July 8th, 2013 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “delight”

  1. I haven’t known her long, but her delight in the adrenaline rush is evident to anyone just looking at her – the tight grip of her hands around the railing as she peers down the slope with flushed cheeks and a self-sure grin. I open my mouth to say hello, to say anything – but then she’s off, and I’ve lost my chance. Sometimes I think of her, the image of a girl with bright orange hair and queer grey eyes.

    By Julie on 07.08.2013

  2. I will not delight you fancy for I have tried for months
    you slurp my sweetness and turn me sour
    engulfed by aspartame fakeness
    my blood thins with reality

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 07.08.2013

  3. Delight was the simple taste of happiness in her eyes, in her features, on her tongue. It was hidden in the crinkles on the edges of her eyes. It was traced into her skin near her kind, warming smile. Delight had known this woman well. It had been good fri

    By Quinn on 07.08.2013

  4. It was devastating to her to think that her whole life so far had been stolen from her, but that feeling was tempered by the delight at finally finding her real mother, and her real self.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.08.2013

  5. Delight is the feeling of letting go, knowing there’s nothing in the world you would rather do than what you are doing right at that instant. The feeling of being in his arms and no one else’s. There’s no ones arms you’d rather be in at this moment of pure bliss. The look on his face as he sees you running towards him after not seeing him for 163 days.

    By Kyra on 07.08.2013

  6. De-light. Darkness. Turn off thelights. Its nice an quiet now.

    By Ari on 07.08.2013

  7. Every ounce of blood in her veins cooled and froze with crystals of ecstasy as a wave of positive energy rushed upon her as they opened the door. She ventured through to portal to their future, purely delighted with their new home.

    By Willow URL on 07.08.2013

  8. The delight of freedom cannot be compared to any other pleasure. You make me want to clap my hands and sing at the top of my lungs, lest I explode from the joy.

    By aura.rayne URL on 07.08.2013

  9. Tomorrow will be an absolute delight x

    By Pedro URL on 07.08.2013

  10. What a word. what brings such a thing? summer. puppies. the feel of the ocean on a winters fresh day. warm lasagne. love of my man. crackle of the fire with red wine in hand. the deep growl of thunder. bacon and eggs on a sunday morning. laying in a park with the sun on your face. an uncontrollable belly laugh! Yep, that’s it. The belly laugh :)

    By aj on 07.08.2013

  11. Her squeals of delight pierce my ears
    As she runs through the bluebonnets.
    Her white dress flutters around her ankles in the wind,
    And her azure eyes shame the sky, making it appear to be a dull bowl above our heads.
    She runs forward,
    Her wandering fingers with their plump wrists trailing through the flowers.
    I chase my baby sister
    Into the velvet waves
    Of comforting petals
    As the wind and clouds and sun
    Guides us home.

    By Calista URL on 07.08.2013

  12. De-light. Strange how a word expressing passion and happiness seems to nullify “light” emotions by name.

    Or is it “da-light”? I see da light.

    By Bry- URL on 07.08.2013

  13. De-light. A reminder that the lamplighter can blow it out.

    By Bry- URL on 07.08.2013

  14. Delight is when the sides of my mouth turn up as you brighten up my bad day.

    By A on 07.09.2013

  15. “Strawberry delight”. This was her favorite dessert. It wasn’t on the menu very often, but when it was…oh boy. Everyone who resided in the convalescent home seemed to be in brighter spirits.

    By simone URL on 07.09.2013

  16. She is the queen of mixed messages. One moment, she’s positively clapping her hands in delight, the next she upturning furniture in the wake of her anger.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.09.2013

  17. The feeling coursed over me, like the wind. Softly and sweetly…Racing towards heaven. Delight….

    By Taylor on 07.09.2013

  18. I feel delighted to talk to interesting people and about beautiful things in life. This delight has made me feel very comfortable with myself, at times. Because, it gives me the chance to be acknowledged about all the beautiful and interesting things I share this world with. This is my delight!

    By Jwala on 07.09.2013

  19. With the wind racing, my heart pounding, we make it across the finish line, Delight and I. We won…

    By Taylor on 07.09.2013

  20. delight….there was a friend in my class back when i was in school. i used to call her mango delight. don’t know but this is the only thing i can think of with this words.

    By Shilpa on 07.09.2013

  21. I couldn’t be happier to buy myself tons of things. With the money I saved on the sale I could have paid off much of my debt. Instead I dig myself deeper because pretty things distract. Isn’t that why older men fuck younger things? To keep their minds off their impending doom with dirty orgasms in cheap hotel rooms?

