February 13th, 2014 | 83 Entries

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83 Entries for “defined”

  1. People put me in a box, and no matter how hard I try to push my way out I can’t. I hate, hate it beyond everything I know. Yet I’m leaving to university to become a psychologist. A pursuit most people take in order to feel entitled to define people, to put them in boxes.

    By Hilary on 02.13.2014

  2. “You cannot let yourself be defined by what others think of you, Camelia.”

    Camelia’s shoes were worn through on the big toe of her left foot. She concentrated there instead of meeting the hurt in her father’s eyes.

    “Camelia.” He said her name softly and she looked up. Tears welled in the older man’s eyes. “Please help me understand.”

    “I can’t.” She breathed before her own tears overflowed.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 02.13.2014

  3. I dont want to be defined, don’t want to be one of the masses, one of the classes and stigmas and prejudicial thinkers. I don’t want confines and chains. I want to define what no one can define and then call it undefined.

    By Ivan URL on 02.13.2014

  4. One person’s reasons defined are another’s rules to break – every mind has a different ear that hears a different story – and it all begins to mean not a thing, breeds defiance in some, complacency in others, and every person from those and all camps in between see a different angle of a different reality that goes out as a signal that clashes in the wind and falls to the ground, a mere piece of burning toast.

    By Miss Alister URL on 02.13.2014

  5. Defined as love, love is love.

    Love is love is love is love.

    You make no sense.

    Was I supposed to? I didn’t know I was supposed to make sense. I’ll try to, from now on. If you want me to.

    I want you to.

    But you owe me one.

    Eesh! I don’t owe you a thing. Shut up. Leave me alone.

    But I said, and I answered, and now I want something in return.

    Hmm. You don’t deserve it.

    Let’s define deserving something.

    Maybe a hit to the head?

    No, better than that.

    By Maria URL on 02.13.2014

  6. Today, you were defined as a figurehead of the rebellion. You wore a plastic crown as a form if irony and directed the legions to rally against the fence with wooden pitchforks and unlit torches. You told them to burn down the churches with the heat of their eyes, and directed them to stomp their feet on the pavement hard enough as if to cause an earthquake when the king went by. You made yourself a throne from a broken toilet bowl, where you sat and read Time Magazine as the swarms shook off their exoskeletons in the cold and lunged for the throat.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.13.2014

  7. you told me you were fine. but it’s just a lie that you’re never escape. when asked to define what I already knew I put it in the past tense. you aren’t fine.

    By mbabington URL on 02.13.2014

  8. You cannot define me, though you will try.
    These are all roles I play, but they do not define me. I cannot be defined because I am too complex as each of you are complex. Too many things in my life have made me into the person I am today, too many to place me in a neat, little box. I am forever outside the box.

    By Candace S. URL on 02.13.2014

  9. She smudged the kohl around her eyes, deeper, darker. When she wore no makeup, she hated to see her own face; she tried not to meet her own eyes early in the morning before she’d put her face together. But with her black eyeliner– now that was someone worth paying attention to.

    By Yona URL on 02.13.2014

  10. Love was not something so easily defined. To her it was always a vague sentiment or an unspoken gesture. Love was not a blunt hit on the head, but a mere graze of a finger across her face. It was not something she searched for, nor was it something she asked of anyone, only something that occurred to her, sporadically , throughout her 21 years…until she met him.

    By Bipolartist URL on 02.13.2014

  11. Love was not something so easily defined. To her it was always a vague sentiment or an unspoken gesture. Love was not a blunt hit on the head, but a mere graze of a finger across her face. It was not something she searched for, nor was it something she asked of anyone, only something that occurred to her, sporadically. It was never a goal throughout her 21 years…until she met him.

    By Bipolartist URL on 02.13.2014

  12. How are you defined? What do you use to make up your personal dictionary? Do you use someone else’s? Or do you write your own from the very beginning, knowing that you are reinventing the dictionary as you reinvent or rather invent yourself. Defining can be dangerous but I guess it’s necessary to know which box to fit into.

    By Ruth on 02.13.2014

  13. “Roe, you need to help me to understand.”

    “Why should I? Why should I let you define me with some stupid medical term? I’m not my condition.”

    “I know that, but you need help. You need hospitalization.”

    “Look, I know I pay you a lot of money to help me, but helping me doesn’t mean I have to sit here and listen to your ridiculousness.”

    I get up and walk out.

    By Danielle URL on 02.13.2014

  14. I talked about morals with a friend today, and about how Rahab lied to protect others. She was praised, but the Bible still says lying is wrong.
    I talked about psychology and religion with you today. We talked about the phenomenological perspective – how things exist because they exist in the minds of people. Is that defined enough?
    I thought about love today. I thought of its barriers, how there don’t seem to be any. Is it something that should be defined?
    I thought about us today, how we’re holding onto each other, how we don’t really have a name. I am not your girlfriend, I am not your wife, I am not even something you can hold at night. Somehow, I still feel your arms around me.
    I could look love up in a dictionary and think of your smile when I’m supposed to be following the words with my eyes. I could look light up in a dictionary and think of how you calm me, how you seem to touch me even when you’re fourteen hours away. You are something I can’t define.

    By Mara URL on 02.13.2014

  15. A completed tower
    beautiful to behold
    reinforced glass that
    no malice can smash

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 02.13.2014

  16. I don’t like to be defined by anyone or anything. No person can know me well enough to define me. No machine. Nothing. To fully know me you would have to be me. And even then you can’t describe a person with one word. I don’t understand why people try.

