March 28th, 2011 | 526 Entries

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526 Entries for “digital”

  1. In a digital age, we are looking for partner all digital. They should know the language of computers, ask with them, answer with them and should already be aware of the digital terrain. We don’t like people on the analog part, they are olden people with skills too slow for our age.

    By Emre URL on 03.29.2011

  2. Well, some kid just got yelled at because a camera….ok, ummm digitalness. Dang.

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 03.29.2011

  3. When I hear the word digital I think of the song that’s on the episode of phineas and ferb when they make their own video game and candace is fighting all the weird creatures with her hair dryer.

    By summer firm URL on 03.29.2011

  4. In digital design you have to follow directions to make your assignment. You have to follow them very carefully. If you mess up then your assignment well be wrong.

    By Kayla URL on 03.29.2011

  5. We have become a digital age where everyone does things online. We want everything to be quick and at our fingertips. The digital age transformed our lives and we have become less personable and hiding behind our computer screens.

    By Diane Imas on 03.29.2011

  6. Digital s the new technology. I just got a digital camera during spring break with my birthday money. It is pretty:)

    By snickers104515 URL on 03.29.2011

  7. My sister uses a digital clock as an alarm to wake up in the morning for school. And my mom uses one so that she has time to get ready for work and be there on time.

    By Rochelle Scott URL on 03.29.2011

  8. digital is something like how you take and digital is also were you can make pictures and stuff like that

    By chewbaca URL on 03.29.2011

  9. digital phones, digital ipods, digital cameras, digital maps…what has the world come to?! the world is a changing place so keep it clean and dont always think something is what it is!

    By Breanna Craven URL on 03.29.2011

  10. Whenever I hear the word digital I think of a bunch of cubes . Maybe its because digital camo is a bunch of cubes.

    By Wltbank URL on 03.29.2011

  11. I like digital things! Wow! This is dumb! I’ve had to redo this like 7 times already! It keeps saying I’m posting to fast!

    By mushihimesamafutari URL on 03.29.2011

  12. what is the world come to with all of the digital stuff

    By werty URL on 03.29.2011

  13. The time is digital. I really dislike this word. It has to do more with math than anything else, and that’s truly not my cup of tea.

    By Dacota URL on 03.29.2011

  14. we now live in the digital age. every then we now own is digital. in our house and car and everything.

    By someting URL on 03.29.2011

  15. flash photography, computers, taking pictures, digital mouse, digital beats, digits, time, clock, new wave, electronica, dance, music, peace, future, faster, cars, beats

    By Jaye on 03.29.2011

  16. There are alot of digital things.For example a digital camra.Or aipod . something like that.

    By Daylan Turner on 03.29.2011

  17. The computer screen flashed in front of her eyes in a kaleidoscope of colors. Videos, websites, pictures, blogs, announcements, people… how could they all be accessed through this one tool? And what would life be like now, without it?

    By IMMusser on 03.29.2011

  18. digital like my fingers on the keys, the keyboard, the phone, calling you. you wake up in my bed to the digital clock setting off an alarm, over and over, snooze. we hold each other but we always let go in the end, when it’s time for you to leave

    By m on 03.29.2011

  19. There are digital cameras that take wonderful pictures from skies to birds to planes. Digital makes memories stay that you can look at for years to come. Memories that stay implanted in the camera even if they’re not in the brain. It makes time stop and moments come to life and it looks like you’re still there, in that digital moment.

    By Steff on 03.29.2011

  20. The digital noise. Electricity that runs through your head. Your insomnia makes you go down on your knees, makes you plead and scream and crawl on the ground like a dog you really are. Go to your master and ask him to appease your restless mind.

    By piitou URL on 03.29.2011

  21. like my fingers on the keys, the keyboard, the phone, calling you. you wake up in my bed to the digital clock setting off an alarm, over and over, snooze. we hold each other but we always let go in the end, when it’s time for you to leave.

    By m URL on 03.29.2011

  22. a world of fun. You can be anyone, do anything, say anything, read anything. I’m referring to the internet – but there’s a lot more that’s digital. Like phones, clocks, — It’s so much more specific. If you look at an analog clock, you might just round-up or round-down the time.

