May 3rd, 2011 | 439 Entries

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439 Entries for “dinosaur”

  1. Dinosaur. I’ve already written about this one. But I’ll begin again. I am NOT a dinosaur, although sometimes I feel like my feet are too big for the steps I take. Will anyone read this but me? I’m not understanding this website but I plan to pursue it a bit more. I’ll try filling out the info at the bottom.

    By G. on 05.03.2011

  2. The dinosaur was quite large, and not very well liked. He did not have an odd odor, per se, but he was not exactly the freshest man on the block.

    He found that it was not difficult to make friends, but rather a challenge to keep them. His initial meetings with them went well, but soon after he would cease to see them, quickly and prematurely ending any possible relationship.

    By Dib the Meister on 05.03.2011

  3. He was a dinosaur in the boardroom. The young executives hid their grimaces and eye rolling behind the lids of their lap tops. George had to go – how could he be the head of For Shizzle?

    By RJH on 05.03.2011

  4. one day i was doing my plants and i saw a big dinasaour hiding between the bushes, it was a big triceratops and was really scared of me, he grew closer when i cutted some leaves and handed them to him.

    By daniela chavez on 05.03.2011

  5. I once punched a dinosaur in the throat, and lived to tell the tale.

    By thoreauisking URL on 05.03.2011

  6. The dinosaur appeared in the middle of my living room. I was chilling on the couch eating a bowl of cheetos and watching re-runs of Boy Meets World when this beast suddenly appeared in the middle of my living room. It ripped a hole through a time vortex and its long, scaly, snout was the first thing I saw

    By Addison on 05.03.2011

  7. He was my dinosaur. Rawr. He looked at me with solid eyes and a cold heart. Rawr. My dinosaur. Rawr.

    By Carter URL on 05.03.2011

  8. One day I went to the robot dinosaur astronaut mall and ate a cheeseburger but the robot dinosaurs were mean and ate me. After getting out of the dinosaur through a fierce battle with its lower intestines, I made my way to the escape pod whereI escaped. THE END!!! :D

    By Gabe D. URL on 05.03.2011

  9. “Today, we are hunting dinosaurs!” The time traveller guide announced to the weary travelers. We have journeyed through thousands of years- witnessed the creation of the pyramids, listened to Socrates ponder the meaning of life, laughed and cried while watching actors perform Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at the Globe Theatre. We did not expect to play such a role in human history, or world history for that matter. “Killing a dinosaur will disrupt reality as we know it!”

    By Addison Holder URL on 05.03.2011

  10. At times I feel like a dinosaur. I’m tech savvy for sure—had the first MAC back in ’84—and I have an iPhone, and text my 16-yr-old occasionally. But I just don’t always get it, the constant need to be connected that absorbs my child so.

    By Andie on 05.03.2011

  11. He was just a dinosaur in our world; the cave man who couldn’t figure it out. He was just crushing all our fun, why did he need to get involved? What we were doing wasn’t going to kill us, at least not today. And isn’t that the point? To live as though you’ll die tomorrow?

    By Emily on 05.03.2011

  12. The first time I played with a dinosaur toy I was a really small boy and I thnik I was at a museum. there was a dinosaur toy in a gladd case and my mom bought it for me,. It was a plastic brontosauraus. This way the first time i fell in love with science and nature and biology and all things scientific. I also loved Jurrasic Park when I was a kid. I remember going to see the film with my father and this guy across the street from us named Matt. That was probably the most amazing thing I can remember seing in my life.

    By Michael on 05.03.2011

  13. The murderer was last seen wearing a green stegosaurus dinosaur costume. He was witnessed fleeing the scene at approximately 4 a.m. early Tuesday morning. Coco the prostitute was on her early morning shift when she saw a sketchy looking man garbed in a lime green dinosaur costume dart passed her in a hurry.

    By Addison Holder URL on 05.03.2011

  14. dead. talked about them today in class. DINOSAURS=FRENCH FRIES
    dinausors=lizards=animals=meat=hamburger=french fries :D DUH!
    RAWR means i love you in dinausor :) <3

    By Coline on 05.03.2011

  15. There once was a dinosaur named Pat. Pat hated grass. He was so distraught that all he could eat was grass that he died. Not only did Pat die but he took with him his friend Matt. Now Matt loved grass. He was so distraught with dying that he got his friend Trat to cause the ice age. Trat died, and so did all his dinosaur friends. Ice ages suck.

    By Kim URL on 05.03.2011

  16. Its teeth were sharp and dripping with blood. Its eyes were wide and focused. All that remained was the empty shell of a shredded carcous. Lunch time had been sweet!

    By Jamie H on 05.03.2011

  17. purple very cute. dinoasurs are cuddly and nice. however dinosaurs only exist in the past. like many things true dinosaurs no longer exist. however their legend lives on. i’m writing! woo. t rex long neck mateen loves them green spots aye

    By fay on 05.03.2011

  18. confusing luck and the lord, it was an intrinsic creation, creativity;

    all the noise
    their unbearable pounding, weary feet against tall grass, whole bodies touching the earth when they slept, like practice for death, so unlike us, so unlike us, us who prefer the cocoons and the catacombs and anything but the dirt, as though we know, in blinding awareness, that it’s mixed with the dust of our ancestors, energy we cannot erase, energy we cannot sleep on;
    all the noise
    all their noise, all that they made and all that they heard and all that they knew to respond to
    something we will never know.

