September 26th, 2016 | 57 Entries

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57 Entries for “onward”

  1. Yup, that’s motto always and forward. I’m sick of things holding me back and the only thing that does hold me back is my attitude. so yeah onward to greater discoveries and don’t ever let that fire die. Keep it alive. But stay humble. I should meditate but I’m just not. Anyways onward, don’r stop

    By emine sharma URL on 09.27.2016

  2. it is like go forward, go ahead

    By Diego on 09.27.2016

  3. You struggle, you break down, you lose your shit.
    One day, you’re okay.

    Onward from here.

    By lostfaun URL on 09.27.2016

  4. Onward I go,without a plan or a feeling that I will do right, what is this depressing thought always on my mind?, why I can do anything besides being this sad clown?, I wanna be more entusiastic and happy overall but i jus find to be the party pooper all the time.

    By Maria José URL on 09.27.2016

  5. Despite feeling down about my professional growth, I must continue to move onward

    By Alexis Byrd URL on 09.27.2016

  6. friends

    By joyce URL on 09.27.2016

  7. “Let’s keep going this way I think if we keep moving onward we will make it to our destination and be glad we kept going even when times get tough.”

    By TessaAnn on 09.27.2016

  8. with a sweaty brow
    with shaking legs
    with cement tied to my shoes
    i trudge onward

    i don’t want to do this anymore
    i want to go home
    i want to go back to bed
    but if i want change, i have to keep going

    even if my body tells me to stop

    By stranger on 09.27.2016

  9. So they tell us he’s not staying at that place where we ‘put’ him. I like this word ‘put.’ As though he’s a lamp that wasn’t working in one room, so you put it in the basement because it still is possible that the thing will work. Or like when your mother tells you to stay put. Or when someone who can’t find something and won’t take responsibility for it asks you in a voice filled with anger “Where the fuck did you put it??” So this word ‘put’ has nothing going for it. And this is the word they use when you want your bipolar brother who’s got COPD and Parkinson’s and who, even if he didn’t have those other two things, would still be bipolar. No worries about that, right? As long as: he takes his meds, doesn’t get depressed anyway, doesn’t get lonely or want to die, even though these medications are ‘working.’ This guy who you’re afraid of when he goes into a psychotic tailspin that you can’t control or do anything about. This person who does so well when he’s in a nursing home that he almost looks recognizable as a human being again. That guy. This is the guy you want to ‘put’ somewhere. Well fuck that. And fuck the people who don’t know what ‘put’ means. Onward with his wayward life we go. And you can put your judgmental shit where the sun doesn’t shine, sweetheart.

    By rubyluby on 09.27.2016

  10. Onward! He yelled as the dogs struggled with the weight of the sled they were pulling. The winds howled and the snow flurries twisted around them as they made their way through the blizzard.
    “Almost there!” He called out encouragingly. They had done well, they were nearly home. They only had this last day to go and their long journey would be over.

    By Nam on 09.27.2016

  11. Onward Christian Soldiers… a song my grandmother would often start singing, but she would trail off after that one line, having forgotten the words. I don’t think she ever really knew the words, but rather wanted to look like she knew the words.

    By Lauren on 09.27.2016

  12. Onward, ever onward

    He pushed the handcart up the hill, knowing that this time, maybe, they would finally get to the right place.

    As we glory in his name

    He sang as he pushed, to give him strength and hope in the Lord. The Mormons would have a home, and no one would molest them.

    Forward, pressing forward

    He saw a little girl, wincing. He came over and asked her if she wanted to ride in his handcart. She said yes, and he gained new energy.

    God our strength will be, press forward ever called to serve his name!

    By Shadow Writer URL on 09.27.2016

  13. I glanced back. It’s over. The path looked beaten and weary from the countless footsteps and endless trudging. And I started to walk…the past forgotten.

    By Me on 09.27.2016

  14. she trudged through the snow, that rose all the way up to her knees. her hands felt numb and her lips were dumb. her frame was engulfed in snow like powder and her trembling just wouldn’t stop.

    she couldn’t stop either. she had to continue ONWARD. there was no stopping the little girl in her little parka.

    By vanessa. p URL on 09.27.2016

  15. Onward. Forward. That was where they would all go, every day, every hour, every minute, every second. There was no way to go back, and even if there was- what would they be going back to?
    Burning cities?
    Destroyed families?
    No, even if nothing ever changed, if they only found more of the same- onward was the only way to go. At least for now.

    By Sarah on 09.27.2016

  16. Guy and Lee are ahead of them, as usually, sprinting on at a breakneck pace (a light jog, for them) and Tenten only shakes her head in resignation before she looks up at Neji out of the corner of her eye.

    “They’ll never change, will they?”

    Neji says nothing, but only offers her a half-smirk of understanding in response, and together they continue on down the path.

    By Manasa Hamsikha URL on 09.27.2016

  17. “Lint.”

    “Huh.” He looks up slowly from his shrunken in position.

    “We need lint.”

    He sighs, hugging himself harder, “Don’t you have some? I don’t want to move.”

    “Then you won’t start a fire.”

    By Ami URL on 09.28.2016