April 28th, 2011 | 472 Entries

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472 Entries for “deadbolt”

  1. What does this even mean? Am i supposed to understand the definition of this word? is it even a word? It is rather the strange joining of the word dead and bolt… seems strange…don’t you think?

    By Brooke on 04.29.2011

  2. Deadbolt. before today, I didn’t know the meaning of this word. Now I know. We have one here, on our oficce’s door.

    By Dinara on 04.29.2011

  3. Dolt! Deadbolt of a mind! Shuttered in by you own pathetic pretenses! I signed up! I WON! You can’t take that away from me!

    By Gadtzgan Gadfreya URL on 04.29.2011

  4. The door was always locked. She paced , waiting, wishing there was a safe way for her to see if he had come yet. She shuffled, barely lifting her feet.

    By Kree URL on 04.29.2011

  5. So tired of this waiting and sighing. My deadbolt was locked and unlocked fifty times and I don’t know what that means. How could they tell? Why was that even an issue?

    They said he came in and went out through the window. He took nothing but broke the window and toyed with my locks.

    By Kree URL on 04.29.2011

  6. She locked the door using the deadbolt. She wanted him out, but just be locking the deadbolt she found herself wishing he was the one in here with her, but looking around the room she knew she was alone. She couldn’t deadbolt him out of her mind. She couldn’t just push away every warm memory.

    By Shelby URL on 04.29.2011

  7. almudena

    By cruz maria on 04.29.2011

  8. lock safely away in your home,
    surrounding yourself with the security of your loved ones.
    tresspassing is welcome by none,
    but a visit with friends is never done.

    By Lillian Beard on 04.29.2011

  9. The deadbolt wouldn’t lock, they were coming, staggering towards us. A child cries were muffled in the back. Mothers were panicking. Finally, we heard the click, just in time.

    By Allie on 04.29.2011

  10. lock the door locking me out into the funeral of my own creation undoing the life that unraveled before you decaying into nothingness before you could even stop the clock, as if you could do such a thing… where is my key?

    By seekellygo on 04.29.2011

  11. Her sobs were heard past the deadbolt. But she didn’t care, his rage was beating the door down. She thought she was going to lose her worthless life tonight. If only.

    By Allie URL on 04.29.2011

  12. Locks!! Keys!! I have a bolt locked onto my memories that I want to keep inside and I don’t ever want to open it.

    By Eden URL on 04.29.2011

  13. The only time I’ve been locked out of my house, my mom lost her keys and we were locked out for three hours before we figured out how to get in. We used a credit card to unlock it, thank God the deadbolt wasn’t locked :)

    By Brooklyn URL on 04.29.2011

  14. there was something in my heart that made me feel like im locked. i was damn worried the whole day. i know that something’s missing and what’s painful is that i can’t do anything. i slept, feeling bad. not until i rose and found out that what i thought was missing was really not missing! deadbolt wothdrawn. i found the key.

    By Herman G. Barcelona URL on 04.29.2011

  15. Deadbolt. The most exciting superhero. Not to mention the most deceased.
    Dressed in black, greenish face, gnarled lips, wispy hair – still growing.
    Just don’t ask him to fly.

    By rorourke URL on 04.29.2011

  16. Locked out of the house, the wind blowing in my face and the rain hitting the side of my face, occasionally getting in my eye. I slump down against the door and let out a loud irritated sigh. Why does this always happen to me?

    By Caitlin on 04.29.2011

  17. Now that’s something completely mysterious. And sound unattractive. Even disgusting, like that horrible horror film Saw, of which I could not even look at the poster and certainly no trailers – no way. Something dead and something bolted. Something trapped with no hope – no, thank you. That is perhaps my ultimate fear and something that i completely reject and don’t want to happen. To anyone, not just me. So yeah, it’s supposed to be something like life wings, or live air, or life stream, or life breeze, or live top of the hill. I think the timer is wrong. It’s going slower than usual. Is it the next experiment on this website or is it my connection?

    By Ia Sama URL on 04.29.2011

  18. There it was, the thump thump thump. How could we be so careless? Thump thump thump, went the drums. How could we forget? “I hear your heart, thump. thump. thump,” went the man in the mask, “the deadbolt-you forgot to lock.”

    By leah URL on 04.29.2011

  19. I always wanted a deadbolt on my door. But being the youngest, I was never TRUSTED enough to have one. Well, truth be told I did have one of those standard locks. You know the twist nob with the lock and locked myself out of my room. I never got a doorknob again after that little stunt.

    By Anika K. Davis on 04.29.2011

  20. a dog from a movie, who has died and for some odd reason it has been put into one word. maybe flat lightening. lilac font, not my favourite, but it is okay; quite pretty in fact. two d’s, one b. eight letter word. how can I write if I do not think? hang on, is the timer still going? this seems longer than 60 seconds. write write write, and now I am waiting for this to stop. what is going on? shit, I really hope I get some sort of an answer after doing all of this and following some simple instructions from a page I happened to stumble upon. 60 seconds still isn’t up.. is this for real?