    By robyn URL on 05.03.2011

  19. Dinosaurs do what they want! They eat trees and each other, ambling or running as they please through an unpolluted and unpopulated land. They are the forefathers of our nation! Old but so dear.

    By Shannon URL on 05.03.2011

  20. i am a dinaseaur. i am going to eat you for dinner… but you know this whole srary thing doesnt really work for me if you’d really like to know i would much perfer just to eat carrots. Carrots taste good and most of all don’t scream when you eat them. I always feel so badly when i eat something. EVERYONE DESERVES TO LIVE! no matter how small and defenseless they are.

    By jen on 05.03.2011

  21. The Yellowfront. Little shop. Mother says, “Honey, you can pick one animal. It will always be there for you. It will watch over you at night and you can take it with you on all your adventures.” Before me were bins and bins of fluffy bunnies, bears.

    By lilmb URL on 05.03.2011

  22. The dinosuar is big and he eats plants once he accidentaly ate a little bug named beaver sneaver the bug was happily living in the dinosuars belly in the end the dino ate another bug and they got married happily ever after

    By Rhayne on 05.03.2011

  23. I used to want to be a paleontologist when I was in pre school. I even said I wanted to be such a profession in pre school graduation speech. I also said I wanted to be a ballerina and a mom. Oddly enough, being a ballerina seems like it’s going to be the most practical choice now.

    By Samie URL on 05.03.2011

  24. That old car was such a dinosaur. It had six cylinders, full metal body and got about 30 miles to the gallon. But I loved it. How can you not love your first car?

    By Rachel URL on 05.03.2011

  25. I remember when I was younger – the dinosaur head that stuck up over the freeway. The dinosaur park at the zoo was my favourite part. There was a swinging bridge that lead from the animals to the dinosaurs. Then came the year that they stopped filling the little lake that the water dinosaurs came out of. Last year the bridge was gone. What is this world coming to?

    By Kat on 05.03.2011

  26. rawr large yummy i love them

    By carly on 05.03.2011

  27. Extinct. Big-Time. Then again, birds are supposedly descended from dinosaurs, so are they really gone? It’s a question of life-after-death; is this world all, or is there something that continues when we’re not? Though I fail to remember the philosophical thought that originated it, I do remember something about survival through the memories of others, through descendants.

    By Paximus on 05.03.2011

  28. sometimes i wish to be this, unstoppable or brave… able to defeat anything…but in some cases i know in the end if it comes to this…i will end up extinct


    By Jess on 05.03.2011

  29. Why don’t you try to not to be a dinosaur, they’re old, they’re not cool, change, get newer.

    By MiltonRGVentura URL on 05.03.2011

  30. i want to remember you but that was so long ago. Were you even real or was I just dreaming. It hurts to think about that time that has become extinct.

    By Brian on 05.03.2011

  31. Dino sweater
    To keep you warm at night
    In strange places with strange friends
    But, it’ll be okay
    Because, with your dino sweater
    You can never forget
    The love we had for you
    And how hard you loved back

    By Ry on 05.03.2011

  32. I think that maybe I could love you as big as a dinosaur, maybe I could love you as big as the sea….if I loved you as big as a dinosaur, I would hope you wouldn’t eat me!

    By casey on 05.03.2011

  33. Were dinosaurs real?
    Or fake?
    Government conspiracy?
    Ancient lies?
    Or was Jurassic Park just coincidently accurate?
    Was it a joke?
    A scam?
    Or was there a need for an explanation of how the world came to be?
    When the dinosaurs roamed, there was never the thought that these might be questions asked later.

    By Liv URL on 05.03.2011

  34. extinct. mad cool. like mac n cheese.
    i want to meet one. herbivore. bc they’re mad cool.
    forever missed.
    forever loved.
    t-rex; ancestor of the chicken. surprising right? no wonder they can’t fly.
    lol i’m not supposed to be on right now.

    By Suraj on 05.03.2011

  35. dinosaur kind of rhymes with meteor… isn’t that a tragic coincidence? Meteors hurtling towards earth, dinosaurs just chilling, eating some other dinosaur or something. It’s kind of sad, kind of symbolic. Here we are, enjoying ourselves, not caring about tomorrow or anyone else besides ourselves, and there could be some inevitable, terrible end coming for us. It could be in the next second. Not an apocalypse. Maybe just death.

    By Mara URL on 05.03.2011

  36. Ancient hellspawn of ancients past
    A dragon, its maw of golden-toothed gnash
    Flying only into the past.

    By Jadam URL on 05.03.2011

  37. The pint sized dinosaur nibbled on the cuff of my pant leg.I thought it was cute until he tore a chunk off my ankle with its razor-sharp teeth. I was only the beginning of the nightmare that was Barney.

    By DanielaT. URL on 05.03.2011

  38. A dinosaur is a prehistoric beast. That means it is not overly concerned with narrative. It exists in a somewhat suspended state, observing our time-dance with its bones. I’m partial to dinosaurs, but they are complete in themselves. The end.

    By Juls on 05.03.2011

  39. Crunching, stomping badass of the prehistoric era. You are James Bond in a tuxedo of scales. You are Indiana Jones with a diamante whip. You are the fear that comes in ripples in cars.

    By Matches Malone on 05.03.2011

  40. rawr. the way taylor turner dances. shes so tall. scary teeth they have, they have horns sometimes. some fly. cut epicture in phone. did adam and eve live with them? that’d be super dooper scary. oh my lord. i wonder what that’d be like. hmm..

    By lauren on 05.03.2011