July 16th, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “decorations”

  1. The birthday decorations were sparse, adding to the desolation in the room. Nothing is more depressing than a group of very sad people attempting to make a little girl happy, in spite of their misery. It’s hard to summon up enthusiasm when the very basis of your existence has been whipped away from you in a flash.

    By Betty Barker on 07.16.2012

  2. Decorations are fantastic. Fantastic because you can use them to be for a a birthday…or a school ball or something. But decorations can also be flowers for a funeral. Simple but effective. Ever noticed how they could be used one way or another, it’s just kind of interesting I suppose.

    By Kayla URL on 07.16.2012

  3. I looked around at the posters and pictures. All simple decorations. what really mattered was the boy here smiling at me. Simple details like decorations mean nothing.

    By Bridget URL on 07.16.2012

  4. Decorations are used to beautify and add glam and life to something basic and simple. Decorations can cost upto millions, yet can be made from basic items at home.

    By Sumayeah on 07.16.2012

  5. Of all the things I hate most, I believe it has to be decorations. The simple fact that decorations exist to serve no other purpost but to fill blank space is a disgusting thing to my mind.

    By Ben on 07.16.2012

  6. At Christmas time they littler my house. I always get so much enjoyment from putting them up, but not so much putting them away. It’s a task.

    By Shelby on 07.16.2012

  7. What the hell is this crap? Why am I writing about this word? Getting in touch with my inner creativity by writing some bologna about some decorations! I’m so creative!!! My mom used to crush christmas decorations and shove the broken shards of glass into my face.

    By Kevin on 07.16.2012

  8. Decoration is a loaded word. Many folks thinks of expensive glassware, or a china cabinet. Decorations are meant to be YOU. A thing that you like because in some way it reflects who you are or your style. For instance, I keep a solved rubiks cube on my office desk (I can actually solve it), not because I’m trying to solve it faster or show off to anyone who may be in the room but because it’s a decoration that reminds me of me and what I like. Not to mention, that I love colour.

    By Kirk on 07.16.2012

  9. decorations are the process of beautifying objects or places. We decorate things based on how we feel inside. So they are merely the reflection of ourselves

    By sam on 07.16.2012

  10. keep everything simple. simple decorations are the best way to go. when planning for a banquet, keeping it simple and elegant is a good way to plan for it. when planning different shows, starting a creative committee is key.

    By kangorigami on 07.16.2012

  11. Things that you use to make things look good to your eye’s. Things that you put in your surroundings to make a statement.

    By Kim on 07.16.2012

  12. Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Captain Christopher Pike in his black chair of life. He’s sitting beside Spock who remembered him. They where once friends.

    By Kim on 07.17.2012

  13. The place was full of them. That’s what got our attention. We’d been walking through the neighborhood trying to get to this bridge that crossed the highway and we were on our way back home and looking for a place to eat. There were large full size cardboard cutouts of deceased movie stars – real and fictional. There was Marilyn Monroe and Minnie Mouse. There was Elvis and James Dean, the cast of the Lion King in posters, pictures, postcards, furry figurines, stuffed animals, plastic figurines. The bathroom walls were covered in an Alice in Wonderland print. Pink and white checked frilled curtains covered a window that looked out at a brick wall. The smell was confectionery sugar and lemonade. I ordered a sandwich that was served sweet. I’d never eaten one before but it came with a side of confectionery sugar for dipping and when the waitress brought the side of sugar in a short plastic cup she said, “Kind of makes you think of something else, know what I mean?” And wiped her finger under her nose. She was older past fifty, maybe past sixty. At one point she sat down with us at the table to talk. She told us about her children. One was coming up from Texas to see her. He was a trucker. Paper goods. Her daughter was a whore in San Diego and she didn’t care if she ever saw her again. That cunt. Sorry, I’ll let you eat your lunch. “How do you like it? Is it good?”

    By Meg on 07.17.2012

  14. i hate it in january when you take the christmas decorations down. it’s not that i am particularly fond of shiny tinsel hanging from my ceiling. It is more that everything looks so bare and you end up going back to work after spending time with your family. Mind you, sometimes it’s good to get away from the arguments.

    By egold URL on 07.17.2012

  15. my brothers birthday is coming soon i have all the decoration items ready with me. i invited all my friends to decorate the house so that that day will be beautiful with decoration.

    By mrunalini on 07.17.2012

  16. I love to decorate. I actually really want to be come an interior decorator. I like the idea of having an simple and basic space but then adding different decorations that completly changes the feeling and appeal of the room.

    By Emily on 07.17.2012

  17. I needed to remodel this apartment. It reeked of his adulterous ass and I wanted to fan his stench out. So I painted the walls white, very white. Figures he’d choose the mustard yellow that always bothered me. That rotten fool.

    By Ruben URL on 07.17.2012

  18. Why is it always the same word? I have done this excersise many times now and it is always the same word. Maybe its a word of the day kinda deal? Anyways, decorations. My room is full of pointless shit, like I wrote about the last time I did this exact same excersise. I have a lot of little girl things lining the wall and it’s kind of awkward for me to bring my boyfriend over and expect him to lay in my barbie colored bed with me.

