May 3rd, 2011 | 439 Entries

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439 Entries for “dinosaur”

  1. To some children it’s the most wondrous thing. To others it’s a pile of bones and ‘sticks’. I still remember the days I drooled around the house, wishing I were as simple and brutish as a beast. But hey, they only ended yesterday.

    By Jason URL on 05.03.2011

  2. Dinosaurs were alive a long long time ago. There were many herbivores like the stegasaurus and carnivores like the t-rex. There lived over a number of time periods but are now extinct. Dinsoaurs have fasinated people for generations. The dinosaur fossiles have been found throughout the world by paleotolgists.

    By Carolyn on 05.03.2011

  3. big body small arms. the kind of roar that is charming. only if you’re prehistoric. propelled by cataclysm, wouldn’t you wanna fuck shit up too?

    By leha on 05.03.2011

  4. wow! that thing is big! MUST.RUN.FOR.DEAR.LIFE.

    By Shiriusa URL on 05.03.2011

  5. dinosaurs are old. they are dead and had scales. i would be scared of dinosaurs if they still existed.

    By Kim on 05.03.2011

  6. A dinosaur is a beautiful creature. Its spike-y skin and horns is a wonderful way to remember it. The real question is… WERE THEY REAL OR A PRODUCT OF IMAGINATION… LIKE UNICORNS?! Conspiracy. It’s fun.

    By Cait on 05.03.2011

  7. They huddled together and looked out the small fogged-over window. Sarah turned to the boys and whispered “don’t joke about what may kill you”. The boys shuddered and squeezed closer together as the thundering sound of footsteps drew near.

    By yetihk URL on 05.03.2011

  8. Millions of years ago, these great beast lived on the planet and did some fun stuff. There were two catagories of dinosaurs, one was a herbavore or plant eater and the other was a carnivore or meat eater. Theyare awesome.

    By wonder URL on 05.03.2011

  9. as for kathleen,she knew the moisture trailer was an old dinosaur. it needed more then a cleaning,it needed new parts.but the parts would never last if she didn’t clean them.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 05.03.2011

  10. RAWR! it means I love you! dinosaurs like to say it. they are such happy creatures. Now a days they seem to cute and fluffy stored in the toy boxes of little kids rooms. But remember when they were big and scary and RAWR meant you could die soon? Yeah…Now they are just lonely stuffed beasts or empty dry bones that used to be something amazing.

    By Liz on 05.03.2011

  11. dinosaur

    By Shadow URL on 05.03.2011

  12. Rawr means i love you in dinosaur……… dinosaurs are prehistoric reptiles that roamed the earth long before us.

    By Chelsea Jarrell URL on 05.03.2011

  13. dinosaurs say rawr. Dinosaurs can be large or small in size. Meateaters and planteaters.

    By Mikenna Brannon URL on 05.03.2011

  14. Dinosaurs were alive a very very very long time ago! They are gone now. RAWR!
    Bye Bye dinosaurs :(

    By Gisele Brown :) URL on 05.03.2011

  15. Dinosaurs are extinct animals.

    By Stevie URL on 05.03.2011

  16. Dinosaurs go rawr. They are really cute too.

    By Summer Emond URL on 05.03.2011

  17. a dinosaur comes in all sizes and varieties according to the fossil records

    some dinosaurs can be just feeling older than you are as a human being

    i resemble the second reason!!!

    By she53lly URL on 05.03.2011

  18. I have not seen one but i want to Do you know how cool.

    By cando URL on 05.03.2011

  19. im a cute dinosar thats what my friends call me all the time my friend jamie stared it a dinosaur is a really old animal
    we all love them

    By amber pettit URL on 05.03.2011

  20. the bones are the least interesting thing. she wonders if they had feelings, whether they slept well, if the darkness frightened them as it approached. she yearned to reach back in time and tell them that, contrary to the promises their mothers had made them, everything would not be alright, but would they have wanted to know, or is hope more valuable than truth?

    By emmystrange URL on 05.03.2011

  21. Rawr i’m a dinosaur :) haha
    Jk but a dinosaur is a prehistoric creature who is extinct );
    – Love,
    Kaytlynn Wood (:

    By kaytlynn URL on 05.03.2011

  22. In the distance
    not at the intervals like in the Spielberg movie, ’cause those would be ridiculously long steps.
    but ominous enough as they were.

    By Anna on 05.03.2011

  23. Long necks above the trees, teeth and feathers and claws and large foot prints in sandstone pathways that were once riverbeds. Ancient behemoths of long forgotten ages or maybe a joke by a creator with a serious sense of comedic value. No one being sure, no one having enough proof, only bits and bones and a collection of thoughts.

