived, how they died, what kinds of dinosaurs existed. And they’re quite fascinating.

    By Elly URL on 05.04.2011

  27. rawr. big scary things that gobble up little people and swallow them whole. Or maybe not. lol
    I want a pet dinosaur. They have mini poodles so does that mean I can have a mini T-Rex?
    Or maybe a miniature velociraptor? T

    By matt on 05.04.2011

  28. Charlie loved dinosaurs. Large carnivorous dinosaurs.

    By Leelo URL on 05.04.2011

  29. Huge animal
    Ice age

    By Nmrr URL on 05.04.2011

  30. I dig dinosaurs! This was once a clever band name thought of by myself and a kid i knew in college. it has never left me for some odd reason. I still laugh at the thought of it, and am happy today’s word is dinosaur. I love dinosaurs, who doesn’t? Wish they still roamed the earth or even my backyard. Dreams and nightmares stem from extinct monsters humbling their path between the lines of life.

    By Erikkk on 05.04.2011

  31. an animal, a big one, who died many years ago. sometimes i think they do not exist at all, but sometimes i think they are beautiful.

    By Huda on 05.04.2011

  32. The dinosaur print on his son’s pajamas mocked him. How could his little boy grow up to become such a monster.

    How could the kids in the purple and yellow pjs with dinosaurs have grown up to eat people? And was it his fault somehow?

    It haunted him. Those dinosaur pjs and the horror that his son had become.

    By JamesXavier on 05.04.2011

  33. I met a dinosaur once. It was a long time ago and nobody else was around, but I did. Nobody believed me. I told them “he was huge, scaly, and red!” I told the paleontologists, the historians, even the police.

    “Silly little blighter,” they said, smiling indulgently. Some of them even looked concerned.

    I suppose I should tell you how all of this started. It’s a long story, so you’d better take a seat.

    I spent a summer in Peru with my parents. My mum and dad split up when I was nine, but they were friendly enough to put up with each other for my sake.

    By Missy URL on 05.04.2011

  34. Dinosaurs are so weird. everyone is either scared by them or fascinated by them. isn’t it funny to think that creatures with such large bodies and such small brains once ruled the earth. isn’t it funny to think that somewhere out there there is ancestors of the dinosaurs and living dinos!? its not weird. its awesomeeeeee. dinosaurs!

    By Izzy on 05.04.2011

  35. i used to be in a band called dinoSORES- all screaming, very fast, the drums were SO sloppy- and then i quit. i hadn’t actually intended to join, and i had a band experience at the first practice, but the band let me in anyway, but then on new years eve i came back to my parents house throwing up in my sleep and figured that there was no better time to tell them i was done than at that moment.

    By Adam URL on 05.04.2011

  36. Let’s go back
    to the age of dinosaurs
    when the sun
    fell unfiltered
    on the primordial sea
    scattering diamonds
    untainted by the grime
    of modernization

    By SprawlingInk URL on 05.04.2011

  37. SO I heard about dinosaurs when I was a kid and I never really cared about them. I always thought they were kind of creepy and everyone had unnecessary obssessions with them. I couldn’t care less. Honestly, who even knows if they existed, right? I never like them.

    By Sanae on 05.04.2011

  38. I just started writing about this dinosaur when I decided to create an account first. I must say that dinosaurs are very inspiring creatures to some, but not very much to me. Yeah, sure. They’re very big…

    By michielpauw URL on 05.04.2011

  39. He was like a dinosaur, a relic from the past. So old that everything about him seemed unreal. Who else would sport a monocle and a cravat to go to the pub. People visibly stopped talking to get a better look as we entered the pub door. There are times when you really don’t want to associate with your parents.

    By M Daly URL on 05.04.2011

  40. the first time, it was a shock
    she took me to the museum
    so proud to put culture her kin
    she pointed through the double doors
    at the looming pile of bones
    the dinosaur seemed like he wanted to move
    lash down on all his observers gawking
    in the national history museum
    and i didn’t understand how he could
    be SO big
    when barney was only 6’7

    By Noelle URL on 05.04.2011