    By Marie Trudel on 07.17.2012

  19. Are simple, nice and stupid sometimes. I need decorations. This has no sense at all, I’m stupid and happy. I’ll get decorations to look even happier.

    By Karla Conde URL on 07.17.2012

  20. they’re pretty sometimes. other times i just think they’re really tacky. it depends who puts them up. you gotta work hard on them, but not too too hard, because it shows. they have to look carefully thrown together. its the same with displays for stores. sometimes it looks like you tried too hard.

    By Victoria on 07.17.2012

  21. are very pretty and hang ont trees and stuff and they are very nice, i think that we should all wear decorations and we kinda do called clothes and i dont know what else to

    By raci on 07.17.2012

  22. the decorations in the window make my heart go beserk with joy decoratons are a way of life no need of window dressing .. decorate your life the way you want to

    By chinmay albal on 07.17.2012

  23. The decorations hung in the room, gleaming and glistening in the soft firelight. The pained scream echoed down the corridor, but no one reacted, they were used to it now. One last scream flew down the busy corridor and then a cry. Laughter, and cheering, the christmas baubels flickered with the reflection of her new baby. “It’s a boy”

    By Niki URL on 07.17.2012

  24. Before I forget to put the decorations up for our anniversary, could you please remind me of the last time that we made Love. Can we make Love? If Love is what we want and Love is what we need, why can’t we make Love in a Love Factory?. Why can’t we make Love from suspicion and greed? Why can’t we Make, Love?

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 07.17.2012

  25. I went into the house and there were billions of decorations. It was beautiful. Millions of lights and bright colors. The scent of the Christmas tree was too much for me to bare. It was all so…wonderful. This is my favorite time of the year.

    By Madison Hite URL on 07.17.2012

  26. evrything need decorations

    By jhon andrew on 07.17.2012

  27. We were going to have a party. After Mollie’s doctor’s appointment, the one where she was going to find out the baby’s sex, we were going to have a party. But the party never happened, because the baby would never happen. The baby was dead. We pulled down the decorations before Mollie got home.

    By Kira on 07.17.2012

  28. I walked into the living room and was welcomed with hundreds of beautiful and bright colors and decorations. It was practically blinding, really. The scent of the Christmas tree was too much for even me to bare. This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

    By Madison Hite URL on 07.17.2012

  29. The first thing I thought about was classroom work. The next thing I thought about when I saw the word “decorations” was about the song, “Empty Decorations”. Lovely song, that. It talks about how people’s lives were like in the past, and how you don’t want to be alone. Theme song to “Kopitiam”. How nostalgic.

    By Liyasha on 07.17.2012

  30. … I suppose I like decorations in their own way. They’re nice enough. Sometimes I wonder what the point is. They just stand there, staring. I’ve never thought streamers made a place more pretty or anything, in fact I’ve often found them garish.

    By caleb on 07.17.2012

  31. Artificial accentuation of beauty.

    By Cate Steele on 07.17.2012

  32. Decorations allow you to fill a room with tangible representations of your inner feelings.

    By Nicky Campbell on 07.17.2012

  33. Pumpkin with Freddy’s faced carved in it was standing in the front of the house. The chairs on both sides of it were hosting two skeletons wearing tuxedos. Behind them, three dead bodies were hanging from the ceiling. It was surely the best Halloween decoration he ever did.

    By Omnix URL on 07.17.2012

  34. If there had been anything more unnerving and disquieting, she thought that it was the tiny world inside each thin glass-and-plastic fairy-light on the christmas tree.

    It had seemed like forever, like a lonely little corporate floor level in which someone, if they lived, would do so in pristine isolation for the rest of their days, fashionable and listless, entombed.

    By Tianwei Liu URL on 07.17.2012

  35. As I hung dangerously off the ladder, I felt strong, warm hands wrap around my waist, steadying me. I smiled down at him, sending him a quick look of gratitude and love. After, I resumed to the task at hand: I leaned closer to the Christmas tree in front of me, tiptoeing n order to reach the summit.
    Once I was done, I rapidly but cautiously stepped down the ladder and admired my masterpiece.
    The decorations merged so beautifully with the Christmas tree that, even though the occasion was still weeks away, I could already feel the spirit of Christmas.

    By Tee URL on 07.17.2012

  36. sparkle, catch the light, brighten up dull seasons, dull people, dull houses

    By Aingeal on 07.17.2012

  37. Clint has never been one for decorations – his bedroom is basic. Simple. He doesn’t like much extravagance. He does have a number of interesting objects in his room though – little things he’s picked up on missions and generally travelling; little trinkets with stories behind them – little things with meaning.
    Everything has it’s story to tell, everything has a purpose.

    By Clint Barton URL on 07.17.2012

  38. Decorations. I am sourrend by them as I write. Some of they are expensive, and some of them are accidental. But the sum of them are pretended to represent the true identity of one’s self.

    By MarielVargas on 07.17.2012

  39. are very pretty when done correctly. i like them on my walls and in my house. sometimes i cant put them up properly… but thats ok… because i can always take them down. birthday decos are super fun. and its nice to come up with bday themes… hair decos are cool too

    By shelly on 07.17.2012

  40. The props of life around and through which we live. Without them our lives would be an empty stage with words, emotions, an dull living.

    By Ron Pierce on 07.17.2012