April 7th, 2011 | 633 Entries

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633 Entries for “determined”

  1. I am determined To achieve my dreams and goals of working in the video game industry. I am determined to be a game tester or design. Either one will work.

    By Teresa URL on 04.07.2011

  2. to accomplish something with full potental

    By richardArrazola on 04.07.2011

  3. It was the last jelly donut on the try. I saw the whale of a man across the break room. His name was Peter McGlutton. I knew he wanted that donut. I dashed toward the donut as he set his stubby legs in action. Closer, closer, closer. I could almost reach it. Strawberry it would be, so delicious and decadent. But his hammy hands snatched that donut out of my reach and stuffed it into his black hole of a mouth. I hope there was laxative in that donut.

    By Kate312 URL on 04.07.2011

  4. Determination. If you want to do anything in life, you have to be determined. You won’t do anything if you aren’t fully committed and determined that you’re going to do it, no matter what obstacles you come across. Determination is the will to keep going. Apparently this computer is determined to keep me from posting. I am determined to just keep refreshing the page until my determination wins out over that of an inanimate object. Do computers even have determination?

    By AshlyW URL on 04.07.2011

  5. I am determined this semester to try to get a c or better in Mr.Davin’s class because last semester i got a really bad grade:(

    By Jonathan Pizano URL on 04.07.2011

  6. If a person is determined, they can be hard to stop. If they determined to do good they will help a lot of people. How ever if they are determined to do bad stuff, they can do lot of destruction. Hitler was very determined.

    By billyboy URL on 04.07.2011

  7. I get determined so easily. If something doesn’t work, I do everything I can to MAKE it work. If I can’t get something to do what I want, I’ll spend forever on making it happen. It’s kind of an annoying trait, but it’s me.

    By Annie URL on 04.07.2011

  8. There have been many many things that i was extremely determined to do and did I yes i did indeed. But there’s a problem with the youth of today myself included that many of us lack determination.

    By connor URL on 04.07.2011

  9. I don’t really determine anything. well I’m not sure if I do.

    By mushihimesamafutari URL on 04.07.2011

  10. Determined. Determined like the airplane that soars through the sky, determined like the horse to win the race. Determination is a thing that most people say. “I’m determined” yet they never make it. Determination is much more than just a word that you say lazily. It is something that is made for you to accomplish and surpass. Sometimes you may say you are determined, but are you one hundred percent sure that you are? Being determined means being able to do what you want, no matter the costs.

    By Plasma URL on 04.07.2011

  11. Determined carnies have to be really determined. They have to creep out / entertain people. Right now I’m determined to convince one word that I am not posting to quickly and I am also determined to not slow down. In Mrs. Clarks class we were all determined to figure out Lisa’s “death” ugh it was annoying. But at least Jarrett figure it out and saved us all! So now we can move on. Another example of determination was Mrs. Clark being determined to not give us even a hint.

    By Alleycheer1997 URL on 04.07.2011

  12. Being determined helps me get what I need to get done done. If I am not determined I will let things slack and it most likely won’t get done. I think that being determined is a very good thing…

    By Kortney URL on 04.07.2011

  13. determined…… well being determined means that you are focused or wanting to get something done….. i am determined to get my oneword done……….

    By Bryanna URL on 04.07.2011

  14. i was determind to write as much as i could before the timer ran out. as i sat here the thought came to me that determination is a thing about perception but rather of what it means to want mroe and be striving for it. can yu styrive for it, i can. my spelling cant. im not a very determined speller when i am typing. poop poop poop candy birds oven.

    By Josh on 04.07.2011

  15. me strong if you have a goal it dont be a afraid of failure because there is 90457894370 ways not to do something but only one way to do it right being determined means not giving up on try 54893 when odds are against you keep trying push foward

    By Lisa Pressendo on 04.07.2011

  16. I am determined to do whats right. I am determined to find my might. I am determined to help others. I am determined to kill my bothers! I am determined to play xbox. Ticky Ticky!

    By Slomo URL on 04.07.2011

  17. It takes a lot to make yourself act like this. Some people lack determination, and honestly it comes along with either laziness or depression. It took a lot of determination just for me to sit here in the middle of a room of loud people to type this.

    By valerie on 04.07.2011

  18. go do it. just do it. follow the road. willpower.
    stuff love smoking

    By LeanneMathews on 04.07.2011

  19. I am determined to make my future what I dream it to be.
    I will be a photographer, author, poet, singer, songwriter, scientist, architect, composer, guitarist, saxaphonist, artist.
    I will travel the world and fight against world suck.
    I am determined to do EVERYTHING.
    See everything I want to see, be everything I want to be.

    By Lor-n URL on 04.07.2011

  20. Something I feel when I dance. I feel a new lease of life, needing to do something and to achieve everything that is in my potential. I want to be the best I can be and this is how I can express myself. Dancing is everything I LOVE.

