September 18th, 2012 | 307 Entries

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307 Entries for “despite”

  1. Despite all the horror, I climbed back into bed. The sweat, clinging to my body as the sheets stuck to me. The fear, lingering in the air, made it hard for me to breathe.

    By Adamantia on 09.18.2012

  2. Despite everything that’s been going on between us, I still love you. And I still want to you to be happy. No, I don’t care if you treated me wrong or made me feel useless and like I didn’t matter. I choose your happiness over mine because I know you’ll do great things in life, and you deserve to enjoy every bit of it.

    By Marina URL on 09.18.2012

  3. Despite everything that has happened, and everything I’ve endured.
    When i found you it was not all that clear, until i realized you were put in my path for a reason.
    Despite everything i that made me feel insecure, and all the doubts i once had.
    You made all that change, even if it did take time to think straight.
    They say that god will put that one special person in front of you until you finally realize how important they are, and you have been there for quite sometime.

    By cassandra on 09.18.2012

  4. Despite my high hopes for the day, i ended up home alone with a cruel fever crushing my head. I would love to end this rainy and forgetful day on a higher note… that is why I write.

    By Danu on 09.18.2012

  5. Despite having seen his face from all angles humanly possible, she still couldn’t recognize him. His once brown curly hair was a blur, along with the rest of him. She could hear a smile in his voice, but she couldn’t see it on his face. She had gone blind, but despite it all he still loved her.

    By Cynthia on 09.18.2012

  6. Despite this. Despite that. We all rise above our challenges… but do we really? arent they still there we just gaze above. We choose not to look down. But if youre about to trip and are forced to lower your gaze. You can still see them… cant you?

    By adriana on 09.18.2012

  7. despite the fact that
    i am in complete
    i am perfectly able to
    hide that fact
    no one can see through me-
    i am so excellent at
    they think i am totally at ease
    they don’t know what
    i’ve been through this summer.

    By Kimberly on 09.18.2012

  8. Despite everything that’s been going on between us, I still want to you to be happy. No, I don’t care if you treated me wrong or made me feel useless and like I didn’t matter. I choose your happiness over mine because I know you’ll do great things in life, and you deserve to enjoy every bit of it. Despite everything, I still love you. I will always love you.

    By Marina on 09.18.2012

  9. I’m desperate for desire of desolate lovers
    despite the damnation of sins drawn on my skin
    with Sharpie and cigarette butts

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 09.18.2012

  10. Despite is another word used for something to describe “even though”. For example: Despite (even though) the water was cold in the pool, the boys still wanted to go swimming.

    By Lindsay on 09.18.2012

  11. Despite being cold outside today, I still enjoyed the weather by wearing my favorite boots and drinking a hot cocoa!

    By Lindsay on 09.18.2012

  12. despite that i have nothing to do in class right now, im doing this despite the fact i could do homework or something. i guess im just doing this, despite the fact i could do something more productive with my time

    By Nick Goodsell on 09.18.2012

  13. despite everything, i’m here. despite everything, i love you.

    By kaorita on 09.18.2012

  14. Despite the saddness we all faced, we laughed. We smiled. I saw him look over at me for approval, like if it was okay if he laughed. Then he laughed too. During the funeral he didn’t cry. I wondered why. I wanted him to cry. Was I just overreacting in the fact that this was killing me?

    By Just a Girl on 09.18.2012

  15. Despite my best efforts I am too slow to make a difference in this fast paced, cruel and unsympathetic world. I must be more raw, more, primal. Zero hesitation…

    By Richard on 09.18.2012

  16. Stop thinking of all the things going on around you. Despite what you may think, despite your best efforts to the contrary – it’s done. It’s over. No need to worry about it anymore. It’s the past, dear, doll, silly.
    It’s all done and over with, and nothing you say, or do, or think, or feel will change it.
    So let’s move on past the past, and into the future.
    What do you say?

    By Thirteen URL on 09.18.2012

  17. The actions being based upon decisions involve a tough choice. Choices are made from the heart by looking past all the imperfections even though it may go against everything we believe in. Overall despite is looking past every imperfection and just doing what feels right.

    By Madelyn Olsen on 09.18.2012

  18. Despite all he wrong you have done me. Despite all of the warnings my friends give me… I am still in love with you. Despite my best friends not talking to you and despite every piece of hurt I have ever felt. I could only want you a little bit more at this very moment.

    By Madelyn Olsen on 09.18.2012

  19. despite being legless, I still enjoy limbo.

    By brett URL on 09.18.2012

  20. Despite all the crazy shit in the toilet that is my life, I managed to wipe. Not only did I manage to wipe, I managed to write. I managed to fight despite. Despite having an abortion. Among other little shits. Despite being a crazy anxiety-driven bitch with a grudge.

