June 11th, 2013 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “decompose”

  1. Breaking down. Dead. I’m think about dead animals and vultures feeding on them. This is a depressing word. Why didn’t I get a nicer or happier word? I am unhappy with this! I’ll make it positive. Decompose the negative.

    By Kaila URL on 06.11.2013

  2. The smell was in the room, faint, yet there. The bodies had been moved after rigor mortis finished setting, leaving it with the smell of death and vanilla.

    By Anna URL on 06.11.2013

  3. She walked futher and futher into the woods. Fungi everywhere she saw through their innocence and beauty and saw the truth the defiling little bastards, killing everything, decomposing their host. Most painted them in a different light, helping the eco system, being a fertilzer, she stopped herself she knew what she- no they were she new they were nothing more then a paracite.

    By Olivia URL on 06.11.2013

  4. As I fell into the pit I knew I wouldn’t miss it. I wouldn’t miss the sun and it’s light. I wouldn’t miss the time and its plight. I wouldn’t even miss you and the love which let me get this far. I was complete in peace and I needed nothing more than to drift into darkness. Let me fall…

    By Ruben URL on 06.11.2013

  5. We had hoped that none of the wood would actually decompose.

    By A False Terl URL on 06.11.2013

  6. One thing she thought strange about the photos was that the very oldest ones looked newest, as if they had been reprinted. She knew that photos could fade and decompose when exposed to sunlight, but this was different, the transition from old to new was too sudden, too clear. Some of the oldest photos, she concluded, had been added afterwards.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.11.2013

  7. Ashes to ashes/dust to dust.

    By A False Terl URL on 06.11.2013

  8. It’s always scared me. We’re all going to decompose one day. The whole earth is going to decompose. This causes people to want to be “remebered” and to try to “leave their mark on the world”. I think you should just live life. Don’t try to hard to live past your death because you can’t stop yourself from decomposing. No matter what your legacy will decompose too.

    By Miranda on 06.11.2013

  9. I sat staring at the ground wondering what and when. Then I sat staring into space. And then I sat staring, but this time I was wondering. How was it that something living can decompose so clearly from standint to sitting From happiness to the void of never ending decomposintion.

    By Olivia J. Westerfield URL on 06.11.2013

  10. The world around Alyssa was collapsing around her as she ran through the city with nothing on but her pajamas she had worn many nights before it all started. She was scared as she was being chased by decomposing bodies; bodies that were alive, but dead. She was scared to death, just not as dead as they were. Turning the block, she ran into another herd of them. She screamed and ran a different direction. She was almost gone. Alyssa was winning the race for her life.
    But then, there were more of them after she turned the corner again. She was surrounded. There was absolutely no way she was getting out of this. Alive.

    By Kara on 06.11.2013

  11. I wonder when. I wonder when, the song of life constantly ringing and singing, gets torn apart and thrown into the void of decompostion

    By Olivia J. Westerfield URL on 06.11.2013

  12. He though he had looked everywhere. He was suppose to be house sitting for a neighbore which really just ment feed the cat and water the plantes but the plant was a decomposed pile of dirt and the cat was nowhere to be found.

    By Maggie McEvoy URL on 06.11.2013

  13. The same word. over and over again. Decompose. what did it mean. was this a test. where they trying to pluck out the murderers from the normal internet surfers. perhaps this was another government plot. forget listening to our phone conversations, talk is talk, get in to their minds and you have everything you could ever need.

    By Maggie McEvoy URL on 06.11.2013

  14. Decomposers take nutrients from dead organisms and break them down and replace them into the soil. Snails, mushrooms etc.. Are all examples of decomposes.
    I am 13

    By Hunter darr on 06.11.2013

  15. the slow decay of all life comes to an end with the production of decomposers, mushrooms maggots etc that grow from your rotting corpse. you are not special, only organic matter to be recycled.

    By Erik Murray on 06.11.2013

  16. When things like fruits and vegetables rot.

    By Bhea Mallare URL on 06.11.2013

  17. To decompose
    Is thought to mean break apart
    Or degrade something
    Until it is unrecognizable

    But in it’s simplest form
    It means to undo
    To wash away what was once there
    So that something new may grow

    And on that thought
    I think it’s time
    For myself to

    By Maci_M URL on 06.11.2013

  18. I watched Bones eagerly, and I loved the decomposed bodies and the skeletons and skulls and everything. Emily Deschanel who portrays Dr. Temperance Brennan reminds me of one of my best friends. The friend that no matter what happens, I will always love her like a shining star.

    By Kayla URL on 06.11.2013

  19. I remember feeling my body decompose
    although it was reproducing new cells each second
    It wasn’t until yesterday I realized
    it wasn’t me that was wasting away
    but you

    By Sarah on 06.11.2013

  20. the trash was piling up and thefamily comepletely ignored it. they kept thinking that it would just wither away to nothing eventually and wouldnt be their problemaymore. but the were very wrong.most things take years to decompose

    By monika on 06.11.2013

  21. How could anyone have known? The breakdown of the whole plan was so unexpected. Everything would have been fine if not for the way things decomposed.