    By Ruben URL on 07.09.2013

  22. It was a great delight that Hank had opted to cook for dinner tonight.

    By Zara on 07.09.2013

  23. She delighted in the thought of sleeping at last, and yet, when she finally escaped responsibility and retreated to her room, she discovered an unwelcome infestation: two friends had taken it upon themselves to test her clean sheets in a way that could only be called a christening. Too tired to care, she shooed them like cats, emptying a vase upon them before curling up to sleep atop the comforter, mildly wet, mildly miserable, but more than exhausted enough to sleep.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.09.2013

  24. A strange delight, taking joy from the suffering of others. Common enough to have a word for it. Sadism. Something I thought I could never understand, could never take a part of. How naive I once was. Even I have a dark resentful place in my heart, a place that takes pleasure in the suffering of others, of making them endure the same pains I have. I just didn’t know it at first.

    By Tyrian URL on 07.09.2013

  25. delight, its what i feel when i look in her eyes,
    its more than a high, beyond sublime,
    its not just a buzz, but feeling of nirvana,
    she’s not only beautiful, but all i’ve ever wanted.

    By Kayaus URL on 07.09.2013

  26. asdf

    By 5tipo URL on 07.09.2013

  27. What a delight my beloved is to me. Every form of contact with him brings me joy untold. Without him my life would be duller, plainer more subdued.

    By Tracey URL on 07.09.2013

  28. in between the cracks and
    the bleached white tiles,
    past all the messy bits
    of me
    of you,
    spilt half across
    our shampoos and
    razor headed mirrors
    fogged up by
    the broken shower handle
    that only ever managed
    to burn
    to scold
    to seesaw between ends,
    I’ll hold you to my chest.
    It’s in times like these
    I want to bury you to my chest
    all your bones and
    cloak your huddled
    mind in
    my arms.
    I hold you,
    in between the whens and wheres
    puked up guts
    the full hearted attempts
    your vacant hands always fail at.
    I hold you,
    with a fading delight
    that you failed
    and even
    a thrice.

    By Amaris on 07.09.2013

  29. it’s when i can see him in the autumn afternoon light, just across the street. he doesn’t glance at someone beside me, or avert his stare awkwardly to the sky. no, it is me who he sees this time. he smiles; i grin in return. finally, here it is. i am no longer a grey area to him. he’s found his rose coloured glasses and now can see the girl who has loved him ever since, ever presently, and ever more. this is my delight.

    By eloise on 07.09.2013

  30. It’s always a delight seeing someone new
    It’s also a delight meeting up with old friends
    But It’s not a delight when we part with them
    It felt like someone punching a hole in our heart

    By LunaSyn20 URL on 07.09.2013

  31. “Please try our healthy choice butter spread, Delight. It has 0% tans-fats and is made from 100% pure ingredients. Butter your bread with Delight!”

    By Jenn URL on 07.09.2013

  32. turkish delight, tasty,sugar and i hate it little bit squishy or soft. could be a good behind the turjish coffee

    By ezgi on 07.09.2013

  33. To my delight, the sun was streaming through the windows. A pile of ash smoked on the floor. My trap had worked; no more vampire!

    By Stephanie on 07.09.2013

  34. Delight. Great joy. I life live with intention. Find your passion. Move throw the woods. Don’t forget the trees. Delight. Great joy.

    By Justin Dernison on 07.09.2013

  35. she was a delight to watch play in the sand. my daughter. how did i get so lucky? i bet my mother is watching the same scene and thinking the same thing. she didn’t think grandchildren were in her future. yay for foreign adoption.

    By l on 07.09.2013

  36. Faeries are seen not by the eyes but through the heart.

    By Thumper Devotchka URL on 07.09.2013

  37. The child was pretty, but her delight in the world around her was even more captivating. He often saw her with her head thrown back, eyes shut and arms outstretched, breathing in the morning air as if its smell held all the rich promise of the day ahead.

    By mrsmig URL on 07.09.2013

  38. “It has been a delight sir”, movement came from the window shades. Albert plowed right through the rest of his speech. A dead bug lie in the spider’s web. No more tales would he tell.

    By B.Crazy URL on 07.09.2013

  39. I was delighted when I saw that he had emailed me once more. I wait in anticipation for his messages each morning as i wake up and I instantly read them with utter amusement and curiousity. I often wonder what he is doing when he isnt emailing me… if he is watching tennis or smoking weed or so drunk that he cant even open his laptop to contact me. I think of him as my imaginary boyfriend and I’m not ashamed to admit that.

    By Angelica on 07.09.2013

  40. She opened her mouth in delight, surprised that such a small thing was able to change her day so easily. It was beautiful, the way that small things were able to impact people in enormous ways.

    By Emily URL on 07.09.2013