September 18th, 2012 | 307 Entries

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307 Entries for “despite”

  1. Despite his good looks, his charm, and his connection to Mitch, Natalie just couldn’t bring herself to love Albright. She had tried, even incorporated Julie and Mr. Monk, but to no avail. She knew why. She knew it was because her heart already belonged to someone, someone who could measure up to Mitch Teeger, like no other man had been able to do. Her boss. Mr. Monk. Adrian Monk. Despite his idiosyncrasies she loved him, and had for a long time.

    By kristy URL on 09.18.2012

  2. Despite the politics, despite the vilification, despite the reputation, despite the tremendous attraction to other occupations, he followed his calling.

    By Adam URL on 09.18.2012

  3. Despite the past few days, I had no illusions about Trevor’s motives. He was in it for himself. I’d end up dead, and he wouldn’t care. Until then, I’d just have to play along.

    By Renee URL on 09.18.2012

  4. I have to fight for myself despite all the haters around me, despite all hinderances, despite lack of resources. “Myself “matters the most.

    By gosia on 09.18.2012

  5. well the year on,
    so the sound of cars
    away from my windows,

    there is time for what
    we see as a break

    summer ends, air
    that’s nothing like
    the joy of formal times

    By FTS on 09.18.2012

  6. Despite what she had been told, Hazel didn’t want to go. Space was never ending, and the thought of leaving not only her home, her family, but her planet, was too much. Despite what they told her, she knew she wouldn’t be safe somewhere else.

    By Molly on 09.18.2012

  7. Meredith was convinced that the mold in the spaces of the thing’s teeth wasn’t as toxic as it smelled. She had time to simply sit in the essence of its breath, trying not to hold her breath and whispering into the giant, solid ears of the monster despite the fact that it couldn’t hear her. The wind howled sometimes; it swept her hair around her shoulders and whipped long lengths of vine in front of the monster’s face. Settled at its feet with her tulle poof of a dress spread all around her, she stroked the creature’s bear of dry leaves and smiled against its cheek. She was no longer lonely beneath this behemoth.

    By N.J. URL on 09.18.2012

  8. I am not what I seem. You can’t look at me and know who I am. It disgusts me – it is no source of pride. But despite the false facade glued to my front, I will be the man I know I am called to be.

    By William on 09.18.2012

  9. despite the rain falling i have to smile as i feel its soft touch on my face. i want to sing with happiness and have everyone feel the joy i have within me. turn my music louder and walk on despite the rain, it’ll only be happiness from this moment on out.

    By charlotte URL on 09.18.2012

  10. Failure. Her best efforts crumpled into creases and demoted themselves to back of the drawer in shame. How could this happen? What went wrong? It seemed perfect. Shame about the crack in the bottom. Everyone runs out sometime.

    By 5arahZ0ey URL on 09.18.2012

  11. Despite her fear of the unknown and anything creepy-otherworldly, Fanny attended the seance. She found the experience nervy but wondered why Nana had decided to shun her by not turning up.

    By penny dreadful URL on 09.18.2012

  12. Despite everything I did for you, you still left me. I cared for you, I loved you and I gave you my all.

    By Dessi on 09.18.2012

  13. Despire the beauty of this world, it is ugly. Despite all the kind words spoken, the soft thoughts whispered and the gentle hum that passes through us all, evil lurks in the corners of our hearts. It is there, waiting, waiting to consume us all.
    Yet despite this we all continue living. Despite the hatred in our hearts, the corruption in our souls, there is still a desire in us to breathe in the light day after day, to live.

    By tan URL on 09.18.2012

  14. Many things about you are repulsive but mostly only annoying and they just APPEAR out of nowhere all these little things I hate.
    But despite this I love you for being annoying and for keeping me up all night thinking about how angry I am at you. It isn’t your fault that I love you in spite of all your and our annoyances but it is

    By Malaika URL on 09.18.2012

  15. In despite of everything, he still loved his friend. After being ignored for years, he still cared. It was like all the bad things went away when they got back together. Despite everything, they were with each other.

    By Mrs. Leigha Desmond URL on 09.18.2012

  16. despite the fact that I am awesome, I am totally alone. as far as my love life goes. not sure why… haha but I don’t really think I need anyone anyway. I feel like most of the people in my life re bricks weighing me down, like my family. like my mom. I can’t wait until Im finically independent because then I can leave all of that stress behind.

    By Deirdre on 09.18.2012

  17. Despite the fact that she was quite alone, she felt as if someone were with her in that moment. She could feel eyes piercing her skin, making her sweat. Who was there watching? Did they know her secret?

    By Hailey on 09.18.2012

  18. Despite the never-ending pain that Ron felt once his daughter had died, he still felt that he needed to keep going. He felt, in his heart of hearts, that Elizabeth would have wanted him to continue to carry on with his life–much like her mother had done when she died.

    Sometimes, Ron wondered what he had ever done to displease God. Surely no one deserved everything that he had gone through, from the death of his daughter, to the rape as a child? In these times, he just had to hold his head up high–like he always did–and suck it up.

    By Brandi URL on 09.18.2012

  19. despite being alone
    i am flourishing
    in the garden of my life.
    despite being a crone
    i am blossoming
    to the delight of my soul.

    By gypsypriestess URL on 09.18.2012

  20. Despite all the terrible rumors, she still came to school. I sat next to her, and everyday, no matter how bad it was, she came. I thought she was strong and unafraid, but I was wrong… in the end, she killed herself. That, itself, makes me sad. Even though I didn’t know her, she was my hero.

