February 13th, 2014 | 83 Entries

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83 Entries for “defined”

  1. He kept getting the same error; “Command Not Defined”. He had to figure out the controls of the life support system fast, as his space suit’s battery power was scraping the bottom of its indicator. That blinking red light was like a nail being driven into his skull.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.13.2014

  2. Defined or not defined, that is the question. Find people online – do you need to find a long lost loved one or relative?

    By Paul URL on 02.13.2014

  3. It was the eyes that defined her. Stunning, bright, shining. Always filled with excitement and adventure. They were purple, and so deep that it looked like they were oceans. Everyone had always told her how beautiful her eyes were. But it didn’t matter now. Nothing did.

    By NoOne6 on 02.13.2014

  4. Lookup anyone’s phone numbers and addresses. Need to contact someone, but don’t have their info? Use

    By Paul URL on 02.13.2014

  5. I am defined by the words that cut into me. By the gestures that surround us; an embrace or a strike. I am the aftermath of the event in which something is created. It is up to me to decide what that something is.

    By Sarah N on 02.13.2014

  6. How will people be defined? Does your address or your phone number or your occupation define you?

    By Paul URL on 02.13.2014

  7. Well that defined our relationship in a hot mess of a moment. She blew into town like a swirling snow storm, trying to mask her motive, waiting until the time was not right to air her grievance and the ran out the door like she was being chase by wolves. Will things never change with her? When will I learn what the lock on the door is for? The next time my phone rings all she will hear is me…not answering it…not listening to the latest drama that has come into her life. Good bye trouble…hello sanity.

    By Paulie on 02.13.2014

  8. A man is defined by his ability to think and be decisive and protect those decisions to the best of his ability. The definition of that man is then said to be strong and persistent. Time will only tell if that definition is a correct characterization of that man’s ability.

    By Allen on 02.13.2014

  9. Born in a manger; wealthy beyond comprehension. Servant of many, washer of dirty feet, to sit at his an honour beyond measure. Sweating blood in the most beautiful of gardens with the weight of the world on his shoulders, he says ‘I am’ armies fall. Killed on a cross, innocent of all crime, to win his beloved – the lost – for him to find. Only in this King can you truly be defined.

    By Jose on 02.13.2014

  10. Defined?! That’s the word I end up with the first time I visit this site!? AAAAHHHHHH! Okay – well, let’s think about this. What defines me? What defined the fact that I suddenly felt I needed to do this tonight? Or is that even the right word? Perhaps it’s not the right word just a word and it was what I needed to get started – sort of like an English fortune cookie on a computer screen. What a thought. Most of those are crap, too, but sometimes, every now and then, you actually get one that speaks to you and says something that while it’s probably crap, it happens to be appropriate crap. Or maybe it’s just a full moon and we can call it a day.

    By Kelly Shepherd on 02.13.2014

  11. we shouldn’t
    define ourselves by our hardships
    but what we do in the face of them
    said a wise man

    but it’s hard to be righteous
    in the face of violence
    it can make you go against
    your own creed
    the nature of your soul

    am i not to be proud
    of standing up for myself
    when no one else did
    even if it was wrong?

    should i have instead
    as the one i was named after
    demurely taken my punishment
    that i never deserved?

    thinking of hardships
    will make you hard
    but you can’t forget
    what happened
    how you felt

    so let them define me
    as petty malevolent and mad
    even when i was
    so brave temperate and sad

    By cosmic URL on 02.13.2014

  12. Farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts farts.

    “Define a night after eating Los Tacos”.

    By Tony on 02.13.2014

  13. I’ve always been defined as something I’m not, simply because it’s what they wanted. I have always despised this expectation, I’ll never be able to live up to it. why

    By summer on 02.13.2014

  14. There were a lot of things she was, and a lot of things she hoped to be, and others hoped her to be… but really, if she had to choose, there were only a few things she would say she actually WAS. Those things included: fighter, friend, daughter, sister.

    By Courka URL on 02.13.2014

  15. What precisely about that time defined who I am today? It wasn’t the near death experiences or the “adventures”.

    As much as I don’t want to admit it. I think it was learning to love.

    Learning to love him.

    By cat URL on 02.13.2014

  16. It was defined as ‘sadness’
    It was defined as ‘depression’
    but there was no true definition.
    It was a shadow, a curse
    A thing that consumed me
    and ate away at my bones like bread
    and drank my blood like wine
    Shielding my eyes and covering my mouth and ears
    feeding me lies
    that I thought were truths.

