July 16th, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “decorations”

  1. I’ve always liked them. It reflects our personalities in a different way, it says so many things about who we are as people, about the things we like, our aesthetic perception.

    By raluca on 07.17.2012

  2. The hung listlessly from the ceiling, bedraggled and battered on the floor where people had walked over them. He had torn them down in a rage earlier in the day, how day she not turn up, how dare she do this to him?

    By Semolina URL on 07.17.2012

  3. once i entered the room and was absolutelly amazed by the style and decorations it had. I made a short round to look on the things from close, but the item that took my attention immidiatly was a sofa that was standing next to the window, of a white colour with red handles, vistorian style

    By lola on 07.17.2012

  4. I love decorations especially on old bears found at random in the woods. I put a frilly necklace on one the other day but unfortunately the thing was made of bread balls and it ate it straightaway. I prefer the military sort really – very butch.

    By Tim Burton URL on 07.17.2012

  5. happy, bithdays, celebrations, unity, adding excitment, showing suppport, show meaning, express who you are, weddings. colour, excitment,

    By TJ on 07.17.2012

  6. he walked around his house after he closed the door.but he was just wandering around, not sure what to do.
    “it”s not my house” he said,”the decorations are different”.

    By amanda URL on 07.17.2012

  7. “Remember to remind me that the decorations need to be taken down on the tenth day.”
    “That is just a superstition. You are really getting strange. I don’t know why you bother with this junk. It just clutters the place up.”
    “Life is just patterns and repeated behaviours. Mine, I just like to choose.”
    “They are not yours habits,beliefs, call them what you will. They are borrowed tatt, they have no meaning or purpose.”

    By Meredyth URL on 07.17.2012

  8. The first thing she noticed was the odd mask in the bath room. It threw her off, making her gasp when she saw it and put her hand to her heart. In the back of her mind she wondered who the hell thought a decoration like that was a good idea for a guest bathroom. Maybe for people you didn’t like?

    By Carolyn on 07.17.2012

  9. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…

    By E on 07.17.2012

  10. The decorations on the tree began to wobble against her humming, clinking together, vibrating vigorously, the movements becoming more frantic, the stronger her voice got. She began singing a higher note, watching as the decorations wobble off the tree. She started to scream, the tree shivered, the ornaments shattered, still suspended on the branches.

    By Beth URL on 07.17.2012

  11. Fake nails, fake tan, push-up-bras and hair extensions,
    Make-up, shake-down, put on and work out,
    Smile and wave, walk and weave, Sir, madam, thank you please,
    Nice words and compliments, closed doors massive bitch.

    By Barber URL on 07.17.2012

  12. Stuffed in boxes on the top shelf of the closet, painstakingly made by my great aunt Laurie Ann, overcoming her stroke to spend hours on horrendous little light bulb snowmen, crystal angels, made with love but so tacky. We don’t have a Christmas tree in our house but we do have a Christmas pole and we put the choice ones on it.

    By Ara URL on 07.17.2012

  13. I love throwing birthday parties for my kids and my husband. I especially love theme parties, dress ups, the slightly quirky and odd. The best party my husband and I ever threw togther was a “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” party for his birthday where we made lickable wallpaer, amazing choclate river drinks and dressed up like oompa Loompas and of course my husband was Willy Wonka.

    By Laura stapel on 07.17.2012

  14. I love a good party. Themes and dress ups are the best, and I love the chance to go nuts with my imagination. My husband and I threw a “Charlie and the chocolate Factory” party for his 28 birthday, crafting choclates and candies from the book, decorating the house with different rooms from the book and havi9ng the movie playing on repeat in the TV room.

    By Purplelaura URL on 07.17.2012

  15. ok so decorations make me think about flowers and white couches and a pen, I donno why but i can see a pen now, and flower hair pins, guess I have something with flowers today, now I don’t know I can see a glass house above a forest, not just above the forest but i can see a guitar there, and it is raining, and that is just all

    By emily on 07.17.2012

  16. the decorations on their wedding was great. it was full of beautiful flowers. you’ll be amazed if you were there.

    By lance on 07.17.2012

  17. The decorations that cover our lives, electronic device, apathetic digital salad over ironic make up smeared across the breast of a beautiful woman, where have the gods gone but disappeared within us, has love?

    By Hani URL on 07.17.2012

  18. decor. decorate. decorate me. sunshine and happiness, follow this and keep it coming. i need decorations in my life, so that it can stay beautiful

    By Motor Vogn on 07.17.2012

  19. The decorations hung limp on the browning tree. It was March now, and we had been waiting for him to come back to open the presents. He still hadn’t come back, and the tree was sagging under the weight of the baubles and the presents were covered in dry pine needles and someone had to tell mom he wasn’t coming back but nobody had the heart to do it.

