April 7th, 2011 | 633 Entries

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633 Entries for “determined”

  1. I don’t know how I could ever hope to earn a PhD if I weren’t determined. Sometimes I equate this with stubborn, which I am coming to see is a good thing. Perhaps “Tis a gift to be simple” etc., but I am seeing that being stubborn, being determined is very helpful.

    By genizahguard URL on 04.07.2011

  2. I am determined to reclaim my house from the chaos that it is in.I hope to have it on the market for sale no later than May 31st. Sooner would make me happier. The major problems have been addressed now I just get to put it back together and pack things away.

    By Rebecka Vigus URL on 04.07.2011

  3. In this world everything is determined! You HAVE to go to school, you HAVE to learn shit you will never need again, you HAVE to waste tons of time while writing letters of application or learn how to drive a car and you HAVE to get a job to earn the allowence to life: It’s a monster called civilisation and you are its slave!

    By NinjaWookiee URL on 04.07.2011

  4. The feeling you get when you get something stuck in your head and you cannot get it out. This is the sole thing that drives your need for love. This is love. This can also be applied to sports, although it is not as important. Like right now I am determined to get my history work done, but there is no motivation. They work hand in hand, quite frequently. They can also work against each other.

    By Katelyn on 04.07.2011

  5. its what i should be but im not
    its purple
    i dont know
    i wish i had determination
    this is a bad word for me
    its like one of those opposite words
    me ——–everything else——— determination
    were not so close
    like me and my dad
    ha, he was sure determined to keep his family together

    By Chiara on 04.07.2011

  6. There’s something admirable in the determined look that Yuusei bears in his blue eyes. Something… that Jack has to envy when he watches his friend fearlessly pull the card from his disk and eye it for but a second, not waiting a single moment more as he slaps down the cards in combination to vanquish those in his path without mercy. Jack feels the jealousy well in his bones and in his blood and he should hate Yuusei, but he doesn’t. He can’t.

    By Justine URL on 04.07.2011

  7. She took a breath, trying to steady her shaking hands as she aimed her bow at him. He looked at her with his icy eyes, a smirk slowly forming over his face. “You really think you can do that, Luisa? Do you want me to change you back into a tree?” Her breath hitched, but she was determined. He would not destroy anymore lives. “G..Go ahead Volos.” She glared, keeping her voice steady. “I’ll crush you, just like I crushed Shihab the first time.” She felt a hand on the small of her back, and glanced seeing Shasta beside her. She wasn’t alone. And he was not going to lose her again.

    By Claire URL on 04.07.2011

  8. I don’t want to write anything.

    By rrk URL on 04.07.2011

  9. Determination means to know that you can accomplish something and to refuse to stop until you have accomplished said thing. No matter how difficult, you keep trying to succeed.Life may be hard at times and to be determined is an amazing characteristic to help go through the hard times in life. Determined.

    By clara on 04.07.2011

  10. ….he crossed the left corridor, passed the 3 curtains of each of the burn units and was determined to leave the hospital, even if he was going to die trying.

    By Luz Maria Uribe Shopova on 04.07.2011

  11. determination can spring from the most unlikely sources. from the hatred of an enemy, the admiration of another, or the indifference of another. you want to prove them wrong or prove them right. show them that you are an amazing person and that you will never back down

    By karolisha URL on 04.07.2011

  12. Cyote and roadrunner. cyote is determined to catch the roadrunner. roadrunner is determined to not be caught by cyote.

    By clara on 04.07.2011

  13. She walked forward, not glancing left nor right at the throng of people surrounding the stage. As her ascended the stairs, one of her heels caught and stopped the flow of her movement. She kicked off the heel roughly, then the other, and pushed past the line of people ahead of her. At the microphone, she took a breath, and began.

    By Zoë URL on 04.07.2011

  14. I am determined to forgive myself. I am determined to forgive my agressor and the pain he has caused to my family…to me. I need to be able to forgive to go on. I can’t keep blaming myself for events that had no reason to partake themselves in my life. I can’t keep blaming myself for something that wasn’t my fault.

    By Analiz on 04.07.2011

  15. I am determined to find a way to make a happy ending just like the movies. There just has to be a way right? You are my friend and I love you so much, this is so stupid. I bound to find a way to get your heart back. I will make a fool of my self if it doesn’t work but then at least I can say I tried. I was thinking about practicing a song and performing it at a venue that I know that you’ll be at one day and hopefully it will spark a seed of love back in your heart for me.

    By Cam URL on 04.07.2011

  16. I am determined. I will not spend time on instead of doing work. I just won’t do it! So, I’ll start it tomorrow. Yeah…

    By David Saleeba URL on 04.07.2011

  17. Its wonderful to have so much determination. I lack it in simple tasks. Major tasks quit me when I merely think the thought of having to do them. It is a simple fact that the determined people make a difference to the task at hand!

    By Rahul Gomes on 04.07.2011

  18. I am determince to make this an effort which will come out as a positive. this sitemay be a cool one3. I know wiriters nee dto writ. Determination will be the key to th ewriter’s success. How do I knmow. I have proven that itdoes cou.

    By Gaylon on 04.07.2011

  19. Determined: Going after what truly makes you happy.
    Determined: Not letting anybody stand in your way.
    Determined: Showing a sense of pride in what you do.

    By Marguerite on 04.07.2011

  20. I am determined. sometimes more than others. especially in chemistry. but i know what i want. i have the determination within mysef, burning like a fire to propel me places i never knew i could go.