    By Wylee URL on 06.11.2013

  22. die rot sweet bugs soften stiffen chemical reaction process flies odor fertilize

    By Tatjana Rose on 06.11.2013

  23. The forest was dead, long live the mushrooms.
    Civilization was dead, long live the insects.
    The city, the trains, the park, all one dessicated corpse, a feast for fungi.

    By Peter Wester on 06.11.2013

  24. As I stood there with fright in my eyes, my face pale, eyes glazed, and my stomach being tied in knots, I was shocked. It was in a dark alley, on both sides of Apple and Pennsylvania street. Unknowing of who this man was, I stood, frightened, watching the body of what it looked to be a 40 something of man’s body lay still, left there to rot and decompose, blank.

    By Hanna on 06.11.2013

  25. decomposing dreams. lost in my own little world. slowing drowning in the darkness of my thoughts. grey night set me free.

    By staceys on 06.11.2013

  26. What do Composers (Bach, Mozart) do when they die?

    They decompose.

    By Evan URL on 06.11.2013

  27. decomposing pumpkin on the porch, flabbergasted black cats slinking beneath the car, throwing shadows on the leaves of candy wrappers dusting about the rainwet cobblestones. trick or treat, ghosts in sheets and face melted monster masks.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.11.2013

  28. That’s what I feel like my brain is doing. Sitting in a constant state of disuse. It’s simply decomposing into nothingness. Never

    By mvhamato URL on 06.11.2013

  29. when something has reached its end it will dwindle away and go into a dying state. everything decomposes. humans, animals, food, paper, it all goes through the same process it tends to make me think if we are all made of the same thing to eventually decompose together

    By ash on 06.11.2013

  30. Without you, I would be in a very different place. Years of bruises and beatings had pushed my panicking heart into a box of insecurity and fear. Fed by a poison of feeling unloved and worthless, it slowly began to decompose. It was probably that cancerous cocktail that drove me to crave submission in the first place. If someone’s taking the time to micromanage your behavior, they must care at least a little bit.
    Lies seeping into every crevice, my love would have started to rot. Turned inward, getting sicker, until the drugs or the promiscuity caught up with me.
    Except you came. You coaxed me out of my death-box, and time and time again you proved you wouldn’t fail. You loved me. You draped your own cloak over me and called me ‘daughter’. I follow you not out of fear, but out of trust, and the pure, clean love of a redeemed heart.

    By aura.rayne URL on 06.11.2013

  31. It sat decomposing under a tree. What was it’s previous life? Another tree? An animal of some sort. *shakes head* It doesn’t matter. It has found new life now as the mycelium push through it, soaking up the nutrients and a little delicious mushroom pops up.

    By Hawkk URL on 06.11.2013

  32. compose…delight the antonyms and psuedonyms we give ourselves which are just a distraction from death. posing. Being other. Living without a though for dying, or decaying, or delicious possibilities that don’t end. Ending. De-mystifying the end. Seconds, passing. Almost done now. Decomposed.

    By Hugo URL on 06.11.2013

  33. Decompose. Take away the composition, take away the
    composure. Sort of like decompensate. When we compensate for
    whatever shit is going on, we are functional. When we decompensate,
    we lose our shit.

    By Lisa on 06.11.2013

  34. The body had actually begun to decompose. Who among the wedding guest would have imagined such a fate . just 5 days before the bridegroom had enjoyed this first dance with his beautiful bride.

    By Tracey URL on 06.11.2013

  35. All of my failures decompose my mind, body, and spirit. I am not what I once was, but I have never been what I wanted to be. I continue to decline into what I am not sure.

    By sturmzie URL on 06.11.2013

  36. The body would decompose in a matter of minutes before anyone would be able to find it. That’s what he had said–that’s what she had believed. Of course, Jameson didn’t believe in either of them, but he had very little choice in the matter. The Stone was for them and not him and the magic within it was much different from the magic that he was used to. It seemed implausible and yet–well, at that point he scarcely believed that anything could ever surprise him again.

    By JadeMace on 06.11.2013

  37. Creating oneself isn’t a matter of acquiring personality traits. It’s the process in which you decompose yourself and let go of all the baggage from the past.

    By Anonymous on 06.11.2013

  38. His thoughts had become a compost heap. He kept piling the remains of the unwanted rotting and spoiled in hopes that would produce some sort of fertile ground for the moments to come. He was hoping for hopes sake.

    By ShawnShrike on 06.11.2013

  39. Decomposition can mean many things, but seeing I only have sixty seconds, I will write one. Decomposition is a word to describe the undead, walking the streets and looking for living flesh, for their own has already rotted.

    By Skylar URL on 06.11.2013

  40. He smiled and tossed in the next piece of his old friend. One body part after the other. Arm. Leg. Ear. Each tooth individually. Each piece went into the pit. Nothing would be left of him in the swamp by the time people could find it.

    By Obsessed Writer URL on 06.11.2013