    By Endless Waltz URL on 09.18.2012

  21. Despite everything weve been through i still love you, despite the fights we have this black eye wont change anything, haha just kidding, i wish you would hit me, because despite how much money you have i have the car key.

    By kathryn on 09.18.2012

  22. Despite knowing, I am none the wiser.
    Despite loving, I am no less angry.
    Despite caring, I want nothing less than revenge.
    Despite everything, it means nothing.

    Nothing I can do can change the way that things are.


    By Jacob on 09.18.2012

  23. Despite everything going on in my life, I find time out of everything. I find time to sit and to do nothing. To sit back and to think and to realize that things are so much better than they used to be. Then I can just sink back into my life with a smile in my head and a grin in my heart to save for later

    By isabel coff on 09.18.2012

  24. Despite everything going on in my life, I find time out of everything. I find time to sit and to do nothing. To sit back and to think and to realize that things are so much better than they used to be. Then I can just sink back into my routine with a smile in my head and a grin in my heart to save for later.

    By dizzier on 09.18.2012

  25. well it says one word I’m not entirely what to say about it mant things can be described by one word places things people love. everything is so insane these days that I’m left one word to scream! HELLO!! talk be social dont hide behinf a computer forever!

    By Ciera on 09.18.2012

  26. Despite the calming music and her friends’ reassurances, she couldn’t bare to check the (1) thing in her Inbox.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 09.18.2012

  27. Despite you backstabbing me, despite you chewing the gum that I’d brought for my nephew, despite killing my mother while she hid from my father, despite you singing “singing in the rain” when it wasn’t raining … despite all that … actually, no, I don’t love you. Not one teeny tiny bit, biatch.

    By hazem URL on 09.18.2012

  28. I am not alone, yet I feel isolated. Deprived of the common language, by a cruel act of fate, I speak my own. Ideas fill my head and I think intensely. Desire burns through my soul to share my mind with others, yet when I try it is Babylon. “I wish to be no other man than who I am” but I wish to be conformed. Despite this wish it remains my sorrow; I am myself.

    By EmilyH URL on 09.18.2012

  29. Despite the fact that you claim to care about me
    You still hold back all your smallest secrets
    And dodge all of my warm gestures
    Without a single consideration
    How am I supposed to believe you
    And how am I supposed to be your friend

    By fluxandflow URL on 09.18.2012

  30. despite the bad news, Gloria was very optimistic that things would work out for the best. After all, he was a very good friend of hers and to think negatively about the situation would not be helpful for either party involved. In order to move forward she tried to put the news to the back of her mind.

    By bre on 09.18.2012

  31. Despite everything, I look.
    I search high and low,
    Near and far.
    I can’t wait to find it.
    I never give up,
    Never let fate decide.

    Despite everything,
    I love

    By alexis URL on 09.18.2012

  32. Despite the fact that I help him with things almost all day long, he was unable to do that for me when I asked. He turned the thing around and said that I was blaming him for not being able to write. Of course some of that is true. He expects a lot out of me during the day and it’s got to stop if I am going to try to write a book, either in November or ever. I

    By Rachel on 09.18.2012

  33. Despite knowing him for years, I know nothing about him. The cool guy, sitting in the back of the room with glasses. We met in junior high and since have only talked about anything no personal. He’d tell me about politics or sports but never his opinions. I’d steal his sunglasses and we’d tell jokes. I don’t even know about his family.

    By Kristina URL on 09.18.2012

  34. despite all odds
    you prevailed
    you tried and failed
    but you did survive
    maybe prevail is the wrong word
    because you didnt win
    but you did survive
    and sometimes thats all you need
    to fail and survive and keep going
    keep going despite the word despite

    By Lianne on 09.18.2012

  35. ding evrything is wrong. Deal gladly with your promised value, and sip daringly through the whiskers of the night in boring splenderous chatter openly sobbing with the wolves. Despite it all, this mystery was callous in all it said or says.

    By Len Cargill on 09.18.2012

  36. I walk slowly in the cool fall evening. Despite everything in me telling me that “I’m okay”, I’m not feeling it tonight. I try to walk the negative feelings out, but the loneliness of the Mount Pearl street magnifies my dour mood.

    By Melanie URL on 09.18.2012

  37. Despite everything you have ever done,
    I still love you.
    Despite your random anger outbursts,
    Despite your unknowingly hurtful comments,
    Despite your strong character,
    Despite your incredible temper,
    I still love you.

    By Ronnie URL on 09.18.2012

  38. Despite the fact that jean had trouble with her home life she was still able to complete high school with some fairly good grades. It amazed her Aunt that she had to fortitude to go on considering how badly her mother drank and how often her parents fought.

    By Tola on 09.18.2012

  39. Despite the fact that I know that I have nothing to say I am going to say something. I dont know what I am doing and the fact that my keyboard is in Spanish is a minus. Omg someone should help me. I dont know what I am saying lol. Oh, the time started again. I think I shall continue writing. I really want to read a book right now. Oh, yes. I just finished three in the weekend and they were lovely. Now I cannot get the idea of reading out of my mind. Lovely, lovely.

    By Pol URL on 09.18.2012

  40. Despite the fact that I hate that my husband is leaving on a deploymnet despite the fact I can’t find a job or anything I want to do despite the fact that I don’t have anything going for myself in life and I have no idea what career path I want to take I am trying to be strong. Despite all of that I am still happy and love life. But it is getting harder and harder.

    By HS on 09.18.2012