    By Olivia Ng on 04.07.2011

  21. She looked at the food in front of her. Peas, Two slices of turkey, and some mashed potatos. Determined, she picked up her fork and took a bite. This would work. She would diet. and this time, she would succeed

    By obscenecupcake URL on 04.07.2011

  22. I am determined to be an obedient student……I have failed numerous times, but I will not give up! That’s how determined I am. Well at times I can be very easy going like mello.

    By ZO3Y URL on 04.07.2011

  23. Alex Day is a determined human being. He’s determined to make his name known in every industry he can. He’s determined to have fun, and to not give a shit about what other people think of him. He’s determined to make something useful out of his life, as it’s the only one he’s got.

    He’s also determined to make Tom fall in love with him.

    Sometimes, though, he finds that determination just isn’t enough.

    By Carly on 04.07.2011

  24. To be determined means you have the will power to do something great, whether it be for self improvement or to help others. I’m determined to make myself feel positive by using the law of attraction.

    By Phil Johnson on 04.07.2011

  25. It’s that incredible feeling of just knowing what you have to do, that strive of passion running through your veins, making you feel both weak and strong, nervous (so nervous is makes your heart jump and skip beats as if it were dancing) and utterly prepared. You know what you have to do, and it is wonderful. It drives you, it gives you hope, not just hope, but a focus. An end.

    By Filipa Filipe on 04.07.2011

  26. i am determinded to finish writing this one word enrty:)

    By ashley URL on 04.07.2011

  27. This is when you really really want something.
    So you go ahead and do it.
    I really want to be a lifeguard.
    But more than that I want to feel things again.
    I’m not really sad or anything.
    Floating and sinking at the same time
    How does this even work?
    I’m determined to feel again but I don’t know how

    By Jennifer Chuang on 04.07.2011

  28. I’m determined to get what I can’t have, don’t deserve, probably don’t want subconsciously, and can’t handle. I’m determined, not desperate.

    By Rasheda Elizabeth URL on 04.07.2011

  29. I am determinded to get into law school. I am determined because I need a better job. A better job will allow me to obtain luxuries in life I do not want to live without. I am also determined so that I can show my son how to set and accomplish goals.

    By Tina on 04.07.2011

  30. I am simply determined! She exclaimed…not to allow anyone or anything to get in my way, to tell me what to do or how to go about it. I’m NOT that kind of woman!! And so it came to pass that her determination was the one thing that kept her on track and doing her own thing for years and years…was it smart?

    By kitdickson URL on 04.07.2011

  31. This is so tricky, but I’m determined to write something. Does this count for anything? Does the internet get to see me embarrass myself or is this just for personal satisfaction, ’cause I’m not getting any of that. I guess someone determined before I started that I would fail.

    By J on 04.07.2011

  32. I feel determined all the time. Here I am at college making my way. From my background, I shouldn’t be where i am right now. I’m determined not to give my kids the same experiences as a child as I had. I’m determined to graduate from college and become a teacher. I’m determined to stay a positive individual and give everyday my all.

    By Cole Ulbricht on 04.07.2011

  33. oh shit, its darren sharper, one of the hardest hitting safeties in the league. But it don’t matter, cross the plane, TOUCHDOWN!! Greegggg JEnnings

    Ryan Grant, da workhorse doe

    By Maddengod28 on 04.07.2011

  34. I have determined to get a monkey. Well, a monkey seems like something very stereotypical that someone would get, but truly I want one. I’ve wanted one ever since I saw one at the zoo climbing up a large wooden pole…wait… this means i need to buy a pole…. a wooden one.

    By Alex Ates on 04.07.2011

  35. once i had to write an essay for my ib exam about being determined. i wrote an essay that said that i was not determined enough to think of a unique idea for an essay… it involved bugs and a shower somehow. good times in the international baccalaureate program. and that’s really all i have to say :D i love cats

    By Anja URL on 04.07.2011

  36. She was so determined to get where she wanted to go. “I’m so tired of being stuck here” She screamed into the wind. She knew that something had to change, and something had to change soon. She threw what was left of that night into the ocean, and walked away. She didn’t know exactly where she was going, but she knew she had to go.

    By Megan URL on 04.07.2011

  37. i am determined to do well in life. determined to be determined. but the truth of the matter is that i am afraid of being determined. afraid that i am not determined enough. afraid that i do not have enough determination to get what i want out of my life. to achieve what i want in life and become the people i most admire.

    By kiri newell on 04.07.2011

  38. I am determined to make my life work out the way I want it. Whether it’s my relationships or job, or choices in friendship, I have the power to determine what my life will be. That’s all.

    By Livy on 04.07.2011

  39. The old lady walked down the side walk, a very determined look on her face. Her steps were slow, butt hey did not falter. The gray tabby at the end of the walk watched her, knowing that this is what happened every day.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 04.07.2011

  40. I am determined not to let anything get in the way of my dreams and what I want in my life. I’ve always been taught to fight for the things that I want in my life and HE is someone that I want in my life! I am glad that we are finally talking once again, and I hope things continue to get better and better.

    By [Megan]. URL on 04.07.2011