September 25th, 2016 | 61 Entries

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61 Entries for “degree”

  1. The degree that it was outside was frigid. I could see my breath puffing out in front of me as we ran along the pavement. I was afraid we would hit a patch of ice and slip and fall but the boy in front of me just laughed and kept running. I wanted to yell and tell him to slow down but my amazement shut me up at how he looked in the cold.

    By Greysen on 09.25.2016

  2. Wow. The thing I haven’t finished. The thing I so respect in others. The thing I may finish. That will make me live more fully. That will fill me with more possibility.

    By fionacaccese URL on 09.25.2016

  3. By the time I had gotten my college degree, unemployment was at a historic high, and to call my job outlook grim was an understatement. In fact, the only real chance at a career I had was to become an apprentice to a blacksmith on the northernmost tip of Washington, close to the Canadian border.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.25.2016

  4. I earned my degree feeling on top of the world. It took less than a year before I devastatingly realized it was the most expensive piece of paper I’d ever own, and worth less than the paper I could’ve bought at Staples.

    By Lauren Cude URL on 09.25.2016

  5. High school was easy
    College and job difficult
    Elusive DEGREE

    Best aptitude scores
    Educated yet not hired
    Degree required

    One degree is often the difference between the fire of genius and flames of insanity.

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 09.25.2016

  6. Vicious cycle of debt creation. A way for a few in “educational” institutions to gain excessive wealth from exploitation of the many. This nation has many that are knowledgeable from on-job training and from self teaching, but you fools in big business that are in-charge to hire are credentialists. It’s as wrong as racist. Those with degrees are often inferior to those without them in many skilled occupations including technological.

    By Hater of injustice on 09.25.2016

  7. the degree to which I love something is immesurable. I don’t like degrees in math. I like to measure in degrees – I can’t imagine switching to the meter system. It’s pretty strage that we are the only counttry not using that system.

    By Alexis on 09.25.2016

  8. I am working towards getting my education degree. It is something that I have been working at for over 3 years now. I have 1 year left until I finish

    By Alexis on 09.25.2016

  9. The temperature in which something happens. It’s crazy to think the power that word choices have. The more considerate you are as you write you can see the evolvement if language and a higher degree of thinking.
    In said fashion, the inability for my deodorant to work and it’s degree of incompetence from a one idea to another. But still the thought remains how are things changing and how do they remain constant? Who are we to choose, in life it’s redivoulous! Come on people, let us consider the potential of each one of us and a higher level of thinking that is incorporated into our society.

    By Julio on 09.25.2016

  10. A degree and its requirement is an unnecessary chain on society. Hire by skill level and not by degrees and falsely perceived prestigious aura of specific universities attended. Trust head to head testing and competition.
    Those in power must CREATE equal opportunity. The “higher education system” does not provide this the best way. It does not happen by wishing for it or merely believing in it, like in some dumb cartoons and movies. Besides nepotism is still the norm in hiring. So it’s not what you know or how much, like it should be, but how much you paid, where you went, and most importantly, who you know to get a chance without competing for one. Such acts deny someone who would perform better and likely worked through more difficulty to deserve the chance more, from getting it. This system favors the lazy and lucky. Every time you are annoyed by an employee somewhere that can’t do their job correctly, this system of “hook-ups” and nepotism is why.

    By Hater of injustice on 09.25.2016

  11. There was a certain degree of awkwardness in him that left me aching for more. More awkward glances, more shuffling missteps, more wide-eyed meetings.

    By areyouru URL on 09.25.2016

  12. The Skeleton King crossed the stage. It felt disgraceful to leave his crown with the janitor but he had to wear his graduation cap. It was only an honorary degree, but he graciously accepted it.

    By Rover URL on 09.25.2016

  13. What degree of patience must it take
    To get through life in one piece
    What degree of sadness
    Must it take to truly experience happiness

    By Rain on 09.25.2016

  14. What degree of sadness
    Must it take to truly experience life
    What degree of happiness
    Does it take to truly experience life

    By Rain Imber URL on 09.25.2016

  15. The thermostat read 80.
    I activated a/c. It felt very cold,
    some minutes later, I felt it to my toes
    but temperature indicated was down 1 degree
    impossible, I thought, for I now feel much less heat.

    By Renzo Saggio on 09.25.2016

  16. The flames lick around her and glare at her untouched, innocent skin with insatiable lust. Ivory and untainted and made to be ravaged.

    By Helianthus URL on 09.25.2016

  17. She rubbed her icicle nose with one hand as she walked through the muted winter streets, using her other arm to hug her notebooks tightly to her chest, as if they would provide warmth. “If it’s any colder, I’ll be stiff,” she muttered, her words manifesting in the air as a cloud of silver vapor.

    By spiffypenguin URL on 09.25.2016

  18. I am struggling to get my degree when I don’t know what I will do with it or how it will further my life. degrees are a status symbol it seems. I am terrified that I will end up with something useless and wasted my life.

    By Megan on 09.25.2016

  19. What come to my mind is the degree of education. In our country people tend to get degrees, but unfortunately dont tend to actual knowldege. This is so sad.