    By Maxwell URL on 02.13.2014

  17. It wasn’t clear. There were some designs etched into the glass. He could tell from her face. The drive over she had been exuberant about picking out the right table. The man she had talked to, Joe, had told her all about the accent chair and the coffee table. She wasn’t happy now.

    By DMM URL on 02.13.2014

  18. Im not going to be defined by the color of my skin.

    By hassan on 02.13.2014

  19. She blinks and looks up, eyes watery from the tears she’d shed. “I’m not pretty, Andi…I’m not even average. I’m less than average. That’s how it’ll always be.”
    I gently take her face in my hands and scan it. “I’m not going to let you be defined as less than average, Melissa. Most importantly, you can’t see yourself that way. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world. I mean it.”

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 02.13.2014

  20. How do we use the word defined? What is the definition? It is hard to say, things are always left up to chance.

    By Artem URL on 02.13.2014

  21. I am defining the word fine. right now. has i speak. defined means to tell what something means like dog.Example: a dog is a big hairy animal, and a descendent from the wolf.

    By kyle on 02.13.2014

  22. a muscle can be defined, I can be defined, I do not know if there is a fine to be defined. what is the efine without the d. I think I have now idea what I’m going to define in my life but I hope it’s beautiful. Can beauty be defined? who can be fined? lol oh this is good

    By Jc on 02.13.2014

  23. Things are defined as they see

    By Jacknison URL on 02.13.2014

  24. The lesson is defined in two terms and it will only be permitted if everyone in the world eat a jolly rancher at the same tm

    By edinabrownie URL on 02.13.2014

  25. the way i look does not define me. i am my experiences, and my part. i am my memories and the people around me. i am the things i like and definitely not the things i hate. many things define me, but my looks are not one of them

    By teresa on 02.13.2014

  26. Defined by our race, our believes, the color of our skin.

    Home is where the heart is
    but don’t you dare move
    stay right where you are
    we don’t want you, you don’t belong
    cross the line
    you’re an outcast

    By Beth A URL on 02.13.2014

  27. Words

    clothes, hair, education, job, religion; height, weight,sexuality, race, gender, age,

    By Dora URL on 02.13.2014

  28. “I will not be defined by any of it, Kai; not my past, not my heritage, and certainly not my sex,” she declared, offering her head adviser a poignant glare. “I am Queen of Arendelle and it is by that, and ONLY that, I’ll be judged,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 02.13.2014

  29. Words.
    Clothes, hair, education, job, Income, Neighborhood, religion.
    Height, weight,sexuality, race, gender, age.

    By Dora URL on 02.13.2014

  30. Jessica had always put people into categories so that she could understand them. It was just easier that way. If she knew one person was sporty or nerdy, then she could talk about things that interest them. But Jared didn’t fit into any of her categories- which made him dangerous.

    By Lauren Jane on 02.13.2014

  31. No one would have pinned her for a rebel, with her sweet blue eyes and blonde pigtails. But then again, she didn’t want anyone to.

    By Lauren Jane URL on 02.13.2014

  32. Often its how people view you based on what they see or hear, not what they witness for themselves. It’s what we choose to call ourselves because we want to fit in to something so desperately. We wear our clothes, and dye our hair, and write our stories to show people who we are: but we lie, and we lie, and we hide the truth because at the end of the day nobody wants a label. Nobody really wants to be defined.

    By Becky URL on 02.13.2014

  33. She asked me how do you define life? I stared at her with a blank look on my face. How does one define life in words? What is it’s meaning? Is there one? She looked at me like I was crazy when I told her I define life by the second.

    By Carly URL on 02.13.2014

  34. how do you define this question? no one knows how to define this very simple question????are there someone out there to tell me how to define this question???

    By scarlet on 02.13.2014

  35. As I lay on my front yard, I think about all the things I did during the summer. I think about Thomas, of all things, but not the bad memories. I think about the ease with which I was able to talk to him. I think about all the good things that defined our relationship. All the hard times be damned.

    By Sheradyn URL on 02.13.2014

  36. John defined the basis of his study in a brisk manner. Paying no attention to the ignorant stares of the crowd below him. He stopped suddenly and his white teeth gleamed as he smiled. He breathed heavily due to his boasting. The crowd waited as the professor’s eyes slowly scanned the crowd. Some held their breath as he began to announce another name. Suddenly there was a shriek from the crowd….

    By Margaret on 02.13.2014

  37. This damn movie defined what Emrys despised. She hated animated movies, hated stupid sing-alongs, and absolutely was disgusted with unrealistic plots.

    By Kenzie URL on 02.13.2014

  38. to be labeled, to be quantified, to have a particular and distinct identity, to name exactly the nature of a thing, to identify specifically

    By Sarah on 02.13.2014

  39. How is love defined in your book? What about honor or glory? Which one is more important to you? and how is it that none apply to me when they ask you how you got so high up in this broken dismantled world? Where was my name in the list of those who supported you every step off the way and picked you up every time you so much as blinked? What defines being human in todays society if there is no love?

    By Madison on 02.13.2014

  40. You use words like knives. Ropes wrapping around like snakes choking off the air; no one can breathe. You expect us to become your dolls, barbies prepackaged into pre-decided rolls chosen to your liking. And i’m breaking free from the plastic.

    By Olivia Keatings on 02.13.2014