    By Maria on 07.17.2012

  20. <3 must be every where.

    By sd.kfml; on 07.17.2012

  21. adam looked up from the christmas tree to find chrissy was wearing the last of the xmas decorations that he had been searching for, and only the xmas decorations, cellotaped strategically over her taught body, but still left nothing to the imagination

    By clare on 07.17.2012

  22. Deorations in my classroom is very amazing to me.

    By fariz zolkafli on 07.17.2012

  23. what am i doing..but i wan’t to skate now on a park somewhere the lights just right for my mood to land a sic trick living the life a visualize

    By james URL on 07.17.2012

  24. too many. Some people just put too many. Decorations are nice, and a great expression of humanity, but too many is overbearing.

    I was just thinking the other day that all that is needed for life is survival. Humans are one of the only ones that decorate as added bonus. Creativity is a blessing.

    By Dill on 07.17.2012

  25. Christmas decorations were still up in July. The house was not ready for that picnic, with the tree amidst the living room, all the glitter dusty from months of just standing there. The hostess thought of relocating the picnic to the nearby park, but the rain had turned that into a mudpit.

    By Eileen on 07.17.2012

  26. Things that you use around a space to liven it up and give it that extra something to make it your own. I love to use decorations to make something mine. It’s like a stamp of originality and uniqueness because no one else will choose the exta same thing as me.

    By Sam on 07.17.2012

  27. They were still up. He walked through the door, seeing the streamers as balloons announcing the birth of his son. Josiah choked back tears and went into the kitchen. The scotch was in the cabinet above the stove. He didn’t bother with a glass. Half a bottle later, he threw it across the room, attacking the blue decorations all over the house. His Adrie was gone and she was never coming back.

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 07.17.2012

  28. decorations can be really nice once you get the right schemes and can set your mind to make your dreams a reality. once you figure out how to do that, you should try it more often! :)

    By Heidi on 07.17.2012

  29. its cool. cause when you decor somethimg, two things can happen. it turns out well, or it turns out bad. i like decorations! usually the beautiful confetti and swirlies and stuff
    decorations are pretty difficult ya know.
    so yeah
    decorations are fun!

    By sanjanamehta on 07.17.2012

  30. When i think decorations i think Christmas. I’m actually extremely excited for christmas. and whenever its christmas time, i seem to be aching for summer. i guess thats normal.whatever. i love decorations so much. it really makes the holiday. poinsettas and lights. sigh. i cant wait.

    By Lauren URL on 07.17.2012

  31. The way the decorations were strung up, from the Christmas lights, to the doll in the corner that oddly reminded me of her. This was a new year and I could feel it. It isn’t always about winning a battle, but learning from it. The things I had learned had never been so important.

    By Zane URL on 07.17.2012

  32. I’m not that great at decorating. mostly my method is just to tack a bunch of random shit– knickknacks, calendar pictures, postcards, on all my walls until it is colorful and lively looking. I don’t like when homes are decorated like museums, or model homes. it needs to look lived in. a pile of books on the kitchen table can be a better decoration than a $5000 painting.

    By Jessica on 07.17.2012

  33. I guess it’s about time for mom to break down. Something about her childhood. I know her father got killed by the guy who was married to the woman that my “granddad” was fucking around with, but apparently he was even a bigger shit than that. We’ll put the tree up. Take it down three days later.

    By Bryan URL on 07.17.2012

  34. Balls. There were balls everywhere. Green balls. Red balls. Blue balls.

    Oh god, so many blue balls. Why were there so many blue balls. Why couldn’t there be more strings of popcorn or something instead of all the god-damned, horrible, eye-catching blue and red balls.

    At least there were no white stars.

    By Dr. Tundra URL on 07.17.2012

  35. making the world a prettier place, street art, decorate the world with love and happiness, paint and show the images you love !

    By bubbles on 07.17.2012

  36. I love decorations. they make everything better. when you see decorations you know someone is trying yo be happy and expand their ideas.

    By Melissa Pearce URL on 07.17.2012

  37. Using the decorations to make a loveing home.

    By PJ on 07.17.2012

  38. We were all in a frenzy around Christmas. The holiday was knocking on the door and wafting around in the air. We couldn’t do away with the sense of joy and excitement even though we knew it was wrong to cherish all the decorations when other had none.

    By Mery on 07.17.2012

  39. Who else would decorate everything in holly? I pricked myself on a leaf as I hung it across each doorframe of the house. The Christmas season is filled with the stuff – I figured I should contribute a little, but only with one choice decoration. This year, that happened to be holly.

    By Clair URL on 07.17.2012

  40. what are we made of?
    what do we look like?

    character vs personality
    who are we?
    what do we look like?

    By pfungwa URL on 07.17.2012