    By Max URL on 09.25.2016

  20. to some degree, marsha was a tramp. she lived as though she didn’t have a roof over her head, made of glass and brick. every morning she dressed herself in her worst outfit, her scavenger’s outfit, as Mom called it, and went out into the dawn, ready for a morning of rummaging.

    By Emgee H. URL on 09.26.2016

  21. 1degree= domain exemplifying giving responses exclusive-of everything

    By Garz on 09.26.2016

  22. university degree is always valuable but every time it cannot bring success. more degree does not mean more wealthy or success in many cases. however, it has its unique value to achieve one’s goal.

    By rabi_ctgbd URL on 09.26.2016

  23. Get your degree, set yourself free, national American University. The Minnesota anthem practically. Other states have anthems devoted to their wonder and history, but we have National American University.

    By Paige Beto on 09.26.2016

  24. The degree at which you twisted my soul and the angle at which you held my attention as you spoke was so captivating.
    I never understood your idiosyncratic ways. It was always a mystery to me.
    The noise of the kettle is filling the air.
    A hundred degrees.

    By mayokun on 09.26.2016

  25. To earn a degree is a massive achievement, not to be underestimated, time and study and lots of hard work.

    By Shona URL on 09.26.2016

  26. She inched the thermostat closer to the 78 degree mark. “Hold it.”
    “Ah… busted.”
    “What are you doing?” Jason’s eyes were playfully stern.
    “Look, it’s freezing in here, okay?”
    “Marta, put the thermostat back.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 09.26.2016

  27. I wish I had gone straight to college out of high school and actually gone away instead of staying local. I would have gotten my degree sooner and pursued a real career and not be stuck in just a job to be eating regularly and living indoors. A DEGREE is the one thing that CANNOT be repossessed like a car or house. A degre is forever.

    By Fluffy H URL on 09.26.2016

  28. To the degree that I love her, I want the best for her. Of course a mother’s love is unconditional. The moon and stars is the degree of devotion to her.

    By Karen Beard on 09.26.2016

  29. To what degree do you want to make your life easy or difficult. A degree greases your path, without a doubt. High school was basically easy for me. But a college degree or graduate degree is an achievement. I t has a lot to do with your future, your career path and your future income.

    By vizslalover URL on 09.26.2016

  30. I was inside on my bed and then i herd the sound of something falling off the roof o i walked up to my window and it turns out it was a pile of snow. I went down stairs and my mom said it was to cold to play.

    By Abigail Smith on 09.26.2016

  31. My mom has a 2 year degree at college.

    By Simon Woodard on 09.26.2016

  32. the degrees on the thermastat are broke

    By BARBARA PARKS on 09.26.2016

  33. My boss got 3 degrees in 4 years!!!!

    By BARBARA PARKS on 09.26.2016

  34. It was a bad thing to do, of course. The real matter is, to what degree. Does it matter if I hurt someone to help someone else? Maybe, you say, it depends to what degree. But what about if I hurt someone to help myself?

    By Daisy Leason URL on 09.26.2016

  35. Some jobs require having a degree from college. such as a being a doctor or paramedic.

    By Josiah URL on 09.26.2016

  36. “Any progress on that AC?”
    The wafting waves of heat were nearly overbearing by this point. The first hour hadn’t been too terrible; the lingering effects of the then-functioning AC had been heavenly, drafting through the Ark like some beating of angel’s wings. Then afternoon had rolled around, and the sun, at its highest point, was harsh and unforgiving, beaming down mercilessly on the panting trio. Ice had been brought out and house fans had been plugged in, all to little avail against the might of the sun.
    Spike stood, wiping the sweat from his brow and releasing a forceful gust of air. His brows furrowed and he reached for the cup of icy water on the small table to his right.
    “I’m trying, Carly. It’s real fussy for some reason. Maybe Teletraan-1 is disagreeing with it for whatever reason?”
    Sparkplug peered out from beneath the golden-orange console, squinting up at the younger girl practically melting in the doorway. “Optimus isn’t sure either, so we’ll have to just keep searching for whatever disconnect there us.”
    Carly sighed, fighting the urge to slump against the (certainly-blistering-hot) metal wall. “Maybe I’ll just ask Bumblebee to run me out to the gas station for another ice bag…”
    Spike shrugged, returning to his fiddling. “May as well.”

    By The Wanderer URL on 09.26.2016

  37. I have a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies and International Relations from the University of Queensland. What does having a degree mean to me?

    Having a degree showcases the advancement of Australian society. Today 25% of all people hold a Bachelor Degree or higher, making it truly the land of opportunity.

    A degree is a status symbol that indicates the opportunity

    By Jaclyn on 09.26.2016

  38. The tempture is fall, the degrees falling, warm at light, cold at dark. The lights lasts shorter and the nights stretch longer.

    By Ginger-Girl URL on 09.26.2016

  39. I got a degree in film. I now know how to film things better.

    By Simon Woodard on 09.26.2016

  40. She studied and worked hard all her life. She lived for challenges, but what now? She had her masters’ degree, a husband, and a well-paying job. Now, she supposed, she could begin the ultimate challenge in life. Motherhood.

    By Jonaya on 09.26.2016