    By Raien URL on 05.03.2011

  24. I animal that can be very scary and that is sometimes cute.
    And a dinosaur is kool.
    YEAA BOII :) !!!

    By Siria Valenzuela <3 URL on 05.03.2011

  25. is big and green. lived years ago. i always loved them they are so cute.

    By luc luc on 05.03.2011

  26. A dinosaur dropped by today. I pretended not to be at home. He’s been here before and we talked about what he wants me to believe, but I can’t convince him, either. I guess we’ll both go to hell.

    By Will Wilson URL on 05.03.2011

  27. rebelling against the wistful youth
    he stares in wonderment
    for that he never owned
    for that he never longed for
    until it was passed his prime
    you know it is there
    it will always be there
    it was once before
    it now is extinct
    or maybe just evolved

    By jillmjacobs URL on 05.03.2011

  28. A roaring lump of meat with breath like grass and trees and chewed up turtles. There is a volcano heating him up from above and his name is frank. roar.

    By Ellis on 05.03.2011

  29. Ancient relic moster of our past, and childhood fantasy, the dinosaur represents our fears as well as our fantasies regarding life. It seems like a mythical creature to us, only proved by fossils, but yet we say with confidence these behemoths have existed.

    By Christine on 05.03.2011

  30. Dinosaurs aren’t extinct, they’re just hiding.

    I do not understand the fascination with dinosaurs. In a similar manner, I do not understand the fascination with many things. But alas, so be it.

    what “it” is, I haven’t the foggiest ;p

    By Faith URL on 05.03.2011

  31. ‘One afternoon it was cloudy and grey and i wanted someone to come out and play. I heard a knock knock and i opened the door and there stood the lovliest big dinosaur.’
    These are the lyrics to one of my favourite camp songs. I have always wondered about these creatures.

    By Rachel on 05.03.2011

  32. My dog thought he was one – he would roar and make dreadful blowing sounds that frightened all the children who came near the house. He thought his tail was much longer than it was and that he could swipe away anything that got in his way.

    By Valerie Morton URL on 05.03.2011

  33. me and my friend like to make dinosaur noises together. I actually did it so often that i don’t even notice that i do it anymore, i do it all the time. Dinosaurs are pretty cool, like the cartoon ones. i actually just did a project on prehistoric art.

    By Bianca on 05.03.2011

  34. Dinosaurs roamed the Earth at a time when oxygen levels were much higher. Just the other day, a friend reminded me of this fact when I wondered if a dinosaur would be injured in a collision with a car. It would be nice to know that once in history a land-based life form existed that could best mechanical gas guzzlers at their own game. But today, the dinosaurs have just become light-weight airborne birds.

    By maritov URL on 05.03.2011

  35. crazy. old. extinct. scary. rawr. beautiful. all kinds. evolution. D I N O S A UR a DINOSAUR. < Ke$ha. big. small. crater. meteor.

    By Holly on 05.03.2011

  36. Dinosaurs haha remind me of my phase of going “RAWR”. Actually Im not over that phase. Hate on it. Haha. ALSO! mall trips with my fluffy boy :( where we sang kesha’s dinosaur. d-i-n-o-s-a- U R A DINOSAUR. Good times. I miss him. But things and people change. That boy is still in high school. But it’s not like I don’t have the memories.

    By Adrianna URL on 05.03.2011

  37. There aren’t any dinosaurs anymore. I wish I had a pet dinosaur. I would name it Milton Jr. He would be green and purple. Kinda like Barney. He would have spikes. He would like sprinkles.

    By Kelly on 05.03.2011

  38. I have had thoughts of being an archeologist. But then I remembered what the doctor said,
    “I point and laugh at archeologists.”
    No dino bones for me :P

    (Sorry if you didn’t get this…doctor who referance)

    By Lor-n URL on 05.03.2011

  39. dinasour. Nathan is a baby dinasaur. i used to date him…remember that?
    i don’t know why i did it. i honestly can’t remember. it was a stupid idea wasn’t it. shit….this isn’t about dinasaurs at all…oopsies. i’m sooo sorry! ahhah

    By Mariah on 05.03.2011

  40. I once went to the museum of Natural History not too long ago and as soon as i entered, 3 giant dinosaur skeletons stood. The ends of the tails were so thin and it was so detailed as if it were a sculpture. I think that was the first time i ever saw a fill dinosaur skeleton :O

    By emily on 05.03.2011