    By Lauren on 09.18.2012

  21. Despite everything, I still move forward. Momentary setbacks and disappointments are offset by short, monumental highs – times I feel so hopeful I could soar. On top of everything. Nothing can touch me. The future is bright and everything will work out. I’ve got this; God’s got me. Insecurities are buffered by faith. Anxiety is soothed with encouragement. Courage trumps fear. Despite everything, all the odds, all the doubts, all the fear, I am here. And despite everything, I choose to believe there’s a reason, that I am being guided, that my life has plan and purpose and good things in store.

    By Jade on 09.18.2012

  22. despite all the odds, despite their objections, despite my pessimism, more like realism. i went ahead. there was hope there was joy, there was love, but on my side only. and i realized that way too late. too late did i find out their objections were right, the odds had a say, and most of all my own doubt brought me down

    By D. M. Duc on 09.18.2012

  23. despite all my efforts it is still hard for me to pass this test

    By fedghynie on 09.18.2012

  24. Despite.

    Despite everything, I’m still here. I’m still dealing with things I said I would never deal with. You mean everything to me, you’re important and I care more for you more than I ever have for anyone else. I have to find the right words because I have so much to say and no where to begin. There have been struggles and trials even before the beginning of our relationship but it’s okay because it’s better than it ever has been. We fight, we argue, we play, we fall apart and come together, you apologize, I apologize.

    And despite it all, I think I’m in love with you.

    By LTLABL on 09.18.2012

  25. the long day ahead of me i still got out of bed/ with the cold sweats a’drippin it was such a thrill. I didnt even know what to think tI just did. The memories of my dreams were freash in my head. and my heart was pounding. was today the day?!?!?!?
    was it reaally here already? It couldn’t be it just couldnt….

    By Michelle on 09.18.2012

  26. I trudge across the path of great resistance
    Without much hope of any sound respite;
    I find that though I struggle every instance,
    If I were to again journey this distance,
    I wouldn’t change my chosen course despite.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 09.18.2012

  27. nothing can hold you back DESPITE what other people say

    By Betty on 09.18.2012

  28. Despite all that I wish to do, I am only what I am.
    I am a man with ambition.
    I am a man with tools.
    I am a man with a dream.
    And yet, I must admit, that I am just a man.

    By sonofclp on 09.18.2012

  29. In the clearing I see a ghost; despite my fogged up glasses. I attempt to clear them to see it. But once the condensation was gone, so went the ghost.

    By Astrid on 09.18.2012

  30. Despite nothing, I can’t help but feel that no one has noticed. No one has noticed anything, and no one ever will.

    By Emma Crowe on 09.18.2012

  31. Despite everything that is happening-which is confusing at most times, I am still grateful that I am given the opportunity to do the things that i do today. I believe that this will add up to my life’s experiences that I can hopefully share and use as an encouragement to other people in the coming days. An even more grateful heart, i pray. :)

    By amor on 09.18.2012

  32. Like a spot of blood in the water, I found you and despite Time’s bending sickle, we will not falter. We are able, we are being. Through the Night, we are Day.

    By e.dawn.k. URL on 09.18.2012

  33. Despite the fact that I am totally immersed in my sport, I am starting to have second thoughts. I see all my friends with all their freedom and fun and total joy and I’m here wondering whether this life is really for me. No, I don’t doubt golf. It is me. It is my life.

    But I wonder what would happen if I could lead a different life. Filled with late nights and fun. With boys and insanity and trying new things. I wonder about a different me.

    By AK on 09.18.2012

  34. Despite everything that is going on, I still want to keep the promise we made, to be happy no matter what. Will you keep it too?

    By Abigail Rae on 09.18.2012

  35. “So despite all that bullshit, I’m still here, aren’t I? I’m still on this bus with you and we’re still going to some fucking hick town up in New England. I’m still letting you take your ugly artsy pictures of me when I’m staring off into space and I’m still sharing a bed with you tonight and listening to your heartbeat and the rain and the wind while we fall asleep together like pathetic adorable losers. Despite all that I’m still here with you.”

    By Finnegan URL on 09.18.2012

  36. Despite everything. Despite constant trouble and constant fear I do believe everything will work. I believe in our abilities and my own. I believe we are capable of far more than music. I believe we can change the world.

    By Matt on 09.18.2012

  37. Despite the hardships and barriers we overcome. Despite the suffering and threat we move through. We are wired to succeed, like the plant growing through the crack in the cement we reach beyond

    By Bev on 09.18.2012

  38. Despite of all the shit everyone has given me, despite all the ignorant remarks and immature commentary that I have experienced, my mind is made up. I like the person you are and I like the person I am when I’m with you. And that is all that will ever matter to me.

    By Bekah on 09.18.2012

  39. When she turned around, she couldn’t help it. Everything came flooding back. She knew she shouldn’t have, she knew it was wrong. It was an evil place, a place filled with wrongess and bestiality and cruelty. But it was her home. She had grown up there, and she missed it already.

    By Monica on 09.18.2012

  40. Despisto o medo de ser quem sou, o medo de olhar para o abismo, e atravesso as avenidas a passos largos, desafiando o trânsito, mudando os sinais. Pouco importa que me olhem, contanto que não me descubram.

    By Juliana on 09.18.2012