    By Jay on 02.13.2014

  17. Define my definition
    To define
    Just in case you ran out of wine
    Define the way I act when I’m drunk
    And in case you’re wondering I’m tired too
    Guess I’m not getting out of bed tomorrow
    I’ll find a way
    To find
    To define

    By Anthony Ross - URL on 02.13.2014

  18. to see the world as defined is limiting
    it closes out the possibilities
    sometimes it’s helpful to have boundaries
    other times it’s confining and suffocating

    By Regina URL on 02.13.2014

  19. She was defined, she was more than defined. She moved defining gravity and style. Walking groovy, and crisp, leaving almost a trail in her presence. She made it with definition. She made it defined. The only thing left was to grab the gun and practice defining.

    By Christopher Halpin on 02.13.2014

  20. Definition was the world of Clark Smith Jr. He wanted to be defined in what he did. Being the top stock broker in wallstreet was definition enough itself. Wearing an all black suit and a red tie defined him as who he was: a sharp dressed definition of success.

    By Christopher Halpin on 02.13.2014

  21. I recently lost my job and everything i am is being defined by words and adjectives that I never considered. I saw myself as dedicated, loyal, responsible, and singular with the job that i did. I very quickly found out they didn’t consider the relationship mutual. i am now being re-defined.

    By asisaid on 02.13.2014

  22. The muscles in his arms were taut now, defined. He had a distinctly strained look on his face. “Just promise me you won’t take too long,” he pleaded in a broken whisper.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.14.2014

  23. I was a slight fog, a light mist over a body. I could see other bodies, outlined in skin and carefully arranged hair, and accentuating make-up. Looking down at my hands, I could barely outline my fingers. The edges of my arms wavered. I was disappearing.

    By Ai URL on 02.14.2014

  24. I have defined the way i have studied about the review. you should be ready to give

    By star_t URL on 02.14.2014

  25. She wanted to be a model. She had a good figure and her mother always pointed out to her that she had well define features which added to her beauty

    By Alexandra URL on 02.14.2014

  26. it’s been too many hours since i was myself. instead i float in time and out of body as i watch mine slave away with foreign words in front. slowly i watch each l i m b

    By mbabington URL on 02.14.2014

  27. One of the reasons we always went to the Museum of Modern Art was to imagine ourselves living in another world. Sure, we lived in New York CIty. The place many say to be the greatest city in the world. But we had been here forever and really wanted to spend the end of our lives on an adventure.

    By Beka URL on 02.14.2014

  28. This is something I hadn’t thought about, once again. There is a moment in my life that comes back, like a little mechanical winding toy circling mindlessly.

    By Guillaume URL on 02.14.2014

  29. Defined by so many things you´re not defined at all. Who are you? Who are we all? Defined in between definitions, you got lost.We all got lost.

    By Mariana on 02.14.2014

  30. Defined by so many things that nothing defines you. Who are you? Who are we all? You got lost in your definition.

    By Mariana URL on 02.14.2014

  31. Things are defined as they are

    By Clovis URL on 02.14.2014

  32. His intentions were defined by his eyes. She couldn’t avoid them and she couldn’t deny the feelings they brought out in her. It was like looking into the eyes of a cobra. Mesmerizing and deadly.

    By RebeccaZuvedru URL on 02.14.2014

  33. I can’t seem to grasp the meaning. You are going to have to explain it to me again. I know you did twice before, maybe I wasn’t following you. It’s all me, I know, but I really want to get it. Then we can move on. K?

    By Lee URL on 02.14.2014

  34. Why do so many of us feel we are defined by the way we look or how much money we have or by the company we keep? Shouldn’t we define ourselves by the deeds we do? After all, actions speak louder then words don’t they?

    By just a girl URL on 02.14.2014

  35. Defined in shadow, movement like smoke in the night. My senses are telling me that this encounter has been a long time coming, but the details are lost on the darkness.

    By asavas URL on 02.14.2014

  36. Things are defined as they seem.

    By Jacknison URL on 02.14.2014

  37. I am defined only by what they can see. No one dares to look deeper to see who I really am. But I don’t care. I’m nothing important. I blend in easily.

    By Ally URL on 02.14.2014

  38. defined poetry is an imaginative awareness of experience expressed through meaning, sound, and rhythmic language choices.

    By Jacknison URL on 02.14.2014


    By KIRTIKA BHATT on 02.14.2014

  40. I don’t know what you’re wanting to hear. How am I supposed to put you into words? Let you sit in my mind and suddeny you want out through my mouth by words? I can’t even believe that God has trusted me with such a person. How do I make up a word for everything? Because you are literally my everything. I don’t know. “Matter”?

    By amangelindiore URL on 02.14.2014