    By Darlene A. URL on 03.29.2011

  23. digital images are everywhere I look. I type on a digital screen with the digits on my hand and see the results in clarity that I never thought possible. If I could be made into digital atoms and enhanced I wonder what the new image of me would look like? Digital cameras on phones have replaced the need for a hand-held digital one focus camera. Digital paralysis means being unable to move your fingers but I am experiencing a new digital paralysis looking at this word, “digital,” and trying to creatively address the possible ways of using it in sentences. Will there be something beyond digital? Isn’t 3-D in digital better than just 3-D?

    By Robert Benke on 03.29.2011

  24. Everything in its place. Many segments in a big orange. A living scale of micro information to form a systematic whole.

    By Dan Rafferty URL on 03.29.2011

  25. A digital nation is taking over. We now have digital relationships, friends, and even sex. How are we to function and communicate through normal use of conversation when our world has been digitized?! How are we to learn how to survive when we cant even tell time.

    By Aria Johnson on 03.29.2011

  26. Too much, lets get back to basics. A simple hand written note, in-person conversation, gifts that don’t make noise.

    By momgadget URL on 03.29.2011

  27. i feel apathetic
    learning lessons
    typing out poetry digital screen
    and it still doesn’t make me feel better

    By Tescia Schell URL on 03.29.2011

  28. we have become digital, my love, on or off, efficient and unambiguous in our erotic exchange. which is to say, we are no longer in love, my love, because it is precisely the imprecision and ambiguity of analog that makes love possible at all.

    By dominguez URL on 03.29.2011

  29. digital media digital life digital existence this is our way and this forever will be our way.
    it’s beautiful, it’s odd, it’s conformism, it’s anti-conformism.
    Ditial everything, digital love, digital fun.

    By bruno on 03.29.2011

  30. binary ones and zeros fingers countable

    By Brian on 03.29.2011

  31. this is the digital age. eveyrthing we do, experience it all revolves around the digital world. we have social media. internet television. internet news. internet friends. internet affairs. we have internet lives. This is our lives.

    By samantha justice on 03.29.2011

  32. The digital camera clicked as she snapped the perfect spring photo, right in her own boss’s yard. Unlike others, it was not of kids playing outside, of new buds blossoming on a tree, or of the stereotypical nature and wildlife that tends to portray spring. No, this picture was quite different.

    By Val on 03.29.2011

  33. She wore an oversized digital watch on her slim wrist, totally out of character with the coiffed hair do and business suit.
    “What’s with the watch?” I asked, nodding at her watch.
    “She blushed, and shook her arm to make the loose fitting watch travel back up her sleeve.
    “Oh nothing, used to belong to a friend of mine”.

    By M Daly URL on 03.29.2011

  34. it was the year 2067. the world had crumbled to ruin. only one lone soldier remained and his name was forgotten even to himself by then. zombies roamed the land in packs, devouring any remaining shred of humanity, they could smell the brains from thousands of miles, or brain. his brain. the only brain left. he could hear them in the distance, the low hum of a thousand crawling corpses clenched together crawling over the world in pursuit of their final meal, him.

    By The Spatalian on 03.29.2011

  35. Oh, we are living in a digital world, and I am a digital girl. Ooooh, we are living in a material world and I am a Mac.

    By Jessica on 03.29.2011

  36. I think of a camera, taking pictures of scenes and people. I see a crowd of people, a cat walk. I see technology. I see the future. The future is nearing us. The world. The world is turning.

    By Missi on 03.29.2011

  37. everything now a days is digital. digital cameras are the best because you can see the pictures you take before you print them. this allows you to delete some of those…not so memorable moments from being printed :P i love things digital!!!! haha.

    By Mona Lisa on 03.29.2011

  38. What? I already have typed this 2 times!!! I will not be typing about it again. PLEASE upload new words. There is only so much you can write about this word.

    By The Writer URL on 03.29.2011

  39. Almost everything I do today is digital. The internet is digital, a presentation at school with PowerPoint is digital and listening to music is digital.

    By Philip on 03.29.2011

  40. the digital world is so amazing.imagine you could send thousands of pictures over the net for FREE in seconds just be using digital technology. You can click a thousand times on that SLR without having to worry about costly film.Let’s linger in this wonderful digital world…

    By Lene on 03.29.2011