    By Rachel3 on 04.07.2011

  21. I see your side at the story but wonder if you knew you’re wrong. Can’t you see what you’ve caused. You thought I’d just give up didn’t you?

    Thank you for making me stronger. For making me finally see I’m not the monster I thought I was. I’m better than you.

    By Ana URL on 04.07.2011

  22. Julian is tired of being afraid.
    Harvey needs him to be brave.
    He has no idea what he’s doing, jumping at Tom like that. The other boy is more than twice his size. All he knows is that his friend needs protecting.
    He is determined.

    By Bluestripe URL on 04.07.2011

  23. huh. determined. i suppose that the first thing that comes to mind is the importance of determination. am i determined? slightly. but not more so than the bloke who’s getting great grades and is going to be the man when he grows up. i guess determination separates the winners from the losers, really.

    By Logan Gabriel URL on 04.07.2011

  24. I woke up one morning determined to eat the sun. So I started eating. One bite then another. When the night came I had devoured every ray of light that there ever was.

    By anastasia on 04.07.2011

  25. This is totally awesome cant get enought about it. I determined blah bloo bleep bleep boom chica wah wah wahhhhhhh what? no. shutup. you know nothing. i dont know what you are talking about. hm. thats that i suppose.

    By Garrett Tripp on 04.07.2011

  26. He always knew what he wanted, when he wanted and especially how he wanted things to happen. It was just way too easy, to wriggle those puppets on the strings and smirk in such way that made all those people to fall down on their knees and bow.
    He had that kind of effect to them, and he loved the power it brought him.

    By piitou URL on 04.07.2011

  27. I am determined to move you. I am determined to leave a footprint on your life. I want you to remember me. I want you to know all that I am. I want to scare you, I want to excite you, I want to entice you. I want to have this hold on you that no one else ever has. I want you to think of me always. I want you to never forget my existence, and most of all, I want you to want me. I want you to HAVE me.

    By Crystal URL on 04.07.2011

  28. Was the future predetermined. Belief in destiny, divine, plan, the inevitabilty of lovers finding each other seems grand and comforting, until the cruelty of the world interferes. This plan includes such suffering.

    By Tonia URL on 04.07.2011

  29. He was determined. To put the past behind him and face the sunset, the glorious, heart-breakingly beautfiul sunset. One day, he tried.
    One day, he failed.
    One day, he decided to eat some pie.

    By Meg URL on 04.07.2011

  30. She was determined to leave before she completely lost her sanity which meant it had to be soon. She just hadn’t yet figured out how.

    By Deanna URL on 04.07.2011

  31. the most determined thing i know is wanting that cookie on the high shelf! when ever i asked for help for a silly thing when i was younger my dad would say “pretend its a cookie you want” and i would. it would help to have that want and desire that encouraged me to do more. thanks dad <3

    By Hannah B on 04.07.2011

  32. you need to be determined to get anywhere in life. it’s determination that drives you to do better things and reach the goals you want, if not higher than those goals. One day this will bring you your perfect life, if you give up you won’t go anywhere. strong will and confidence is what being determined is about

    By Janey on 04.07.2011

  33. i am. sometimes when i think of something i just do it. that’s determined. determination. determinism. feminism? i’m determined to end it. you know what, women have too many good things going for them. boobs. sexy hair. curvy bodies. it’s really not that fair that i have to stare at myself in the mirror and what do i have? yeah, nipples. but hair. not on my head, on my chest. on my head, too, though. it’s not as sexy as women’s hair. determined.

    By Jeff URL on 04.07.2011

  34. i have a boyfriend called tom who is very determined. he is dyslexic but doesnt let it egte him down. he tried much harder because of it. he is more determined. he is a stronger persn because of his determination tog et past the struggles that he has had to cope with. i admie him because of this. its inspriring to me. he is nicer and stronger because of it.

    By stacey on 04.07.2011

  35. I am determined. to let my voice make a difference. make sense. I want to make sense. I want to see determined people. not mindless people. mindless people are not exciting and they aren’t happy.

    By Emily on 04.07.2011

  36. I am determined to make this show work. I’ve stressed over it too much to not have it go well- I’ve put too much effort into it, and watched too many people cry and freak out. It’s going to work. It’s going to come together, and I will be proud of it, and of everyone involved. I will be proud to say I was a part of this production. We’re all determined to make it happen, so it’s gonna happen. Wait and see

    By Lizzy URL on 04.07.2011

  37. i am determined to study medicine and prove my worth to my dad, i am determined to become a reknown scientists and use genetics or some toher sort of science research to make humans become advanced and utilise their true potential and bring true justice to this society which is falling into the devi

    By clark on 04.07.2011

  38. Me. I think I am very determined. I will be famous. I love myself enough to do this I dont care what you think Determination is key in ones being and living on this earth. I will not drink. I will be skinny and chic. I will berich and famous with a rich lover. husband and I will not let hate or negativity into any aspect of my life. EVER!!!!!!!! Determination.

    By Kristina on 04.07.2011

  39. Determined is a good thing to be it will help you accomplish goals and better your life for success this will help you out later in life to get a good job.

    By devin21 URL on 04.07.2011

  40. determined means you want something really bad and you will do almost whatever it takes to get that thing. sometimes people will break the law to get something.

    By McCrazy URL on 04.07.2011