    By Ty on 04.29.2011

  21. I threw the deadbolt
    on my emotions
    a long time ago
    when my fathers and mothers
    told it was better
    to be a robot
    and then I wrenched it open
    against the dirt and rust
    and let it pour forth
    in a beautiful flurry
    of color

    By SprawlingInk URL on 04.29.2011

  22. I threw the deadbolt
    on my emotions
    a long time ago
    when my fathers and mothers
    told me it was better
    to be a robot
    but yesterday I wrenched the door open
    against the dirt and rust
    and let it pour forth
    in a beautiful flurry
    of color

    By SprawlingInk URL on 04.29.2011

  23. The doors were locked, deadbolted. The water was seeping in, slowly, teasing me with the prospect that I may just have enough time. I turned to the window, the sight of fish swimming by struck fear and panic into me

    By URL on 04.29.2011

  24. one upon a time i locked myself out of the house and the only way in was to get my pet parrot to open the deadbolt. problem was the parrot didn’t want a bar of it. I think he was sulking since I wouldn’t let him hold the remote last night. so i threw a rock at him and knocked him off his perch.

    By di on 04.29.2011

  25. I clicked the deadbolt shut and slid down the door. My heart pounded in my chest and my legs had turned to jelly. What a frightening encounter, in my own hallway. Racing up the stairs left adrenaline pumping through my veins.

    By Rachel URL on 04.29.2011

  26. something that locks you in. very dark connotation, and very ingatging at the same time. Prison? also safltey, security and things that we as humans like to keep a secret. Valueble items are held behind deadbolts.

    By nina on 04.29.2011

  27. Lock on your door. Keeps you from being disturbed. Privacy is its main goal. It is something you need to keep people that you dont need out of your space.

    By Alison on 04.29.2011

  28. The deadbolt was latched by the victim-to-be, but somehow the powers of the assailant saw to it that it had come undone. However, when the door finally opened, the assailant became the victim.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 04.29.2011

  29. a lock. for keeping out people. people that you either dont like or dont want around. keeps out the murderers rapists people trying to fuck your whole world up b. fucking crazy shit. a deadbolt can also keep people in like pretty girls or guests that are celebrities. i think if i was dead i might turn into a bolt but thats just a dream mostly ill turn into dust .

    By brendan on 04.29.2011

  30. sounds like a dead bolt i dont even know what that’s supposed to be i mean a bolt is like the thing frankenstein had through his neck right? so anyway the bolt is dead which it of course is since it’s not a being and can’t be alive so what does this tell us is this about frankenstein? or am i just wasting time on this website

    By Doug Dougensen on 04.29.2011

  31. Deadbolts offer protection. That kind of protection where you want to trust so badly, thinking that it will ultimately stand true in the end, but are still concerned, way back in the recess of your fear, that it will give way and open the door for monsters.

    By Rachel URL on 04.29.2011

  32. the chains on the door in the factory
    the piano keys buried in dust
    the small springs and little blue felt parts
    we are made so small
    so wonderfully
    locked in simple secrets

    By Amy Leigh Cutler URL on 04.29.2011

  33. Damn the deadbolt on my Imagi-Nation.

    By Gadtzgan Gadfreya URL on 04.29.2011

  34. locked doors, locked hearts. only a key can let me in, a key that i don’t have. every time i come to the door i search for the right key but nothing works. i’m stuck outside and i’ll never get in.

    By robert jacobsen on 04.29.2011

  35. door lock gun
    lock the deadbolt
    I deadbolted into the pub and met my soulmate
    You need to lock the deadbolt
    I am the deadbolt that glues this company together
    make sure the deadbolt is locked at all times
    Deadbolt – I am a super hero

    By Max on 04.29.2011

  36. A deadbolt is a very usefult tool. When a lock won’t cut it, a deadbolt is your go to home security feature! A deadbolt WILL keep your door locked when all else fails. Buy a deadbolt NOW or you’ll regret it later.
    To receive your deadbolt, simply go to, type in “deadbolt” and hit enter. Then click a link and buy a deadbolt! Welcome to the world of security!

    By Isaac on 04.29.2011

  37. The door was shut tight. She was inside. I could not reach her. She had my money!!!! That made me angry. I screamed and the door flew open. That was good. I took the money off her and quickly ran away before her father could catch me. Result!

    By DukeofCambridge on 04.29.2011

  38. A lock in which has kept me inside myself forever. Without any feeling or emotion it has kept me trapped inside my head. Someone then told me to key to success in unlocking this curse forever. I met him. His eyes, his smile, opened up my heart and the door to which the deadbolt was attached flew off spinning and flying off into darkness, getting smaller and smaller until i could no longer see it. It was freedom, the deadbolt had been lifted, all because of this one face, made my heart melt.

    By Rachel on 04.29.2011

  39. She slid back the deadbolt and the door creaked open. Inside the room was a lot of straw and a dog and, yes it was, a little boy.
    “Jimmie?” she asked.
    The boy did not stir and she tentatively crouched down to tap his foot.

    By Sarah URL on 04.29.2011

  40. My dad uses a deadbolt to lock up all of his important stuff that is outside. That way nobody can steal them.

    By Kayla URL on 04.29.2011